Select the "My GeneaNet : Galleries : Family Pictures" option in the left sidebar or simply go to

Upload a Family Picture

Select the "Upload a Family Picture" menu item, then enter the name of the person, the date and place of birth/death, the place where the picture was taken, the author of the picture and some notes.

Batch Upload Family Pictures

You must send:

- A zip file that contains your family pictures

- A delimited file (*.csv) that contains the description of your family pictures

Fields must be separated with semicolons in your delimited file (see format below):

Surname;First Name;Year of Birth;Month of Birth;Day of Birth;Year of Death;Month of Death;Day of Death;Place;County #1;County #2;Country;User Name;Notes;File Name

Manage your Family Pictures Album

You can easily update and delete some pictures in your family album.

Update a Family Picture

You can edit any field in your family picture description.