When merging a GEDCOM file to your GeneaNet online family tree, you may create some duplicate people. To eliminate duplicates, you can delete one of them.

Online Family Tree (GeneWeb)

A duplicate entry has been created for Susan Leech, spouse of John Baxter.

Click the "Wizard Access" link in the left sidebar then enter your GeneaNet username and password to log on as "Wizard".

Enter the surname and name of the duplicate individual in the search form, select "first name/name", then click "OK".

Both Susan Leech are shown in the search results list.

The first one is the duplicate we want to delete and the second one is the spouse of John Baxter.

Click the first Susan Leech link.

Click the "Update - Nidividual, family, media" link.

Verify that this is the right person (not the spouse of John Baxter) then click the "Delete" link to delete this duplicate.