• Load a .GED file in Behold when clicking on it and when the association is set. (Bug preventing this introduced in 0.99.7 beta).
• Eliminate memory leaks.
• Eliminate abend and fix display of Instant Organize when a person without a spouse is selected. (Bug introduced in 0.99.1 beta).
• Show a message box when nothing is found when searching in an up direction.
• Get the animated find files "working" indicator to work under Vista and Windows 7.
• Repair problems with the Find function including: not skipping the selection when reversing direction, adding the hourglass during long finds over the Find box, preventing pressing the Find button again while finding, and allowing the section number in the divider between sections to be found.
• Ensure that association and disassociation with .bho and .ged files works correctly.


• Remove the page setup menu item which has not been implemented for Behold.
• Remove the selection menu items which won't work until editing is added.