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Legacy Family Tree has been released.


• Ancestor Interest - Ancestor and Descendant values can now be hand entered.
• Calendar Screen - Fonts were not resizing properly when maximizing the window.
• Date Formatting - 125-120 BC was being flipped around to 120-125 BC. Fixed.
• Error Messages - We have added an "Online Help" button to error message screens. Now when a user gets an error they can click the "Online Help" button to view possible solutions to the problem.
• Error Windows - Fixed a problem where an error message could be displayed behind the current screen which would cause Legacy to appear to be hung.
• Family Search - Several more fixes and enhancements have been added.
• File ID Report - Fixed a repeating name problem.
• File ID Report - Fixed some formatting problems.
• GEDCOM Export - Source detail was not always exported. Fixed.
• GEDCOM Import - Fixed some issues with phpGedView imports.
• GEDCOM Import - Repository names were sometimes getting duplicated. Fixed.
• GEDCOM Import - Unrecognized _APID tag. TITL tag not being imported. Fixed.
• History List - Font size settings do not "stick".
• Location Index - Fixed a problem where the header title was out of place.
• Master Lists - Fixed a column sizing problem when the option to "Strech Fonts when Resizing" is turned off.
• Merge - FamilySearch Sync arrows were not being set properly during a merge where one or both individuals had been previously synced with FamilySearch.
• Name Tags and Address Labels - Canceling from the prompt for a filename when printing to a text file was still offering to view the file. Fixed.
• Relationship Calculator - Added the option to show the closest relationship term or the closest direct-line term.
• Relationship Calculator - Fixed several problems with the relationship calculator and with set relationships.
• Save As - Fixed a problem where "Save As" and "Rename" of a family file was not changing the name of the set relationships also. Fixed.
• Source Citation Numbers - Were not always in accending order. Fixed.
• Source Templates - Source Text and Comments were disappearing for a newly entered source if Repository was entered before saving. Fixed.