Some people think that genealogy is just a list of names and dates. But, with the simple addition of personal memories and family stories, genealogy can be much more than that.

GeneaNet helps you write and publish your family history.

Log in to your online family tree as "wizard", then click "Family History" in the left sidebar to open the family history editor.

Your stories and images must be edited as Wikitext, a markup language that offers a simplified alternative to HTML and is used to write pages in wiki websites such as Wikipedia.

Wikitext is simple and some basics will help you create beautiful pages.

You can insert and annotate pictures in your family history book.

This will help you to identify family members and ancestors, tell about places where photos were taken, and comment sweet moments in the life of your family.

Export your family history in PDF file format to share with family and friends.

You can add a title, a cover image and a table of contents, set the order of the pages, protect your PDF file, and much more.