You may want to enhance the appearance of your online family tree, to personalize it or make it easier to use. Below are a few quick suggestions to do so.

How to personalize your online family tree:

Login to your GeneaNet account.

From the home page, click the "Online Family Tree" menu, and select the "Personalize" option.

Home Page

Welcome Message
This message will be displayed in your family tree home page.

Search Form
You can select the search form that will be used by your family tree visitors:

- Basic: Surname, First Name, Alphabetical List
- Advanced: Surname, First Name, Place, Alphabetical List
- Titles: Surname, First Name, Title

Visitor Counter
Display or hide your visitor counter.

Personal Message

Family Tree Title
Enter a new title for your online family tree. If none, default title will be your full name.

Welcome Message
Enter a header and a footer to be displayed on every page of your online family tree.


Online Family Tree Theme
Fly over the thumbnails to see a preview of the available family tree themes, then click to select.Home Page Picture (GeneaNet Club Privilege Members Only)
Fly over the thumbnails to see a preview of the available home page pictures, then click to select.Banner (GeneaNet Club Privilege Members Only)
You can upload your own banner. Image Format: JPG, Max. Size: 250 KB, Height: Min. 100 px/Max. 120 px.
Banner image will repeat. Think about large screens.

Presentation & Browsing

Individuals Theme
Fly over the thumbnails to see a preview of the available themes, then click to select.

The most comprehensive theme displays:

- Birth Place & Date
- Marriage Place & Date
- Death Place & Date
- Occupation
- Name of Parents
- Name of Children and their Spouses
- Name of Grand-Children and their Spouses
- Name of Spouses
- Name of Siblings and their Spouses
- Name of Half-Siblings and their Spouses
- Notes
- Attached Documents
- Four Generation Family Tree Chart with Sosa-Stradonitz Numbering System.

Display Options
Select the number of generations to be displayed in an ascending tree/a descending list, the maximum number of displayed relatives, the number of individuals to be shown in the "statistics", etc.

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