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MacFamilyTree 5.6 has been released.


• New Virtual Tree
- Drastic performance enhancements by using multiple processors/cores when available.
- Much improved 3d alignment, especially in complex scenarios.
- Can only show partial subtrees within a database.
- Displays pictures of persons directly in the 3d tree when available.
- New palette to directly jump to near ancestors or descendants.
• Improved Media Management
- One picture, audio, web page or video can now be assigned to multiple persons, families, events or sources.
- Persons or families can be tagged on group fotos for easy identification.
- Pictures can be edited from within MacFamilyTree (cropping, hue control, saturation and noise reduction).
- Images with embedded DPI information are now handled correctly and are displayed in full resolution.
- Media can now be bookmarked as it has already been possible for Persons or Families.
- Improved playback of Video and Audio media entries.
• Virtual Globe
- Improved rendering performance on slower Macs.
- More detailed map.
• Other Improvements
- Text-based Descendant and Ancestor Reports are now available in the Person Report.
- Full screen mode for the Virtual Tree and the Virtual Globe.
- All dialogs or sheets have been improved to a consistent and user friendly look.
- Further performance enhancements throughout the whole application as well as a reduced memory footprint.