On Mr. Woodcock:

Here lies the body of Thomas Woodhen,
The most loving of husbands and amiable of men.

N.B. His name was Woodcock, but it wouldn't rhyme.
Erected by his loving widow.

From a tombstone in Ireland:

Here lies the body of John Mound
Lost at sea and never found.

On Sarah, wife of Rowland Thomas:

34 years i was a maid,
9 months 6 days a wedded wife,
two hours i was a mother,
and then i lost my life.

From New Jersey:

She was not smart, she was not fair,
But hearts with grief for her are swellin' ;
All empty stands her little chair :
She died of eatin' water-melon.

Epitaphiana: or, The Curiosities of Churchyard Literature, William Fairley, 1873, in Internet Archive