Get My Ancestors is a new free (but you do need a Ohana Software license) utility from Ohana Software that allows you to download your family tree from the FamilySearch family tree.


• Download your family tree from the FamilySearch family tree. You may download multiple generations of your your family tree. This file will include basic events such as birth, Christening, Death, Burial and Marriage.
• Find a specific person and download his or her family tree and sync with your current file.
• Save a file as a Personal Ancestral File (PAF) database.
• If you do not have a genealogy program on your computer you can download Personal Ancestral File free from
• Files created work with Personal Ancestral File 5 and FamilyInsight and PAF Insight.
• Works with both Mac and Windows machines.

Of course, you need to be able to register on FamilySearch family tree (new FamilySearch) in order to use Get My Ancestors.