More than 380,000 certificates have been uploaded in the GeneaNet Family Trees and about 30,000 have been transcripted.

Most of them are French. But everyone can upload and share their own certificates!

GeneaNet is the only genealogy website where you can add certificates to individuals in your family tree. Feel free to take advantage of this powerful feature!


Line feeds must be respected. Lines are automatically numbered while entering the transcription.

The capitalization used in the original certificate should be preserved in the names and places.

In some cases the transcriber will not be able to make out what is written in the certificate. A dash (-) can be used to indicate an unreadable character.

Abbreviated given names and initialsshould be transcribed as they appear in the original certificate.


See the Transcription Help Requests if you want to collaborate and help genealogists to transcribe their certificates.

You can now sort the requests by date of originial certificates. If you are a transcription expert you can select the oldest documents...


You can now view and remove your own pending transcription requests from this page.