Preserving all of the information in your Family Tree just as you entered it is important but with the need to protect the privacy of living individuals. GeneaNet offers many features to do so.

Go to "My GeneaNet : Online Family Tree : Manage : Privacy" to configure your privacy settings.

GeneaNet - Gestion des contemporainsShow/Hide Living Individuals

- Default: Only the name and surname of individuals born within the past 100 years will be displayed. Information such as life events will not be available.

- Hide Living Individuals: The name and surname of individuals born within the past 100 years will be displayed as "XXX" and information about living persons will only be available in the online search for users with a Wizard Access Right.

- Show Living Individuals: All of the information about living individuals will be displayed in your family tree and available in the online search.

Remove living persons from your online family tree

This will remove every person born within the last 100 years. Please, save your data before processing!

Expert Options - Advanced Access Rights

- Privacy of Living Individuals: To restrict access to living individuals in your family tree, select a number of years then select "Yes" to display these individuals as "XXX".

- Birth Date Unknown: Select if individuals with unknown birth date should be hidden in your family tree.

- Remove Hyperlinks: Select "Yes" to remove hyperlinks on private individuals.