Pocket Genealogist 3.21 has been released.


• Device/Desktop: Fix to "Direct" RootsMagic import and display of birth/death dates on 3-gen and other views. (this error was introduced with 3.20).
• Desktop: Initial support for "PhpGedView" GEDCOM Import profile.
• Device: Support for Smartphones (non-touchscreen) with 320x320, 400x240 and 440x240 screens. Also PocketPC's or Smartphones (touchscreen) with 240x400 and 480x800 screens. Pocket Genealogist is not yet "optimized" for these resolutions (There will be wasted space on the screens), but the program will run. We will add better support on request.
• Desktop: Change to GEDCOM import to work with GEDCOM files that have inconsistent line end sequences. (Rare Situation, this has only been reported a half dozen times over the last 9 years).
• Device/Desktop: Danish and Portuguese update.