The Master Genealogist 7.02 has been released.


• Focus Group - Fixed a display issue with the list.
• Exhibit Log - The image was not being saved when the View/Edit Image [Flip] option was used.
• Embedded Citations - The escape character ("\") didn't work.
• Project Explorer - Collapsed list sorting in the Project Explorer was fixed.
• Person View - Adding a name tag caused an error in a few projects.
• Restore - Some v6 projects were not being updated to v7.
• Siblings window - Clicking on a name would produce a C0000005 error under some circumstances.
• Filters - Fixed various issues.
• Exhibit Log - Exhibit output reordering was broken.
• Right-click menu - The right click menu for several memo fields was revised.
• Project Explorer - Sort by ID# wasn't correct after a data set merge.
• Tag Entry - After copying a tag and changing the principal's ID number, an erroneous warning occurred when the tag was saved.
• Tag Entry - The primary state of a tag could be changed when the tag was edited and saved.
• Citation screen - canceling with no changes caused an erroneous prompt.
• Witness Add/Edit screen - Sentence preview failed to refresh after entering an ID# with recalc turned off.
• Project Explorer and Picklists - There was a sorting issue after renumbering individuals when sorting by ID#.
• Tag Type style selection - Some revisions were made to the mechanism of the relationship between the styles selected for the data set, tag types and tags.
• Compressed Pedigree and Ahnentafel: Fixed a problem that occurred when a person ID was more than six digits.