Who Do You Think You Are? LIVE, sponsored by Ancestry.co.uk and supported by The Times Archive, will be held from 2-4 May 2008 in the Grand Hall, Olympia, London.

You’ll have the chance to uncover generations of people who make up your family and find out how they used to live with the help of TV historians, family history experts and celebrity enthusiasts.

Military History LIVE is a showcase of the Nation’s Military History which takes place alongside Who Do You Think You Are? LIVE. For those of you searching for information about ancestors who served in the Army, Navy or Air Force, the show offers you the opportunity to speak directly to organisations which hold vital records that will aid your research.

Archaeology LIVE is a special event dedicated to the interests of Archaeologists. The show, which takes place alongside Who Do You Think You Are? LIVE, is the place to meet leading experts and TV personalities all engaged in this popular historical pursuit! You'll have the chance to come face to face with leading organisations and groups involved in Archaeology including those that are able to examine and identify your finds.