Building your online family tree is fast and easy. But do you know that GeneaNet offers powerful and free features to personalize it?

The main purpose of GeneaNet is to share. When publishing your family tree data, you make it accessible to friends and other family members but it will become public for all other visitors to enjoy. GeneaNet offers you powerful and free features to personalize your online family tree so it will be pleasant and original.

To personalize your family tree, select the "My GeneaNet : Online Family Tree : Customize" menu, then the "Presentation, Browsing" option.

Family Tree Individuals

Fly over the thumbnails to see a preview of the templates.

Template "A" is the most simple and it only shows name, first name, birth date and death date of the individual parents. Template "I" is the most complete and it shows descendants lists, birth date and death date of the indivudial family members, etc.)

GeneaNet - personnaliser son arbre
Some templates show ascendant lists, images, sibling, etc.


Select the number of generations to be displayed on ascendant/descendant lists, the number of relatives, the number of individuals to be treated in the statistics, the display of surnames, etc.

You can also choose to hide your family tree notes. If not, check that no personal information has been entered in your notes!