Did you know that GeneaNet can help you calculate the relationship between two persons from your online family tree?

Select the person who will be the subject of the relationship and click on the "Calculate relationship" link at the bottom of its individual page.

The relationship calculator form will open as below:

GeneaNet - les calculs de parenté

Just type in the name of the relative. If needed, just type in the surname and the list of persons with that surname will open to select the individual.

Options are:

- Ancestors/By marriage: find out the closest common ancestor for both the subject and the relative
- Shortest parth: calculate relationship between two persons whatever their lines are

- Long display: display individual names, dates and places
- Include spouses: display individual spouses
- Images: display pictures
- Border: display frames

Relationship calculation:

GeneaNet - les calculs de parenté
GeneaNet - les calculs de parenté
Shortest path between two persons:

GeneaNet - les calculs de parenté

Note: Please check your data if a loop is detected. The relationship calculator can't work if any person of your family tree is its own ancestor!