Last year, we also have enhanced many features.

An great enhancement promised as early as 2006 was released in April: the new Online Family Trees.

GeneaNet - bilan de l'année 2007New themes and interface that makes much easier to enter, view and edit your data. These changes were very discussed but are now a great success.

Two new features were added to the online family trees: Sosa-Stradonitz numbers can be viewed and you can write a full family history with pictures, tables, links, etc. Some kind of personal website. Printing your family trees is easier with the new intuitive interface.

No more birthdays forgotten! Subscribe for free to the birthdays alerts.

You can simply embed a Surname Tag Cloud to your personal website.

The Online Records interface has been fixed and it is now more intuitive.

GeneaBar, the GeneaNet Toolbar, is now compatible with any antivirus software.

The recommendations system has been completly changed. You can answer to the requests or ignore the system if you can't find any interest to it.

A powerful and fastest Cross-Database Search system will help you finding out news ancestors and relatives!