The weekend will be packed full of family activities, offering the chance to rediscover relationships and memories, see archive footage and photographs that may have lain unseen for decades, participate in genealogy workshops and meet distant family members.

We are currently looking for a family who’d like to get involved in the series. Specifically we’re looking for someone who is fascinated by genealogy and has already extensively researched their family’s history. They will have mapped out their family tree and know where some of the descendants from the closest branches of their family are. Most of the family should be based in the UK if possible. They may have got in touch with some but not all of them. And most importantly they would love to take advantage of this unique opportunity to reunite about 40-50 of their extended family for the first time, perhaps to celebrate an important family milestone.

This is a unique opportunity for anyone interested in reuniting their extended family. If you’d like to find out more or think you might be interested in getting involved in the series, call Annabel on 020 7267 4260 or email