From time to time, I will review an interesting software I already announced on the French version of GeneaSofts.

Let’s start with Recolored.

First released in December 2005, Recolored is an amazing software tool for colorization of black and white photos, replacing colors in color photos, and applying other effects to digital images.

Recolored uses sophisticated algorithms to process digital images, but it needs some help to complete the process. Using brush strokes the user indicates which colors different objects in the image should have. When the user is done the software takes over and propagates the colors from the brush strokes into the rest of the image. Recolored uses the grayscale intensities from the original to accurately blend in colors, and it takes care to mix colors appropriately near object boundaries.

To show you how simple and effective it is, I have colorized a picture of my great grand-father Willy Baxter (right), private driver of la marquise de La Ferronays, taken in April 1933:

Original picture :

Colorization project :

Colorized picture :