Legacy Family Tree has been released.

New features :

• IGI Search - Added a new “BEPSC” column which will show up for LDS users.
• Timelines - Added a French Government timeline.

Changes :

• Screen Size - For first time users the default screen size was quite small for people with larger monitors. Legacy now open to fill most of the screen.
• Standard Edition - Added a comment to the Descendant view about it being a Deluxe Edition only feature. It was totally blank and people thought it wasn’t working.
• Timelines - Updated the “Canada Prime Ministers” timeline.

Fixes :

• Ancestry - Fixed several broken links to Ancestry’s web site.
• Internet Searches - Updated several of the Internet Searches.
• Legacy Import/Export - When importing a Legacy file into a new file the Not Married setting was not being set.
• Master Location List - Fixed a problem where Importing locations from another family file’s Master Location List. This was rare and hard to reproduce as it only happened on a few people’s files.
• Master Location List - Fixed a problem where the Geo Database could accidentally cause the blank location record to contain a value. This blank record is reserved for Legacy to use for everyone who doesn’t have a location.
• Relationships - In Descendant view if a person is unknown an incorrect relationship was being displayed.
• Renumber Rins - Fixed an error 75 that some users on Windows Vista would get when renumbering RINs.
• Timelines - Checking for BC dates was getting an error for a year of 25 BC.
• Timelines - Checking for BC dates was incorrectly swapping the from date and two date.
• Vista - Fixed a problem writing to the temp folder.