Second Site 2.0 has been released.

New features :

User Items

• SS2 includes a new User Items facility to (1) manage the site’s menus and (2) add optional site content. The User Items facility simplifies the addition of those items but provides more consistency and flexibility than the comparable SS1 facilities.
• The menu on the SS2 example site demonstrates some of the capabilities provided by User Items.
• In Second Site 2, you add charts, custom pages, user links, etc., via either the Add Menu or via the User Items section.

Exhibit Gallery

• The Exhibit Gallery User Item creates a page with a list of image exhibits that includes a thumbnail version of the image and the image caption. The exhibits can be filtered to create logical sets of images. Exhibit Galleries are managed via the User Items feature, and users may add one or more exhibit galleries to their site. Second Site is the best way to show off your TMG exhibits.
• The example site includes multiple Exhibit Galleries, all of which are listed on the Images page.
• Exhibit Galleries only include the exhibits shown elsewhere on your site.


• SS2 has a new Layouts facility to control the structure of the generated pages. The Layout determines whether page content is fixed-width and centered or left-justified on the page, and also determines the location of the main navigation menu and other content. SS2 includes over 50 Layouts, and the Layout can vary based on the page type.
• The example site uses multiple page layouts. The main page uses a fixed-width layout with centered content and a top menu, whereas for chart pages the menu is on the left and the content is left-justified.

More Site Menu Options

• SS2 supports four different on-page menus, including a menubar and sidebar. Users can mix graphic images with text-only menu items whose appearance is determined by CSS parameters. The CSS menus support borders, backgrounds, roll-overs, and other graphic treatments.
• The SS2 example site features a top menu, menubar, and bottom menu. The chart pages use a sidebar.

More Page Content Options

• SS2 includes ten different ways to add static content to the site. You can use the static content settings to add text, banner ads, copyright notices, favorite pictures, hit counters, or any other content you desire to the page content that is created from your genealogy data. Like layouts, static content can vary by page type. For example, you could add a copyright notice to all pages, while adding a quote of the day only to the main page.
• On the example site, the copyright notice at the bottom of each person page entry is one example of static content that can be added by the user. The example site includes other static content examples; look in the page headers and footers for examples.
Easy Image Substitution
• Any image that is part of the look of the site, including button images, background images, and icons, can be replaced by creating a custom version in the site’s Input folder. Files in the Input folder are never modified by SS2. Easier image replacement means there is no need to create a custom Theme simply to supply custom graphic files.


• There are more Themes in SS2 than there were in SS1, and the definition of Themes has been simplified. Despite being simpler, users have more customization options than ever before.
• Many of the changes in SS2 reduce or eliminate the need to create custom Themes, but if a custom Theme is necessary, it will be a lot easier to create and maintain than in SS1.
• The Theme Gallery has thumbnail images of pages created with all the Themes supplied with Second Site.

Person Links

• The Person Link User Item provides a simple method to add a link to a person on the site, and provides a simple, easy way to create short lists of notable ancestors… the heroes, rogues, and brickwalls that you want to emphasize to visitors.
• The Notable People page on the example site demonstrates a combination of a SubPage User Item and Person Link User Items. The “Notable People” SubPage User Item contains four Person Link User Items, one for each notable person.

Page Scripts

• SS2 pages are divided into sections, and the content and format of each section is determined by a Page Script. SS2 includes a library of Page Scripts, and users can choose a script for each page segment based on their preferences.
• Page Scripts are one of the primary ways to customize SS2. Writing or modifying Page Scripts is beyond the skill level of most users, but Page Scripts are shorter and simpler than the equivalent scripts in SS1, so anyone who has modified a script in SS1 should find it easier to do in SS2. Also, I will add to the library of Page Scripts based on requests from users.

More CSS Options

• The HTML and CSS in Second Site has been rewritten to be simpler and more compliant with current web “best practices.” Combined with new options for specifying User Styles, users can change just about every visual aspect of a site, and all from within the Second Site user interface.