Personal Ancestry Writer II v71 has been released.

Changes :

• PAWriter (like Mac PAF) requires a date to be no earlier the 1 January 100 (AD). GEDCOM import of a date earlier than year 100 is now recorded as between years 100 and 4099, rather than in year 100 as previously done. Thus if 5 April 98 is entered, the entry will be changed to 5 April between 100 and 4099.
• More importantly, this applies as well if the year is missing. Thus import of 5 April is now recorded as 5 April between 100 and 4099. The user should change this to a more pertinent range of years based on the evidence available.
• LDS ordinances are now included in printed family group records where and only where such ordinances have been entered. Some interface problems in the ordinance windows have been corrected.
• A crash occurring in the OS X version when double-clicking on a person in the Find Person window has been fixed. With this fix, the window will close immediately and reopen right away, ready for normal operation from that point on.