When you upload a GEDCOM file to GeneaNet, it is saved to generate your online family tree and an index is built to make the searches easier and faster.

The indexed fields are :
  • Surname
  • Events Date
  • Place

The summarized search results are listed as shown above.

For each pair “surname + place”, the events are merged to delimit dates and the “Individuals” row gives the number of indexed persons (i.e. records) that fit.

By clicking on the contact link and if the family tree is published online (marked with a little tree in the “Type” row if you are a Club Privilege subscriber), you will access to every individuals.

GeneaNet is holding some tables to index the places: town, country, region and country. See below a part of the tables for the United Kingdom:

While uploading a GEDCOM file, if some places are spelled wrong or inaccurate, the program uses an alternate spelling process to try to identify them in the tables.

This allows the search tools to be more efficient.

Check your file before uploading it into the GeneaNet database (it’s free!) to ensure that your data will accurate with the searchers requests.

We wish you a fruitful visit!