Activate the linking feature

Because every GeneaNet user didn't upload a family tree, the record linking feature must be activated.

First, go to your GeneaNet private space : "My GeneaNet : Online Records : Link to my family tree".

This feature allows you to display any record - your or another GeneaNet user one - on any individual page of your online family tree.
It's only a link. You can modify your uploaded records but not the other ones.

Just check the checkbox "Check/uncheck the checkbox to activate/deactivate" to activate the feature.

Note that you should manually remove the links before deactivating this feature.

Add a record to your family tree

Go to your online family tree home page and log in as "wizard" (of course, you need to already be logged in on the GeneaNet website).

Click on the "Associate a document" link at the bottom of the individual page.

It might open a pop-up window that displays the list of the uploaded documents that have been indexed under the same surname.

For example, the individual page of Maria BAXTER will open a pop-up window that displays all the documents that have been indexed under the surname BAXTER.

You may use the search form to associate another document.

You can associate any document to an individual.

Click on the linking button, then close the pop-up window and refresh the individual page. A new section called "Associate documents" will be displayed with the list of the individual associated documents.

An example of individual page with some associated documents is available at :