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15 January 2015

132-Year-Old Rifle Found Leaning on Tree in Nevada Park

A 132-year-old rifle was the last thing Great Basin National Park officials were expecting to wander across.

There are still a lot of questions around the discovery of a Winchester Model 1873 Rifle recovered by Great Basin National Park archaeologists in November 2014. The rifle had been "exposed to the sun, wind, snow and rain" and was found leaning against a tree in the park.

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14 January 2015

Treasure Trove of Historic Pictures To Be Unveiled in South Essex, England

Thousands of historic pictures of Hadleigh and Thundersely will be made available to the public after a community group received £10,000 of Lottery cash.

The Heritage Lottery Fund awarded Hadleigh and Thundersley Community Archive £10,000 to scan and publish thousands of donated photographs and postcards. The huge archive, from prominent collectors and powerful families, will be made freely available in slide shows, books and online.

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The Most Requested Photo in the U.S. National Archives is of Nixon and Elvis

What do you suppose the most requested photo from the U.S. National Archives might be? Troops raising the American flag on Iwo Jima? That sailor kissing a random woman at the end of WWII? Nope. It's Richard Nixon shaking Elvis Presley's hand.

The meeting took place in the Oval Office on December 21, 1970 and the photo itself is pretty surreal. But the official meeting notes are somehow even more bizarre.

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Wales and Waterloo: Napoleonic Tales Among Archive Cash

A letter marking the Battle of Waterloo is among important Welsh archives being preserved with the help of £40,000.

Written by the son of a Cardiganshire farmer, Morris Williams tells his parents "thank the Lord" for protecting him as he faced Napoleon's troops. The letter held by the Ceredigion Archives is undergoing careful conservation work, along with documents from four other Welsh archives.

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12 January 2015

What Happens To Your Data After You're Dead?

You have a Geneanet family tree and you have uploaded family pictures and archival records. What will happen to your data after you're dead?

This is the question that many people ask.

Geneanet offers to write your will and to explain what should happen to your Geneanet family tree and data after you're dead.

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9 January 2015

Are You Related to Lee Van Cleef?

Clarence Leroy "Lee" Van Cleef, Jr. was born on January 9, 1925 in Somerville, New Jersey, the son of Marion Levinia (née Van Fleet) and Clarence LeRoy Van Cleef Sr. Both of his parents were of Dutch ancestry. The rumor that Van Cleef's mother was also of Indonesian ancestry has been proven false.

At the age of 17, Van Cleef obtained his high school diploma early in his senior year in order to enlist in the United States Navy in September, 1942.

Lee Van Cleef's Family Tree

8 January 2015

Genealogy Software Updates of the Week

Brother's Keeper 7.0.39 (Full Featured - Windows - Purchase)

• Sometimes the Descendant Box Chart would print a child name and not 'see children above' when you had the option set to not show duplicates caused by a cousin marriage. Fixed.
• When typing in new text on the Notes tab for a person, pressing the TAB key was not moving the cursor. Fixed.
• CTRL+X was not working correctly for Event Notes. Fixed.

Build Your Family Tree for iPhone and iPad 7.10 (Mobile - Purchase)

• Minor performance improvement.

StoryPress for iPhone and iPad 3.4 (Mobile - Freeware)

• Bug fixes.

Transcript 2.4.1 build 103 beta (Transcriptions & Indexes - Windows - Freeware)

• Add: Link to Transcript on Facebook.
• Add: Link to buy Transcript Pro.
• Updated the help file a bit.
• Fix: Crash when trying to load a bmp image that has a non standard (or no) extension.
• Change message when locale folder not found.
• Some internal reordering of code, no change in functionality.

1795 Time Capsule Opened, Centuries After Revere and Adams Buried It

More than 200 years after Samuel Adams and Paul Revere first buried it in Boston, it took an hour to remove all the objects crammed inside a tiny time capsule.

Onlookers anxiously watched the unveiling Tuesday, worrying the items might not have weathered the years very well.

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Jersey Deportees to Australia Shown in Archive Book

A cattle thief and a brothel owner who murdered a police officer were among Jersey residents deported to Australia in the 19th Century.

A book showing details of deportees has been made public by the Jersey Archive. The Transportation Register is the last of its kind and also includes information on more than 60 convicts sent from the island to Australia.

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7 January 2015

Robert Wolfe, Expert Who Oversaw German WWII Records, Dies at 93

Robert Wolfe, who for more than 30 years served as a specialist in Nazi Germany at the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration, has died. He was 93.

Wolfe died Dec. 9 of respiratory failure at a suburban hospital, his son Marc Wolfe confirmed Monday. Wolfe joined the archives in 1961 and worked there until his retirement in 1995, though he continued to serve as a consultant and help researchers as a volunteer, his son said.

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6 January 2015

Hidden World War II Battlefields Reveal Germans' Tactics

Deep in the forests of northwestern Europe, the ghosts of battle from World War II remain. These landscapes preserve troves of bomb craters, trenches and even the remains of supply depots — all of which have not been well studied until now.

These battleground remnants may shed new light on logistical support of German field armies and the impact of Allied bombings, researchers said in a new study.

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5 January 2015

The Stories Behind the Forgotten Cemetery in Northeast El Paso, Texas

Deep in the heart of Northeast El Paso sits a mostly forgotten cemetery--the final resting place for thousands of people, many unclaimed and unidentified.

One of the oldest cemeteries in El Paso County, the McGill Pauper Cemetery dates back to the 1930s and is home to heroes and outlaws, as well as the poor and homeless who had no families or whose families could not afford a funeral for them.

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Top 10 GeneaNet Blog Posts of 2014

GeneaNet wish you a Happy New Year!

2014 has gone by. It was a great year for genealogy and for GeneaNet.

As we look towards the new year, let's take a moment to have a look to the top 10 GeneaNet blog posts of 2014.

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4 January 2015

Are You Related to Patty Loveless?

Patty Lee Ramey was born on January 4, 1957, the sixth of seven children to John and Naomie Ramey outside of Pikeville, Kentucky on 4 January 1957. Although born in Pikeville, the family lived in Elkhorn City, Kentucky where her father was a coal miner.

Patty Ramey's interest in music started when she was a young child. In 1969, when she was twelve, the Ramey family moved to Louisville, Kentucky in search of medical care for John Ramey, who was afflicted with "Black Lung Disease" (Coalworker's pneumoconiosis). Patty would attend Fairdale Jr. High school for two years, and Fairdale High for four, graduating in 1975.

Patty Loveless' Family Tree

2 January 2015

Did You Know That Geneanet Is Now Responsive?

Almost all of the pages of Geneanet are now responsive.

It means that the Geneanet layout automatically adapts itself to a particular viewing environment such as desktop, tablet or mobile.

You can now browse Geneanet wherever you are!

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