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10 December 2014

Meter Television Are Searching For Americans With Swedish Ancestry For a Reality TV-Show

After the major success of the 4 seasons of the nominated TV-series Allt för Sverige - Great Swedish Adventure (The American title of the show), Meter Television are now casting for season 5. The deadline to apply is February 15, 2015, and the show will be shooting in the summer 2015.

In the years 1846-1930, 1.3 million Swedish people immigrated to America to build a better life for their families. Today, more than 4.8 million Americans have Swedish heritage.

To apply for the show, go to:

10 May 2013

‘Family Tree’ Brings Christopher Guest’s Mockumentary Style to HBO

Over the last few decades, the mockumentary format has become almost totally synonymous with Christopher Guest, the writer/director (and often actor) best known for films such as This Is Spinal Tap, Best in Show, Waiting for Guffman, A Mighty Wind, and For Your Consideration.

Each film—to varying success—mined the documentary format for laughs, setting up its eccentric characters as the butts of the joke ... or the only ones in on it.

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10 February 2012

Launch of the Library and Archives Canada Podcast Series

Library and Archives Canada (LAC) is pleased to announce the release of the new podcast series, Discover Library and Archives Canada: Your History, Your Documentary Heritage.

Developed and produced by the Resource Discovery Sector at LAC, the series showcases treasures from our vaults and explores topics such as Aboriginal peoples, transportation, immigration, genealogy, government, as well as military and peacekeeping.

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7 December 2011

Revitalised Domesday Project on Display at Bletchley Park

A vast multimedia archive of life in the 80s as seen by the public has been re-invented in a new exhibit. The BBC's Domesday Project has been made into an interactive 'touchtable' now on display at The National Museum of Computing at Bletchley Park.

Visitors can zoom in on any part of the UK and see multimedia submitted in both the eighties and in 2011. Over one million people contributed to what is regarded as a pioneering experiment in crowd-sourcing.

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12 April 2011

TV Show: Guess The Relative

An announcement by Dragonfly TV: Do you think your family tree might have British roots? Would you like to travel to Great Britain to discover your living relatives? Dragonfly Film and TV in the UK is making an exciting new game show featuring families and long-lost relatives. And we're searching for people from all over the world, who think they might have British ancestry who they've never made contact with.

Click here to apply - via Dick Eastman

8 April 2011

3D World War II Footage To Be Shown on TV

Previously unseen 3D footage of World War II, showing a German anti-aircraft crew in 1943, is to be shown on TV. Footage including a 2D Nazi film explaining how to use 3D technology will also feature on the hour-long show, to be aired on Sky 3D on 26 May.

Stereoscopic film found in the Imperial War Museum's archives and 3D allied reconnaissance photos will also be included in the WWII in 3D programme. Sky 3D director John Cassy said the footage was "a remarkable find".

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21 March 2011

New Online Game Builds your Family Tree

Funium is set to release an online social game next month -- similar to "Farmville" or "Mafia Wars" -- that deals with real people, real history and real experiences, starring you and your ancestors.

That's right, the Funium folks mashed social online gaming with genealogy and came out with a product that CEO Jeff Wells and others hope will bring to the masses the concept of family and lots of it. "Family Village" is set for release mid-April and will be played through Facebook.

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15 February 2011

The Great Swedish Adventure: Nationwide Casting Search

Meter Television are searching for Americans with Swedish ancestry for a new reality TV-show, set to be filmed in Sweden! In the years 1846-1930 1, 3 million Swedish people immigrated to America to build a better life for their families. Today, more than 4.8 million Americans have Swedish heritage.

The Producers of the Swedish version of “American Idol” and “Minute to win it” are coming to the U.S. to find fun, outgoing Americans with Swedish ancestry to participate in their new reality television series “The Great Swedish Adventure.”

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4 January 2011

Norway Reality Show Seeks Americans of Norwegian Descent

The producers of Norway's version of "Dancing With The Stars" and "American Idol" are coming back to the U.S. to find fun, outgoing Americans with Norwegian ancestry to participate in Season Two of their exciting and enormously successful reality television series "The Great Norway Adventure," according to a press release sent to the Norsk Museum in Norway, Ill.

O'Connor Casting Company is conducting a nationwide search for adventurous Americans with Norwegian ancestry (even a little bit counts) who are interested in auditioning.

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11 November 2010

E-Tomb: Tweet and Like Me Even When I’m Dead!

"I guess the E-Tomb makes complete sense for people like me who spend endless hours tweeting, Facebook-ing and blogging. It’s the kinda tombstone with Bluetooth and solar panels and stores your logs; friends and family can come over and access your virtual life from it and keep each other updated with anecdotes about you by uploading their stories to the tombstone. Sounds a bit spooky right now, but since RFID Tags for this are already popular, the next best thing has to be updates from the gave, and the world beyond!"

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10 November 2010

12th November: #followanarchive Day on Twitter

To get more intention for archives on Twitter there will be a Twitter action #followanarchive on 2010 November 12.

This Twitter action is an initiative of Charlotte Jensen of the National Museum in Copenhagen, Bente Jensen of the City Archive of Aalborg (both in Denmark) and Poulus Bliek & Anneke van Waarden-Koets of the Zealand Archive in Middelburg (the Netherlands). The Twitter action in an international event, so every archive in the world can take part. The name of the Twitter action is: Follow an archive! The hashtag (#) for the Twitter action is: #followanarchive.

1 October 2010

Centenarian Soldier: Last Known Surviving American World War I Veteran Tells his Story

Though his words now come in a hushed whisper, Frank Woodruff Buckles’ 109-year-old eyes still gleam with wisdom and experience. Buckles, who served in the Army as a corporal, is the last known surviving American veteran of World War I – making him a living piece of American history.

America entered World War I in 1917. Everyone was reading and talking about the war, and recruiting posters were set up everywhere to encourage Americans to do their duty and defend America, according to Buckles’ daughter, Susannah Buckles Flanagan.

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24 September 2010

Photo Album Story Teller

Now your album can share not only just photos, but your personal story behind each one!

When you add the Story Teller Voice Recorder to your photo-collecting efforts, you enhance your photo albums with immediately accessible, digital storytelling that will last for generations to come. It’s really easy: You simply attach a coded sticker near the photo, scan it with the Story Teller and then record your message. To play back the message associated with the photo, just place the Story Teller back over the sticker. Play back the story that’s associated with that particular photo, any time you wish.

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21 September 2010

England: Over 2000 Years Of Leicestershire History To Feature In National Television Series

Over 2000 years of Leicestershire history to feature in national television series. Three Leicestershire villages will feature in a new national BBC television series that will focus on over 2000 years of history discovered by local people.

Over the past 14 months, the villages of Kibworth Harcourt, Kibworth Beauchamp and Smeeton Westerby have all been the subject of a new BBC television series ‘The Story of England’. Presented by Michael Woods, the programme will tell the story of one community through the whole of English history. The six part series begins on Wednesday 22nd September on BBC Four at 9pm. (Please visit: for more information and to see when it will be repeated).

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30 August 2010

Sneek Peak of New Disney Channel Series “My Family Tree”

Genealogy and geography are set to come together in a new Disney Channel series to premiere in November. “My Family Tree” will showcase kids from around the country engagingly reporting on their interesting ancestors and roots.

Camera crews for the future series were recently spotted in Marblehead, Massachusetts, with the Gerry family. Though living in Florida, the Gerrys can trace their lineage back to Elbridge Gerry, who was a Marblehead navtive and the fifth vice president of the United States. Noah Gerry, the twelve-year-old star of that particular episode, reported on various town locations related to Elbridge Gerry for the Disney cameras.

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