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1 September 2014

London’s Imperial War Museum Revisits Horrors of World War I

For the next four years, Britain will commemorate in a wide-ranging series of events and programs the centenary of the country’s entry into the First World War on Aug. 4, 1914, when it declared war against Germany.

“The centerpiece of our commemorations,” in the words of Prime Minister David Cameron, is the renovation of the Imperial War Museum London.

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23 October 2013

AncestorEbooks Announces the 14th Annual Czechoslovak Genealogical Society International Genealogical & Cultural Conference, an online company dedicated to the creative sharing of family history materials through personalized EBooks, announces the 14th annual Czechoslovak Genealogical Society International Conference Oct 23-26.

The Czechoslovak Genealogical Society International Genealogical/Cultural Conference of 2013 (CGSIG) will be held in Westin, IL from October 23 through October 26. Many activities and sessions have been planned to include not only genealogy and research information, but also important sessions relating solely to the research and preservation of Czechoslovak ancestors and the cultural heritage.

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9 October 2013

First Nations Delegation Visits The National Archives of The UK

A delegation from the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations (FSIN) in Canada visited The National Archives yesterday to view documents connected to the Royal Proclamation of 1763.

The Royal Proclamation by King George III on 7 October 1763, 250 years ago, established government for Quebec, East Florida, West Florida and Grenada and is viewed as an important moment in the relationship between First Nations and the Crown.

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18 September 2013

Women’s Suffrage Petition on Display at Archives New Zealand

Many people around New Zealand will celebrate Suffrage Day on September 19. It will be 120 years since Kiwi women became the first in the world to win the right to vote in national elections.

Statistics NZ and the Ministry of Women's Affairs have marked the anniversary by creating a graphic illustrating women's participation in New Zealand life and society over the past 120 years. It shows and compares things like the working-age women in employment, the average age of first birth and average number of children in 1893, 1953 and 2013.

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30 April 2013

Holocaust Survivors Reunite With World War II Veterans at US Holocaust Memorial Museum in DC

Elderly Holocaust survivors and the veterans who helped liberate them gathered for what could be their last big reunion Monday at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum.

Nearly 1,000 survivors and World War II vets joined with former President Bill Clinton and Nobel Peace Prize laureate and Holocaust activist Elie Wiesel to mark the museum’s 20th anniversary. Organizers chose not to wait for the 25th milestone because many survivors and vets may not be alive in another five or 10 years.

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3 April 2013

Rare Ten Commandments Scroll To Be Displayed In U.S.

The Ten Commandments scroll – one of the most important of the Dead Sea Scrolls in existence – is going on display in Cincinnati beginning Friday. The tightly guarded scroll, one of the approximately 900 Dead Sea Scrolls in existence, can be seen through April 14 at the Cincinnati Museum Center.

The Ten Commandments scroll will be added for the last 17 days of the exhibit “Dead Sea Scrolls: Life and Faith in Ancient Times,” which also features 10 other scroll fragments from Israel.

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27 February 2013

2013 Announced As Ireland’s "Family History Year"!

Tourism Ireland announced that 2013 is to be Ireland’s “Family History Year”, in a bid to encourage people in Britain and elsewhere around the world to find out more about their Irish ancestry.

Hundreds of clan gatherings, as well as genealogy and local history events, are planned all over Ireland this year, as part of The Gathering Ireland 2013.

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14 September 2012

U.S. National Archives to Display 5th Page of the Constitution for the 1st Time To Mark Anniversary

The National Archives says it plans to display the so-called “fifth page” of the U.S. Constitution for the first time to celebrate the document’s 225th anniversary next week. The Archives says the extra page will be on display Friday through Monday in the East Rotunda Gallery. Monday is also known as Constitution Day.

The fifth page of the Constitution is known as the transmittal page. It is signed by George Washington and describes how the Constitution was to be ratified and put into effect.

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20 June 2012

National Archives (U.S.) Exhibit Shows Prejudices Faced by Immigrants Over the Years

The little girl with the dark circles under her eyes looks as though she’s been crying. She’s clutching a doll and has her left arm looped in the arm of the girl beside her.

It is 1908. The place is the immigration depot on Ellis Island in New York’s harbor. It looks chilly, because many of the children are in hats and scarves. But the youngsters, and some adults, have gathered for a group photograph.

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3 May 2012

New York City - Archives At Queens Library Celebrate Centennial

In mid-October 1911, a fund of $500 was established by the board of trustees of the Queens Borough Public Library to start a collection of books, newspapers, journals and other materials on Queens County history and genealogy.

Queens Library President and Chief Executive Officer Thomas Galante opened the centennial ceremony by observing that the board of trustees realized even a century ago that change in Queens was radical, and if the county’s past was to be preserved in any material way, the preservation must begin.

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13 April 2012

Historical Exhibition Handed Over to Seychelles National Archives

The Seychelles historical exhibition, Les Seychelles: des isles... des homes, has been officially handed over to the Seychelles Archives department. The exhibition, put together by the French author, Richard Touboul, after extensive research works in the French Archives, is now part of the historical documents of the Seychelles National Archives.

The official handing over of the exhibition’s official documents was made by the French Ambassador to the Seychelles, Mr. Phillipe Delacroix to the Seychelles Minister responsible for Tourism and Culture Mr. Alain St.Ange.

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10 February 2012

RootsTech Conference Shows Technology’s Impact on Genealogy

A unique combination of young, old, international and innovative people joined together in Salt Lake City to contribute to the ongoing work of family history. Participants at this weekend’s RootsTech Conference had the opportunity to learn about the immense impact technology can have on genealogy.

The staff, who registered participants throughout the conference, estimated more than 4,300 people attended the event — double last year’s number. Twenty-four countries were represented at the conference. This is the largest family history conference in North America.

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19 December 2011

Military Mail Stories at the Postal Museum at the Smithsonian National Postal Museum

With the war in Iraq officially declared over yesterday, it seemed appropriate to head to the National Postal Museum to reflect upon the experiences of servicemen who are stationed abroad. “Mail Call: A History of America’s Military Mail,” an exhibition that opened last month, tells the stories of individual soldiers through their mail, and traces the history of mail delivery for the military from the Revolutionary War through today.

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31 October 2011

Save Library and Archives Canada

On Wednesday, November 2, the Canadian Association of University Teachers will launch its national campaign: “Save Library and Archives Canada”.

The campaign will expose how major restructuring of Library and Archives Canada is undermining the institution responsible for preserving Canada’s history and heritage. “Library and Archives Canada is cutting services and acquisitions. Unless this is reversed, the damage to our country will be enormous,” said CAUT’s executive director James L. Turk.

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22 October 2011

National Genealogical Society Seeks Nominations for the 2012 Genealogy Hall of Fame

Would your society like to honor a genealogist whose exemplary work lives on today? Perhaps there was a notable genealogist in your state or county whose name should be memorialized in the NGS Hall of Fame.

If so, the National Genealogical Society would like to hear from you. NGS is seeking nominations from the entire genealogical community for persons whose achievements or contributions have made an impact on the field.

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