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9 June 2014

Do You Know The Geneanet Facebook Page?

If you would like to keep in touch with Geneanet, find out about news, events, upcoming services and options, and much more, then why not check out our Facebook page?

If you need help with your family history research, you can also post your question there.

Click the following link to join us on Facebook:

You can also follow Geneanet on:
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2 June 2014

Genealogy and Headstones: Participate!

Geneanet has a big collection of pictures of headstones and memorials.

These pictures are shared for free by the Geneanet members.

When you are looking for an individual in the Geneanet database, the search engine can return pictures of headstones and memorials if they are indexed.

Take a few moments to play your part and index some pictures!

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26 May 2014

The GeneaNet Charts, Lists and Reports

GeneaNet offers many tools to print your family tree.

You can print some very attractive family trees, and some ascending or descending charts lists and reports for free.

And you can do the same when browsing the family tree of any GeneaNet member!

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19 May 2014

Match Your GeneaNet Family Tree

Club Privilege members can automatically match their family tree with the entire GeneaNet database. This feature automatically searches for new ancestors in your family tree.

Match your family tree with just one click or select the Advanced mode to get full access to all settings.

Non-Club Privilege members can automatically match surnames & places (not the first names) in their family tree with the entire GeneaNet database.

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12 May 2014

What Happens To Your Data After You're Dead?

You have a Geneanet family tree and you have uploaded family pictures and archival records. What will happen to your data after you're dead?

This is the question that many people ask.

Who owns your data on Geneanet?

You own your Geneanet data.

Each Geneanet data is linked to a single account and every member can delete their data at any time (family tree, pictures, archival records, etc.)

Geneanet don't keep your data and personal information after you have deleted your account.

Geneanet will never sell your data and will never share it with third parties.

And what happens to your data after you're dead?

If Geneanet is notified about the death of a member, their account and their data are immediately deleted.

But the the family of the dead can ask Geneanet not to delete the account. If so, data will still be available to Geneanet visitors but newsletters will not be send anymore to the given email address. This is a good way to memorialise the genealogy research of a loved one.

5 May 2014

Geneanet Is Now Available In Portuguese!

We are pleased to announce that Geneanet is now available in Portuguese!

In 2009 and 2010, we have added the Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish translation, and today, we are extending our activities to Portugal and Brazil. This is a new step for Geneanet and our values of sharing.

Portugal and Brazil are countries with interesting history and a large community of genealogy enthusiasts. There are many archives and they are of good quality, so there are many discoveries to come for those who have roots and relatives there.

New genealogists will be able to join Geneanet and to build and share their family tree, and it will serve all of us.

Welcome to the new version of Geneanet.

Note: Of course, you can view data from Portugal and Brazil even if you are not using the Portuguese version of the Geneanet website.

28 April 2014

What's Your Ancestor Score?

How to know how complete your family tree is?

This question may sound strange. What should we talk about? Quantity or quality?

Randy Seaver gives us a simple solution in a blog post entitled "What's Your Ancestor Score?".

Here's how to easily calculate your Ancestor Score with Geneanet.

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21 April 2014

The Geneanet Ancestry Book

GeneaNet offers a very attractive Ancestry Book.

This Ancestry Book is available for every GeneaNet member and it can show up to 10 generations.

Every GeneaNet member can also export the Ancestry Book in PDF file format.

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14 April 2014

GeneaNet: Download And Print A Very Attractive Ancestry Chart For Free!

On GeneaNet, you can download (in PDF) and print a very attractive ancestry chart for free!

There are 7 themes available and you can change the content: font, date format, on a single page/on multiple pages, etc.

Offer a beautiful ancestry chart to your family and friends!

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7 April 2014

New on Geneanet: Sponsor a Friend or Family Member, and Get a Club Privilege Extra Month Free

On Geneanet, you can now sponsor a friend or family member, and get a Club Privilege extra month free!

Select the 'Contacts > Sponsor a friend or family member' item in the drop down menu at the top right of the screen.

Enter the Geneanet username of the persons you want to sponsor (click here to search the username of a member by name).

When you have sent 5 invitations, you must wait for them to be accepted or to expire (45 days) to gain new sponsor rights.

Sponsored persons will be invited to try the Geneanet Club Privilege free for one month.

If they subscribe to the Club Privilege during the free trial, the remaining free weeks will be added to their 1-year or 2-year membership, and you will get an extra month free!


1 April 2014

New on Geneanet : Send your GEDCOM File by Phone

We are proud to launch a new service for Geneanet members who are not familiar with computer.

You will be soon able to send your GEDCOM file by phone: just call our new service and say the content of the file.

Your file will be imported to your account so you can have a Geneanet family tree without having to perform computer tasks.

April Fool's Day

24 March 2014

Upload Family Pictures to your Geneanet Family Tree

If you have family pictures, you can easily upload them to your Geneanet family tree.

1. Click the box of a person in your family tree,
2. Click "Add Family Picture" in the menu bar at the top of the screen,
3. Select the image file in your personal computer,
4. Click "Submit".

If you have pictures with multiple people, type in the name of all the persons and the picture will be automatically added to each of them.


17 March 2014

How To Export a GEDCOM File from your Personal Genealogy Software?

Already have your family tree in a personal genealogy software? No need to build it from scratch on Geneanet! Just export a GEDCOM file from your genealogy software and import it to Geneanet.

GEDCOM (an acronym standing for GEnealogical Data COMmunication) is a specification for exchanging genealogical data between different genealogy software. It was developed by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church).

Most genealogy software supports importing from and/or exporting to GEDCOM format. Here are some screenshots to explain how to export a GEDCOM file from your genealogy software.

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10 March 2014

Geneanet Club Privilege Pricing Is Changing

Geneanet Club Privilege pricing changes will take effect on March 19, 2014: 1-year membership will go to 45.00 Euros and 2-year membership will go to 82.00 Euros.

13 years after its launch, the Club Privilege pricing is changing so Geneanet can pursue its mission of helping genealogists.

Since its founding, Geneanet offers a free service which allow genealogists to share their family tree. Information provided by the Geneanet members are free for everyone. This free-of-charge service has a cost for the Geneanet growing organization. Since 2001, this cost is almost entirely borne by the Club Privilege members.

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3 March 2014

New on your Geneanet Family Tree: The Timeline

A chronological listing of all facts in an individual's life is now displayed in both the new Geneanet family tree software and the non-graphic family tree pages.

In the new Geneanet family tree software, the timeline is displayed whatever the number of facts is.

Geneanet now offers the opportunity to tell your family history in a new way!

In the non-graphic family tree pages, the timeline is displayed if there are facts in addition of the birth, baptism, marriage, death and burial.


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