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24 April 2015

New Archive Creates Global Access to Rare African Photos

Hoping to preserve cultural heritage and change Western thought on Africa, a Michigan State University researcher will use a $300,000 National Endowment for the Humanities grant to digitize 100,000 original black-and-white negatives of Mali’s most important photographers, dating from the 1940s.

Candace Keller, assistant professor of African art history and visual culture, is collaborating with MSU’s MATRIX: The Center for Digital Humanities and Social Sciences and the Maison Africaine de la Photographie in Bamako, Mali, to create the Archive of Malian Photography.

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15 April 2015

National Archive of Cuba Begins Scanning Its Collections

Experts from the National Archives of the Republic of Cuba (ARNAC), headquartered in Havana, began digitizing least 300 maps of their holdings and collections of the institution, local media reported today.

Related to the war of independence of Cuba in 1895 and the Revolutionary Party created in 1892 by the hero of the island, José Martí, documents are among those that pass to electronic format, explained the director of the National Archives, Martha Ferriol.

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1940 Guam Census Now Online as Database

When the U.S. Census Bureau released the 1940 Guam census documents three years ago, it quickly became apparent that the information would be more useful for Guam residents if it could be searched by name and village.

The Pacific Daily News took on the challenge, and the project took several weeks to complete. It involved retyping information from census documents, written mostly in cursive, into a new database.

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13 April 2015

150 Years After Lincoln Assassination, Massive Online Archive in the Works

As the 150th anniversary of President Abraham Lincoln's assassination approaches, a massive digital archive is in the works that will be home to more than 100,000 documents related to the Civil War-era commander-in-chief.

The Papers of Abraham Lincoln is a project of the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency and the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, and it is co-sponsored by the Center for State Policy and Leadership at the University of Illinois Springfield and the Abraham Lincoln Association.

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10 April 2015

British Library Endangered Archives: New Online Collections

This month three projects have gone up online. EAP031, EAP039 and EAP286. EAP031 and EAP039 both digitised Buddhist manuscripts, the first from Mongolia and the latter from Bhutan. EAP286 digitised a collection of manuscripts from Ethiopia.

EAP031 digitised the private collection of Danzan Ravjaa. Ravjaa was the 5th incarnation in the lineage of the Gobi Noyons, whose monastery was at the centre of a political and artistic renaissance located at the crossroads of Tibet, Mongolia and China during the 19th century.

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9 April 2015

Jacksboro, Texas, Local Newspapers Soon To Go Digital

The oldest business institution in Jack County will soon have all of it’s history online. Well, most of it. Thanks to the Gladys Johnson Ritchie Public Library, Jacksboro Newspapers will soon be available on the University of North Texas’ Portal to Texas History.

Librarian Lanora Joslin wrote and received a $25,000 grant to digitize the Jacksboro Gazette-News and Jack County Herald through 1965.

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3 April 2015

Canada: Ottawa Museums and Archives Go Digital

Ottawa’s history is going online with the launch of the Ottawa Museums and Archives virtual collections catalogue.

The virtual catalogue includes digitized records and artifacts ranging from old military gear to letters to old bylaws and maps. So far it has 34,000 records active on the website, and it will continue to grow.

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2 April 2015

English Manor Rolls Go Online at Harvard Law School

Historical & Special Collections is pleased to announce that we have begun a multi-year project to conserve and digitize our collection of English manor rolls.

The rolls came to Harvard over a century ago, purchased in 1892 and 1893 by Harvard Professor William James Ashley (1860-1927) from London bookseller James Coleman. In 1925 the College Library transferred the collection to the Harvard Law School Library.

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1 April 2015

25th Anniversary of the Friends of the National Library of Australia

2015 marks the 25th anniversary of the formation of Friends of the National Library of Australia.

The Friends of the National Library was launched by Mr Whitlam at the inaugural Kenneth Myer Memorial Lecture on 5 April 1990. This was followed by a Friends Welcome Day on 7 April 1990 with the late Ruth Cracknell AO officiating. Approximately 2200 people attended this day and participated in a number of activities including behind the scenes tours.

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31 March 2015

The Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) Libraries Joins the Flickr Commons

The VCU Libraries include prints, works of art, historic and medical artifacts, archives and manuscripts, maps and rare books and periodicals, as well as one of the largest collections of comic arts, book art, alternative newspapers and zines in the USA.

The bulk of their shared items come from VCU Libraries Special Collections and Archives, but they also digitize and make available other resources in partnership with local institutions.

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30 March 2015

30,000 NYPD Crime Photographs Will Go Online

From contorted corpses splayed on the sidewalk to errant streetcars lodged in storefronts, the New York Police Department (NYPD) has photographed crime scenes almost since the technology was available.

A new grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities, announced on Monday, will support the digitization of around 30,000 of these photographs from 1914 to 1975, making them viewable to the public for the first time.

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New Zealand: New Website Showcases World War I Footage

New Zealand Arts, Culture and Heritage Minister Maggie Barry says a new website featuring previously unavailable film from World War I is an engrossing historical resource.

Anzac: Sights & Sounds, from Ngā Taonga Sound and Vision, gives an evocative, insightful and compelling view of the conflict, using archival film footage gathered from across the world, recorded interviews, songs and photographs.

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23 March 2015

Vatican Archives Shed Light on Tragedy of Armenian Genocide

Ahead of Pope Francis’ Mass commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Armenian genocide, newly released historic documents confirm the Holy See’s broad commitment to helping the Armenian people at a time when few others would.

The Italian Jesuit-run magazine La Civiltà Cattolica stressed that newly published documents "prove how the Holy See, always informed about events, had not remained passive, but was strongly committed to face the issue" of the Armenian Genocide.

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9 March 2015

Calcutta To Boast India’s First Digital Municipal Archive

In an effort to preserve and tell the more than four centuries of history and evolution of Calcutta, the local government will set up a complete archive, full of rare photographs, text, sound recordings, manuscripts, maps and digital documents.

On 4 March, the first Municipal "data bank" in India was presented to the public. The development of the project is managed in its entirety by the city council.

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Lithuania's Lost Jewish Archives Come To Life Online

Thousands of Yiddish manuscripts that survived Holocaust and Stalin's anti-Jewish onslaught are finally seeing light of day after being holed up in basement of Catholic church for seven decades.

It will allow Lithuanians "to understand that Jewish culture was an integral part of Lithuanian culture, to have access to that hidden part of their past." The project's hefty price tag of $5.25 million (4.6 million euros) is funded by the Vilnius government, private foundations and individual donations, Brent said.

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