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30 September 2013

The National Archives of the UK: Seventh Tranche of Colonial Administration Records Released

The seventh tranche of colonial administration records is now available to view in the reading rooms at The National Archives. This release contains records from Cyprus, Malta, Singapore, Solomon Islands, Southern Rhodesia, Swaziland and Tanganyika.

We are working with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) to transfer and release colonial administration records, referred to as the 'migrated archives' between April 2012 and November 2013. This is in accordance with FCO's published timeline on GOV.UK.

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National Archives of India Notified Recruitment to 47 Different Posts

National Archives of India invited application for recruitment to 47 different posts including Supervisior, Preservation, Conservation Attendants and Helper. The candidates eligible for the post can apply through prescribed format within 30 days of the publication of the advertisement, 28 October 2013.

The candidates have to send the completely filled application to the following address within 30 days of the publication of the advertisement, 28 October 2013: To the Director General of Archives, National Archives of India, Janpath, New Delhi.

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The GeneaNet 'Individual Matches'

The GeneaNet 'Individual Matches' allows you to automatically search the GeneaNet database for individuals that may match with your ancestors.

This powerful feature is reserved for Club Privilege members.

Other GeneaNet members can search for 'Individual Matches' in the archival records and indexes but not in the collaborative family trees.

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27 September 2013

Pakistan: Sindh Department of Archives Library Being Digitalised

The microfilming of the books of Sindh Department of Archives would be completed soon, stated Sindh Information and Archives Minister Sharjeel Inam Memon.

He was presiding over a meeting of the Department of Archives here on Thursday. The Minister said that for the preservation of record and documents at the Archives Department, latest technology would be utilised. This would help common man access the research work of scholars regarding the history of Sindh.

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India: Archives To Digitize Copies of 200-Year-Old Newspapers

The Maharashtra Directorate of Archives is considering a proposal sent by an online encyclopaedia portal that suggested scanning thousands of old newspapers - starting from late 1700s till the 20th century. The scanned copies will be made available to researchers and common people.

If all goes as planned, you would soon be able to access online copies of newspapers printed in the country during the British era.

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Are You Related to Avril Lavigne?

Avril Ramona Lavigne was born on September 27, 1984 in Belleville, Ontario. Her father, Jean-Claude Joseph Lavigne, named her "Avril" after the French word for the month of April. Lavigne has an older brother, Matthew, and a younger sister, Michelle, both of whom teased her when she sang. "My brother used to knock on the wall because I used to sing myself to sleep and he thought it was really annoying."

Her father is of French descent and her mother has English, Scottish, and German ancestry.

Avril Lavigne's Family Tree

26 September 2013

Genealogy Software Updates of the Week

23andMe for iPhone & iPad 1.5 (Mobile - Freeware)

• iOS 7 presentation updates.

Ancestral Quest 14.14 (Full Featured - Windows - Purchase)

• Sources: If you attached an object other than a picture to a source (such as a document, audio clip, web page), the path/URL of this object will now be displayed where the thumbnail of of an image would otherwise be displayed if it were a picture.
• Check/Repair: Check/Repair now finds and fixes a couple of other types of problems.
• Notes: If notes contained non-English characters, and one of these was positioned in just the right place, it might be displayed as two blocks. Fixed.

Build Your Family Tree 5.40 (Mobile - Purchase)

• Improved user interface.

Charting Companion 5.1 (Charts and Diagrams - Windows - Purchase)

• New feature: ornamental borders.
• Support for FTM 2014 files (both 32- and 64-bit).

Family Get-To-Gether 1.1.2 (Mobile - Purchase)

• Marriage details are now supported. GEDCOM file may need to be re-imported to extract marriage details information.
• Enhanced search for family members.
• An issue related to the 'Gallery' page on specific devices has been handled.
• An 'Export GEDCOM' issue has been handled for families imported by old app version.

MacFamilyTree 7.0.11 (Full Featured - Mac - Purchase)

• Several issues fixed uploading information to
• Performance of person matching on FamilySearch improved.
• Sorting issues fixed.

Canada: Identities of Unnamed Dead at Huronia Regional Centre Emerge

Maurice Middlestadt and Lena Potts arrived at the Hospital for the Feeble-Minded in Orillia within days of each other in January 1919. Nearly three years later they both died, just a month apart. Their bodies were laid in a graveyard of tombstones marked by numbers instead of names.

The fates of these two children — Maurice was 8 when he died, Lena was 15 — remain entwined by the bureaucracy that conspired to keep their names secret.

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Tennessee Digitizing 1 Million Pages of Historical Newspapers

The Tennessee State Library and Archives is adding more than 1 million newspaper pages to its free online collection. The newly added historical newspapers from Greeneville, Jonesborough, Memphis, Sweetwater and Winchester date from the 1850s to almost 1900.

The joint Chronicling America project with the University of Tennessee had previously digitized more than 120,000 pages of newspapers from the Civil War era.

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Find Tools For Researching Your Irish Family History at New York’s The Genealogy Event

Did your family come from the mountains of Mourne or Killarney’s lakes so blue? Are you baffled by Irish spelling of names? Did your ancestors come through Ellis Island or another US port? What insights about your ancestors’ daily lives can you learn from the 1901 and 1911 census information?

Irish and Irish-American family historians and genealogists will be on hand to help answer your questions on November 2, at The Genealogy Event, at the Metropolitan Pavilion, 125 West 18th Street (bet 6th and 7th Avenues, from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm).

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25 September 2013

Could Your Family Photos And Letters Help Researchers Examine 1916 Easter Rising?

Members of the public are being called upon to dig out old family letters and photographs, to help researchers better understand life in Ireland around the time of the 1916 Easter Rising.

From love letters to correspondence about politics or everyday life, families are being urged to submit letters written six months before and after the Easter Rising. The Rising was an armed insurrection staged in Ireland during Easter week, 1916.

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'Most Damaged' Charter In State Archives Gets Restored, Returned To Chesterfield, Massachusetts

After being found in a state of advanced deterioration at the State Archives, the original Chesterfield Town Charter has been meticulously restored and copies of the document given to as a gift to the town courtesy of state Rep. Stephen Kulik, D-Worthington, state Sen. Benjamin B. Downing, D-Pittsfield, and state Sen. Stanley Rosenberg, D-Amherst.

Kulik and Downing presented a copy of the fully restored charter to the Select Board Monday afternoon, joined over speakerphone by Rosenberg. Several residents also attended the presentation.

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24 September 2013

See A Preview of New National Archives of The UK Website

An announcement from the National Archives of The UK: "Today we have released the first pages of our newly re-designed web pages as 'beta' for you to view, ahead of their publication at the end of September. You can explore our new homepage and top-level service pages - About us, Records, Education, Information management and Archives sector on our beta website."

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71 Digital Portals to U.S. State History

A recent NDIIPP intern, Ingrid Jernudd, did some research into current web resources that provide digital access to a broad array of primary source materials at the state level. She prepared a list of sites that billed themselves as general-interest portals to historical resources. Although the list is likely incomplete, I was surprised she found so many.

It is worth bearing in mind also that the list, with one exception, does not include local or municipal websites (the one exception is the Denver Public Library; its Western History and Genealogy site is included because it has resources that extend beyond Denver proper).

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Funds for Richard III's Tomb Are Pulled Because The Proposed Modern Design 'Doesn't Befit a Warrior King'

A bitter row has erupted over the planned tomb of Richard III after a historical society announced it is withdrawing £40,000 in funding because members are unhappy with the design of the tomb. Leicester Cathedral announced proposals for the £1.3m raised tomb last week, which the Richard III Society has branded 'too modern and stylised'.

The Cathedral, which is set to be the final resting place for the king, responded by saying it will not change the plans for the tomb to secure the donation.

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23 September 2013

Drew Barrymore’s Actor Ancestors Pre-Date Film And Hollywood

Drew Barrymore is Hollywood royalty. She’s the reigning heir to a long line of famous, even iconic, Hollywood actors. But, just how far back does Drew’s dynasty go?

How many generations deep is the Drew Barrymore Hollywood legacy? As it turns out, Drew’s acting ancestors are older than Hollywood itself. The roots of her family tree include actors as far back as it can be traced, and not just on one side of the genealogy.

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WWII Soldier's Letter Reaches Daughter After Seven Decades

A World War II soldier's heartfelt letter to his daughter has finally reached her, seven decades after it was written.

Peggy Eddington-Smith received the letter penned by her father, Pfc. John Eddington, as well as his Bronze Star and Purple Heart medals, during an emotional ceremony Saturday in Dayton, Nev., about 40 miles southeast of Reno. The father she never met wrote the three-page letter shortly after she was born and shortly before he died in Italy in June 1944. He sent it while stationed in Texas, just before he was sent overseas.

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Are You Related to Bruce Springsteen?

Springsteen was born on September 23, 1949 in Long Branch, New Jersey, and spent his childhood and high school years in Freehold Borough.

His father, Douglas Frederick Springsteen, was of Dutch and Irish ancestry (his surname in Dutch means jumping stone) and worked as a bus driver, among other vocations, although he was mostly unemployed. His mother, Adele Ann (née Zerilli), was a legal secretary and was of Italian ancestry.

Bruce Springsteen's Family Tree

Mississippi Department of Archives To Digitize Newspapers From 1836 To 1922

The Mississippi Department of Archives and History has received a $274,000 grant to digitize 100,000 pages of state newspapers published between 1836 and 1922.

Julia Marks Young, director of the MDAH Archives and Records Services Division, says MDAH will partner with Louisiana State University Libraries Special Collections on the project. "LSU has extensive experience with digital content and technology projects as an established NDNP (National Digital Newspaper Program) grant recipient," said Young.

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Insure The Privacy Of Living Individuals In Your GeneaNet Family Tree

On GeneaNet, you can easily insure the privacy of living individuals in your family tree.

When individuals have been set to 'Private' in your family tree, they will remain as 'Private' if you import a new GEDCOM file to update your family tree.

We hope this option will help with privacy issues.

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19 September 2013

Genealogy Software Updates of the Week

Family Get-To-Gether (Free) 1.1.1 (Mobile - Freeware)

• Export families to GEDCOM files.
• If a member's 'Profile' page is viewed, the descendants/ancestors tree has this person as the root when the 'Tree' icon is clicked in the action bar.
• Miscellaneous quality enhancements.

MacFamilyTree 7.0.10 (Full Featured - Mac - Purchase)

• Notes are selected in the correct order when using the Tab key.
• Crash issue corrected when using @ character in person names.
• Selecting existing places improved.
• Hungarian localization improved.
• Performance improvements in the edit mode.

MobileFamilyTree 7.0.11 (Mobile - Purchase)

• iCloud issue fixed.

RootsMagic for iPhone and iPad 1.1.1 (Mobile - Freeware)

• Minor bug fixes.

Possible 'Slave' Skeletons Found on Kenyan Coast

Kenyan authorities are investigating some 100 human skeletons, including skulls, discovered in Kijipwa village of the Kilifi County in the coastal region, an area believed to have been a holding ground for African slaves before being sent across the Indian Ocean to the Middle East and other parts of the world.

Jambo Haro, the head of archeology at the Coast National Museums of Kenya, said most of the skeletons dug from the deep trench had been salvaged and moved to National Museum in Mombasa for safe custody and study.

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18 September 2013

Women’s Suffrage Petition on Display at Archives New Zealand

Many people around New Zealand will celebrate Suffrage Day on September 19. It will be 120 years since Kiwi women became the first in the world to win the right to vote in national elections.

Statistics NZ and the Ministry of Women's Affairs have marked the anniversary by creating a graphic illustrating women's participation in New Zealand life and society over the past 120 years. It shows and compares things like the working-age women in employment, the average age of first birth and average number of children in 1893, 1953 and 2013.

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17 September 2013

The National Archives of the UK: Seventh Tranche of Colonial Administration Records To Be Released

The National Archives is working with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) to transfer and release colonial administration records, referred to as the 'migrated archives' between April 2012 and November 2013, in accordance with FCO's published timeline on GOV.UK.

The seventh tranche will be made available in the reading rooms at The National Archives from Friday 27 September. This release will contain records from Cyprus, Malta, Singapore, Solomon Islands, Southern Rhodesia, Swaziland and Tanganyika.

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16 September 2013

Millions go to Preserve Historical Archives At University of South Alabama

Millions of dollars from a local family will go to preserve historical archives. The University of South Alabama Board of Trustees honored the Marx family for their donation of three million dollars to the USA Library.

Two million will benefit the future library project. One million will help renovate the library’s third floor. The library will bring its USA photo archive from Springhill Ave. back to campus. That way, historical photos can be easily accessed by students, researchers and the public.

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Tombstone’s Origin a Cold Case Mystery That’s Finally Solved In Batavia, New York

It is not unusual for retired police officers to be haunted by an unsolved case. Stories abound about former detectives who pour through cold cases in hopes of solving the one that got away. Sometimes they get lucky.

Former city of Batavia Police Chief Mark Robinson had such a case, a case he has solved after a mystery that began nearly 40 years ago. Ask Robinson and he wouldn’t say this case haunted him. Rather, it intrigued him. He was curious.

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University of Florida Libraries To Receive More Than $300,000 for Newspaper Digitization

The jobs of Florida historians and genealogists will soon be much easier, thanks to a recent grant for the University of Florida libraries.

In August, the National Endowment for the Humanities announced it would be awarding $325,000 to the Florida and Puerto Rico Digital Newspaper Project, a joint project between the Smathers Libraries and the University of Puerto Rico-Rio Piedras. The project, which is part of the larger National Digital Newspaper Program, aims to create digital archives of Florida and Puerto Rican newspapers published between 1836 and 1922.

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The Origin and Meanings of your Name

Baxter: Anglo-Saxon; Bagster, a baker.

Crawford: Local; First assumed by the proprietor of the lands and barony of Crawford, in Lanarkshire, Scotland; The name has been derived by others from crodh and port, pronounced cro-fort, signifying a sheltering place for cattle.

Do you know the origin and meanings of your name and the origin of your ancestors name?

Did you tried to map your name and the name of your ancestors?

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15 September 2013

Are You Related to Fay Wray?

Most noted for playing the female lead in King Kong, Wray was born on September 15, 1907 on a ranch near Cardston in the province of Alberta, Canada, to two Mormons, Elvina Marguerite Jones, who was from Salt Lake City, and Joseph Heber Wray, who was from Kingston upon Hull, England.

She was one of six children. Her family returned to the United States a few years after she was born; they moved to Salt Lake City in 1912 and moved in 1914 to Lark, Utah. In 1919, the Wrays returned to Salt Lake City again and then relocated to Hollywood, California, where Fay attended Hollywood High School.

Fay Wray's Family Tree

12 September 2013

Those Magnificent Ladies in Their Flying Machines

In the early days of human flight, a new word entered our lexicon: "aviatrix," the female version of "aviator."

These women were true pioneers, although if you asked them, they would probably tell you they were just adventurous and loved flying -same as the men who took to the air in those days. Or even today, for that matter. But for a woman to drive one of the newfangled flying machines in the early 20th century took a can-do attitude that wasn't normally encouraged in women.

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10 Snapshots of British Schoolchildren During World War II

World War II had a huge impact on the daily lives of the people of Britain, but soldiers and grieving widows weren’t the only ones whose lives were irrevocably altered by the war.

Young schoolchildren in cities across Britain found themselves evacuated to the relative safety of the countryside, separated from their families and identified by nothing more than a brown paper tag.

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Civil War General's Medal of Honor Discovered Inside Book At Church Sale

A Medal of Honor awarded to a Civil War general has been returned to a Maine town after it was found inside a book at a church fundraising sale.

The Times Record of Brunswick, Maine reports Civil War Gen. Joshua Chamberlain's original Congressional Medal of Honor has been verified as authentic after it was sent anonymously in July to the Pejepscot Historical Society in Brunswick.

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Gravestones Found In Canal In King's County, California

An eerie sight in King's County, California has many wondering... why are grave stones in a drainage canal? The Exeter District Cemetery replaced a number of headstones -- including one of a World War Two veteran.

It gave the old ones to the Kaweah Delta Conservation District.... which uses rocks and stones for erosion control in its canals. The stones were supposed to be ground but were instead thrown in whole.

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National Archive of India Set To Get Upgraded, To Be User-Friendly

The National Archive of India (NAI), Bhopal is getting ready for an upgrade. "The new set-up would be user friendly for research scholars and general public," said Pranjana Sinha, assistant director of archives, Bhopal on Wednesday.

"Improvement in NAI Bhopal office is long overdue. A new building is also planned for NAI Bhopal to meet the expansion plans, she added. Archiving of records began in Bhopal much before the Imperial record department was set up in 1891 in Calcutta. Bhopal centre holds the largest collection after NAI in Delhi.

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11 September 2013

Genealogy Software Updates of the Week

Families for Legacy Family Tree 1.8.3 (Mobile - Purchase)

• Fix crash when adding new individual to Legacy file.

Family Get-To-Gether 1.1.1 (Mobile - Purchase)

• Edited families can now be exported to GEDCOM files. Long-press on a family in the 'My Families' page, then select 'Export GEDCOM' option. GEDCOM files can be sent via email or stored on device.
• If a member's 'Profile' page is viewed, the descendants/ancestors tree has this person as the root when the 'Tree' icon is clicked in the action bar.
• Miscellaneous quality enhancements.

MacFamilyTree 7.0.9 (Full Featured - Mac - Purchase)

• Error uploading information to FamilySearch corrected.
• Crash bug fixed using Web Research.
• Norwegian and Czech localization improved.
• Smaller other bug fixes.

MobileFamilyTree 7.0.9 (Mobile - Purchase)

• Adding media URLs now works as expected.
• GEDCOM import and export improved.
• Date parsing improved.

Mysterious Civil War Diary Turns Up In Arlington

A diary found about 25 years ago in an old house northeast of town describes life during the Civil War through the eyes of a Union soldier, Sgt. Jesse Hyde.

From Jan. 6, 1862, to July 6, 1864, Hyde chronicled the daily actions of the 1st Kentucky Infantry, Company H, as they marched and fought their way through Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee.Hyde's 158-page dairy includes entries about rebel troops and the taking of prisoners, gambling and drunkenness among Union soldiers in camp, the execution of a deserter, the soldiers who died from heat exhaustion and those who walked barefoot in the snow.

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Bruce Township, Michigan: Vandals Break As Many As 40 Headstones in a Cemetery Including Some For Veterans of the Civil War

Dozens of headstones have been destroyed at cemetery in Bruce Township and some of the headstones belong to veterans of the Civil War. “This cemetery has been destroyed. It’s completely destroyed,” said Richard Cory, the Bruce Township Supervisor.

You could hear the disbelief in his voice as he walked the Goodrich Cemetery and looked at the majority of the headstones desecrated. “I said 'oh my God, this is unbelievable. ' But then I started looking around and it’s the whole cemetery,” said Cory. Two weeks ago about 40 headstones were knocked over and destroyed.

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10 September 2013

Newcastle, Washington, Historical Cemetery To Be Restored, Preserved

The Newcastle Historical Society has received a grant to care for one of King County's oldest cemeteries. Newcastle Cemetery is two acres of history tucked away in a mesh of housing developments and commercial zoning.

More than a hundred years ago, Newcastle was a thriving coal mining town. During the 1880s, miners and pioneer families were buried in a picturesque cemetery near Lake Boren that has since been plagued by fire and vandals.

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Traces Found From 24,000 Books Lost When Canadian Parliament in Montreal Burned Down

Archaeologists have uncovered a reminder of the heritage items lost by the destruction of Canada's pre-Confederation parliament in Montreal. The charred remains of seven books have been recovered from a dig at the Old Montreal site since last Friday.

They are hardly recognizable as books and appear, in colour and consistency, like a cross between charcoal and bitumen. About 24,000 books and documents—some of them dating back to the original colony of New France—were destroyed in an 1849 fire.

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9 September 2013

Urinating WWII Great Dane's Medal Sold

A medal awarded to a dog in World War II for extinguishing a bomb by urinating on it has been sold at auction for £1,100. The 1941 Blue Cross medal was found in a property clearance in Bristol along with a painting of Great Dane Juliana.

A plaque on it describes how the dog put out an incendiary bomb dropped by the Luftwaffe on her owner's home. "This was clearly a Great Dane with a great bladder," auctioneer Philip Taubenheim said. Mr Taubenheim, of Wotton Auction Rooms, in Wotton-under-Edge, Gloucestershire, said it was a "remarkable story".

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Canada Archives Missed Chance at Bargain Manuscripts

Canada’s cash-strapped national archives may have missed a chance to buy rare maps and manuscripts at bargain prices because years of austerity have severed its special connections with auction houses and private sellers. That’s the lesson being drawn by senior staff at Library and Archives Canada after the agency paid about three times the pre-sales estimate as winning bidder at a spring auction for the Sherbrooke collection.

The rich bounty of Canadian maps and manuscripts from the early 1800s cost the agency about $720,000, including taxes and shipping. Bonhams, the house that conducted the auction in London on June 19, had estimated the value somewhere between $160,000 and $230,000, plus a buyer’s premium.

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Are You Sure That You Don't Have Any Errors In Your Family Tree?

Are you sure that you don't have any errors in your family tree?

No individual whose date of marriage is later than date of death? No woman whose date of death is before the date of birth of their child?

GeneaNet offers Club Privilege members to automatically and instantly check their family tree for errors.

And you may be surprised!

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6 September 2013

Are You Related to Roger Waters?

George Roger Waters was born on September 6, 1943, the younger of two boys, to Mary (née Whyte; 1913-2009) and Eric Fletcher Waters (1913-1944), in Great Bookham, Surrey, England.

His father, the son of a coal miner and Labour Party activist, was a schoolteacher, a devout Christian and a Communist Party member. In the early years of the Second World War, his father was a conscientious objector who drove an ambulance during the Blitz. He later changed his stance on pacifism and joined the British Army, and as an officer of the 8th Royal Fusiliers died at Anzio in Italy, declared missing or presumed dead on 18 February 1944, when Roger was five months old.

Roger Waters' Family Tree

5 September 2013

Famous Faces of Syrian Ancestry

When there's a war going on overseas, such as the ongoing and potentially escalating civil conflict in Syria that threatens to draw in international forces, it's easy to feel disconnected from a place you've never been and a people you've never really known.

But the United States is a melting pot. Syria as a country may be foreign and far away, but there are some famous Americans of Syrian ancestry who would be familiar to anyone in this country.

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The British WWI Prisoner of War Who Returned To Captivity

A British officer captured during World War I was granted leave to visit his dying mother on one condition - that he return, a historian has discovered. And Capt Robert Campbell kept his promise to Kaiser Wilhelm II and returned from Kent to Germany, where he stayed until the war ended in 1918.

Historian Richard van Emden told the BBC that Capt Campbell would have felt a duty to honour his word. It also emerged that Capt Campbell tried to escape as soon as he returned.

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Detroit, Michigan: Death (Certificates) Took Holiday in Wake of Bankruptcy Filing

Detroit’s funeral directors received this unusual text message last month. “FYI, city of Detroit can’t process death certificates because they have no paper and don’t have money to buy any.”

The message, from a fellow funeral director, was mostly true: The city did stop issuing certified copies of birth and death certificates on July 23, days after the July 18 bankruptcy filing. That day, a nervous paper vendor demanded cash — and the city wanted to do business as usual, on credit.

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4 September 2013

Declassified Spy Photographs Reveal Lost Roman Frontier

Declassified spy photography has uncovered a lost Roman Eastern frontier, dating from the second century AD. Research by archaeologists at the Universities of Glasgow and Exeter has identified a long wall that ran 60 kilometers from the Danube to the Black Sea over what is modern Romania.

It is considered the most easterly example of a man-made frontier barrier system in the Roman Empire. Built in the mid-second century AD, 'Trajan's Rampart' as it is known locally, once stood 8.5m wide and over 3.5m high and included at least 32 forts and 31 smaller fortlets along its course.

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Library of Birmingham, England: Official Opening of £189m Building

The £189m Library of Birmingham, which houses a collection of one million books, has opened. The library has more than 200 public access computers, theatres, an exhibition gallery and music rooms.

It was officially opened by Malala Yousafzai, the teenager shot in the head in Pakistan by the Taliban for championing women's rights. She was treated at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham and now lives in the city.

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3 September 2013

Genealogy Software Updates of the Week

Brother's Keeper 6.6.10 (Full Featured - Windows - Purchase)

• Fixed: When on the Edit screen, the Notes font size was sometimes changing if you went to the Ancestor Chart and then returned to Edit.
• Changed: Gedcom. BK will import and export a blank Marriage and blank Engaged event. (Events with no date and no location.)
• Changed: On the Edit screen, if you add a new person, it will blink the cursor at the beginning of the first date field.

Families for Android 1.8.4 (Mobile - Purchase)

• Fix layout problem on some devices.

Families for Legacy Family Tree 1.8.2 (Mobile - Purchase)

• Fix crash/hang when selecting individual via location list.
• Support Legacy

Family Chronicle 4.9.26 (Mobile - Purchase)

• iPhone 5 optimization.
• Memory fix on larger issue downloads.
• Minor bug fixes and performance improvements.

Family Get-To-Gether 1.1 (Mobile - Purchase)

• Build family trees from scratch (new family tree can be created, new family members can be added, members can be removed).

Internet Genealogy Magazine 4.9.26 (Mobile - Purchase)

• iPhone 5 optimization.
• Memory fix on larger issue downloads.
• Minor bug fixes and performance improvements.

Legacy Family Tree (Full Featured - Windows - Purchase)

• Fixed a problem with an invalid Temple name (LDS Users only). Please run Check/Repair and then view your Master List for Temple Names. If you see any !Fix this Temple in your list you will need to click the Show List button and then the Create Search List button and verify each one to fix the Temple.

LiveHistory 1.1.2 (Mobile - Purchase)

• Increased support for GEDCOM variants.
• Improved import.

MacFamilyTree 7.0.8 (Full Featured - Mac - Purchase)

• Adding references to sources improved.
• Person merge fixed.
• Critical issue fixed that could prevent saving a database.
• FamilySearch integration stability issues fixed.
• Issue entering sources fixed.
• Czech and Finnish translation improved.

MobileFamilyTree 7.0.8 (Mobile - Purchase)

• Person merge fixed.
• Critical issue fixed that could prevent saving a database.
• FamilySearch integration stability issues fixed.
• Czech and Finnish translation improved.

My Family Tree (Full Featured - Windows - Freeware)

• New report builder, which allows you to create over 15 different types of report including a discrepancies report which checks your tree for potentially incorrect data and ancestral loops.

RootsMagic (Full Featured - Windows - Purchase)

• Fixed: Adding a spouse in the FamilySearch Share Data screen doesn't cause 400 Bad Request error anymore.
• Fixed: Compacting database after exiting FamilySearch Central doesn't generate SQL error anymore.
• Fixed: RootsMagic doesn't stop updating ordinance counts when it encounters a deleted person on FamilySearch anymore.

RootsMagic for iPhone and iPad 1.1 (Mobile - Freeware)

• Fixed several crashing bugs.
• Added version screen.

The Family Tree of Family for Android 1.8.8 (Mobile - Purchase)

• Update Import and Export GEDCOM.

The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding 9.2.2 (Web Publishing - Windows, Mac, Linux - Purchase)

• Ability to reuse deleted IDs.
• Small bug fixes.

Transcript 2.4.1 build 96 beta (Transcriptions & Indexes - Windows - Freeware)

• The English and Dutch helpfiles have been mostly updated.
• Bugfix: New filename based of first line of text doesn't check for double quote as illegal character. A double quote on the first line of text when the option use first line of text as default filename was set made it impossible to save a new file.
• Bugfix: certain uncommon types of jpeg files could cause an exception.
• Bugfix: the extra image viewer window didn't check whether an image still existed before trying to open it.
• Bugfix: Handle EReadError when loading images.

Lantern:Search, Visualize & Explore the Media History Digital Library

Lantern is the search platform for the collections of the Media History Digital Library, an open access initiative led by David Pierce and Eric Hoyt. The Media History Digital Library (MHDL) digitizes collections of classic media periodicals that belong in the public domain for full public access. The project is supported by owners of materials who loan them for scanning, and donors who contribute funds to cover the cost of scanning.


Bulgarian Historians Protest State Archives Reshuffle

Historians and researchers have protested the decision by the Bulgarian Cabinet to fire state archives agency director Martin Ivanov and the appointment of Ivan Komitski as replacement.

In a letter sent to Parliament Speaker Mihail Mikov and Prime Minister Plamen Oresharski, 56 academics said that the appointment of Komitski, a retired long-term Interior Ministry and State Agency for National Security (SANS) official, “raises a number of questions about the future policies” of an institution that was “the key figure in defining state policy towards preserving, managing and popularising the country’s archival heritage.”

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2 September 2013

Poignant Wills And Personal Letters of 230,000 First World War British Soldiers To Be Revealed In New Online Archive After They Lay Unseen For Almost A Century

The hand-written wills of 230,000 soldiers who fought for the British Empire have been placed on a new website where their descendants can view them for the first time. Many of the wills are accompanied by deeply personal letters penned by the doomed soldiers and intended for loved ones back home that were never posted.

In one such letter, written on August 10, 1914, Private Joseph Witchburn of 2nd Battalion The Durham Light Infantry tells his mother: 'I dare say this will be the last letter you will receive from me until the war is over, as I am prepared to move to the front at any moment.'

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Irish Roots: The Irish DNA Atlas – Mapping Our Genealogy

The way genetic genealogy is sold causes large misgivings. Take one simple fact. Going back 12 generations, between three and four centuries, each of us has several thousand ancestors, even allowing for all those cousin marriages we don’t like to think about.

Genealogical DNA testing can tell us about precisely two of them. Perhaps one shared the surname you bear, or is part of a clearly identifiable historic group. Big deal. Remember: two out of thousands.

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Are You Related to Keanu Reeves?

Reeves was born on September 2, 1964 in Beirut, Lebanon, the son of Patricia Bond (née Taylor), an English costume designer/performer, and Samuel Nowlin Reeves, Jr., a geologist and Hawaiian-born American of English, Irish, Portuguese, Hawaiian, and Chinese descent.

Reeves's mother was working in Beirut when she met his father. Reeves' father worked as an unskilled labourer and earned his GED while imprisoned in Hawaii for selling heroin at Hilo International Airport.

Keanu Reeves' Family Tree

U.S. National Archives Project Secures Iraq’s Jewish Past

A trove of waterlogged treasures from Baghdad’s Jewish past is being conserved at the National Archives for a return to Iraq next year. The material, found when U.S. troops invaded Iraq a decade ago, includes a 400-year-old Hebrew Bible and a 200-year-old Talmud from Vienna.

There is also a small, hand-inked 1902 Passover Haggada, a colorful 1930 prayer book in French and a beautifully printed collection of sermons by a rabbi made in Germany in 1692. The National Archives plans to open a major exhibit of some of the items on Oct. 11.

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Your GeneaNet Family Tree On Your iPhone and iPad!

We are proud to announce the launch of our new iOS app for iPhone and iPad!

Launch the app, then enter your GeneaNet username and password. Your family tree will be automatically imported and you can view it even if you're off line.

View your family tree wherever you go!

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