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30 November 2010

Brother's Keeper 6.4.15

Full Featured - Windows - Purchase

Brother's Keeper 6.4.15 has been released.


• (new) A new translation program is available for the translators.
• (fixed) Back starting with version 6.4.11 the program would ask if you wanted to create a new empty database when you picked File,
• (fixed) When making HTML files from the Ancestor chart, they looked OK with Internet Explorer, but sometimes did not look correct with Firefox or Chrome.
• (new) Option on the Register Book and the Ahnentafel book to not have the word 'children' print in italics.
• (fixed) On the Group sheet when including pictures, and doing a print or preview, if the location name or father or mother name was too long it would sometimes overlap the picture.
• (changed) On the Edit screen, on the Siblings tab, it will put + after the number if that sibling is married.
• (fixed) On the Register Book report, sometimes the child name would have 2 periods after Jr.

400-Year-Old Personalized Pipes Found at Jamestown

Bearing perhaps the earliest printing in English America, fragments of 400-year-old personalized pipes have been found at Virginia's Jamestown, the first permanent English settlement in the New World, archaeologists say.

Stamped with the names of Sir Walter Raleigh and other eminent men back in England, the pipes may have been intended to impress investors—underscoring Jamestown's fundamentally commercial nature.

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GedStar Pro for Android 1.4.0

PDAs and Handhelds - PDAs and Handhelds - Freeware

GedStar Pro for Android 1.4.0 has been released.


• Favorites feature allowing saving of selected individuals to easily select them for viewing. These favorites are maintained separately for each database, and are retained when copying a new version of the database to the device.

See also: 70+ Genealogy Apps for PDAs and Handhelds

Linux Genealogy Desktop CD 6.1

Full Featured - Linux - Freeware/Open Source

Linux Genealogy Desktop CD 6.1 has been released.

Includes the following pre-installed genealogy software: GRAMPS 3.2.5. As well as GraphViz the program that draws pretty charts and graphs in GRAMPS.

This Live CD is based on Ubuntu 10.10 (The Maverick Meerkat ) Desktop CD.

In addition to the Live Session, this disk also allows permanent installation of Linux and genealogical software on your computer's hard drive. This way you achieve adequate speed and the ability to save your data, and can do real work with your Linux software. Everything is similar to the Live Session, except that this is a permanent setup.

29 November 2010

Ghosts of Amsterdam

These images are the work of Jo Teeuwisse, a Historical Consultant in Amsterdam – and a master Retronaut. Over to Jo:

“Years ago I found some negatives in a fleamarket. I scanned them and put them online. I then found some of the spots in the photos and took pictures there. "

Ghosts of Amsterdam

The Ghosts of World War II's Past

Taking old World War II photos, Russian photographer Sergey Larenkov carefully photoshops them over more recent shots to make the past come alive. Not only do we get to experience places like Berlin, Prague, and Vienna in ways we could have never imagined, more importantly, we are able to appreciate our shared history in a whole new and unbelievably meaningful way.

The Ghosts of World War II's Past

'Lost' Cousin of WWII Hero Pilot Traced to South London

The cousin of a World War II RAF pilot has been traced to south London after an appeal to find his relatives. German authorities had hoped the family of Sgt Frederick Wall would attend a memorial at the site in Germany where the 29-year-old was shot down in 1945.

His cousin, Alice Perkins, who is 96 and lives in Sutton, was found after the service but said she was "touched" to hear he had been honoured. Seven members of Air Force Volunteer Reserve Unit 514 Squadron were killed.

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Mexico Launches 'Mexican Digital Library' Including Twenty Important Codices

With a selection of documentary treasures, from the Prehispanic, Colonial, Independent and Revolutionary periods, the Mexican Digital Library (BDMx) has been launched at

Promoted by the National Council for Culture and Arts (Conaculta), the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH), the National General Archives (AGN) and the Centro de Estudios de Historia de Mexico (CEHM-Carso), the web page of the library was presented on November 24th 2010, with a digital collection of nearly 20 historical documents safeguarded by these institutions, dated from 500 to 1949 of the Common Era.

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University of Michigan: 684,597 Open Access Bibliographic Records Available for Download and Use

These files contain bibliographic records that were originally created by University of Michigan Libraries. The current files were produced on November 17, 2010 and contain 684,597 records.

There are two files available. Both contain the same set of records, the first in MARC21 binary, the second in MARCXML. The files are gzipped.

Open Access Bibliographic Records Available for Download and Use

Not enough People Document their Lives, Archivist Says

Everyone has a story to tell and pass along. Someone out there will be interested, said Curt Hanson, an archivist who heads the Department of Special collections at UND’s Chester Fritz Library.

Hanson is a man on a mission. He wants to encourage as many people as possible to tell their stories. He is especially interested in the stories of 6,500 veterans in Grand Forks County.

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Early Records of the Natural History of the Malay World

The Institute of the Malay World & Civilisation (ATMA) at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (National University of Malaysia) is holding a conference on science and technology in the Malay world - what is now known as insular or maritime Southeast Asia.

One of my interests is in the history of natural history of Australia and Southeast Asia, and I am presenting a paper at the conference, titled "Early records of the natural history of the Malay world: resources in the British Library's India Office Records."

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Manchester's 'Lost Souls' Saved from 1851 Census

They were known as the 'Lost Souls' - thousands of people thought to have been lost forever from Manchester's 1851 census. Their names were left virtually unreadable when the Manchester census reports were flood damaged in storage.

Now the latest forensic techniques have been used to decipher another 50,000 of the most difficult to read entries. The work completes a task begun 20 years ago by the Manchester & Lancashire Family History Society.

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JFK Archives Going Digital

Historians are winding up a four year, $10 million effort to digitize the John F. Kennedy presidential archives. The project is called "Access to a Legacy" and will be posted online in January.

According to the Boston Globe, it marks the first time a presidential archive available in its entirety online. Among the documents include a handwritten version of Kennedy's inaugural address and notes and tapes made during the Cuban missile crisis.

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GeneaNet New Feature: History of your Favorite Searches

The GeneaNet Email Alert has been improved and it's now called 'Favorite Searches'.

You can always receive a weekly email aggregate of the latest entries that contain the surnames and places of your choice.

And you now can view the history of these latest entries!

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28 November 2010

Historvius: Mapping History

Historvius is a community-based historic destinations directory run by history enthusiasts who are passionate about the web.

The site grew from a desire to make historic sites more accessible to those planning a trip. We have designed Historvius to give a smooth and simple user experience that will allow people to find historic sites near their holiday resorts, or to assist them with planning a bespoke tour based around the particular period of history they love.


27 November 2010

Identifying Saxon Princess Eadgyth

When German archaeologists discovered bones in the tomb of Queen Eadgyth in Magdeburg Cathedral, they looked to Bristol to provide the crucial scientific evidence that the remains were indeed those of the English royal. Dr Alistair Pike in the Department of Archaeology and Anthropology tells Hannah Johnson how tiny samples of tooth enamel proved the identity of a Saxon queen.

Teeth provide remarkable evidence about the early years of an individual’s life. The region where a person grew up can be traced in the tooth enamel laid down in their first 14 years because strontium and oxygen isotope ratios in the teeth reflect the food a person ate and the water they drank.

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Battle of Towton in 1461 was Britain's First Proven Gunfight

It was the bloodiest battle ever fought on English soil and changed the course of history. But a remarkable archaeological discovery means the Battle of Towton on March 29, 1461, will go down in history for another significant reason.

Artefacts unearthed by a metal detector in a Yorkshire field have shown that some of the earliest handguns were fired on this day - making it the first proven gun battle in British history.

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Underground Tunnel Discovered by Archaeologists at Lincoln Castle, England

A previously unknown underground tunnel has been discovered at Lincoln Castle, England. Archaeologists uncovered the medieval structure during exploratory work at ground level prior to the installation of a lift that would take people on to the castle walls.

The tunnel, which is linked to a circular room or structure, was uncovered by Lincoln Cathedral archaeologist Dr Philip Dixon and is fast becoming the talk among archaeologists and history buffs. County archaeologist Beryl Lott described it as an exciting and unique discovery.

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The Georgia Humanities Council and Digital Library of Georgia Win Prestigious Schwartz Prize

The Georgia Humanities Council and the Digital Library of Georgia won the Helen and Martin Schwartz Prize for their partnership on the Civil Rights Digital Library (CRDL). This marks the second time the Georgia Humanities Council has won the Schwartz Prize. Their first prize recognized their success with the online New Georgia Encyclopedia.

The Federation of State Humanities Councils offers the Helen and Martin Schwartz Prize to recognize outstanding work in the public humanities that is supported or conducted by state humanities councils. The CRDL ( was selected for its unique contribution to the humanities and for its impact on the region and on the state of Georgia.

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26 November 2010

'For King and Country': A Project to Transcribe the War Memorials in Toronto Schools

Many Toronto schools display lists of students, former students, and teachers who volunteered for active service during World War I (1914–1918) and World War II (1939–1945). A much smaller number of memorials exist for other conflicts. Some lists name only those who died, but most include all who enlisted.

While other records exist to document the military service of these volunteers, school memorials connect these young men and women to community, and show us the impact of war on that community.

'For King and Country' Project

A soldier's letters to his mother

A young Kent soldier's moving letters to his mother revealing the horrors of the World War I trenches are being made public after 92 years. Private Fred Noakes who was from Tunbridge Wells wrote home every day, fearing each note would be his last.

Now his letters have been brought together in a book spelling out the nightmare of the Western Front in France.

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National Library of South Africa Signs with World Digital Library Project

Recently, South Africa’s National Librarian, John Tsebe signed a partnership agreement with the World Digital Library Project (WDLP), witnessed by Country Public Affairs Officer Karl Stoltz and Regional Information Resource Officer Steven Kerchoff.

The World Digital Library (WDL), a joint project of the Library of Congress and UNESCO, makes available on the Internet, free of charge and in multilingual format, significant primary materials from countries and cultures around the world.

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The National Archives (UK) Wins Education Award

The National Archives (UK) education service has been voted the Best Content Provider at the Schools Videoconference User Awards 2010. The awards, organised by the UK education and research network, were judged by a panel of schools-based videoconferencing experts from across the UK.

The judges reported that The National Archives 'showed an excellent variety of workshops covering all age groups and a true commitment to remote learning through the numbers of students who have been taught through your videoconferencing workshops'.

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Mystery WWII Marine is Identified in Photo

A mystery that was decades in the making ended with just one glance. The daughter of the World War II Marine took one look at her computer screen and recognized him. ''Oh, my God, that is my dad,'' said Becky Thursby Cardarella.

She knew right away that the man in the iconic black-and-white photo was her father, Marine Pfc. Gerald Paul Thursby Sr., crouching next to another Marine during the battle of Peleliu on Sept. 15, 1944.

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The Complete Genealogy Builder 2010 build 101126

Full Featured - Windows - Shareware

The Complete Genealogy Builder 2010 build 101126 has been released.


• Invalid event "descriptions" imported from GEDCOM files created by Legacy and RootsMagic are now shown in the Event form, in red. They may be edited but not created. They will be similarly exported for Legacy and RootsMagic as invalid descriptions. (These data should be expressed as the event "Type".)

Reunion for iPad 1.0.2

PDAs and Handhelds - PDAs and Handhelds - Purchase

Reunion for iPad 1.0.2 has been released.


• Fixed the Age list sort order.
• Fixed an iOS 4.2 problem with linking to pictures in the Photos library.

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Pocket Genealogist 4.03A01 Public Beta

PDAs and Handhelds - PDAs and Handhelds - Purchase

Pocket Genealogist 4.03A01 Public Beta has been released.


• Added "BMP" option back to Advanced Options to allow synchronizing BMP files (instead of JPG) for devices that don't support JPG. (Windows CE "Core" devices for example)
• Fixed bug (Desktop) when returning from "Tools" menu the action icons for the selected database aren't properly set.
• Fix to date calculator which could give an incorrect date when subtracting a Y M D value from a date.

See also: 70+ Genealogy Apps for PDAs and Handhelds

Pajek - Program for Large Network Analysis 2.02

GEDCOM Tools - Windows - Freeware

Pajek - Program for Large Network Analysis 2.02 has been released.


• Version of Pajek that uses up to 4G RAM (works on 64 bit Windows only). It is now possible to analyze much larger networks.

LTools 1.3.5

Other Tools - Windows - Freeware

LTools 1.3.5 has been released.


• Find Unattached Multimedia - changed case-sensitive compare of folder names to case-insensitive compare.
• Find Unattached Multimedia - fixed bug involving filenames containing apostrophes.

New Genealogy App: GeneaQuilts

GEDCOM Tools - Windows, Mac, Linux - Freeware/Open Source

GeneaQuilts is a new visualization technique for representing large genealogies of up to several thousand individuals. The visualization takes the form of a diagonally-filled matrix, where rows are individuals and columns are nuclear families. The GeneaQuilts system includes an overview, a timeline, search and filtering components, and a new interaction technique called Bring & Slide that allows fluid navigation in very large genealogies.

GedStar Pro 4.0.4

Other Tools - PDAs and Handhelds - Purchase

GedStar Pro 4.0.4 has been released.


• Fix crash when UTF-8 characters appeared in a GEDCOM date string.
• Change ID assigment algorithm for GEDCOM files exported by Disgen.

25 November 2010

Digital Technology lets Libraries Share their Fragile Treasures with the World

Recalling a medieval scribe laboring to preserve humankind's rarest writings, Edith Young gently places each fraying page of a 400-year-old Chinese manuscript on a special cradle before she lowers a glass plate to flatten it for a digital snapshot.

Young, a technician in Harvard University's digital imaging laboratory, will repeat the step close to 100 times to create a digital record of "Story of Red Plum Blossom," a Chinese drama written in the early 1600s that for the most part had been rarely seen except by a handful of museum curators and researchers.

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Religious Archives Survey Reveals Need to Protect Collections

The archives of major faith organisations in the UK have been surveyed for the first time to find out the extent and nature of the country's written religious heritage and how it is cared for. The results from the Religious Archives Survey reveal that a crucial part of the nation's heritage is at risk unless action is taken now.

The findings reveal richly diverse records that range from medieval times to the late twentieth century. However, there are challenges facing many faith organisations' collections.

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24 November 2010

The National Archives (UK) Calls for Volunteers on Twitter

Throughout 2010, The National Archives (UK) has been bringing the historic events of 1940 to life, tweeting them 70 years to the minute that they occurred via Now, we are asking for volunteers from our thousands of online followers to take over the project next year.

Each tweet links through to an original document which is available online, allowing people to seek out more detail from the government papers. So far this year, we have tweeted developments from Chamberlain's government, Churchill's dramatic rise to power, the loss of France and the 'miracle' of Dunkirk, the Battle of Britain and the London Blitz.

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23 November 2010

National Library of Wales Set to 'Lose £1m' after Draft Budget

The National Library of Wales claims it is set to lose £1m over the next three years and jobs under the Welsh Assembly Government's draft budget. The library, based in Aberystwyth, receives most of its running costs directly from Cardiff Bay.

It said its purchasing grant, which has been used to buy manuscripts by Dylan Thomas and a self-portrait by Sir Kyffin Williams, would be halved. The assembly government said it valued the national library's work.

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22 November 2010

Genealogica Grafica 1.17

Web Publishing - Windows - Freeware

Genealogica Grafica 1.17 has been released.


• Manually force a birth place location on the map.

GedStar Pro 4.0.3

Other Tools - PDAs and Handhelds - Purchase

GedStar Pro 4.0.3 has been released.


• Fix crash when UTF-8 characters appeared in a GEDCOM date string.
• Change ID assigment algorithm for GEDCOM files exported by Disgen.

FamilyInsight 2010.11.20.0

Other Tools - Windows, Mac - Purchase

FamilyInsight 2010.11.20.0 has been released.


• Added ability to delete events, individuals and relationship from New FamilySearch if you were the contributor. Also delete events, and relationships from your own file.
• Fixed some crashes problem with adding update license in auto update
• Fixed a problem with source catagories in Ancestral Quest files.
• Fixed a problem with modification time.
• Fixed changing all instances of a place in full sync when that option chosen.

AddressingHistory: a New Searchable Historical Database

AddressingHistory, a new website launching today, is asking history enthusiasts to explore their ancestors and local historical connections by finding and placing historical Scottish Post Office Directory listings on the map.

Funded by JISC, the AddressingHistory website combines the listings from the Directories, historical forerunners of Yellow Pages, with maps from the same years. The site, which is free to use, allows users to search for historical people, places and professions and presents results both on a map and as an editable listing that links to the full digitised Directory page.

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The British Library Adds 12 Million Records to WorldCat

worldcat2.pngThe British Library has added 12 million bibliographic records to WorldCat, the world's largest online resource for finding library materials.

OCLC staff worked closely with British Library staff to add the records over a four-month project. As a result of the cooperative effort, OCLC and the British Library have enhanced the process to add these valuable records to WorldCat for the benefit of researchers worldwide.

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Google, Hachette Ink Accord on Book Scanning

Google has signed an accord with France's biggest book publisher Hachette Livre on the scanning and sale of out-of-print books, which grants the publisher wide control over pricing and content.

The deal, announced on Wednesday, covers some 50,000 French language titles, including literature, academic works and reference books, and is unlikely to generate huge revenue for Hachette parent company Lagardere.

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GeneaNet: Another New Search Results List Option

In the search results list, a blue star icon means that the listed individual is a direct line ancestor of the Online Family Tree owner.

GeneaNet Club Privilege members can click this new icon to directly go to the appropriate page in the Online Family Tree.

Other GeneaNet members will be redirect to the user Contact Page where they can access the Online Family Tree.

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21 November 2010

Secret Chamber in National Library of India

National Library has always been reputed to haunted. Now, here is a really eerie secret. A mysterious room has been discovered in the 250-year-old building a room that no one knew about and no one can enter because it seems to have no opening of kind, not even trapdoors.

The chamber has lain untouched for over two centuries. Wonder what secrets it holds. The archaeologists who discovered it have no clue either, their theories range from a torture chamber, or a sealed tomb for an unfortunate soul or the most favoured of all a treasure room. Some say they wouldn't be surprised if both skeletons and jewels tumble out of the secret room.

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20 November 2010

Wisconsin: Civil War Docs Found in Treasurer's Office among Unclaimed Items to be Saved

The deadline to claim safety deposit boxes from the state treasurer's office is quickly approaching. On December 1, the jewels and family heirlooms inside will go on the auction block. However, some documents dating back to the end of the Civil War will stay put.

The discharge papers for Captain Ira W. Cory were found deep inside the treasurer's vault. "Instead of shredding something like that or keeping it locked away," said Deputy Treasurer Scott Malyerk. "We are trying to find the heirs to that safety deposit box."

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19 November 2010

Old Soldier Buys Battered Bugle from Market Stall... and Finds it Was Used by his Grandfather in Battle of the Somme

The grime of nine decades had tarnished its golden gleam. But something drew Maurice Green’s eye to the battered old bugle on the bric-a-brac market stall. When he looked closer, he noticed the first three digits engraved on it matched his grandfather’s Army service number.

And when he held it in his hands, something told him that it was meant to be his. Back home, he cleaned away the dirt to find the very bugle his grandfather had played during the battle of the Somme in 1916 – the battle he never came home from.

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MacFamilyTree 6.0.10

Full Featured - Mac - Purchase

MacFamilyTree 6.0.10 has been released.


• Vastly improved Fan Chart rendering and performance.
• Many fixes in the Family Tree editor.
• Performance and stability improvements when importing GEDCOM files.
• Fixes for calculating Kekule numbers.
• Complete Dutch Manual added.
• Localization updates.
• Smaller other bugfixes.

MyGen 1.1

PDAs and Handhelds - PDAs and Handhelds - Purchase

MyGen 1.1 has been released.


• Fixed some bugs, improved performance.

See also: 70+ Genealogy Apps for PDAs and Handhelds

New App: Irish Heraldry for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

PDAs and Handhelds - PDAs and Handhelds - Purchase

Irish Heraldry 1.0 has been released.


• To view over 1200 Irish Family Coat of Arms.
• An easy to navigate alphabetical surname menu.
• Beautifully represented hand drawn images for more feel and authenticity.
• Full color family crests with Irish font.
• Crests are shown printed on beautiful aged paper.
• Image can be saved to phone as screen background

See also: 70+ Genealogy Apps for PDAs and Handhelds

iScrapbook 3.0.9

Family Pictures - Mac - Purchase

iScrapbook 3.0.9 has been released.


• Fixed problem renaming pages in an album.

GENP 4 Beta test

Full Featured - Windows - Purchase

GENP 4 Beta test has been released.


• The major new Tree Chart facility enables you to produce presentation quality charts the equal of other genealogy programs. For example, include siblings on your chart and include relationship highlights. However the charting facility does much more as it supports our unique Grouping ability, Lists and linking between databases. A chart can be formed from more than one physically separate database. We also include a great number of graphical objects - only available with this product.
• The Slideshow Wizard enables you to build a slideshow of images. This slideshow is standalone and can be sent to other people to run on their machines. The standalone does not require those people to have GENP. The format of the slideshow is a Classic view which is each slide transitioning to another. There is much more to the slideshow facility too!

GedStar Pro for Android 1.3.0

PDAs and Handhelds - PDAs and Handhelds - Freeware

GedStar Pro for Android 1.3.0 has been released.


• Tree View showing pedigree to 3 generations (grandparents).
• Significant performance improvement when going back and forth between people and when switching views. Uses caching techniques to reduce database queries.
• Tabbed-look interface for ease of switching among the 3 main views.
• Removed Search button from toolbar to make room for more tabs. Search is still available from the menu.
• Fixed crash caused when SD card cannot be accessed. (Note that this is usually a result of not disconnecting the device from your computer before running the Android app)

See also: 70+ Genealogy Apps for PDAs and Handhelds

18 November 2010

Harry Potter's Grave Draws Tourists to Israeli Town

Not the bespectacled teenage wizard created by author J.K. Rowling. This deceased Potter was a British soldier killed in 1939, and his grave is helping draw tourists to the backwater Israeli town of Ramle.

Ramle does not keep numbers on how many tourists flock to the grave in the town's British military cemetery, but tour guides and the municipality say the tombstone has become a popular attraction, largely for domestic travelers.

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GRAMPS 3.2.5

Full Featured - Linux - Freeware/Open Source

GRAMPS 3.2.5 has been released.


• Fix Gramps so it again runs with Python 2.5.
• Write all notes and sources to gedcom files.
• Cli fixes.
• GeneWeb and LegacyGedcom fixes.
• NarrativeWeb fixes.
• Memory leak fixes.
• Various other small fixes.
• Many translation updates.

The Britons who Died for the Stars and Stripes: How Thousands of Volunteers Gave their Lives in America's Civil War

At the height of the battle, sparks from artillery shells lit the underbrush, transforming the scrubby wilderness into a roaring furnace. Men from both sides of the war were lost, confused and trapped together in a living hell as the scrub pine in the woods flared up with a sickening roar.

Soldiers could see their comrades waving ­frantically at them from inside the inferno. The carnage was so horrific that sworn enemies joined forces to rescue the doomed men. Two implacable foes fought together to try to save a trapped youth. ‘The fire was all around him,’ recalled one.

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WWII Prison Camp Archives Discovered in Guernsey

A previously unseen archive featuring the testimonies of Guernsey people who were deported to German prison camps during World War II has been uncovered. The file of about 200 pages had been in a wardrobe since the 1960s before being given to a Cambridge University team.

They were in Guernsey researching the story of the 2,000 people deported from the Channel Islands in 1942-43. Dr Gilly Carr said it was "the single most important resistance archive ever to emerge from the Channel Islands".

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Viet Nam: Rare Documents Archivist Honoured

Historical researcher Phan Thuan An has received a commemorative insignia for his archiving career presented by the State Records and Archives Department of Viet Nam.

"National Archives Centre 1 has carried out the arrangement and stored all the rare documents provided by Phan Thuan An," said department's director, Vu Thi Minh Huong. An has provided two original records and 86 copies of records of the reign of King Bao Dai (1926-1945), some of which detail the past sovereignty of the national sea and islands.

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17 November 2010

First Americans 'Reached Europe Five Centuries Before Columbus Voyages'

Scientists tracing the genetic origins of an Icelandic family believe the first American arrived in Europe around the 10th century, a full five hundred years before Columbus set off on his first voyage of discovery in 1492.

Norse sagas suggest the Vikings discovered the Americas centuries before Columbus and the latest data seems to support the hypothesis that they may have brought American Indians back with them to northern Europe.

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Prince William's Fiancee has Famous US Relatives

The fiancee of Britain's Prince William has some family ties to famous Americans, including the first U.S. president.

The New England Historic Genealogical Society in Boston said Tuesday that Kate Middleton is an eighth cousin eight times removed to George Washington. Their common ancestor, Sir William Gascoigne, died in 1487.

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Association of Professional Genealogists Announces Election Results

The Association of Professional Genealogists (APG®) announced today the results of its 2010 election of new board members and committee members. In a general election voted upon by APG members, 10 board members were elected for two-year terms, 2011 –2012. Two nominating committee members were chosen for the 2011 term.

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Relics from Richard II's Tomb Found in National Portrait Gallery

Fragments of wood, leather and fabric from the coffin of the medieval English king, who died in 1400, were found in a cigarette box, along with sketches of the king’s skull and bones. The relics were discovered by an archivist cataloguing the papers of the gallery’s first director, Sir George Scharf, who died in 1895.

They were found among the hundreds of diaries and notebooks left behind by Sir George in unopened boxes, and were identified by cross-referencing the date on the cigarette box with diary entries and sketches made on the same day - August 31, 1871.

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16 November 2010

Retracing President Lincoln’s 12-Day Journey to Washington

In February of 1861, after winning the 1860 presidential election, Abraham Lincoln left his hometown of Springfield, Illinois, on a 12-day journey to Washington, where he made many stops and gave several speeches. One hundred and forty nine years later, the National Archives, the Library of Congress, and the Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum have been working together to retrace that 12-day, 19th century journey, by shortening the 21st century journey of the digital copies of these records back to Illinois and across the globe.

In preparation for the exhibit several years ago, the Lincoln Library, located in Springfield, Illinois, has been involved in a major digitizating project called The Papers of Abraham Lincoln: Documentary Editing Project.

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Family Records 160 Years of History in Cookbook

Renea Anderson flips through her family cookbook, looking for just the right page. Ah, there it is: the divinity candy recipe.

Sitting in a conference room at her workplace on the campus of Augustana College in Rock Island, the Seaton, Ill., woman clearly isn't ready to head into the kitchen. "I just wanted to show you this," she says, pointing to the recipe - a photocopy of the original. "That's my grandma's handwriting."

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DNA 11 Ancestry Portraits Unlock the Secrets of Genetic Lineage

DNA 11, the company that brought DNA Art to the masses, is going back in history for its latest art from life masterpiece – the DNA Ancestry Portrait. Premiering on Thursday at the opening of the WIRED Store in New York, DNA Ancestry Portraits combine the science of genealogy with the technology of the mobile and social web to create a new form of augmented art.

World-renowned designer and futurist, Karim Rashid, whom TIME Magazine declared the "Most Famous Industrial Designer in All the Americas", was the first to encode his maternal ancestry in a DNA 11 Ancestry Portrait.

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New Publication Helps you Trace your Irish Roots

Genealogist Brian Mitchell, based at the Genealogy Centre in Co. Derry, has recently published a work entitled Genealogy at a Glance: Irish Genealogy Research. The research aid, the inaugural publication in a new "how-to" series, is intended to help those interested in tracing their Irish roots.

In only four pages, which have been laminated for heavy use, the work gives basic instruction on how to begin your research, focusing on key record sources and materials for further reference. It finishes with a summation of record repositories and online sources.

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Modern Humans Mature More Slowly Than Neanderthals Did, Analysis of Teeth Suggests

A sophisticated new examination of teeth from 11 Neanderthal and early human fossils shows that modern humans are slower than our ancestors to reach full maturity. The finding suggests that our characteristically slow development and long childhood are recent and unique to our own species, and may have given early humans an evolutionary advantage over Neanderthals.

The research, led by scientists at Harvard University, the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology (MPI-EVA), and the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF), is detailed in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

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When Genetics and Genealogies Tell Different Stories - Maternal Lineages in Gaspesia

Data from uniparentally inherited genetic systems were used to trace evolution of human populations. Reconstruction of the past primarily relies on variation in present-day populations, limiting historical inference to lineages that are found among living subjects.

Our analysis of four population groups in the Gaspé Peninsula, demonstrates how this may occasionally lead to erroneous interpretations. Mitochondrial DNA analysis of Gaspesians revealed an important admixture with Native Americans.

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Nominate a Genealogy Blog for the 2011 Family Tree 40

40bestblogs2011_nominate.gifFamily Tree Magazine has announced that it will be naming the Family Tree Magazine 40 Best Genealogy Blogs.

All genealogists are asked to nominate their favorite genealogy blogs through Tuesday, Nov. 30. You can nominate your favorite genealogy blogs using Family Tree Magazine's nomination form.

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15 November 2010

Scientists Exhume Body of Famed 16th Century Astronomer Tycho Brahe to Finally Solve Murder Mystery

An international team of scientists was opening the tomb of a famous 16th-century Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe in an effort to shed light on his sudden and mysterious death. Brahe, born in 1546, had been in Prague at the invitation of the Holy Roman Emperor Rudolph II after leaving his scientific observatory on the island of Hven after a falling-out with the Danish king.

Brahe is believed to have been taking medicine that contained some mercury as a pain-reliever in the last few weeks of his life.

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Science and Art Bring Young Carthaginian 'Back to Life'

Clad in a white linen tunic, sandals in the ancient Carthaginian style and a pendant and beads like those found with his remains, 2,500-year-old "Ariche" has virtually come back to life on the sacred hill of Byrsa where he was born.

The outcome of scientific cooperation between France and Tunisia, the young man has been remodelled and returned to his native soil in historical Carthage, a city state that lasted from 814 B.C. to 146 B.C. He will be given a place of honour in the museum of modern-day Carthage, north of Tunis.

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Civil War Graves Found in Washington, D.C., Park

A Washington, D.C., park popular with residents of the Adams Morgan neighborhood has soccer fields, a basketball court, a toddler playground, fenced dog run and plenty of green grass and park benches. What many local residents didn’t know was that the seven-acre Walter Pierce community park, near the intersection of Columbia and Adams Mill Rds. NW, was built atop an African American cemetery that included the graves of Civil War soldiers and sailors.

While repairing a park wall about five years ago, workmen discovered bone and coffin fragments. At the insistence of local residents, city officials stopped the work and an archaeological team from nearby Howard University was brought in to investigate.

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Genealogica Grafica 1.16.3

Web Publishing - Windows - Freeware

Genealogica Grafica 1.16.3 has been released.


• The site has been moved to a new domain. Versions prior to V1.16.3 will seek updates on the old domain. You need This version to stay atuned with the update service.

Maine Archive Puts Civil War-Era Letters Online

The Maine State Archive had posted 160 letters and other documents that give personal glimpses of how the hostilities affected peoples' lives. It includes images of original letters, transcriptions to help readers understand the script, graphics and narratives to give the letters context.

The website showcases some of what state archivist David Cheever calls the most comprehensive collection of Civil War material in any state. The archive has 180,000 letters from the Civil War period, more than 14,500 pages of muster rolls and over 2,000 soldier photographs.

Maine State Archive, Civil War Sesquicentennial letters:

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GeneaNet: View and Analyze Traffic on your Public Online Family Tree (GeneWeb)

GeneaNet Club Privilege members can now see and analyze the traffic data on their Public Online Family Tree (GeneWeb).

The statistics can be displayed by day, week, month and year.

The table shows the number of visits and unique visitors, the average time on website and the bounce rate (percentage of visitors who left the website after one page), by websites, direct entry and search engines.

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14 November 2010


Full Featured - Mac - Purchase

GEDitCOM II 1.6 has been released.


• Tree charts were upgraded to be more powerful and have more customization:
- The boxes that display each individual now dynamically adjust in height to accomodate the text for each person. This change fixes the previous overflow of long text that did not fit in a box with the specified width. It also provides more compact trees because those with little information can optionally display in smaller boxes.
- Trees have some new preferences to set line styles and colors for the lines around boxes and between boxes and a new preference to select to preferred height for portraits in boxes.

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Indiana: Millions of State Government Documents Now Accessible Online

Among the millions of government documents deposited in the Indiana State Archives are Civil War-era telegrams from President Abraham Lincoln to his stalwart ally, Indiana Gov. Oliver Morton.

Until recently, the telegrams were sitting in cardboard boxes in a state government warehouse designated a decade ago as the “temporary home” for nearly two centuries worth of state records. Now they’re being scanned into the state's digital archives to eventually join a growing collection of historic government records that can be accessed online at

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SNCF Apologises for Role in WWII Jewish Deportations

France's state rail company has for the first time publicly expressed regret for its role in transporting Jews to Nazi death camps in World War II. Until now, SNCF has said its workers were forced to assist in deportations by the occupying German army.

The change of language is clearly linked to the lucrative market for high-speed rail contracts in the US. The company has been criticised in the US for failing to apologise for its involvement.

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London Woman's Family Link to WWII Hero Investigated

Investigations have begun after a woman came forward in response to an appeal to track down the relatives of a World War II RAF pilot. The woman thinks she is the great niece of Flight Sergeant Frederick Albert Wall who was shot down in Salzbergen, north-west Germany, on 6 March 1945.

German authorities had wanted his relatives to attend the unveiling of a memorial at the crash site on Saturday. Sergeant Wall was buried at Germany's Reichswald Forest War Cemetery.

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13 November 2010

France Loans Back Antique Manuscripts to South Korea

France agreed to loan back to South Korea a collection of antique manuscripts stolen in the 19th century, in a deal struck by their presidents at the G20 summit in Seoul, officials said Friday.

The royal archives of the Joseon dynasty, covering a period from the 15th to the 19th centuries, were seized in 1866 by a French admiral in retaliation for the Korean court's alleged persecution of Catholics.

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12 November 2010

Family Tree Maker 2011 SP1

Full Featured - Windows - Purchase

Family Tree Maker 2011 SP1 has been released.


• General performance improvements throughout the program.
• Performance improvements to Web merge.
• Re-enabled right-click functionality in Web Search.
• Resolved issue where user is unable to modify reference notes in Sources workspace.
• Decreased the number of full refreshes of the Person index during data manipulation.
• Resolved memory usage and performance problems with larger images in Smart Stories.

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cvbFT 4.01

Full Featured - Windows - Freeware

cvbFT 4.01 has been released.


• Modified and tested for use with Excel 2007 running on Windows 7.
• A general tidy up of much of the VBA code.
• Fixes for a number of annoying features.

Second Site 3.3

Web Publishing - Windows - Purchase

Second Site 3.3 has been released.


• Added a Flag Filter to the Descendant and Pedigree charts.
• Added the Name Format Options in the Sources Section to control the format of name elements in source templates.
• Added the CSS box-shadow property to multiple subsections in the Stylesheets.System section; see the W3C definition for more information.
• Changed the layout of person images in the Indented Format; when there are multiple embedded person images, images flow to the right of a previous image unless there is not enough available width for the image.
• Adjusted upload process status messages.
• Fixed a bug where Second Site included a space before conditional source variables in places where TMG did not include a space.
• Fixed a bug where the HTML code included an extra alt= parameter on the IMG element on linked exhibit pages.
• Fixed a bug where using "mailto:" in the HRef for a Link User Item created an incorrect link.
• Fixed a bug in the Family History Hosting > Publish command where nested folders in the Output (-o) folder would cause an upload failure.

Families for Legacy Family Tree 1.1.1

PDAs and Handhelds - PDAs and Handhelds - Purchase

Families for Legacy Family Tree 1.1.1 has been released.


• Support search by surname, given name.
• Fix problems matching upper/lowercase Unicode characters.
• Fix problem with date with no year not being displayed.
• Improve image handling performance and memory usage.

See also: 65+ Genealogy Apps for PDAs and Handhelds


Charts and Diagrams - Windows - Purchase

FamilyTreeFactory has been released.


• Fixed bug: Under very rare conditions, errors could occur in Ancestor Trees including siblings: The connection line at the primary person could be missing and/or siblings order was not chronological. The connection line could be shown after moving the box of the primary person manually. These bugs has been fixed.
• At the import of Gedcom files now backslashes are not removed any more, but replaced by normal slashes. The backslashes have a special function program-internally and therefore can not be imported. The substitution by normal slashes keeps for example the information in file paths.
• If with a not licensed program a treeview is printed, a warning appears now regarding the output of the word DEMO. With that expensive misprints can be avoided.
• JPEG image files with the extension *.jpeg are accepted now just the same way as files with the extension *.jpg.
• The Free Geo Objects are offering Closed Curves now, too. Closed curves are Beziér curves which form a closed shape. The included area can be filled with color.
• Free Geo Objects are defined by points. Till now, the number of points was not restricted, however, now being limited because of technical reasons regarding the new Closed Curves. The new limit is 1000 points. Free Geo Objects with more than 1000 points are not output; a message points to it.
• Numerous small improvements and corrections.

Brother's Keeper 6.4.14

Full Featured - Windows - Purchase

Brother's Keeper 6.4.14 has been released.


• Fixed a bug on the Edit screen. The previous version would cause an error in the program if you had a person with a birth date and you added a new death event with no date, and then changed the birth date.

11 November 2010

French Flying Aces 'Beat Charles Lindbergh's Record'

A French researcher has unearthed evidence suggesting two French pilots beat America's Charles Lindbergh in his historic 1927 flight across the Atlantic only to vanish, perhaps shot down by Al Capone's bootleg mafia.

Charles Nungesser, known as French First World War aviation's "ace of aces" and François Coli, his navigator, were hailed as heroes when they took off from Paris on May 8, 1927, in the hope of reaching New York. The prize for the first non-stop transatlantic flight was a place in the history books and a $25,000 (£15,600) cheque.

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E-Tomb: Tweet and Like Me Even When I’m Dead!

"I guess the E-Tomb makes complete sense for people like me who spend endless hours tweeting, Facebook-ing and blogging. It’s the kinda tombstone with Bluetooth and solar panels and stores your logs; friends and family can come over and access your virtual life from it and keep each other updated with anecdotes about you by uploading their stories to the tombstone. Sounds a bit spooky right now, but since RFID Tags for this are already popular, the next best thing has to be updates from the gave, and the world beyond!"

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10 November 2010

Rescued Pre-WWII 'Degenerate Art' on Display in the Neues Museum in Berlin

Ten sculptures that were thought to have been destroyed or lost in Germany after World War II have been found in Berlin and will soon be displayed in a museum there. The sculptures were discovered by workers constructing a new subway line on the site of an office building that burned down in 1944, Neues Museum director Matthias Wemhoff told the Associated Press.

The Neues Museum will display the long-lost art works, which were part of a collection of some 15,000 works of art that Hitler's regime had condemned. The works were criticized by the Nazis for their "deviant" sexual elements as well as their anti- nationalistic themes.

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Inside History Magazine

Inside History is for people passionate about Australian and New Zealand history and heritage, whether it’s their family’s ancestry, or in a broader social context. Published bi-monthly and beautifully designed, Inside History provides insightful and practical features to its readers.

Its 80 pages are packed with advice, articles and expert tips on genealogy, and stories on Australia and New Zealand's varied history, from tales about century-old houses and country towns, to heritage gardens and biographies of our famous (and infamous) citizens. The launch issue of Inside History is on sale from November 8, 2010.

Inside History Magazine

Family Tree PHP 1.0.1e

Web Publishing - Windows, Mac, Linux - Purchase

Family Tree PHP 1.0.1e has been released.


• The last comment box was broken.
• Sorting of families and children was not always right.
• When editing texts, the ‘Same as …’ option could not be set.
• If the type description of a custom event is not set, ‘Custom event’ will be shown now.
• Some minor bugs.

12th November: #followanarchive Day on Twitter

To get more intention for archives on Twitter there will be a Twitter action #followanarchive on 2010 November 12.

This Twitter action is an initiative of Charlotte Jensen of the National Museum in Copenhagen, Bente Jensen of the City Archive of Aalborg (both in Denmark) and Poulus Bliek & Anneke van Waarden-Koets of the Zealand Archive in Middelburg (the Netherlands). The Twitter action in an international event, so every archive in the world can take part. The name of the Twitter action is: Follow an archive! The hashtag (#) for the Twitter action is: #followanarchive.

America's Last WWI Veteran Calls on Nation to Complete Remembrance

Frank W. Buckles, America's last surviving World War I veteran and honorary chairman of the National World War I Memorial Foundation, will issue a Veterans Day statement through his daughter, Susannah Buckles Flanagan, at 9:30 a.m. today at Cantigny Park in Wheaton.

"I've had a long time to reflect on what it means to 'remember well.' Being nearly 110 years old and the last of the 5 million Americans who served in World War I gives me some insight on how our nation should mark this great conflict and the generation that fought and died in it," said Buckles from his home in Charles Town, W.Va.

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DNA Reveals Origins of First European Farmers

A team of international researchers led by ancient DNA experts from the University of Adelaide has resolved the longstanding issue of the origins of the people who introduced farming to Europe some 8000 years ago.

A detailed genetic study of one of the first farming communities in Europe, from central Germany, reveals marked similarities with populations living in the Ancient Near East (modern-day Turkey, Iraq and other countries) rather than those from Europe.

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Build A BetterGEDCOM

A group of genealogists and programmers have established a workspace called Build A BetterGEDCOM for developing better data exchange standards to facilitate sharing between researchers using a variety of technology platforms, genealogy products and services.

The BetterGEDCOM wiki site is open to all, and is located at

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9 November 2010

The Complete Genealogy Reporter 2010 build 101106

Family Books - Windows - Shareware

The Complete Genealogy Reporter 2010 build 101106 has been released.


• Reporting of French Republican dates now correctly expresses the year in Roman numerals.
• Fixed occasional errors in the Julian/Gregorian conversion of dates between 1 B.C. and 1 A.D.

The Complete Genealogy Builder 2010 build 101106

Full Featured - Windows - Shareware

The Complete Genealogy Builder 2010 build 101106 has been released.


• The date entry form now performs automatic date conversion when a date is visible and the calendar type is changed.

Pajek - Program for Large Network Analysis 2.01

GEDCOM Tools - Windows - Freeware

Pajek - Program for Large Network Analysis 2.01 has been released.


• Change in Repeat Last Command - it is now possible to execute it without writing any intermediate reports to Report window.

MagiKey Family Tree 2.3.9

Full Featured - Windows - Purchase

MagiKey Family Tree 2.3.9 has been released.


• Added support for GEDCOM files created by AGES!
• Handles illegal GEDCOM more gracefully, and attempts to fix problems.
• Added Danish census extraction forms.
• Preserves main submitter. Fixed.
• Fixed several potential crashing bugs.

Genealogica Grafica 1.16.1

Web Publishing - Windows - Freeware

Genealogica Grafica 1.16.1 has been released.


• Extensive report on how to handle duplicate entries in GEDCOM.

Everyday Genealogy 1.1

PDAs and Handhelds - PDAs and Handhelds - Purchase

Everyday Genealogy 1.1 has been released.


• Updated to work with iPod Touch 3.x.

See also: 65+ Genealogy Apps for PDAs and Handhelds

A Ceremony for Jews Who Fought for Germany

German soldiers, including one wearing a skullcap with his uniform, filed silently through a leaf-covered cemetery in Frankfurt on Sunday to lay wreaths at a memorial for 467 Jewish soldiers killed fighting for the kaiser during World War I.

The memorial, the first public service at the site for as long as anyone can remember, was organized by the Association of Jewish Soldiers, a small but growing group in the German military whose existence testifies to the feeling by at least some Jews that it is possible for them to be patriots again in the nation that once tried to wipe them out.

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England: Luftwaffe Photograph Reveals Garden Secrets

A World War II reconnaissance photograph taken by the Luftwaffe has revealed what might have been the original Tudor design for a National Trust garden in Northamptonshire.

The photograph of Lyveden New Bield, part of a series now held at the United States National Archive at Maryland in Baltimore, was taken in 1944 and shows an arrangement of 10 huge concentric circles within the garden, measuring approximately 120 metres across.

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European Union Project Aims to Establish Network of Holocaust Archives

The European Holocaust Research Infrastructure Project will be inaugurated next Tuesday at a ceremony in Brussels. Israel will be represented by Education Minister Gideon Sa'ar and the chairman of the Yad Vashem Directorate, Avner Shalev.

In the project are 20 archives and research institutes from 13 countries in Europe and Israel. This includes Yad Vashem, which houses the most important archive containing more than 130 million documents. The European Commission has funded the project to the tune of 7 million euros.

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Wales: Powys Parish Registers Go Online

Local parish records dating back to the 16th Century are to be published online as part of a Wales-wide project. And visitors to Powys Archive at Llandrindod Wells will be able to access the data free-of-charge.

Entries include executions of people for horse and sheep stealing and the death of a Llanfihangel Cwm Du man who sat on a toad. The free facility for people living in Powys can also be accessed at Brecon and Newtown libraries.

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Japan to Return Over 1,000 Looted Texts to Korea

Japan has agreed to return 1,205 volumes of priceless Korean texts including a collection of Chosun Dynasty royal protocols seized during its occupation of the peninsula between 1910 and 1945. Foreign Minister Kim Sung-hwan and his Japanese counterpart Seiji Maehara agreed to the deal in a phone conversation Monday evening, the Foreign Ministry said on Monday.

But archives containing the official seal of the Chosun dynasty court library and royal texts recording lectures by former kings will not be returned due to ongoing disputes over when and how they were spirited to Japan.

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GedStar Pro 4.0.2

Other Tools - PDAs and Handhelds - Purchase

GedStar Pro 4.0.2 has been released.


• Supports changes for multiple photos and Research Log (see above).
• Converts Western European characters in Legacy, Master Genealogist, and GEDCOM files that are in ANSI format. GEDCOM files in UTF-8 format are already Android-compatible for all languages.
• Fix problem where Master Genealogist internal images were not being converted.
• Changes to fix or isolate occasional problems where the Android database file is not properly populated and the user sees a "No individuals found" message in the Android app.

See also: 65+ Genealogy Apps for PDAs and Handhelds

8 November 2010

GeneaNet: Some New Search Options

Some new options have been added to the search results list:

- Online Family Trees: you can display the results by surname to a list by individuals
- Archives & Indexes: you can restrain the results list by Collaborative Indexes, Genealogical Society Indexes, Online Registers, Online Records, etc.
- Library: you can restrain the results list by Contemporary Books and Public Domain Books.

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7 November 2010

Nazi War Criminal Michael Seifert Dies in Italy

Michael Seifert, a former Nazi SS prison guard known as 'the beast of Bolzano' for his cruelty, has died in an Italian hospital aged 86. He was serving a life sentence in prison in southern Italy, and died in hospital in Caserta where he was admitted several days ago.

Seifert was convicted in absentia in 2000 by an Italian military tribunal of 11 murders at a prison camp in Bolzano. He was extradited to Italy from Canada in 2008.

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Mormons Agree to Stop Baptizing Jewish Holocaust Victims

Since 1840, members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have been encouraged to perform baptisms in temples for their deceased relatives.

However, the Mormon baptism of hundreds of thousands of Jewish Holocaust victims created a 15-year controversy for the Salt Lake City-based church. On Sept. 1, the church made an agreement with Jewish leaders, acknowledging that the practice had "unintentionally caused pain," with an LDS pledge to American Jewish leaders to stop the practice.

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6 November 2010

Rare Photos from Dayton, Ohio, Past Available Online

The 12,000 previously unseen photographs from the NCR Archive that Dayton History will unveil Monday on its website are an “international treasure,” said Brady Kress, the organization’s president and chief executive.

The photographs date from 1885 to the mid-1960s, and range in subject from the 1913 Dayton flood to baseball legend Babe Ruth at an NCR Corp. sales office in Tokyo.

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2,000-Year-Old 'House of the Gladiators' Collapses in Pompeii

The 2,000-year-old 'House of the Gladiators' in the ruins of ancient Pompeii collapsed on Saturday, local officials said. They confirmed that the stone house, on the main street of the world-famous archaeological site and measuring several hundred square metres, collapsed just after dawn while the site was closed.

Custodians discovered the collapse when they opened the site. The structure was believed to be where gladiators gathered and trained and used as a club house before going to battle in a nearby amphitheatre in the city that was destroyed by an eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD.

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MacFamilyTree 6.0.9

Full Featured - Mac - Purchase

MacFamilyTree 6.0.9 has been released.


• Married name is now shown in all lists.
• Fixed a bug which prevented notes from showing correctly in charts.
• Several bugfixes when printing charts.
• Bugfix saving a fan chart.
• Launch time improved.

5 November 2010

DNA Fingerprinting Traces Global Path of Plague

Researchers from Ireland, China, France, Germany and the United States, including Northern Arizona University's Paul Keim and David Wagner, have turned back the clock to examine the past 10,000 years of global plague disease events. Their findings regarding the plague pathogen, Yersinia pestis, will be published in an upcoming issue of the journal, Nature Genetics.

Tracing its evolution, the plague spread over various historical trade routes as early as the 15th century. Chinese admiral and explorer Zheng He's travels may have taken the plague to central Africa. The Silk Road, which led from China to Western Asia and on to Europe as described by Marco Polo, also may have served as an avenue for disease. The latest plague pandemic of the late 1800s still persists today in wild rodents throughout the western United States.

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World's Oldest Person, Eugenie Blanchard, Dead at 114 Years Old

Eugenie Blanchard lived a really, really long life. The 114-year-old nun—believed to be the world's oldest person — died on Thursday in the French West Indies. Blanchard died in a hospital on Saint-Barthelemy, a French overseas territory where she was also born.

Now, an East Texan is the oldest person in the world. Eunice G. Sanborn, 114, of Jacksonville, was born on July 20, 1896, five months after Blanchard.

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Personal Ancestry Writer II 96

Full Featured - Mac - Freeware

Personal Ancestry Writer II 96 has been released.


• Validity checking for the Census window is now performed only when the Insert button is clicked.
• Micropublication of census records was discontinued starting with the 1940 census and replaced with scanned images. So entry of microfilm and roll numbers will be invalid for those censuses. Dwelling number does not appear in those censuses and will be invalid for those censuses. Household number in those censuses will be accepted in the Family field.
• The extension .paw is now permitted for PAWriter data files. If the extension is used, the backup file will end in -bkp.paw (not .paw-bkp).
• A preference item "Format RTF reports one-sided" was added to format RTF reports for one-sided page printing. By default, RTF reports will be formatted to print left and right pages for two-sided printing.
• An error has been corrected which caused PAWriter to freeze (actually, to loop indefinitely) when the width of the picture in pixels exceeded the width of the screen (minus some pixels for borders).
• The advent of Snow Leopard required changes to window open routines in order to properly draw the windows' background color.
• File menu > Write HTML > Descendants of This Person now asks for the number of generations to be included.
• A link to the PAWriter forum was added to the Help menu.

Holocaust-Era Mass Grave Found in Romania

A Holocaust-era mass grave containing the bodies of an estimated 100 Jews killed by Romanian troops has been discovered in a forest, researchers said Friday, offering further evidence of the country's involvement in wartime crimes.

The find in a forest near the town of Popricani, about 350 kilometers (220 kilometers) northeast of Bucharest, contains the bodies of men, women and children who were shot in 1941, the Elie Wiesel National Institute for the Study of the Holocaust in Romania said in a statement.

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The Complete Genealogy Reporter 2010 build 101104

Family Books - Windows - Shareware

The Complete Genealogy Reporter 2010 build 101104 has been released.


• Fixed: Narration of marriage to a relative was not being reported for the subject individual.
• Fixed: Errors in the conversion of some Hebrew dates to Gregorian dates.

4 November 2010

The Complete Genealogy Reporter 2010 build 101103

Family Books - Windows - Shareware

The Complete Genealogy Reporter 2010 build 101103 has been released.


• Fixed: Errors in formation of Dutch nephew/niece relationships (oom instead of tante and vide-versa).

3 November 2010

Photographs Offer 3D View of World War I

Photographs taken by pioneering pilots during the World War I are showing a different side of life on the Western Front. Members of the Royal Flying Corps, which later became the RAF, took hundreds of thousands of pictures which were used to help plan the war effort.

Some of them have been transformed using 3D technology to offer a glimpse of the war as it was seen from the skies and will feature in a BBC1 documentary The World War I From Above.

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National Archives of New Zealand Fears Top Secret Documents to be Released

As per fears expressed by the National Archives of Australia in Canberra some top secret documents have a chance of being released inadvertently to the public under the pretext of alterations to freedom of information (FOI) laws.

Under these alterations several documents which also include some from the cabinet will be released publicly after duration of 20 years in place of the present 30 years. Ross Gibbs, the director-general of Archives said that the relaxation of the rules of FOI is going to be good news for the public.

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DNA Shows Remains are Romania Ex-Dictator Ceausescu

DNA tests confirmed Romanian communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu was buried in a grave in Bucharest, forensic experts said on Wednesday, lifting doubt over the ruler's burial place.

Ceausescu ruled Romania from 1965 until he and his wife Elena were captured and shot by firing squad on Christmas Day in 1989 after fleeing mass protests in Bucharest, marking the fall of communism in the southeast European country.

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2 November 2010

Rev Shakespeare Hopes he's Inherited his Famous Ancestor's Way With Words

William Shakespeare's wise words have seen him regarded as one of the most influential writers of all time. And now one of his descendants is hoping he has inherited his famous ancestor's ability to connect with the man in the street.

The Reverend James Shakespeare, whose family are believed to be the closest living relations to the Bard, is training to become a street pastor in Leicestershire. He says his family is descended from John Shakespeare, first cousin of the playwright.

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1 November 2010

British Legion's Nazi Trip Revealed in Archive Photos

A delegation from the British Legion met Adolf Hitler in July 1935, recently uncovered photographs show. The 148 images were in a swastika-embossed album found by an employee.

They show British veterans of World War I being saluted by Germans, and delegation leader Maj Francis Fetherston-Godley shaking hands with Hitler's deputy Rudolph Hess. A concentration camp visit was not photographed, but details were included in the Legion's archive.

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GeneaNet: Upload and Share Indexes

GeneaNet offers to upload and share your indexes: parish registers, vital records, censuses, passengers lists, military records, etc.

Your data will be indexed in the GeneaNet database so anyone can view it in the search results list.

You can delete an index at any time.

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