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30 September 2010

Early English Laws Publishes Online Bibliography

Early English Laws (EEL), a collaboration between the Institute of Historical Research and King's College London, is pleased to announce the publication of its online bibliography.

The bibliography is compiled and continuously updated to include items relating to any aspect of English legal history in the period between c. 600 and 1215. It is also searchable by category, author and date of publication. To access the bibliography, simply follow the link:

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Discover 19th Century Life on the High Seas

The National Archives (UK) has opened up and made accessible over 1,000 Royal Navy Medical Officers' Journals (ADM 101 series), as part of an extensive cataloguing project supported by the Wellcome Trust.

The journals include a variety of colourful tales of 18th and 19th century ship life from drunken rum-related incidents (ADM 101/86/1 / ADM 101/125/3), venereal disease (ADM 101/103/2), scurvy, shark bites, tarantulas to lightning strikes (ADM 101/85/4), gun fights, mutiny, arrests and court martial (ADM 101/38/2), not to mention ship wrecks (ADM 101/77/9) and even murder.

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29 September 2010

First World War Officially Ends

The First World War will officially end on Sunday, 92 years after the guns fell silent, when Germany pays off the last chunk of reparations imposed on it by the Allies.

The final payment of £59.5 million, writes off the crippling debt that was the price for one world war and laid the foundations for another.

Germany was forced to pay the reparations at the Treaty of Versailles in 1919 as compensation to the war-ravaged nations of Belgium and France and to pay the Allies some of the costs of waging what was then the bloodiest conflict in history, leaving nearly ten million soldiers dead.

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After 62 Years, Holocaust Survivor Reunites with Lost Friend Xhose Passport Led her to America

When Cherie Rosenstein penned her essay about being a 5-year-old orphan fleeing war-torn Europe for a new life in America, she probably couldn't have imagined that the story would reunite her with the woman whose passport secured her entry into the United States 62 years ago. But that's exactly what happened.

In 2007, Rosenstein, whose parents both perished in a Nazi concentration camp, wrote about her childhood experiences for the Dayton Jewish Observer. Her name as a child was Maria Helena Chuchnowicz, and in April 1947, she was living in an orphanage in Paris. As Rosenstein put it,

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New Australian Footage of Neil Armstrong's Moon Walk

Long-lost footage of Neil Armstrong descending the ladder of the Apollo 11 lunar module will be screened in public for the first time in Sydney next week, a prominent astronomer told AFP.

The footage runs for a few minutes and is considered to be some of the best footage of the historic 1969 moonwalk, but the film was lost in archives for many years and was badly damaged when found, said John Sarkissian.

It depicts the first few minutes of Armstrong's descent which was recorded in Australia as NASA was still scrambling for a signal, showing a far clearer image than was initially screened worldwide.

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The Filipino American History Month in Long Beach, California

Ala-ala: Remembrances - An exhibit of WWII photos, found by an artist among discarded items in the street, will be featured at the Long Beach Public Library and Information Center starting October 12, 2010. These historical pictures were taken by the United States Army Signal Corps during the liberation of the Philippines.

visit the website at

28 September 2010

The Complete Genealogy Reporter 2010 build 100927

Family Books - Windows - Shareware

The Complete Genealogy Reporter 2010 build 100927 has been released.


• Fixed: A translation error in the German language file for the Introduction Section.
• Fixed: A page size calculation error in the ancestry charts preparation for Word output which could result in indefinite looping.

The Complete Genealogy Builder 2010 build 100927

Full Featured - Windows - Shareware

The Complete Genealogy Builder 2010 build 100927 has been released.


• New: Hovering the mousepointer over the Pending list now displays a tooltip of the full text of the Pending Reminder Note.
• Fixed: Previously added custom event/attribute names not being included in the list of the Event/Attribute Edit form.

Reunion for iPad 1.0.1

PDAs and Handhelds - PDAs and Handhelds - Purchase

Reunion for iPad 1.0.1 has been released.


• Added ability to create slideshows for groups of people.
• Added more options for slideshows.
• Added support for external displays.
• Fixed a problem with displaying and rotating very large tree views.
• Fixed a few miscellaneous bugs.

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Pocket Genealogist 4.01

PDAs and Handhelds - PDAs and Handhelds - Purchase

Pocket Genealogist 4.01 has been released.


• Added "History" buttons to 3-gen Icon Bar since menu no longer has those buttons. (Applicable to all but Pocket PC 2003 which still has the old style menu)
• Added ability to select 'default' sort/display on Individual view if Individual view is the default view at program start. (See "View" tab under "Configuration")
• Support for Windows CE 5 and 6 devices. (Netbook style for example) You may find that images won't display (thumbnails or otherwise) and that the 'external viewer' must be used to view. (Tap on 'JPEG' Icon to invoke external viewer)
• Menu changes so that CE 5 and 6 "Core" devices (Netbook style) have the "Toggle 3-gen Icon Bar" option and "Manual Sync" option.
• On repository list, double tapping item in list will invoke 'edit'.
• All thumbnails in program now allow tapping image to display full screen.
• Added thumbnail display for source/citation tabs.
• On GEDCOM import, cause of death can now be contained across multiple lines in the GEDCOM file. (up to 255 characters)
• and Family Tree Maker 2011 GEDCOM profiles added.
• The changes report now shows the type of individual or family note. (mostly used with Legacy Family Tree imports)
• Danish Update
• Miscellaneous bug fixes and minor enhancements

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MacFamilyTree 6.0.5

Full Featured - Mac - Purchase

MacFamilyTree 6.0.5 has been released.


• MyHeritage added to web research function.
• Several crash bugs fixed.
• Improved Performance.
• MobileFamilyTree sync fixes.
• Localization updates.

Ghent University Library Becomes First to Contribute Books Scanned by Google to Europeana

Ghent University Library today became the first in Europe to contribute public domain works scanned by Google to Europeana, Europe’s culture heritage. Readers using Europeana can now enjoy more than 30 million newly-added pages of historical, scientific, anthropological and literary works, from over 100,000 volumes, spanning four centuries, in French, Dutch, German and other languages.

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Families for Legacy Family Tree 1.1.0

PDAs and Handhelds - PDAs and Handhelds - Purchase

Families for Legacy Family Tree 1.1.0 has been released.


• Added Descendant View.
• Added support for display and editing of Privacy fields.
• Fixed problem adding second husband.
• Fixed problem searching for names with accents.
• Sort index ignoring accents.
• Increased tap target area for selecting alternative spouses and parents in Family View.

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27 September 2010

Descendants of 1st Black US Doctor Mark NYC Grave

White descendants of the nation's first professionally trained African-American doctor gathered in a cemetery on Sunday to dedicate a tombstone at the unmarked grave where he was buried in 1865.

Smith, born in New York City in 1813, wanted to be a doctor but was denied entry to medical schools in the United States. He earned a degree from the University of Glasgow in Scotland, then returned to New York to practice. Besides being a doctor, he was celebrated in his lifetime as a writer and an anti-slavery leader.

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British Library Digitises Greek Manuscripts

The British Library has digitised over a quarter of its Greek manuscripts (284 volumes) for the first time and made them freely available online at thanks to a generous grant from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation.

The website provides researchers with access to high quality digital images of a major part of the British Library’s Greek manuscripts collection, supported by enhanced metadata which enables users to search using key words.

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Family Tree PHP 1.0.1b

Web Publishing - Windows, Mac, Linux - Purchase

Family Tree PHP 1.0.1b beta has been released.


• Event values could not be updated.
• Begin, end and living values for a person did not update when a birth, christening, death, burial or cremation event was added or edited.
• Uploading a zipped gedcom file via ajax did not return an error when the gedcom was not valid or when the file could not be unzipped.
• Custom pages could not be deleted via ajax.
• The form validator for the add citation form did not recognize the source title field.
• Pages in the pages box were sorted as in the pages list.
• ‘&’ characters in file names gave problems when searching via ajax for multimedia records to link.
• There was a problem with the multimedia, notes and comments RSS feeds, when the living flags for these records were not yet set.
• Some minor bugs.

GeneaNet Online Family Tree: New Advanced Options

Some new advanced options have been added to the Expert Online Family Tree (GeneWeb):

- Maintenance (reinitialize parameters)
- Calculate Relationship (consanguinity rate)
- Batch Image Upload
- Delete Online Family Tree

These options are not available to Basic Online Family Tree users.

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26 September 2010

Genota Forms

Other Tools - Windows - Purchase

Genota Forms has been released.


• Installer updated to accommodate Windows 7.
• Application unique databae lock file implemented to avoid access conflicts when used at the same time as genota.

Some of President Obama's White Ancestors Owned Slaves

President Obama acknowledged his mother's slave-owning ancestors in a March 4, 2007 speech at George C. Wallace Community College in Selma, Alabama.

John Overall (1735-1821) and his wife, the former Frances Whitledge (1732-1816) moved from Virginia to Bullitt Co., Kentucky, where both died. They were first cousins. Frances was the daughter of William and Frances (Overall) Whitledge of Prince William Co., Virginia. William, the father of Frances Whitledge, willed her slaves Ben and Nell. Frances pre-deceased husband John Overall.

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Old Burial Book, Tools Stolen from Zillah, Washington, Cemetery

Zillah, Washington, police are investigating the theft of an old burial book and other items from the maintenance office at the city cemetery.

Public Works Director Tim Tilley says duplicate cemetery records of most burials are kept at City Hall, but the old cemetery book dating to the 1920s was one of a kind. He says it held information about how people died and was useful tool for families researching genealogy.

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25 September 2010

Bentley Historical Library Celebrates 75 Years as Archive of State, University of Michigan

Francis X. Blouin, director of the Bentley Historical Library, his colleagues, the university and the Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra will celebrate the Bentley’s 75th anniversary with a “Made in Michigan” concert at Hill Auditorium on Sunday. Fitting the "Made in Michigan" theme of the Bentley's 75th anniversary, the Ann Arbor-based artists will perform pieces written by Michigan composers. Even U-M President Mary Sue Coleman will be in the house.

“I was here for the 50th anniversary, when the theme was ‘Documenting Michigan,’ featuring the manuscripts of Michigan-based authors,” Blouin explained. “For the 75th, we wanted something that would highlight the music of Michigan, much of which is in our archives," including the papers of composers like William Albright, William Bolcom and Joan Morris.

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Digitising the Archives: the Wellcome Library Approach

Like most research libraries and archives repositories, the Wellcome Library is currently planning to digitise quantities of its unique holdings and provide remote access to the digitised content over the Web. Among the many challenges that such plans present, perhaps the most fundamental is the decision what to digitise, or where to start - with almost limitless potential in the holdings but limited resources what do we prioritise?

Some institutions have chosen to select their most popular collections, others those for which they can obtain commercial funding (which are often the same of course). The Wellcome Library has opted for a thematic approach: we aim to digitise a substantial proportion of our holdings by looking at various broad subject areas and creating integrated online resources to support research and discovery in those fields.

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24 September 2010

Photo Album Story Teller

Now your album can share not only just photos, but your personal story behind each one!

When you add the Story Teller Voice Recorder to your photo-collecting efforts, you enhance your photo albums with immediately accessible, digital storytelling that will last for generations to come. It’s really easy: You simply attach a coded sticker near the photo, scan it with the Story Teller and then record your message. To play back the message associated with the photo, just place the Story Teller back over the sticker. Play back the story that’s associated with that particular photo, any time you wish.

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Missing WWII Soldiers Identified by DNA Testing

The Rockford Register Star reports that 24-year old Robert R Bishop, a second lieutenant in the 392nd Bombardment Group of the USAF, was last seen in April 29, 1944. During a mission in Hanover, Germany, Bishop's plane went down and for most of the past century his body remained undiscovered.

However, in 2003, a group of excavators in Europe uncovered the wreckage of his B-24 bomber and returned his body to the US military. Following seven years of processing, DNA tests conducted on the body were matched with samples provided by Mr Bishop's family on July 29th, 2009.

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Pocket Genealogist 4.01A05 Public Beta

PDAs and Handhelds - PDAs and Handhelds - Purchase

Pocket Genealogist 4.01A05 Public Beta has been released.


• Added "History" buttons to 3-gen Icon Bar since menu no longer has those buttons. (Applicable to all but Pocket PC 2003 which still has the old style menu).
• Added ability to select 'default' sort/display on Individual view if Individual view is the default view at program start. (See "View" tab under "Configuration").
• Menu changes so that CE 5 and 6 "Core" devices (Netbook style) have the "Toggle 3-gen Icon Bar" option.

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Brother's Keeper 6.4.11

Full Featured - Windows - Purchase

Brother's Keeper 6.4.11 has been released.


• (fixed) On GEDCOM export, if you picked the option to not export all events, it was still exporting 'Cause of death' event. That has been fixed.
• (changed) If the user picks File, Open database, it will warn if no database exists and ask if you want to create a new empty database.
• (fixed) On the Todo report it only showed the first date if there was a date range.
• (changed) On the Group sheet do not say 'details excluded' for children if there is no birth date (if it guessed the child was living because parents were alive, but there is no birth date for the child.)
• (new) On the Book report, Group, Descendant, and Ancestor chart, new option to have it leave off the words 'details excluded'. In other words, it will still exclude data for living people, but just leave it blank and not print the words 'details excluded'.

Century Worth of News Archives Burned in Fire

Kellogg, Idaho, USA. Crews from the Kellogg Fire Department, who are stationed directly across the street from the newspaper, saw flames coming from the back of the building. Firefighters kept the fire from spreading and saved the building though it suffered extensive damage.

The fire was extinguished quickly but not before it destroyed 70 to 80 years of daily news archives kept inside the building. Drewry says that some of the archive is backed up on microfilm and he's not sure how much was lost.

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23 September 2010

GeneoTree 3.32

Web Publishing - Windows, Mac, Linux - Freeware/Open Source

GeneoTree 3.32 has been released.


• This release can protect all GeneoTree pages with a password.

WWII tombstones discovered in Nebraska have ties to Knoxville veterans

The discovery of three World War II headstones in an abandoned Nebraska house has provided a mystery for the Knoxville Police Department.

According to KETV-TV, on Tuesday police were called to an abandoned house in Omaha after several complaints of trespassers. Inside the garage, authorities discovered 13 tombstones. Three of them are believe to have a Knoxville connection.

One family has already been located. Relatives of Howard H. Biggs, who according to the tombstone was born December 23, 1913 and died on February 9, 1994, said the tombstone was never delivered. Biggs served in the US Army.

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Ancestral Sources 1.1.0

Transcriptions & Indexes - Windows - Freeware

Ancestral Sources 1.1.0 has been released.


• There is now an entirely new facility to allow images to be added to existing census sources if using method 1 or citation/fact if using method 2.
• There are now options available to add whole person citations or name citations to all individuals referenced in the entry or to just new individuals created. Thanks to Peter Richmond, PatrickT and Bill Henshaw for suggesting this.
• It is now possible to change the name of any individual within Ancestral Sources. If the name citation option is selected then the name change will also get a citation when the source being created is saved. This was requested by a number of users.
• The new individuals added during the session (or name changes, etc.) can now be reviewed and the changes deleted/rolled-back. This was originally suggested by Peter Richmond.
• Image viewer form now has a 'keep on top' option.

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22 September 2010

iScrapbook 3.0.5

Family Pictures - Mac - Purchase

iScrapbook 3.0.5 has been released.


• Improved speed of opening new pages by optimizing the way background images are saved internally.
• Fixed saving problem with the “/” character in page names.
• Fixed problem that occurred when opening new document with Layers inspector already open.
• Fixed a problem that occurred under Leopard when an exceptionally large project was loaded.
• Fixed a problem that could potentially cause random crashes.

HuMo-gen 4.5

Web Publishing - Windows - Freeware

HuMo-gen 4.5 has been released.


• Added video support and new skins.
• Improved statistics.

National Archives Announces DocsTeach, a New Online Tool for Teachers

Just in time for the start of a new school year, the National Archives announces the launch of, a new online tool for teaching with documents.

“ is a significant and welcome addition to our popular education programs,” said Archivist of the United States David S. Ferriero. “It will engage teachers and students in new ways and stir their interest in history through the use of original documents in the National Archives. It is also consistent with our goals to make as much of our holdings available to the public as easily as possible.”

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British Library Considers its Future as Digital Material Takes Over

The British Library has one of the digital world's biggest challenges ahead: as technology evolves at breakneck speed, how does it collect, manage and analyse the huge amount of digital content produced by publishers, and how does it keep that information for generations to come?

With its storage requirements quickly approaching petabytes and the output of print material continuing to increase, the library is also starting to consider its role as a research resource of the future. It is not just a case of keeping all this content safe - it has to be easy for researchers to search and analyse.

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From Bond to Bizarre: MI6 Unveils Secrets in New Book

A spy lands on a beach near a casino and strips off his wetsuit to reveal a smart tuxedo. Intelligence agents experiment with using bodily fluid as invisible ink to write secret letters.

Sound like extracts from a James Bond novel? In fact they're real-life examples of spycraft revealed for the first time in a new authorised history of Britain's foreign intelligence service MI6 from 1909 to 1949.

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Marriott Library Digitizes, Restores Utah Constitution

Thanks to the Marriott Library and its staff, students have full access to Utah's original 1895 constitution, and it is on the library's website for all to view.

Now that the book is preserved and digitized, people across the world are just a few clicks away from cover-to-cover access to the Utah Constitution.

Prior to the addition, "(people) would have to drive down to the State Archives&-at the old Rio Grande&-and request to see the original document," said Heidi Brett, public relations specialist for the Marriott Library. "It's still nice to see the original document, but now people can see it online."

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21 September 2010

England: Over 2000 Years Of Leicestershire History To Feature In National Television Series

Over 2000 years of Leicestershire history to feature in national television series. Three Leicestershire villages will feature in a new national BBC television series that will focus on over 2000 years of history discovered by local people.

Over the past 14 months, the villages of Kibworth Harcourt, Kibworth Beauchamp and Smeeton Westerby have all been the subject of a new BBC television series ‘The Story of England’. Presented by Michael Woods, the programme will tell the story of one community through the whole of English history. The six part series begins on Wednesday 22nd September on BBC Four at 9pm. (Please visit: for more information and to see when it will be repeated).

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Files Reveal Bravery Of WWII Spy

More details are coming to light on the tragic life of World War II heroine Eileen Nearne, MBE.

Ms Nearne lived a hermit's life in her Torquay flat and the secrets of her work as a spy only emerged after she died of a heart attack, aged 89, on 2 September 2010.

Ms Nearne was parachuted into France in 1944 where she worked undercover for the Special Operations Executive (SOE). Her remarkable story is told in files at the National Archives in London.

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20 September 2010

Simple Family Tree 1.32

Full Featured - Windows - Freeware

Simple Family Tree 1.32 has been released.


• Fixes bug in Remove Photo routine.

PathWiz! 9 to be Released Oct 2010

Other Tools - Windows - Purchase

Upgraded PathWiz! Multi language Version 9 in English, German, Dutch and Norwegian is planned to be released Oct 2010.

Family Tree PHP 1.0.1a beta

Web Publishing - Windows, Mac, Linux - Purchase

Family Tree PHP 1.0.1a beta has been released.


• GEDCOM upload via Ajax failed.
• Family search did not work, if a user only searched on the husband’s name or the wife’s name (not both) and the privacy filter was used.

U.S. Vet Returns French War Flag To Paris

On the day Paris was liberated from the Nazis in 1944, a young American soldier nabbed a souvenir of epic proportions: He took home the French flag that hung from the Arc de Triomphe, a symbol of the end of four years of struggle and shame.

Six and a half decades later, the aging veteran has given the flag back to the city of Paris.

Officials from Paris City Hall took possession of the 12-meter (13-yard) tricolor flag Saturday in a ceremony in southern France, a step in its unusual journey from New York state back home to Paris. The American veteran remains anonymous, too ashamed to come forward.

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Coming Soon: New GeneaNet Online Family Tree Software

A new GeneaNet Online Family Tree software will be launched on October 18, 2010.

This software will come with full screen mode, auto-completion feature for places, slideshow of family pictures, attached digitized documents, and much more.

It will replace the Basic Family Tree, and the Expert Family Tree (GeneWeb) will still be available.

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19 September 2010

President Obama Descends from 14 Revolutionary War Soldiers

President Barack Obama has 14 American ancestors who served in the Revolutionary War. They qualify him and his daughters for lineage society membership.

The further back you go, the more ancestors you have in common with others. Hundreds of thousands of Americans share at least one of President Obama’s 14 ancestors who served in the Revolutionary War. This genealogy means Obama can join Sons of the American Revolution (SAR) and female descendants can join the Daughters of the American Revolution.

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17 September 2010

Research Logger 1.2.1

PDAs and Handhelds - PDAs and Handhelds - Purchase

Research Logger 1.2.1 has been released.


• Fixed bug that would let you delete log entries.
• Fixed a couple of memory leaks.

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Pocket Genealogist 4.01A04 Public Beta

PDAs and Handhelds - PDAs and Handhelds - Purchase

Pocket Genealogist 4.01A04 Public Beta has been released.


• Support for Windows CE 5 and 6 devices. (Netbook style for example) You may find that images won't display (thumbnails or otherwise) and that the 'external viewer' must be used to view. (Tap on 'JPEG' Icon to invoke external viewer).
• Allow 'Manual Sync' for all devices.

See also: 65+ Genealogy Apps for PDAs and Handhelds

University of South Carolina Acquires Rare Medieval Bible

Just months after it opened its Ernest F. Hollings Special Collections Library, the University of South Carolina has acquired a rare medieval Bible, the first complete Bible of its kind in South Carolina.

Small enough for monks and friars to tote around, the new Bible is rare because it was written in Oxford, England, around 1240 and is in pristine condition. It was purchased for $77,000 with support from New York’s B. H. Breslauer Foundation and joins other valuable medieval holdings in the library’s Irvin Department of Rare Books and Special Collections.

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The Complete Genealogy Reporter 2010 build 100916

Family Books - Windows - Shareware

The Complete Genealogy Reporter 2010 build 100916 has been released.


• New: Contents sections are now page numbered in lower case roman numerals when there is more than one page.
• Improved: Speed of report production using the "Multilingual, Mixed Fonts" PDF Engine option.
• Fixed: The "Indirectly Related" sections are now correctly ordered according relationship distance from the subject.
• Fixed: Possible "Unexpected Program Error" when creating reports containing Associates section(s).

The Complete Genealogy Builder 2010 build 100916

Full Featured - Windows - Shareware

The Complete Genealogy Builder 2010 build 100916 has been released.


• Improved: Exports for Legacy no longer include "Y" in an events tag because Legacy erroneously imports this as an event description.
• Fixed: Uneven indentation formatting in Branch Analysis report.
• Fixed: "Unexpected Program Error" when performing a Branch Analysis containing Associates.

MacFamilyTree 6.0.4

Full Featured - Mac - Purchase

MacFamilyTree 6.0.4 has been released.


• Assigning labels to families or media fixed.
• Media loading performance improved.
• Database migration fixes.
• Other bugfixes.

16 September 2010

Three 'Found In Wrong Graves' In Arlington National Cemetery

Arlington National Cemetery has recently discovered three people buried in the wrong graves, the US Army said.

After a report on the probe issued in June found that the problems could potentially affect thousands of graves, defence officials received about 1,100 calls from worried families.

One of those calls, from the widow of an army staff sergeant, led to the exhumation of three graves late last month. The three remains in those graves, all former members of the armed forces, were found to be in the wrong place, said army spokesman Gary Tallman.

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15 September 2010

Medieval Book Looted During War To Go Back To Italy

A 12th century manuscript will be returned to Italy from the British Library thanks to a new law governing artwork looted during the Nazi era.

The Beneventan Missal, which is thought to have been stolen from Benevento's Metropolitan Chapter during the Allied bombing of Italy in 1943, will be given back to the city of Benevento, culture minister Ed Vaizey said today.

The manuscript is the first item to be returned under the Holocaust (Return of Cultural Objects) Act 2009, which was passed to get around law preventing some museums and galleries in Britain from letting works leave their collections. The legislation makes an exception in the case of looted works.

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National Archive of Armenia To Release Karabakh 1832 Census

The National Archive of Armenia has scheduled the release of Karabakh 1832 census for the year 2011.

As the director of the National Archive of Armenia Amatuni Virabyan told a news conference, the edition to be published has been the first ever census, listing all Gregorian Armenians and Muslims residing on the territory of Karabakh.

“In 1920s, the archives were redistributed, with parts of documents transferred to Yerevan, Nakhijevan and Baku. It’s a miracle the document was preserved in the National Archive of Armenia,” Virabyan said.

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Family Tree PHP 1.0.1 beta

Web Publishing - Windows, Mac, Linux - Purchase

Family Tree PHP 1.0.1 beta has been released.


• Some changes in the database structure to speed up the search functions.
• Russian language package added.

Bug fixes::

• The ‘Today in history’ page did not show any results when there were no events 25, 50, 75, 100, etc years ago.
• The Gedcom export module was broken.
• Admin could not delete or edit comments of other user’s.
• New multimedia items could not directy be linked.
• Several minor bugs.

War Heroine Found Dead In Devon To Have Council Funeral

A wartime heroine who was captured three times by the Germans and endured spells in concentration and labour camps is to be buried by a council because no friends or family can be traced.

Eileen Nearne, 89, who died in her Devon home on 2 September, was one of 39 female agents sent to occupied France in her capacity as a member of the Special Operations Executive (SOE) during World War II.

Miss Nearne, who was fluent in French, was captured by the Germans just four months after arriving in France, but managed to persuade them she was an innocent French woman.

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World War II Escape and Evasion Reports Are Now Available Online

The United States National Archives announces that 2,952 reports have been digitized and added as PDFs to their Archival Research Catalog (ARC). These reports were maintained by the Administration Branch of the Escape and Evasion Section of the Office of the Assistant Chief of Staff (G-2) of the European Theater of Operations, U.S. Army, of the War Department. The reports contain information on escape and evasion activities and training of U.S. soldiers serving in the European theater during World War II.

To search the reports, go to NARA’s Archival Research Catalog (ARC) at

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Penn State Receives Grant To Digitize More Historical Newspapers

The University Libraries recently were awarded funds to digitize more key historical Pennsylvanian newspapers, as part of a wider effort by the National Endowment for the Humanities aimed at increasing public access to such materials. Under phase two of the Pennsylvania Digital Newspaper Project (PaDNP), Penn State received $393,489 and selection of titles is now under way.

Researchers may be interested in other historical material available from the University Libraries’ Digital Collections website,, which includes The Pennsylvania Civil War Era Newspaper Collection. This collection features Pennsylvania newspapers published between Feb. 23, 1831 and Feb. 14, 1877, including some local publications from Bellefonte, Clearfield and Altoona.

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14 September 2010

BackupMyTree Goes Live – Free and Automatic Family Tree Backup

BackupMyTree (, a new service offering free and automatic backup of family trees, launches today. BackupMyTree enables worry-free research for genealogists and family history enthusiasts, preventing loss of years of work due to a computer disaster such as a virus or hard disk crash. By automatically finding family tree files and creating a remote, off-site backup, BackupMyTree’s software ensures complete protection of family tree data.

The free backup service provides:

- Support for a wide array of family tree file formats created by popular family tree software packages. Industry standard GEDCOM files are supported too.
- Anywhere access of family tree files using a web browser.
- Monitoring of all family trees for changes and automatic backup of the updated files.
- Storage of previous versions of family tree files should anything become corrupted.
- Instant retrieval in case of data loss - by simply re-downloading the latest family tree backups.

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Dutch National Archive Joins Wikipedia

The National Archive of the Netherlands and Spaarnestad Photo announced a partnership to release more than 1,000 photos of politicians and political events in the Netherlands. This generous release will provide photos for many related Wikipedia articles that once had no image to accompany the article.

Thanks to this cooperation between Wikimedia Nederland and Nationaal Archief/Spaarnestad Photo, hundreds of articles on Dutch politics will be provided with relevant and free photos from the actual time of the event or when the person was alive.

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13 September 2010

Japan Foreign Minister Apologizes To US POWs

Japan's foreign minister apologized Monday for the suffering of a group of former World War II prisoners of war visiting from the United States and said they were treated inhumanely.

The six POWs, their relatives and the daughters of two men who died are the first group of U.S. POWs to visit Japan with government sponsorship, though groups from other countries have been invited previously.

"I offer my deep, heartfelt apology for the inhuman treatment you suffered," Foreign Minister Katsuya Okada told the group.

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DNA Test Solves Mystery Of A Brother's Death In Korean War

On a cold November night in 1950, the town marshal knocked on the side door of Mary K. Mitchell's family home in Cloverport, Ky. The telegram in his hand carried a devastating message: U.S. Army Cpl. Charles Patterson "Pat" Whitler, Mitchell's 22-year-old brother, was missing in action in the Korean War.

Mitchell, 66, a hair salon receptionist, was 6 years old when her parents got the news. Mitchell's father suffered a fatal heart attack that same night, leaving her mother to raise nine children, six of them under the age of 16.

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Teen Restores WWI Cannon To Honor Soldiers While Earning Badge

A 15–year–old boy from Grand Junction is spending his spare time recreating a piece of World War I history. A lot of boy scouts aiming to earn the top Eagle Scout badge help the community in traditional ways.

"...Repainting benches, helping out with the homeless shelter. I saw this project and decided to be a little bit different," says 15-year-old Andrew Black. It's certainly not often you see a 15–year–old taking on a German cannon from WWI. Andrew Black's mom works at the Veteran's Memorial Cemetery, which hauled in the heavy artillery from Fort Carson.

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HuMo-gen 4.4

Web Publishing - Windows - Freeware

HuMo-gen 4.4 has been released.


• Added a relationship calculator.
• Improved menus.
• Nnew skins.
• Sophisticated handling of search-engines.
• Many other improvements.

FamilyInsight 2010.9.11.0

Other Tools - Windows, Mac - Purchase

FamilyInsight 2010.9.11.0 has been released.


• Fixed problem with saving empty citations.

Backup and Restore your GeneaNet Online Family Tree

The GeneaNet Club Privilege members can now have their own FTP folder to backup and restore their Online Family Tree. This FTP folder can also be used to upload and import a GEDCOM file.

Of course, every GeneaNet user can always directly download a backup of their Online Family Tree for free to save it to their computer but the Restore feature is reserved for the Club Privilege members.

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11 September 2010

Japan's Rapid Scanning System Can Digitise Book In One Minute

Japanese researchers said Friday they had developed technology to scan a book as fast as a person can flip through it.

A prototype ultra-speed scanner capable of digitising a book in one minute will be built within two years, said the chief researcher of the team at the University of Tokyo's Graduate School of Information Science and Technology.

The "book-flipping scanning" system works with a camera that can take up to 500 photographs per second, enabling it to record about 170 book pages in 60 seconds as a person thumbs through them.

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MobileFamilyTree 2.5.2

PDAs and Handhelds - PDAs and Handhelds - Purchase

MobileFamilyTree 2.5.2 has been released.


• Several Bugfixes for iOS 4.
• Search improved.
• Faster load time.

See also: 65+ Genealogy Apps for PDAs and Handhelds

10 September 2010

Japan Says Over 230,000 Listed Centenarians Can't Be Found

More than 230,000 people listed as alive and at least 100 years old in Japan cannot be found, including 884 who would be 150 or older, officials said Friday.

Japan, famed for its longevity, launched a nationwide survey after a recent string of grisly discoveries -- including a mummified man in his bed and an old woman's remains in a backpack -- sparked alarm over the fate of many elderly.

The cases also triggered soul-searching over elderly people living in isolation, and public outrage at relatives of those missing who have kept their deaths secret in order to keep receiving their pension payments.

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BBC Opens Agatha Christie Web Archive

The BBC has created an online archive featuring documentaries, interviews and tributes to the crime writer Agatha Christie.

Christie, who was born 120 years ago on Friday, created the characters Miss Marple and Hercule Piorot, and wrote 33 novels in all.

Interviews dating as far back as 1955 are among the audio and video clips in the collection, as is a 10-minute video broadcast in 1984 where a number of experts explain the appeal of Christie's work.

Agatha Christie web archive

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World's Oldest Stock Certificate Found In Dutch Museum's Archive

A stock certificate from the Dutch India Company (its proper name was "Verenigde Oostindische Compagnie" or VOC) and issued in 1606 was discovered in the Netherlands. Its date precedes a stock certificate from the same company issued two weeks later, which is owned by a group of German investors.

The stock certificate was discovered buried away in the Westfries Archive and goes on exhibit at the Westfries Museum. The stock certificate is dated September 9, 1606.

Ruben Schalk, a history student from Utrecht University, found the world's oldest known 'share' during his thesis research in the Westfries Archive in Hoorn.

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The Complete Genealogy Reporter 2010 build 100907

Family Books - Windows - Shareware

The Complete Genealogy Reporter 2010 build 100907 has been released.


• PDF Engine option to select "Multilingual, Mixed Fonts". This is for reports that contain multiple character sets, some of which cannot be represented in the selected report font. For example, one cannot represent Chinese characters in Times New Roman font. Until this enhancement one had to choose a full Unicode report font, such as "Arial Unicode MS" (which is not very attractive) to have all such characters reported. The new logic examines each character string and substitutes a suitable font for those that cannot be represented in the selected report font. Substitute fonts are automatically embedded in the PDF file for transportability. Note that the examination process will reduce the speed of the report production.

Pocket Genealogist 4.01A03 Public Beta

PDAs and Handhelds - PDAs and Handhelds - Purchase

Pocket Genealogist 4.01A03 Public Beta has been released.


• On repository list, double tapping item in list will invoke 'edit'.
• All thumbnails in program now allow tapping image to display full screen.
• Added thumbnail display for source/citation tabs.
• Fixed program termination when pressing media button on an event for a witness. (TMG Imports for example)
• Danish update.

See also: 60+ Genealogy Apps for PDAs and Handhelds

8 September 2010

WWII-Era Mass Grave Discovered In Slovenia

The bodies of about 700 people killed in the wake of World War II have been discovered in a mass grave in Slovenia, 65 years after they were herded into the woods and slain by antifascists seeking revenge on Nazi collaborators, an official said Tuesday.

Marko Strovs, who heads the government's commission for exhuming mass graves, told The Associated Press that researchers examined a pit in a forest near the town of Prevalje in the country's northeast last week and found the remains.

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Fight Over Eichmann Files Back To German Court

Germany's intelligence service has turned over thousands of files on top Nazi Adolf Eichmann's whereabouts after World War II to a journalist who sued for them. But with so many passages blacked out and pages missing, she's taking the matter back to court.

Last week, Weber went to see the government files on the man known as the "architect of the Holocaust" for coordinating the Nazi's genocide policy. She was surprised to find some 1,000 pages missing, despite a federal court's order in April that the intelligence agency, the BND, could not keep all of the documents secret.

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7 September 2010

Family Tree PHP 1.0 beta

Web Publishing - Windows, Mac, Linux - Purchase

Family Tree PHP 1.0 beta has been released.


• Persons, families, events, sources, repositories and citations can be added and edited directly, without the need for a gedcom import.
• Language codes for non default languages are shown in the url, which enables search engines to index pages separately for all languages.
• Ancestors reports now contain all children of the ancestors, with links between generations (from child to parents and from parents to child) and between partners.
• Descendants reports now contain links from child to parents.
• Privacy flags are no longer calculated after gedcom import, but on the fly; they are cached and reset when the cache is reset; they are also updated when records are added, edited or deleted.
• Cron job functionality added for maintainance.
• Separate stastics for each tree.
• Pages can have child pages linked to them.
• Users can choose to send a comment only to the admin, without it being stored in the database.
• When a tree is deleted, the bookmarks linked to this tree are also deleted.

Simple Family Tree 1.32

Full Featured - Windows - Freeware

Simple Family Tree 1.32 has been released.


• Adds Individual info print capability.

Personal Ancestry Writer II 95

Full Featured - Mac - Freeware

Personal Ancestry Writer II 95 has been released.


• RTF Reports - RTF files can be opened by a number of word processing and desktop publishing programs. By default, RTF files will launch Nisus Writer Pro ($79 download at Nisus Writer Pro is a fully functional desktop publishing program for MacOS X. Macworld awarded Nisus Writer Pro four and a half mice (out of five) in December 2009, and William Porter said in their review that "Nisus Writer Pro competes with [MS] Word better than any word processor I've seen in a very long time." Nisus Writer Pro was also the winner of the Reader's Choice Awards of 2010 for word processors, with Pages '09 and MS Word 2008 as first and second runners-up.
• Indexes in RTF Reports - Register, Ahnentafel, Lineage and Dictionary reports in RTF each include an index in a separate section at the end of the report. The index appears in two columns. An entry in an index refers to the entry number in the main text (not the page number). This index may be deleted and an automatic index inserted by Nisus Writer Pro which refers to page numbers and includes entries for married women under their married surnames.

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MacFamilyTree 6.0.3

Full Featured - Mac - Purchase

MacFamilyTree 6.0.3 has been released.


• Major database changes for increased performance.
• Fixes for the Apple Aperture image picker.
• Several user interface bugs fixed.
• Images can now be rotated directly in MacFamilyTree.
• Fixes and performance improvements for nearly all charts.

Genealogica Grafica 1.15.2

Web Publishing - Windows - Freeware

Genealogica Grafica 1.15.2 has been released.


• New GEDCOM checks: double entries for BIRT, BAPT, BURI, DEAT, MARR.

FamilyInsight 2010.9.4.0

Other Tools - Windows, Mac - Purchase

FamilyInsight 2010.9.4.0 has been released.


• Added the ability to work directly with Ancestral Quest 12 files.
• Added the ability to work directly with Family Tree Maker 2011 files.
• Fixed some crashes.
• Fixed a problem with search requests that were too large on some records.

6 September 2010

Plumber Unearths WWII Prisoner Of War Camp For 10,000 German Soldiers In His Back Garden

A shocked plumber has discovered a prisoner of war camp that housed 10,000 German soldiers during the Second World War - in his back garden.

David Murray, 39, was digging behind his bungalow when he unearthed a dog tag that clearly belonged to a German prisoner.

He gained permission from his landlord to continue excavations and within an hour he had located old bottles, buttons from uniforms and used ammunition.

David has now recovered more than 2,000 items from the camp, including a live grenade that had to be blown up by a RAF bomb disposal unit.

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Rare Footage Of London In The Blitz Found In Attic

Previously unseen colour footage of London during the Blitz has been discovered after lying in an attic for almost 70 years.

The amateur footage includes images of bombed-out landmarks such as the John Lewis department store on Oxford Street.

Sir Winston Churchill also makes a brief appearance in the footage as he reviews a parade of civil defence workers in Hyde Park.

The 20 minute film covers the period between Sep 7, 1940 and May 10, 1941, and was shot by the wartime mayor of Marylebone in west London, Alfred Coucher, who was also the area’s chief air raid warden.

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Behold 0.99.16 beta

Full Featured - Windows - Purchase

Behold 0.99.16 beta has been released.


• Display only a single GEDCOM source line in the log file for blank lines and bad lines, rather than including them in a group of lines.
• Finish the implementation of the duplicate link checking.
• Add info about how Behold handles the GEDCOM problems in the File Information section.
• Save Organize settings to the Registry every time the settings are applied, rather than just when Behold is closed.
• Change the default to NOT go to check online for new versions, and make it just an option to automatically check. Now Behold will never go online without you allowing it or starting the action.

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The GeneaNet 'Individual Search'

The 'Search by First Name' and the 'Search by Spouse' forms have been merged to a new form called the 'Individual Search' with many new powerful features!

Club Privilege members can now search the GeneaNet database by alternate spelling of name, by alternate spelling of first name, by occupation, and by favorite places.

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5 September 2010

Rare Book On Political And Economic History Of India Digitized

The rare book, “India Illustrated” has now been digitally preserved by The University of Houston Digital Library, and is available online for students, historians and others around the world who are interested in the social, economic and political history of India.

The book was apparently published after 1900, but before 1910. There are three copies known to exist. One is housed in the British Library; the other at the National Library Board, Singapore.

The images are available at

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3 September 2010

US National Archives To House Infamous Nazi Papers

During the final days of World War II, as American soldiers were returning from Germany with swastika-inscribed helmets, flags and other Nazi memorabilia, Gen. George Patton was packing up his own set of souvenirs.

The legendary field commander took four pages of documents signed by Adolf Hitler that laid the legal framework for killing 6 million Jews — the so-called Nuremberg Laws.

The Huntington Library, a sprawling complex of libraries, museums and botanical gardens in this leafy Los Angeles suburb, plans to hand over the documents to the government-run National Archives, thus concluding a 65-year-old odyssey.

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Ninety Years On, Wrecks Of Royal Navy Warships Sunk In Russian Revolution Are Found

The wrecks of three British warships sunk more than 90 years ago - seeking to prevent the Bolshevik Revolution from spreading West - have been located in the Baltic Sea by the Estonian Navy.

HMS Cassandra, HMS Myrtle and HMS Gentian were lost as they fought to keep Estonia out of the hands of Vladimir Lenin after his seizure of power in Russia.

'We are confident that these are the British ships in question which were lost during the War of Independence,' announced the Estonian Navy's chief of staff Commander Ivo Vark.

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TimelinerPlus! 4

Timeline - Windows - Freeware

TimelinerPlus! 4 has been released.


• Timeline editing.
• Find a Timelines path from a project ini file ( pjc).
• Use the TMG default path for timelines if no other path is specified.

The Complete Genealogy Reporter 2010 build 100902

Family Books - Windows - Shareware

The Complete Genealogy Reporter 2010 build 100902 has been released.


• A blank "Causes of Death" section no longer appears when there are no people with an associated cause of death included in the report. Similarly for the "Occupations" section.

The Complete Genealogy Builder 2010 build 100902

Full Featured - Windows - Shareware

The Complete Genealogy Builder 2010 build 100902 has been released.


• Improved the Add/Edit Note processing logic has been enhanced to provide significantly faster performance when saving very large texts. The limit for texts has been raised from 64K characters to 256K characters.
• Fixed unexpected Program Error when editing a Submitter record.

PyPedal 2.0.0rc9

Other Tools - Linux - Freeware/Open Source

PyPedal 2.0.0rc9 has been released.


• This release focused on clean-up for the upcoming final release of 2.0.0, as well as implementation of support for GENES 1.20 (dBase III) .DBF files.

Pocket Genealogist 4.01A02 Public Beta

PDAs and Handhelds - PDAs and Handhelds - Purchase

Pocket Genealogist 4.01A02 Public Beta has been released.


• You can now view the image "full screen" from the 3-gen w/Photos "view" by tapping on the image.
• Change to TMG import and Primary Names processing to try and prevent SQL 100 error reported by a user.
• Disable "Other - CE 5.0 or higher" as download type during "Check for Update".

See also: 60+ Genealogy Apps for PDAs and Handhelds

Ged2web 3.43

Web Publishing - Windows - Freeware

Ged2web 3.43 has been released.


• Removed the marking of output web pages with the "unregistered" status of Ged2Web.

2 September 2010

Rare Roman Lantern Found In Field Near Sudbury, England

A metal detecting enthusiast has found what is believed to be the only intact Roman lantern made out of bronze ever discovered in Britain.

Danny Mills, 21, made the find in a field near Sudbury in Suffolk.

The area was dotted with plush Roman villas and country estates in the second century.

The object, described as a rare example of Roman craftsmanship, has been donated to Ipswich Museum where it is now on display.

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England and Wales: Lives of Victorian Poor Go Online At National Archives

Records detailing the lives of the Victorian poor, including those in workhouses, have been published online.

The National Archives project involves letters and reports passed between poor law authorities in England and Wales.

Project director Dr Paul Carter said the records were "unrivalled" as an important source for examining the lives of the Victorian poor.

Access to the records is free to the public, who can search for them on the National Archives website.

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'Mitochondrial Eve': Mother of All Humans Lived 200,000 Years Ago

The most robust statistical examination to date of our species' genetic links to "mitochondrial Eve" -- the maternal ancestor of all living humans -- confirms that she lived about 200,000 years ago. The Rice University study was based on a side-by-side comparison of 10 human genetic models that each aim to determine when Eve lived using a very different set of assumptions about the way humans migrated, expanded and spread across Earth.

"Our findings underscore the importance of taking into account the random nature of population processes like growth and extinction," said study co-author Marek Kimmel, professor of statistics at Rice.

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1 September 2010

Archivist Finds 1794 Document In Eisenhower Papers

A document written by a federal judge 216 years ago has turned up in an unlikely place: in President Dwight Eisenhower's archives in Kansas.

The 1794 document, signed by Judge Richard Peters, was found at the Eisenhower Presidential Library and Museum in July.

Peters signed the slip, listing court costs of $17.44 in a case involving Edmund Randolph, who was attorney general and later secretary of state under President George Washington. The case involved allegations of misappropriating funds and was dismissed.

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Real-Life Quasimodo Uncovered In Tate Archives

With his hunched back and deformed face, Quasimodo, the tragic hero of Victor Hugo's novel The Hunch Back of Notre Dame, has always been considered a mythical creation drawn from the depths of the author's imagination.

But clues suggesting that Quasimodo is based on a historical figure have been uncovered in the memoirs of Henry Sibson, a 19th-century British sculptor who was employed at the cathedral at around the time the book was written and who describes a hunched back stonemason also working there.

He writes: "Mon Le Bossu (the Hunchback) a nickname given to him and I scarcely ever heard any other ... the Chief of the gang for there were a number of us, M. Le Bossu was pleased to tell Mon Trajan that he must be sure to take the little Englishman."

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New Chinese-Canadian Website A Portal To Past

The Canadian government announced Monday 900,000 U.S. dollars for the creation of a new website documenting the experiences of Chinese settlers, past and present.

The bilingual portal, "Chinese Canadian stories: Uncommon stories from a common past history," will be created by the University of British Columbia with funding from the Community Historical Recognition Program (CHRP). It will focus on the collection, documentation and preservation of the legacies of Chinese Canadians and their role in building Canada.

The portal will launch in March 2012, with an online virtual experience featuring portable interactive kiosks and a searchable database of digital materials created by the CHRP-funded partner organizations.

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Picture of Darwin's Family Tree Discovered

A photograph of the Charles Darwin's family tree-the Galton-Darwin-Wedgwood pedigree-first exhibited in 1932, has been found in the archives of Truman State University.

A poster of the pedigree was prepared by Harry Hamilton Laughlin, Director of the Eugenics Record Office of the Carnegie Institute, and exhibited at the Third International Congress of Eugenics in 1932 at the American Museum of Natural History.

And now, a photograph of this poster has been discovered in the archives of Truman State University in Kirksville, Missouri alongside a photograph of a poster of a collection of rare Darwin family photographs, assembled by Leonard Darwin.

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Guam's World War II Survivors Seek Compensation

The website,, allows community members to submit their own stories and photos, and includes a section where people can sign a petition to Congress. It was set up by Reyes' son-in-law, territorial Sen. Frank Blas Jr.

According to the site, more than 22,000 civilians lived through the war on Guam but fewer than 1,000 are still alive today. Guam's delegate to Congress, Madeleine Bordallo, has submitted legislation that would set aside $126 million to compensate living survivors.

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