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29 April 2010

Anne Frank House In Guided Online Tour

The museum that includes the house where Anne Frank hid and wrote her diary during the Nazi occupation of Amsterdam is launching an online virtual tour of the secret rooms.

For two years, Anne Frank, her family and other Jews hid in a cramped clutch of rooms tucked into the back of a canal house in Amsterdam.

Now, 50 years after the opening of the Anne Frank House museum, which has more than 1 million visitors every year, the museum is launching an online virtual tour of what life was like at the back of 263 Prinsengracht in Amsterdam. The tour captures in graphic detail photographs on the wall, the print on the bedspreads and tiny kitchen in the cramped space where eight people lived in daily fear of being caught.

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Puerto Rican Funeral Home Presents Shooting Victim On His Motorcycle

If you thought you'd previously seen it all, well, you're wrong. Case in point: David Morales Colón, a 22-year-old Puerto Rican man who was shot to death last Thursday, and whose wake is now making headlines here in the United States mainland. How come? Well, suffice it to say that the funeral directors at Marin Funeral Home in San Juan's Hato Rey neighborhood have a flair for the unorthodox. For example, in 2008, they embalmed another young shooting victim and displayed his body standing up for the duration of a multi-day wake.

Back to the present: Yesterday and today, callers who stopped to pay their final respects to the late Mr. Colón got a bit of a surprise. Instead of the traditional presentation of the body in a casket, Mr. Colón's corpse, dressed in casual duds and sunglasses, was instead posed in a very lifelike position atop his Repsol-liveried Honda CBR600 F4.

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28 April 2010

Sorenson Molecular Hits Genealogy Milestone With 100,000 DNA Samples

The Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation (SMGF) today said its genetic genealogy database has surpassed 100,000 DNA samples, linked with corresponding multigenerational family pedigrees.

Billed as the world's largest and most comprehensive collection of genetic and family history information, the database links the genetic samples of its participants to more than 8.6 million ancestors and living relatives.

The update was announced in conjunction with the opening of the 2010 National Genealogical Society Family History Conference at the Salt Palace Convention Center.

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Australian National Library Uses Open Source

The National Library of Australia has opted for an open source platform to drive its newly unveiled search engine.

Called, Trove, the search engine provides access to more than 90 million items about Australians and Australia, sourced from more than 1000 libraries and cultural institutions across the country.

The project's team of five developers used SOLR 1.4, which internally uses Lucene 2.9, for the main bibliographic search database and the web page archive, and MySQL 5 for managing all data relationships.

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Association Of Professional Genealogists Grows to More Than 2,000 Members

Today at the National Genealogical Society Family History Conference in Salt Lake City, the Association of Professional Genealogists (APG®) announced that it has just surpassed the 2,000-membership mark. As the world’s leading professional organization of family history and related professionals, the APG supports professional genealogists throughout the world.

The APG has experienced steady growth in membership since its founding more than 30 years ago. With 23 local chapters in the U.S. and Canada, the organization supports a variety of professions within the field, including researchers, librarians, editors, archivists, lecturers, event planners and more.

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Russia To Continue Publishing Archive Documents On Mass Repressions

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said on Wednesday archive material related to mass repressions will be made more accessible to the public.

Medvedev's remarks came after the Russian Federal Archival Agency said on Wednesday it would provide access to digital copies of documents relating to the Katyn massacre, in which thousands of Poles were executed by Soviet secret police in 1939.

"We will continue this work. I believe it to be our duty," Medvedev told a news conference during his visit to Denmark.

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Russia Publishes Katyn Massacre Archives

Russia has published previously secret documents on the 1940 Katyn massacre, in which some 22,000 Polish officers were killed by Soviet forces.

The state archive said the "Packet No. 1" documents had until now only been available to specialist researchers.

The Soviet Union denied its role in the massacre for decades.

The documents that the state archive published were declassified in the 1990s though only specialist researchers had access to them, reports said.

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U.S. National Archives Puts Civil War Vaults On Display

Beyond the famous battles of the Civil War, there was chaos.

The governor of Kansas was frantically pleading for ammunition to quell guerrilla warfare, citizens in Missouri were appealing to Army officials when a U.S. flag was ripped from a church rooftop, and citizens in Virginia were asking the governor for arms to fight Union sympathizers.

Stories like these emerge from documents that go on rare public view Friday at the National Archives in Washington as the nation prepares to mark the 150th anniversary of the Civil War.

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27 April 2010

University of Minnesota Sends Books To Google To Digitize

The University of Minnesota libraries are sending the first shipment of books to be digitized to Google this month as part of the Google books project.

Among the books going to Google are volumes from the university's noted collections related to forestry, beekeeping, Scandinavian literature and Minnesota's early history.

When complete, the project will have digitized more than 1 million volumes from the University of Minnesota's general collection.

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26 April 2010

The Complete Genealogy Builder 2010 build 100422

Full Featured - Windows - Shareware

The Complete Genealogy Builder 2010 build 100422 has been released.


• New: Web hyper-linking for Source title and publication fields, and Repository names. When one of these data appear to contain a hyperlink, the text is displayed in blue and a "WWW" button is enabled to link to the specified web page.
• Fixed: An issue relating to the import of RIN tags.

Legacy Family Tree

Full Featured - Windows - Purchase

Legacy Family Tree has been released.


• Ancestor Interest - Ancestor and Descendant values can now be hand entered.
• Calendar Screen - Fonts were not resizing properly when maximizing the window.
• Date Formatting - 125-120 BC was being flipped around to 120-125 BC. Fixed.
• Error Messages - We have added an "Online Help" button to error message screens. Now when a user gets an error they can click the "Online Help" button to view possible solutions to the problem.
• Error Windows - Fixed a problem where an error message could be displayed behind the current screen which would cause Legacy to appear to be hung.
• Family Search - Several more fixes and enhancements have been added.
• File ID Report - Fixed a repeating name problem.
• File ID Report - Fixed some formatting problems.
• GEDCOM Export - Source detail was not always exported. Fixed.
• GEDCOM Import - Fixed some issues with phpGedView imports.
• GEDCOM Import - Repository names were sometimes getting duplicated. Fixed.
• GEDCOM Import - Unrecognized _APID tag. TITL tag not being imported. Fixed.
• History List - Font size settings do not "stick".
• Location Index - Fixed a problem where the header title was out of place.
• Master Lists - Fixed a column sizing problem when the option to "Strech Fonts when Resizing" is turned off.
• Merge - FamilySearch Sync arrows were not being set properly during a merge where one or both individuals had been previously synced with FamilySearch.
• Name Tags and Address Labels - Canceling from the prompt for a filename when printing to a text file was still offering to view the file. Fixed.
• Relationship Calculator - Added the option to show the closest relationship term or the closest direct-line term.
• Relationship Calculator - Fixed several problems with the relationship calculator and with set relationships.
• Save As - Fixed a problem where "Save As" and "Rename" of a family file was not changing the name of the set relationships also. Fixed.
• Source Citation Numbers - Were not always in accending order. Fixed.
• Source Templates - Source Text and Comments were disappearing for a newly entered source if Repository was entered before saving. Fixed.

Brother's Keeper 6.4.4

Full Featured - Windows - Purchase

Brother's Keeper 6.4.4 has been released.


• New option on the Lists, Sources screen to print just the one selected source.
• If you have a screen size larger than 1440 by 900 and the Edit screen font is larger than you prefer, then at the bottom of the Events tab on Edit pick Options, and then select the option for 12 point font. Then close Edit and open Edit again.
• Fixed an error if trying to attach a .wav file to a source while using Vista or Windows 7.
• When the program starts, the main screen will show a picture of your choice. Make a picture called BKscreen.jpg and put it in the BK program folder or else in your BK data folder. If you have more than one BK data folder, it can show a different picture for each database. It is suggested that you use a picture of size 640 by 480 or at least one that is smaller than your screen size.
• GEDCOM export and import can convert Hebrew characters to UTF-8
• The program gives new directions if stat error 35 occurs.

GeneaNet: Tag Cloud Of Most Popular Surnames And Places

Create your own Tag Cloud of most popular surnames and places from your family tree to visualize their frequency.

This Tag Cloud is being displayed in your Contact Page and users can click on these tags to automatically see the selected data in your GeneaNet Online Family Tree.

Go to "My GeneaNet > Account > Public Contact Page > Tag cloud of most popular surnames" to edit your Tag Cloud of most popular surnames or simply click here.

The Tag Cloud of most popular places can't be edited.

You can display up to 25 surnames, and you can remove some unwanted surnames or add some uncommon ones.

The Tag Clouds are building from your Family Tree Index. You must re-index your Family Tree if the tags are not correctly displayed.

You can also add the Tag Cloud in your personal website by clicking the "Add a Tag Cloud in your personal website" link at the bottom of the Edit page.

25 April 2010

Man Selling Ad Space On Urns

Jan Jamison wasn't keen on the idea at first.

Which is to be expected when a son talks about painting ads on his own urn.

Last year Jan's son Aaron Jamison, battling a terminal colon cancer that has spread to his liver and lymph nodes, first brought up the idea. With a new round of chemotherapy, doctors have given him nine months to live. No more chemo will shorten that to three months.

Aaron, living on disability since last summer, didn't want to add another financial burden to wife Kristin. So the former graphic artist came up with a unique idea: selling sponsorship on two urns. He's selling ads for $100 each, and hopes to hand paint eight ads on each of two urns – one for his wife and the other for his parents.

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24 April 2010

Susan Sarandon's Shocking Discovery About Her Grandmother

In the NBC series Who Do You Think You Are? Susan Sarandon, 63, traveled to Italy to learn all about her mother's mother, Anita, who had abandoned her 2-year-old daughter. "I had tried years before to track Anita down, so it was a small price to pay that people were discovering it as I was discovering it."

So just what did she find out about Anita? For one thing, she was very young when she became a mother. Orphaned at 10 years old, Sarandon's maternal grandmother had gotten pregnant at the age of 12 -- and gave birth to her only child at age 13. "It was a relief that she hadn't had any other children, I think that was something that would've really disturbed my mother."

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23 April 2010

Ellis Island Gives Springsteen Heritage Award

Everyone knows he was born in the USA, but it was Bruce Springsteen's European immigrant roots — and his family's 110-year American dream — that were celebrated.

Accompanied by his proud mother and aunts — the women who "provided me with place" and "filled my family and all of my work with great meaning" — the rocker from New Jersey received an Ellis Island Family Heritage Award.

"You can't really know who you are and where you're going unless you know where you came from," Springsteen said.

Springsteen's maternal great-grandmother, Raffaela Zerilli, arrived at Ellis Island from Vico Equense, Italy, on Oct. 3, 1900, with five kids in tow.

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Whitney Harris, Nuremberg Prosecutor, Dies At 97

Whitney Harris, who was a member of the U.S. legal team that prosecuted Nazis at Nuremberg after World War II, has died. He was 97.

Harris was the last surviving of the three Nuremberg prosecutors, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch said. He died Wednesday at his home in the suburban St. Louis town of Frontenac, according to his stepdaughter, Theresa Galakatos of Richmond Heights. She said he had been battling cancer for three years and had been in and out of the hospital since suffering a fall in his home about six months ago.

Harris was lead prosecutor in the first of the Nuremberg war-crime trials in 1945 and tried Ernst Kaltenbrunner, the senior surviving leader of the Nazi Security Police. He also helped cross-examine Hermann Goering, Hitler's second-in-command, and helped get the confession of Rudolf Franz Ferdinand Hoess, head of the Auschwitz concentration camp.

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22 April 2010

Found, The War Hero Missing For A Century: Nephew Uses DNA To Identify Remains In Mass Grave

For almost 100 years, his 'missing' body lay in an unmarked war grave in northern France.

But thanks to the tenacity of his nephew, a chance archaeological discovery and DNA technology, Private Harry Dibben has at last received a proper burial.

The extraordinary story came to light after Richard Dibben began to research his family history.

He discovered his great-uncle Harry had been shot while attacking a German trench in Fromelles in 1916.

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GRAMPS 3.2.1

Full Featured - Linux - Freeware/Open Source

GRAMPS 3.2.1 has been released.


• Fixed missing icons .
• Load/reload plugins must unload old plugins .
• Import/export fixes (date ranges, underscore, latitude/longitude) .
• Narrative web crash fixes and many updates, html notes, css updates .
• Geoview fixes and updates .
• Unicode error in soundex .
• Fixed crash on data entry.

GedView 2.10: Now support running full screen on iPad

PDAs and Handhelds - PDAs and Handhelds - Purchase

GedView 2.10 has been released.


• Support running full screen on iPad.
• Improved date parsing, now handles month names in any language supported by the OS.
• Now makes use of _PLAC_DEFN as used by Legacy to add latitude/longitude information to places. Also supports reading latitude/longitude incorrectly placed on an address record.
• Numerous bug fixes.

iHeritage 1.1

PDAs and Handhelds - PDAs and Handhelds - Purchase

iHeritage 1.1 has been released.


• New Artwork.
• Added Major Life Events detail view for each name tag on the tree.

The Complete Genealogy Builder 2010 build 100421

Full Featured - Windows - Shareware

The Complete Genealogy Builder 2010 build 100421 has been released.


• New: Predictive text logic when entering Places in Event forms. This continuously matches the characters typed with the places that already exist in the project, thus requiring entry of only the required number of characters to match an existing place.
• Fixed: Errors relating to the maintenance of the Places list. (This is automatically rebuilt when build 100421 is first run.)

21 April 2010

GeneaNet - Planned Maintenance: Thursday, April 29th, 2010

The site will be occasionally down for maintenance on Thursday, April 29th, 2010.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

The GeneaNet Team.

Arizona Archives To Get Original OK Corral Papers

The original court transcripts from the 1881 Coroner's Inquest into the Gunfight at the OK Corral will be handed over to the Arizona State Archives on Wednesday.

The 36-page handwritten account of witness testimony given after the shootout that left three men dead in Tombstone had been missing for years. Two Cochise County court clerks cleaning out a storage space at the Bisbee courthouse found the old documents in a box in March.

Cochise County Clerk of Superior Court Denise Lundin realized they were the original OK Corral documents that had disappeared prior to her becoming clerk in 1994.

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Davy Crockett's Marriage License Returned to Jefferson County

He is known in as “King of the Wild Frontier” – a frontiersman, soldier and politician who, according to legend, could wade the Mississippi River, leap the Ohio River or ride a streak of lightning.

Yet early in his life, Davy Crockett was also a jilted lover. He obtained a marriage license to wed Margaret Elder, who broke his heart by marrying someone else instead. Although the marriage never happened, the marriage license remained on file at the Jefferson County Courthouse until it was lost decades ago.

Now, thanks to the hard work and persistence of officials in Jefferson County and the Tennessee State Library and Archives in Nashville, the document has been safely returned to the Jefferson County Clerk’s vault.

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20 April 2010

Soldier's Cross Found Under Pile Of Rubbish In New Zealand

A rare historical artefact from World War I, found languishing among rubbish in a Lumsden church, has been preserved for future generations.

The hand-crafted wooden cross, which marked the grave of Captain Eric Buckingham Alley in a cemetery near Flanders, was believed to be one of only two crosses of its type in New Zealand.

It is to be hung at the Gore Returned Services Association rooms in time for Anzac Day, courtesy of a joint initiative between the RSA and the Gore District Council arts and heritage department.

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Californian Man Sends Obituary To Press Before Suicide

The body of 64-year old Allan Leo Peters II was found hanging from a bridge the following day.

The envelope also contained a suicide note, photo and a $90 (£60) payment for the obituary.

It was delivered to the offices of the Mountain Democrat - a small newspaper in the town of Placerville near Sacramento.

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University Of Toronto Libraries Transfers 250,000 Digital Books To Internet Archive

From the first stone tablets and scratches on cave walls, humans have been determined to preserve our store of knowledge. At the University of Toronto Libraries, the tradition continues as a portion of their vast holdings are digitized and preserved through an initiative with the Internet Archive (

The University of Toronto library team sends approximately one terabyte of data, in the form of scanned books, per day to the Internet Archive via the CANARIE network. A terabyte is one trillion bytes of data, equivalent to 1,000 copies of the Encyclopedia Brittanica. This data transfer would not be possible on the commercial Internet, as the size of these files would take up too much bandwidth and potentially bring down the network.

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50 Cent To Trace His Ancestry For VH1 “Rock Doc”

The soon-to-be tattooless 50 Cent will trace his family roots as part of an upcoming VH1 Rock Doc titled “50’s Roots,” the network announced.

The rapper, based in South Jamaica, Queens, will head to the deep south and meet with living family members en route to discovering more about his slave lineage.

The “Rock Doc” is being produced in conjunction with 50 Cent and Roadside Entertainment and is part of 44 new shows VH1 unveiled today for 2010.

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University of Kent Helps Canterbury Cathedral Digitise Archives

A unique collaboration between the University of Kent, Canterbury Cathedral Archives and researchers in Rouen has laid the foundations for a new and exciting project through which Canterbury residents and visitors may in the future gain easy access to some of the older and/or more fragile documents held in the Cathedral Archives.

Known as DocExplore, the project aims to develop an interactive system which allows digitised versions of valuable historical documents to be explored via a touch-screen, simulating, as far as possible, the experience of accessing the physical object itself. But users can see much more than the document – they can access translations and transcriptions, read more about the period in which it was written, its contents and who would have used it at the time by using the additional text, image, sound and video resources that are a feature of the system.

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GEDitCOM II 1.4 build 1

Full Featured - Mac - Purchase

GEDitCOM II 1.4 build 1 has been released.


• GEDitCOM II is now free to use as a GEDCOM file reader. Thus, you can send your data to a relative with a Mac and then can download and use GEDitCOM II to view the genealogy data. You still need a registered copy to save changes or export data.
• GEDitCOM II will now create thumbnails for all multimedia objects with images. This change allows you to work much faster with files having many multimedia objects, particularly if the multimedia files contain large images. It also adds an option for the file to travel with the thumbnails and thus be able to display at least a small image even if the original multimedia files are not available.
• For non-image multimedia objects, GEDitCOM II will try to display the icon for the multimedia file type. It should work for most standard types of files.

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19 April 2010

Bee Docs' Timeline 2.11.2

Timeline - Mac - Purchase

Bee Docs' Timeline 2.11.2 has been released.


• Adding notes and links to tab-delimited text import / export.

Family Reunion: A Child's Tombstone Recovered

A little lamb, literally, has found its way home after spending many, many years lost.

History buff Dave Roper of East Alton, Illinois, USA, had no idea that his interest in genealogy eventually would lead him on a mission to return the tombstone of a young girl to her family's plot at Alton Cemetery.

Someone who enjoys mysteries, Roper helped return a limestone tombstone found by Emily Ottwein at the home she purchased on Kirkpatrick Street in an area once known as the Lower Town section of Edwardsville.

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The Complete Genealogy Reporter 2010 build 100416

Family Books - Windows - Shareware

The Complete Genealogy Reporter 2010 build 100416 has been released.


• Fixed: Caching of media in both rotated and non-rotated forms. Previously these could be confused and result in some distorted document section images.
• Improved: Multiple "great-" expressions in French language reports. (Now Quatre fois arrière-grand-père" instead of the esoteric "Cinquième grand-père" introduced in build 100402.)

Ordinance Tracker 2010.4.17.0

Organization - Research - Windows, Mac - Purchase

Ordinance Tracker 2010.4.17.0 has been released.


• Added the option to have Ordinance Tracker remember your login information for new FamilySearch.

Map My Ancestors 1.8.9

Mapmaking - Windows - Purchase

Map My Ancestors 1.8.9 has been released.


• Added support Windows 7 64 bit.

FamilyInsight 2010.4.17.0

Other Tools - Windows, Mac - Purchase

FamilyInsight 2010.4.17.0 has been released.


• Added new feature of option to remember your new FamilySearch log in ( LDS Account, FamilySearch account).
• Search faster and filtered for long searches.
• Removed old not a match notes and added to hidden database.
• Made Not a Match and Research notes compatible.
• Improved Compare and Sync filtering
• Fixed some crashes.
• Fixed the additon of Reserved, Completed, and In Progress.

The GeneaNet Email Alert

The GeneaNet Alerts are emails automatically sent to you when there are new results for your family history research.

To receive a weekly email aggregate of the latest entries that contains the surnames and places of your choice, make a search in the GeneaNet index, then click on the "Subscribe to the Email Alert" button at the bottom of the search results list.You can edit or remove your alerts, and view the new entries for each of them.

Click on:
- The "Search" button to launch a search using the parameters of your alert
- The "New Entries" button to view the new entries for your alert
- The "Edit" button to change the parameters of your alert
- The "Remove" button to remove your alert from the list

When clicking on the "Edit" button, you can specify a country/place and a range of year for your alert.

16 April 2010

Library Digitizes Collection Of Historic New Jersey Maps

The Princeton University Library has completed a multiyear project of digitizing a collection of 19th- and 20th-century maps that illustrate the history and development of communities around New Jersey.

The Department of Rare Books and Special Collections has cataloged and scanned some 16,000 lithograph sheets of 21-by-25-inch Sanborn Co. fire insurance maps that have been in the library's Historic Maps Collection since the 1970s.

Fire insurance maps, pioneered in the United States by the Sanborn Co. in the mid-19th century, enable insurance companies to determine the risk and liability of a property based on data such as the size, shape and function of buildings or the materials used to build particular structures. The University's collection of New Jersey Sanborn maps range from 1884 to 1950.

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Netherlands Archives Hands Over Digitized Dutch Colonial Maps Of Guyana

The National Archives of the Netherlands yesterday presented the Walter Rodney National Archives of Guyana with digital copies of Dutch colonial maps of Guyana at the National Archives building on Homestretch Avenue.

The handing over is part of a collaboration between the two countries aimed at expanding history and moving the local archives into the 21st century, Culture, Youth and Sport Minister Dr Frank Anthony said.

Making the presentation to Dr Anthony was Dr Roelof Hol, Director of the Mutual Cultural Heritage National Archives of the Netherlands.

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15 April 2010

Illustrated London News Archive Goes Online

A unique visual archive of 19th century Victorian Britain, including illustrations and photographs of events ranging from the Great Exhibition of 1851 to the Boer war, will be available online for the first time from today.

The Illustrated London News archive holds 250,000 pages and as many as three-quarters of a million illustrations, from as far back as 1842.

At its peak, ILN had a circulation of about 300,000 and was the publication of choice for the Victorian middle classes, transforming illustrations into a credible, factual, news reporting tool. Previously, illustration had been used mainly for political caricatures or for sensational events like public hangings.

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Russia: Open Access Electronic Repository Of WWII Documents

The Russian Defense Ministry has started posting wartime documents on its official web site. The files can be found in the electronic archive "The Achievements of the People in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945".

Documents dating back to the first days and months of the war are expected to appear in this section of the site by the 65th anniversary of victory, celebrated on May 9th. A total of 204 thousand documents, including those concerning military operations, will become available. The electronic repository is planned to be updated with historical facts of WWII until 2012. Dometiy Zavolsky, an employee of the Russian State Archive of Social and Political History, is hopeful that all documents at the disposal of the Russian Defense Ministry will be included in the electronic archive.

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14 April 2010

1913 Abraham Lincoln Film Found In New Hampshire Barn Cleanup

In a tale celebrating the romance of movies, a contractor cleaning out an old New Hampshire barn destined for demolition found seven reels of nitrate film inside, including the only known copy of a 1913 silent film about Abraham Lincoln.

"When Lincoln Paid," a 30-minute film about the mother of a dead Union soldier asking Lincoln to pardon a Confederate soldier whom she had initially turned in, stars the brother of John Ford, director of "The Grapes of Wrath," "The Quiet Man," and other classics.

"I was up in the attic space, and shoved away over in a corner was the film and a silent movie projector, as well," Peter Massie, a movie buff, said of his discovery in the western New Hampshire town of Nelson. "I thought it was really cool."

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Survivors Commemorate Nazi Camp Liberation After List Of Victims Goes Online

Survivors of the Nazi concentration camp Buchenwald gathered with dignitaries and US Army veterans to commemorate the 65th anniversary of the liberation of one of the largest Nazi concentration camps on German soil.

The anniversary of the liberation comes just one day after the Buchenwald Memorial Foundation announced it had published online a virtual memorial - a list of those killed by the Nazis at the camp.

The memorial list contains the names of 38,000 victims researchers and volunteers were able to confirm. However, the names of thousands more who died during what were known as the “death marches” toward the end of the war are still not known.

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Family Tree PHP 0.4.3

Web Publishing - Windows, Mac, Linux - Freeware

Family Tree PHP 0.4.3 has been released.


• An option was added to let living persons be shown in search results, even when the user has no rights to see living persons (only a name and birth year are shown and when a user clicks on the name, he is redirected to the login page).
• An option was added to let the contact page and the default page still be visible when users need to login to see anything.
• No need anymore to turn magic_quotes_gpc or register_globals off.
• Session.use_only_cookies and session.use_trans_sid are set at runtime (if your hosting provider allows this).
• Repositories get their own pages.
• Page texts and blog texts can have a maximum length of over characters instead of over 65.000 (MySQL LONGTEXT fields used instead of TEXT fields).
• Dates without a valid year got the current year inserted.
• Empty dates gave problems on gedcom import, when MySql in strict mode.
• Text fields must accept NULL, when MySql in strict mode.
• Some characters caused problems in file names.
• A database query error occurred in core/posts.php when filtering on a user.
• When login was always required, a user who was not yet logged in could not change the language or template.
• Caching did not work properly anymore.
• Source TITL, AUTH, PUBL and TEXT tags were not imported properly.
• Repository ids were not imported properly and therefore repositories did not show up.

13 April 2010

Participate In The (USA) Web Redesign!

"We are redesigning to make it easier and quicker for you to find the information you need as part of NARA’s Flagship Open Government Initiative. We want your opinions to help us to develop a web site designed for participation. Throughout the redesign process, we’ll be inviting you to participate by voting, sorting, commenting, etc.

The first redesign activity starts with online card sorts. Card sorting helps determine what labels and categories to use and also helps build the structure of a web site to make it easier to find information. At the end of the card sort process, we hope to have a comprehensive understanding of how our customers would organize the content on"

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DNA From Letters Home Helps ID Pearl Harbor Casualty

Before he died at Pearl Harbor, less than a month after turning 18, Gerald Lehman sent home to Michigan letters that his mother came to treasure.

Unknowingly, Lehman sent home to those who loved him something else, something that wouldn't be useful until decades later: his own DNA.

Sixty-eight years after he was killed on Dec. 7, 1941, DNA lifted from the envelopes Lehman had licked helped the Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command positively identify the young sailor's remains.

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1964 Jackie Kennedy Interviews To Be Published

During the first half of 1964, just months after her husband was assassinated, Jacqueline Kennedy sat for seven interviews with historian and family friend Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr.

Speaking at her home in Washington, D.C., the former first lady discussed her marriage, her White House years, election-year campaigning and her husband's thoughts about a second term.

The interview is part of what became the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library's Oral History and, at her request, was kept sealed for an indefinite time. She died in 1994.

Now, with the 50th anniversary of her father's inauguration coming next year, daughter Caroline Kennedy is allowing the conversations to be widely released.

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MobileTree Lite 1.2

PDAs and Handhelds - PDAs and Handhelds - Purchase

MobileTree Lite 1.2 has been released.


• The pedigree view loads much faster now.
• Minor bug fixes.

The Complete Genealogy Reporter 2010 build 100405

Family Books - Windows - Shareware

The Complete Genealogy Reporter 2010 build 100405 has been released.


• Fixed: The body of the report would sometimes start at "Page 2".

The Complete Genealogy Builder 2010 build 100405

Full Featured - Windows - Shareware

The Complete Genealogy Builder 2010 build 100405 has been released.


• Improved: Catalan and German GUI interfaces. (Tooltips for adding BIRT, CHR, etc., and font format icons in Note text editor.)
• Incorporates changes to reporter module; see revision history for The Complete Genealogy Reporter.


Full Featured - Windows - Purchase

RootsMagic has been released.


• Fixed a compatibility issue with Windows 2000 .
• GEDCOM now supports sentence templates that are over 256 characters .
• GEDCOM now preserves custom sentences for events .
• GEDCOM now preserves custom source templates .
• Fixed living flag @ in sentence templates.

Pocket Genealogist 3.44

PDAs and Handhelds - PDAs and Handhelds - Purchase

Pocket Genealogist 3.44 has been released.


• Desktop/Device: Changes to URLs used in program to correspond with changes to website.
• Desktop: Fixed issue where notes greater than 31983 characters in size may have been imported incorrectly.
• Device: Changes to better support Windows Mobile 6.5.3.
• Desktop: Changes to better support Windows Vista 64-bit.
• Desktop: Changes to better support Windows 7.
• Desktop/Device: Swedish Language Update.

MyBlood 1.2.1

Full Featured - Windows, Mac - Purchase

MyBlood 1.2.1 has been released.


• Bug fix: un-intended message box after import of a GEDCOM file doesn't pop-up anymore.
• Bug fix: modification to re-allocate missing media (on Mac).
• Improvement: Places: if you can't get an internet connection to view places, MyBlood will switch back to the schematics view..
• Improvement: Create web pages: better enabling/disabling of fields in the Create web pages window.

MacFamilyTree 5.7.3

Full Featured - Mac - Purchase

MacFamilyTree 5.7.3 has been released.


• Web Export now includes text of sources .
• Sources are now correctly sorted by date when generating web pages .
• Many localization fixes .
• Smaller user interface improvements .
• Stability improvements.


Full Featured - Windows - Purchase

GenSmarts has been released.


• A bug relating to the 1900 US Oklahoma Census at was fixed.
• A bug was fixed that was causing EInvalidCast when loading a GEDCOM.


Charts and Diagrams - Windows - Purchase

FamilyTreeFactory has been released.


• Fixed bug: At the creation of treeviews Grandparents' Descendant Tree and Great-grandparents' Descendant Tree, under certain circumstances the calculation of the numbers of partnerships and children of the mother and the four grandparents of the primary person was not correct. In case of partners both with multiple partnerships, incorrect numbers could avoid the confirmation request, for which partner all partnerships should be shown.
• Fixed bug: At the creation of treeviews Relatives Tree, over descendant trees, which do not start actually at the oldest generation of the relatives tree, empty person boxes were shown up to the oldest generation.
• Fixed bug: At the loading of the Treeview Options profile [ Factory Default Settings ] and following saving of the profile as default settings for new treeviews, the normal Treeview Options have been saved, but not the default settings for Free Text, Image and Geo Objects, Column/Row Numbers, Duplicate Connection Lines and Person Indexes. This resulted for example in the color black for all duplicate connection lines.
• Fixed bug: At the automatic creation of duplicate connection lines, under certain seldom conditions a Range Check Error could occur.

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Brother's Keeper 6.4.3

Full Featured - Windows - Purchase

Brother's Keeper 6.4.3 has been released.


• (changed) On List, Sources, Print sources, new options to print 1. Repository name 2. Call number 3. names of file attachments (pictures or web links.)
• (changed) Just for testing (or for fun) you can Right click a button at the bottom of the Children tab on the Edit screen to change the button colors for that tab. There are four color choices. There may be a new option in the future to change all the button colors on the Edit screen to colors of your choice.
• Some people have reported that the larger screen font on Edit for screen size 1440 by 900 is too bold. If it looks too bold for you, you can change to a different font name. Go to the main BK screen and pick File, Options, Edit Screen. Change the bottom option and set it to 'Arial Narrow' and then pick File, Save and Close.

Ancestral Quest 12.1.24

Full Featured - Windows - Purchase

Ancestral Quest 12.1.24 has been released.


• AQ Newsline: Each time you start AQ, it will show you news about the software, updates, training, or other items pertinent to family history.
• Family View: The display of Age at marriage and death, introduced in build 23, sometimes did not fit in the display box. Fixed.
• Login to NFS: The new "LDS Account" is now accepted by Ancestral Quest. NOTE: This was not a change made to AQ, but by FamilySearch about the same time as this build was released. (Even if you still keep build 23, you should be able to login to NFS with the LDS Account.)
• Group Link: If you link groups of individuals through the Group Link feature, and choose the "Link Only" option, this will now process much more quickly.
• Login by non-LDS Users: The login failed for users with an NFS account who were not members of the LDS faith -- there is a difference in how the login is completed in Fixed.
• Loading of Some Individuals from FamilySearch: For some individuals in the FamilySearch database -- most common with IOUSs -- AQ might crash during the load. Fixed.
• Adding Parents: In the Family Sync screen, if you added two new parents from NFS to a child in your file, and also added parent to child facts, AQ would successfully add the parents, then crash when trying to record the parent to child facts. Fixed.
• Adding Person to NFS: If you added a person from your local file to NFS, and this person had a gender of Unknown, the gender was not written to the FamilySearch record. Fixed.
• Auto Syncing Family Members: If, in builds of AQ 12.1 previous to 23, you had selected the option to automatically sync data, then you had hidden the option screen for this selection, AQ would crash when trying to sync a local record with the NFS record. Fixed.
• Delete of NFS Person: Some relationships to the person might not have been deleted at the time the person itself was removed. Fixed.
• Connecting of Spouses in NFS: If you had parents in your local file for an individual, and FamilySearch had records of the same parents, but did not have them linked as parents in NFS, AQ attempts to link the NFS records together as child and parents. This was failing in build 23. Fixed.
• Legacy Contributions: If you had claimed legacy submissions as your own, AQ would not allow you to modify or remove data from the submissions under a prior different ID. Fixed.
• Relationship Facts: While you could add relationshp facts to NFS using AQ's Family Sync screen, you could not modify or delete them. Fixed.
• Linking Spouses: If you had previously linked two NFS spouses together, then deleted the relationship using NFS, AQ was unable to link them back together. Fixed.
• Gender: If you were the contributor of the gender of a person, AQ should have allowed you to change the gender. It didn't in build 23. Fixed.

12 April 2010

Brain Parts Found in Ancient Human Ancestor

Remains of a 1.9-million-year-old human ancestor are so well preserved that they may contain a remnant of the male individual's brain, according to the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility in Grenoble, France, where the remains were recently examined.

While DNA is very fragile and deteriorates over time, the discovery opens up the remote possibility that soft tissue with preserved DNA still exists in the prehistoric hominid, which could hold an important place on the human family tree.

The examination also turned up what seemed to be fossilized insect eggs, according to scientists. They said larvae from the eggs could have fed on the flesh of the human ancestor, Australopithecus sediba, right after his death.

Source & Full Story

The GeneaNet Cross-Database Search

The GeneaNet Cross-Database Search is a powerful feature that automatically compares your family tree with the complete GeneaNet database!

You just need to complete the form below to describe your search:

GeneaNet Club Privilege members can limit the search to their Sosa-Stradonitz (Ahnentafel) numbered individuals and compare their direct line with the GeneaNet database, ignore unknown places and limit the search to the GeneaNet Online Family Trees.

Every GeneaNet user can limit the search to the entries that fit your family tree places and dates.

The search result list can be displayed in HTML or plain text mode. Plain text mode generates a delimited text file that can be imported in any spreadsheet.

Automatically Compare Your Family Tree With Another One

GeneaNet Club Privilege Members can also automatically compare their online family tree with the one of another GeneaNet user.

You can access this powerful feature from the user Page Contact.

Cross-Database Email Alert

You can subscribe to the Cross-Database Email Alert to receive a periodical email aggregate of the latest entries. Email Alerts have expanded options for recurring weekly, twice-weekly and monthly.

All of your Cross-Database Email Alerts are saved and you can read the archive at any time!

9 April 2010

Legacy Family Tree

Full Featured - Windows - Purchase

Legacy Family Tree has been released.


• FamilySearch
- Changed over to the new login method required by FamilySearch.
- Fixed loading speed issue.
- Added compare details in Match/Dups/Sync tabs
- Removed the status bar
- Fixed a bug with refreshing ordinance status button
• Add Event Screen - Using the Add Another button was not clearing the colors of the field names that were indicating that a source was attached. Fixed.
• Ancestor Book Report - Some suboptions of suppress Details of Living were not be suppressed when the main option was turned off. Fixed.
• Book Reports - Refined some wording for adopted children.
• Book Reports - When using the option to include underlines for missing information, an underline for a missing temple name was being included for BIC baptisms. Fixed.
• Descendant Book Report - The subsection phrase, "Noted Events in his life were:" was not being included for RTF output format. Fixed.
• Descendant Narrative Book Report - When creating RTF output, the index was showing an incorrect RIN for starting person. Fixed.
• Event List Windows - Formatting codes were showing. Fixed.
• Family Group Record Report - Changed the style of the Source Citations subtitle to match other subtitles in the report.
• Family View - If a child was edited using the shortcut keys, (for example E2 to edit child 2) any changed information was not being refreshed on the screen (even though it was actually saved). Fixed.
• File ID Report - Fixed some formatting problems.
• GEDCOM Export - The setting for "This Couple Did Not Marry" was not being included in Legacy destination exports. Fixed.
• GEDCOM Export - _FREL adopted and _MREL adopted tags were missing in GEDCOMs created for PAF. Fixed.
• GEDCOM Import - A wrong phone number was being linked to a personal address. Fixed.
• GEDCOM Import - Fixed some issues with phpGedView imports.
• GEDCOM Import - Repositorie names were sometimes getting duplicated. Fixed.
• GEDCOM Import - Unrecognized _APID tag. TITL tag not being imported. Fixed.
• Location Index - Fixed a problem where the header title was out of place.
• Married Names - Fixed a problem that some users were having with changing a married name.
• Married Names Generation - Changed the confirmation message shown when changing the default rule to: "0-None - don't generate married names."
• Pedigree Chart - Cremated/Burial abbreviation problem fixed. (was showing as [;;b::c] instead of "b" or "c").
• Reports - When using replaceable text fields in a title, there was a difference between [He/She] and [His/Her] with slashes. His/Her was not being recognized. Fixed.
• Standardization Tip - Changed the wording for the tip about having a single character in any of the name part fields.
• Report - The names of individuals who were printed outside the lifespan boxes (because their names would not fit within the box) were not be colored the same as if printed inside the boxes. Fixed.

8 April 2010

American Searches For Danish WWII Heroes

It is a story popular throughout the Jewish community and tells of how around 7,200 Jews who were due to be rounded up by the Nazis in German-occupied Denmark and sent to concentration camps were saved. A Danish underground movement managed to organise a fleet of several hundred fishing boats to sail the Jews across the Øresund Strait to neutral Sweden.

All but some 450 of the Jews were reportedly able to make the trip on the crowded vessels.

But now several of those appreciative Jews and their families are trying to track down the Danish heroes and their relatives to hopefully get them to participate in the upcoming ceremony. At the very least, the Americans want to thank those responsible for their life-risking efforts.

Source & Full Story

New Hominid Species Discovered In South Africa

The remarkable remains of two ancient human-like creatures (hominids) have been found in South Africa.

The fossils of a female adult and a juvenile male - perhaps mother and son - are just under two million years old.

They were uncovered in cave deposits at Malapa not far from Johannesburg.

Researchers tell the journal Science that the creatures fill an important gap between older hominids and the group of more modern species known as Homo, which includes our own kind.

The team has assigned the name Australopithecus sediba to their finds.

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Rare Letter From Teddy Roosevelt To Son 'Quenty-Quee' Hits Market

A rare letter evincing a display of affection between President Theodore Roosevelt and his youngest son is up for sale by a dealer who obtained it from a Roosevelt family friend.

Roosevelt sent the letter to his 6-year-old son, Quentin, during a trip to Yellowstone National Park in 1903. It is the only letter from the trip to his family to reach the market, and its existence was unknown to scholars and institutions until its discovery in the possession of a family friend, said Nathan Raab, vice president of the Raab Collection, which is selling the letter through its Web site.

Source & Full Story

7 April 2010

Digital Archive Provides Access To Historic Atlanta Newspapers

A new digital database providing online access to 14 newspaper titles published in Atlanta from 1847 to 1922 is now available through the Digital Library of Georgia, housed at the University of Georgia Libraries.

The Atlanta Historic Newspapers Archive ( consists of more than 67,000 newspaper pages and provides historical images that are both full-text searchable and can be browsed by date.

The archive includes the following Atlanta newspaper titles: Atlanta Daily Examiner (1857), Atlanta Daily Herald (1873-1876), Atlanta Georgian (1906-1911), Atlanta Intelligencer (1851, 1854-1871), Atlantian (1911-1922), Daily/Georgia Weekly Opinion (1867-1868), Gate-City Guardian (1861), Georgia Literary and Temperance Crusader (1860-1861), New Era (1869-1872), Southern Confederacy (1861-1864), Southern Miscellany (1847), Upper Georgia Whig (1847), Southern World (1882-1885), Sunny South (1875-1907), Weekly Constitution (1869-1882).

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Bee Docs' Timeline 2.11.1

Timeline - Mac - Purchase

Bee Docs' Timeline 2.11.1 has been released.


• Updates Aperture automatic importer to work with Aperture 3.

French Records Further Enrich WorldCat As Global Resource

There are now more than 16.3 million French records in WorldCat, following completion of batchloading projects from the Bibliothèque nationale de France (BnF), Système Universitaire de documentation (Sudoc) and the Bibliothèque municipale de Lyon (BM Lyon).

In 2009, the BnF and ABES, the agency that manages the Sudoc database for French universities, signed an agreement with OCLC to load their records and holdings information into WorldCat. OCLC then processed more than 8.8 million records for BnF and over 7.9 million records for ABES. The Bibliothèque municipale de Lyon, the second largest public library in France, contributed more than 1.3 million records to WorldCat.

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6 April 2010

Ancestor Festival Draws 6,000 From Same Family To Taiwan

Around 6,000 members of the same family gathered in Taiwan for a traditional festival to honor their ancestors. That’s the word from a local media report on Tuesday.

The report said members of the Yeh family traveled from as far as the United States, Australia and Brazil to the northern Taiwan county of Taoyuan for the Tomb-Sweeping Festival on Monday.

The crowd gathered in front of the family tomb and surrounding roads. They burned nearly ten tons (22,000 pounds) of ritual paper money and set off hundreds of firecrackers in honor of the dead.

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Holocaust Survivor's Family Win Legal Battle To Keep £6.6Million Gold Tablet He Received In Exchange For Cigarettes

The family of a Holocaust survivor has been allowed to keep a $10million (£6.6million) ancient gold tablet he received in exchange for cigarettes on the streets of post-war Berlin.

Berlin's Vorderasiatisches Museum had demanded the 3200-year-Assyrian artefact be returned because it was looted by Soviet troops.

Flamenbaum died in 2003 at the age of 92, leaving the tablet to his three children, Israel, Hannah and Helen.

The solid-gold tablet ended up in his hands after it was looted from the museum's storage by Soviet troops in 1945, and traded for several packets of cigarettes.

The tablet was found in the ruins of an Iraq temple in 1913 by German archeologist Walter Andrae and was shipped to Germany before being displayed at the Vorderasiatisches Museum.

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The Walters Art Museum (Baltimore, USA) Will Use Grant To Digitize Medieval Manuscripts

The prized collection of medieval manuscripts at the Walters Art Museum - about 38,000 pages - is heading out of its usual, controlled environment and into the light. The light of computer screens, that is.

Thanks to a $315,000 grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities, 105 medieval manuscripts from several centuries and cultures will be digitally photographed, cataloged and distributed during the next two and a half years.

Free access to the images will be made available on The Walters' Web site,, "and other portals, like Flickr," Noels said. "People can use them as they want."

The medieval project announced Monday is due to be completed by Dec. 31, 2012.

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John H. Lauten Dies At 96; Army Captain Helped Plan Invasion Of Normandy

John H. Lauten, a lawyer who helped plan the invasion of Normandy as an Army captain during World War II and later became the first non-engineer to oversee the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, has died. He was 96.

Lauten died of natural causes March 22 at an assisted-living facility in Simi Valley, his family said.

For heroism during the D-day invasion, Lauten was awarded a Silver Star. He already had received a Bronze Star for heroic action in Algeria in 1942.

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Online Tombs Becoming More Popular In China

Chinese people have started experimenting with a convenient, low-cost and low-carbon way to pay respects to the dead by just clicking a mouse, a move that became especially popular during Monday's Qingming Festival.

Since the holiday is so short, Song Qin, a Beijing-based legal consultant, cannot go back to his hometown in East China's Anhui province to pay respects to his deceased grandparents.

However, Song has his own way of showing respect after having set up two online tombs for them. Each tomb costs him only 10 yuan ($1.50), compared to a real tomb, which is usually priced at tens of thousands of yuan.

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NBC Renews 'Who Do You Think You Are?'

NBC renews "Who Do You Think You Are?," a program hosted by Lisa Kudrow that traces the ancestry of famous people.

"Who Do You Think You Are?" has performed well on Fridays, a night where the bar is definitely lower. Last week, the show actually beat CBS' "The Ghost Whisperer" in adults 18-49. Currently the show is averaging 6.8 million viewers and a 1.6 rating in the demographic.

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5 April 2010

Keith Richards Has Confessed To A Secret Longing: To Be A Librarian

Keith Richards, the grizzled veteran of rock’n’roll excess, has confessed to a secret longing: to be a librarian. After decades spent partying in a haze of alcohol and drugs, Richards will tell in his forthcoming autobiography that he has been quietly nurturing his inner bookworm.

The guitarist started to arrange the volumes, including rare histories of early American rock music and the second world war, by the librarian’s standard Dewey Decimal classification system but gave up on that as “too much hassle.” He has opted instead for keeping favoured volumes close to hand and the rest languishing on dusty shelves.

Richards has also acted as a public library, lending out copies of the latest Bernard Cornwell or Len Deighton novels to friends without much hope of getting them back. And, like the Queen at Balmoral, he leaves favoured books by the bedside for guests staying at Redlands, his moated Elizabethan farmhouse near West Wittering in West Sussex and in Weston, Connecticut.

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Brook Shields Related To King Henry IV

Brooke Shields has vowed to tell her daughters all about their royal roots after learning of her high-ranking French ancestry on a U.S. genealogy show.

With the help of a royal historian, Shields discovered she is a distant relative of French royals including King Henry IV, Saint Louis, Philip II and Charles V.

Shields called the journey that took her back in time "an amazing exploration" - and is excited to share her family's history with her daughters Rowan, six, and Grier, three, when they're older.

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New Genealogy App: iHeritage for iPad

PDAs and Handhelds - PDAs and Handhelds - Purchase

iHeritage 1.0 has been released.

First Release:

iHeritage gives you a large and visual family tree for your iPad.

Not only can you document a large family tree, but also information on all of the members on it. Follow the information you have researched on lineage websites, or received from family members to fill out your family tree. This way, you can get to know your ancestors and your heritage!

Tree to Go 1.0.2

PDAs and Handhelds - PDAs and Handhelds - Freeware

Tree to Go 1.0.2 has been released.


• Improved performance.
• Ability to create a free tree from within the app.

WinGeno 1.11

Charts and Diagrams - Windows, Mac, Linux - Freeware

WinGeno 1.11 has been released.


• Text Box error (sometimes unable to insert a Text Box) has been fixed.
• Zoom functionality of Work Area has been added.
• New English and German help (.chm and .pdf) files.
• Drag & Drop support.
• Mono Support --> WinGeno runs on Linux and MacOS.

The Complete Genealogy Reporter 2010 build 100402

Family Books - Windows - Shareware

The Complete Genealogy Reporter 2010 build 100402 has been released.


• Improved: Multiple "great-" expressions in French language reports. (Now "Cinquième grand-père" instead of "Quatre-fois-grand-grand-père".

The Complete Genealogy Builder 2010 build 100402

Full Featured - Windows - Shareware

The Complete Genealogy Builder 2010 build 100402 has been released.


• New: "Tree View" mode. This permits navigation and most data entry via a four-generation family tree display window.
• Fixed: In some circumstances the "Branch Analysis" was showing blank results.
• Incorporates changes to reporter module; see revision history for The Complete Genealogy Reporter.


Full Featured - Windows - Purchase

RootsMagic has been released.


• Phantom vertical line in various screens on XP doesn’t appear anymore.
• Groups list doesn’t display people by their alternate names anymore.
• Family List (Search > Family list) doesn’t display people by their alternate names anymore.
• Fixed a few New FamilySearch issues.
• Fixed a problem with not being able to connect to New FamilySearch if the computer’s clock is off.

Ordinance Tracker 2010.4.3.1

Organization - Research - Windows, Mac - Purchase

Ordinance Tracker 2010.4.3.1 has been released.


• Fixed ordinance reservation crash.

MyBlood 1.2

Full Featured - Windows, Mac - Purchase

MyBlood 1.2 has been released.


• Application
- Improvement: Multiple tweaks all over the application. Additional attention for highlights, focus rings, selections... on Mac. Modifications in People, Individuals, Family, About, Delete
• Edit Individual & Edit Family
- Bug fix: Creating a new note works again
- Bug fix: Adding Media to a family event now assigns both people of the marriage to the media
- Improvement: The events in popup menu's are now sorted alphabetically (in any language).
- Improvement: The events in the list are now chronologically.
• Notes (from individuals or family)
- Bug fix: Private icon is refreshed correctly again.
- Improvement: Last changed is now always saved with every modification on a note
• GEDCOM export

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MacFamilyTree 5.7.2

Full Featured - Mac - Purchase

MacFamilyTree 5.7.2 has been released.


• Events Preference Pane fixed.
• Several Localization fixes.
• Stability improvements.

LTools 1.2.25

Other Tools - Windows - Freeware

LTools 1.2.25 has been released.


• Main Window - added the ability to open a Legacy database by dragging and dropping the *.fdb file onto the Main Window.
• Tidy Legacy HTML - placed the LTools link text on the Tidy Legacy HTML dialog window rather than require a prompt every time. You will still get prompted if you choose to add the LTools link without any associated text.

FamilyInsight 2010.4.3.1

Other Tools - Windows, Mac - Purchase

FamilyInsight 2010.4.3.1 has been released.


• Fixed an ordinance reservation crash.

Brother's Keeper 6.4.2

Full Featured - Windows - Purchase

Brother's Keeper 6.4.2 has been released.


• Larger font on Edit for high resolution 1440 by 900 or larger.
• On Edit screen for resolution 1024 by 768 or larger it will now show both 'add sibling' and 'add parents' buttons.

Uganda Joins World Digital Library

Finally, Uganda joins the World Digital Library (WDL) project after receiving equipment worth Ush600 million ($300,000) from Carnegie Corporation of New York and Ush6 billion ($3 million) from Google.

During the handover of the equipment, the National Library of Uganda (NLU) director Gertrude Kayaga Mulindwa, said WDL is intended to promote international and inter-cultural understanding mainly among young people.

It will also be used to expand the volume and variety of cultural content on the Internet, provide resources for educators, scholars and general audiences, as well as build capacity in partner institutions in a bid to narrow the digital divide within and between countries.

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Personalize Your GeneaNet Online Family Tree

Here are a few suggestions to enhance the appearance of your GeneaNet Online Family Tree, to personalize it and make it easier to use.

Select the "Online Family Tree > Personalize" option in the left sidebar.

Home Page

Welcome Message: You can change the message that will be displayed at the top of your family tree home page.

Search Form: You can select the search form that will be used by your family tree visitors (Basic: Surname, First Name, Alphabetical List ; Advanced: Surname, First Name, Place, Alphabetical List ; Titles: Surname, First Name, Title)

Forum: You can enable/disable your family tree forum.

Links: You can display some default links at the top of your family tree home page (Family History Book, Digitized Records, Map).

Visitor Counter: You can display or hide the visitor counter shown in your family tree home page.

Personal Message

Family Tree Title: Enter a new title for your online family tree. If none, the default title is your full name.

Welcome Message: Enter a header and a footer to be displayed in every page of your online family tree.


Online Family Tree Theme: Fly over the thumbnails to see a preview of the available family tree themes, then click to select.Home Page Picture (GeneaNet Club Privilege Members Only): Fly over the thumbnails to see a preview of the available home page pictures, then click to select.Banner (GeneaNet Club Privilege Members Only): You can upload your own banner. Image Format: JPG, Max. Size: 250 KB, Height: Min. 100 px/Max. 120 px. Banner image will repeat. Think about large screens.

Presentation & Browsing

Individuals Theme: Fly over the thumbnails to see a preview of the available themes, then click to select.

The most comprehensive theme displays:

- Birth Place & Date
- Marriage Place & Date
- Death Place & Date
- Occupation
- Name of Parents
- Name of Children and their Spouses
- Name of Grand-Children and their Spouses
- Name of Spouses
- Name of Siblings and their Spouses
- Name of Half-Siblings and their Spouses
- Notes
- Attached Documents
- Four Generation Family Tree Chart with Sosa-Stradonitz Numbering System.

Display Options: You can select the number of generations to be displayed in an ascending tree/a descending list, the maximum number of displayed relatives, the number of individuals to be shown in the "statistics", etc.

2 April 2010

New Genealogy App: Ancestral Sources

Transcriptions & Indexes - Windows - Freeware

Ancestral Sources 1.0 has been released.

Ancestral Sources is a new application developed by Nick Walker, author of the popular Gedcom Census add-on for Family Historian.

Version 1 of Ancestral Sources only offers support for Census records and should at this stage be considered a replacement for Gedcom Census. Support for other sources will be added in later versions.

Load your Family Historian file into Ancestral Sources and you will be able to quickly add census records to your file. Unlike Gedcom Census there is now support for all the census columns, with templates available for UK, Ireland, Canada and USA censuses. Simply enter the census record and Ancestral Sources will carry out the time-consuming and boring tasks of creating census, occupation, birth, nationality, and other facts, citations, sources, multi-media records and flags for you. You can even add new individuals to your file without going back into Family Historian.

It is available for download now from this site as a Windows 32 bit version and a 64 bit (x64) version.


Ellen DeGeneres Celebrity Wheel

NEHGS genealogists discover Ellen’s unique circle of family ties:

• Ellen DeGeneres is related to Halle Berry (10th cousins once removed via the Van Swearingen family of Maryland)
• Halle Berry is related to Mark Wahlberg (11th cousins via the Peabody family of Massachusetts)
• Mark Wahlberg is related to Madonna (11th cousins via the Dumay family of Quebec)
• Madonna is related to Camilla Parker-Bowles (9th cousins once removed via the Cloutier family of Quebec)
• Camilla Parker-Bowles is related to Diana, Princess of Wales (7th cousins via the Keppel family of England)
• Diana is related to Tim Robbins (10th cousins via the Thompson Parke family of Connecticut)
• Tim Robbins is related to Richard Gere (11th cousins via the Denison family of Connecticut)
• Richard Gere is related to Ellen DeGeneres (11th cousins via the Brewster family of Massachusetts)


1 April 2010

New Evidence On WWII Mystery Of Swedish War Hero Raoul Wallenberg

Researchers say new evidence from Russian archives suggests that a Swedish diplomat credited with rescuing thousands of Hungarian Jews from the Holocaust was alive after the Soviets reported his death in prison.

The fate of Raoul Wallenberg, whom the Soviet army arrested in Budapest in January 1945, has remained one of the great mysteries of World War II.

The Soviets claimed he was executed in 1947 but never produced a reliable death certificate or his remains. Witnesses claim he was seen in Soviet prisons or labor camps many years later.

The archives of the Russian Security Services now say a man identified only as Prisoner No. 7, who was interrogated six days after the diplomat's reported death, was "with great likelihood" Wallenberg.

Source & Full Story

First U.S. Census From 1791 To Be Auctioned At Sotheby's

A first edition of the first U.S. census signed by Thomas Jefferson in 1791 breaking down the nation's population by free people and slaves is heading for the auction block this month.

The 56-page document is expected to fetch $50,000 to $70,000 when it is sold at Sotheby's on April 14.

The census covered the population of the nation's 13 states and Southwest Territory, breaking it down by state and county.

The state population is listed according to five categories: free white males 16 years and upward, free white males under 16, free white females, all other free persons and slaves. The county breakdown is the same except it starts with free white males 21 years old instead of 16.

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Haiti’s Founding Document Found in London

There is no prouder moment in Haiti’s history than Jan. 1, 1804, when a band of statesmen-warriors declared independence from France, casting off colonialism and slavery to become the world’s first black republic.

They proclaimed their freedom boldly — “we must live independent or die,” they wrote — but for decades, Haiti lacked its own official copy of those words. Its Declaration of Independence existed only in handwritten duplicate or in newspapers. Until now.

A Canadian graduate student at Duke University, Julia Gaffield, has unearthed from the British National Archives the first known, government-issued version of Haiti’s founding document. The eight-page pamphlet, now visible online, gives scholars new insights into a period with few primary sources. But for Haitian intellectuals, the discovery has taken on even broader significance.

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