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31 August 2009

Family Atlas 1.0.5

Mapmaking - Windows - Purchase

Family Atlas 1.0.5 has been released.


• Added ability to import RootsMagic 4 files.


Full Featured - Windows - Purchase

RootsMagic has been released.


• Children in narrative reports that are in the next generation now print birth, marr, and death info in the child list
• Added “Search > Move to primary position” to move the highlighted person (really only useful in pedigree and descendant views)
• Added a button to FamilySearch match and sync screen to view the person on the FamilySearch website
• Added birth year to FamilySearch sync screen for relationships (both RM and FS sides)
• Added FamilySearch import to import a tree from New FamilySearch into an RM file (File > FamilySearch > FamilySearch Import)
• Added Remove to the FamilySearch ordinance request screen to unreserve names


• Color coding now works on Timeline Chart
• Spaces are trimmed from name parts when adding a new person
• If short footnote is left blank, RM will use the full citation in its place
• Changed default for color coding to “Highlighted person”
• Box charts in wordwrap mode don’t sometimes truncate a person’s info anymore
• RM warns you when you try to print a group sheet that would be blank
• GEDCOM import doesn’t sometimes duplicate city/state/postal code in second street field anymore
• Drag and drop doesn’t create a blank death fact for people who had their “Living” flag unchecked
• Disputed or disproven alt names now display red crossout
• Fixed several screens / reports where an “unknown spouse” could have phantom events
• GEDCOM import / export now supports “proof” settings
• Drag and drop now preserves “proof” settings
• Added person’s name to title of Individual Timeline list
• Source list prints a person’s suffix for citations
• Changing title of descendant list holds now
• NFS sync screen name matching color coding works properly now
• PAF import handles user defined divorce events now
• When running RM from a flash drive, File > New now defaults to a folder on the flash drive
• NFS Sync options list repositions if necessary to remain completely on screen
• Group sheet doesn’t display wrong Seal to Spouse info when a person wasn’t married
• Submitted ordinances in group sheet print as “Submitted” instead of date to prevent confusion
• Submitted ordinances in NFS sync screen display as “Submitted” instead of date to prevent confusion
• Fixed several issues when printing FORs from NFS
• NFS Match and Sync only shows primary names in list (doesn’t list people multiple times in list anymore)
• Description field in events now transfers back and forth from NFS

The Complete Genealogy Reporter 2009 build 90830

Family Books - Windows - Shareware

The Complete Genealogy Reporter 2009 build 90830 has been released.


• Ability to add introductory preamble texts to each description file via the new [SECTION:PREAMBLE] key.

The Complete Genealogy Builder 2009 build 90830

Full Featured - Windows - Shareware

The Complete Genealogy Builder 2009 build 90830 has been released.


• New: Ability to limit a Branch Export of the direct relations section to Direct Ancestors only, Direct Descendants only, or Direct Line only.
• Incorporates changes to reporter module; see revision history for The Complete Genealogy Reporter.

Reunion Planner Software 7.13

Organization - Research - Windows - Purchase

Reunion Planner Software 7.13 has been released.


• Cleans up W32/Induc-A virus if it existed in the executable.

Pocket Genealogist 3.41

PDAs and Handhelds - PDAs and Handhelds - Purchase

Pocket Genealogist 3.41 has been released.


• Desktop: (Advanced) Update to the image libraries used for converting images for use on the device.
• Desktop: (Advanced) Fix to the routine that removes format codes from notes for TMG direct imports. (Symptoms included program hang or program termination).

Pocket Cemetery 1.1

PDAs and Handhelds - PDAs and Handhelds - Purchase

Pocket Cemetery 1.1 has been released.


• Fixed a scrolling issue with the "Favorite Memories" and "Biography" text entry screens.

Personal Historian

Family Books - Windows - Purchase

Personal Historian has been released.


• Ability to import RootsMagic 4 (.rmgc) files.

Personal Ancestry Writer II 86

Full Featured - Mac - Freeware

Personal Ancestry Writer II 86 has been released.


• The RTF coding for superscripts in reports is now in accord with the latest RTF specification (1.9.1).
• RTF indexes now have the standard comma after the text and before the first entry number.
• Apostrophes (i.e., single quote marks) are now allowed at the end of person and place names to accommodate Arabic names (e.g., Wadi' and Bequa').
• The appearance of push-button controls are now standardized across all windows.
• The children and partners buttons in the main window now also display the number of children or partners.
• The name of the default background window color was changed from “cyan” to “turquoise,” the Apple color picker crayon name for cyan.
• The Reference guide was updated, and the guide now displays OS X images (not OS 9 images).

Our Family Book 6.1.0

Family Books - Windows - Purchase

Our Family Book 6.1.0 has been released.


• GEDCOM Profile Management and all GEDCOM Service Programs.

MacFamilyTree 5.6.3

Full Featured - Mac - Purchase

MacFamilyTree 5.6.3 has been released.


• Important Bug Fixes for Snow Leopard.
• Crash fixed while viewing saved charts.
• Other stability problems fixed.
• Web Export working again under Snow Leopard.

Legacy Family Tree

Full Featured - Windows - Purchase

Legacy Family Tree has been released.


• Character Ribbon - The Character Ribbon has been added to the Name List, Marriage List and Master Location list. This allows you to easily add diacritic characters when searching for an item.


• File Maintenance - Check/Repair has some additional file integrity checks added to it.
• Mapping - If a location had no Lat/Long values and you edit that location and set the option to "Do no auto geo-code this location" and later you zoom in on the map and then right click the mouse in order to set a new pin (geo-code that location) the wrong location was being geo-coded to that place.
• Merge - The new Family Search person ID was not being merged.
• Renumber RINs - Fixed a problem where RIN 0 or MRIN 0 could be changed. Record 0 is a special record in Legacy and should never be changed.
• Reports - Selecting to print a report in a different language was not getting the correct translation for some of the date items like "About", "Before" and "Cal".
• Web Pages - Creating web pages would give an error if a RIN larger than 9,999,999 was found.

iFamily for Leopard does not work on Snow Leopard

Full Featured - Mac - Purchase

The version of iFamily for Leopard currently availble does not work on Snow Leopard.

An update will be released by Sunday 6/9/9 at the latest

• Your data remains unaffected by this problem.
• If you have already upgraded to Snow Leopard, a new link will be send to you.
• iFamily meanwhile continues to work exceptionally well on both the Tiger and Leopard operating systems.

GEDitCOM II 1.1 build 4

Full Featured - Mac - Purchase

GEDitCOM II 1.1 build 4 has been released.


• Keywords property for AppleScripts that were needed for the new Add or Remove Keywords script.
• Option to search for text "not contained" in the GEDCOM text of records.
• Error is hilighted in red in the date checking report.

FamilyInsight 2009.8.25.0

Other Tools - Windows, Mac - Purchase

FamilyInsight 2009.8.25.0 has been released.


• Fixed handling deleting notes and disputes in primary file.
• Fixed problem bringing over some unwanted data.
• Fix problem with Ordinance Tracker showing reservations not really reserved by you.

Brother's Keeper 6.3.18

Full Featured - Windows - Shareware

Brother's Keeper 6.3.18 has been released.


• GEDCOM export, always have exactly one space before /lastname/ to be compatible with changes in PhpGedView.

Ancestor+ 3.26

Full Featured - Linux - Purchase

Ancestor+ 3.26 has been released.


• Ahnentafel numbers now supported and can be calculated for any person in the database.
• You can now enter up to four Witnesses in the Family (marriage) window.
• Improved HTML export and you can now save your HTML export settings.

GeneaNet: Personalize Your Online Family Tree

You may want to enhance the appearance of your online family tree, to personalize it or make it easier to use. Below are a few quick suggestions to do so.

How to personalize your online family tree:

Login to your GeneaNet account.

From the home page, click the "Online Family Tree" menu, and select the "Personalize" option.

Home Page

Welcome Message
This message will be displayed in your family tree home page.

Search Form
You can select the search form that will be used by your family tree visitors:

- Basic: Surname, First Name, Alphabetical List
- Advanced: Surname, First Name, Place, Alphabetical List
- Titles: Surname, First Name, Title

Visitor Counter
Display or hide your visitor counter.

Personal Message

Family Tree Title
Enter a new title for your online family tree. If none, default title will be your full name.

Welcome Message
Enter a header and a footer to be displayed on every page of your online family tree.


Online Family Tree Theme
Fly over the thumbnails to see a preview of the available family tree themes, then click to select.Home Page Picture (GeneaNet Club Privilege Members Only)
Fly over the thumbnails to see a preview of the available home page pictures, then click to select.Banner (GeneaNet Club Privilege Members Only)
You can upload your own banner. Image Format: JPG, Max. Size: 250 KB, Height: Min. 100 px/Max. 120 px.
Banner image will repeat. Think about large screens.

Presentation & Browsing

Individuals Theme
Fly over the thumbnails to see a preview of the available themes, then click to select.

The most comprehensive theme displays:

- Birth Place & Date
- Marriage Place & Date
- Death Place & Date
- Occupation
- Name of Parents
- Name of Children and their Spouses
- Name of Grand-Children and their Spouses
- Name of Spouses
- Name of Siblings and their Spouses
- Name of Half-Siblings and their Spouses
- Notes
- Attached Documents
- Four Generation Family Tree Chart with Sosa-Stradonitz Numbering System.

Display Options
Select the number of generations to be displayed in an ascending tree/a descending list, the maximum number of displayed relatives, the number of individuals to be shown in the "statistics", etc.

[ Personalize Your Online Family Tree ]

24 August 2009

GeneaNet: Write Your Family History

Some people think that genealogy is just a list of names and dates. But, with the simple addition of personal memories and family stories, genealogy can be much more than that.

GeneaNet helps you write and publish your family history.

Log in to your online family tree as "wizard", then click "Family History" in the left sidebar to open the family history editor.

Your stories and images must be edited as Wikitext, a markup language that offers a simplified alternative to HTML and is used to write pages in wiki websites such as Wikipedia.

Wikitext is simple and some basics will help you create beautiful pages.

You can insert and annotate pictures in your family history book.

This will help you to identify family members and ancestors, tell about places where photos were taken, and comment sweet moments in the life of your family.

Export your family history in PDF file format to share with family and friends.

You can add a title, a cover image and a table of contents, set the order of the pages, protect your PDF file, and much more.

18 August 2009

UncleGED 10.01

Web Publishing - Windows - Freeware

UncleGED 10.01 has been released.


• Added new feature to create descendant outline pages for selected individuals.
• Fixed issue with individual’s title not appearing anywhere.
• Fixed issue with stray period appearing after Death event.
• Fixed issue with banner size still being fixed on Chrono page.
• Fixed issue with census date and place associated with family record not appearing.
• Fixed issue where stats page link on TOC was sometimes incorrect.


Full Featured - Mac - Purchase

GEDitCOM II 1.1 has been released.


• AppleScripting Improvements
- A new script called "Create Web Site" will create a complete web site from any file. This script was made possible by some of the AppleScripting features listed below.
- When scripts are run in GEDitCOM II, a new panel appears. The script can optionally post progress information to the panel and report results when the script is done (all provided scripts were revised to use this new feature). Furthermore, if the script has an error, the error message will appear in the panel; previously the error message was writing to the Console app and was easy to miss.
- versionNumber and betaNumber properties of GEDitCOM II application can be checked to verify the running version can run the current script.
- parent families and spouse families of individual records can be read to get list of references to those family records.
- Some new commands (date today, sdn range, date format, and date text) are available for date processing.
- A new display function tells the index window to display any desired records and optionally sort them by an available column.
- A safe html command is useful for formatting text for inclusion in web sites.
- A notify progress command lets a script post the fraction completed in the new GEDitCOM II AppleScript panel.
- A copyFile command can copy a multimedia object file to a new location.
- A life span property for an individual will return life span such as "1834-1898."
- The event date property will look for a date information subordinate to a structure.
- When creating a new record, you can now specify it's GEDCOM ID.
- Previously, many commands could only be used in "tell" blocks for certain objects. Now all commands that deal with generic calculations (e.g., date parts and many of the new commands) work with all GEDitCOM II objects.

• User Interaction Improvements

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FamilyInsight 2009.8.12.0

Other Tools - Windows, Mac - Purchase

FamilyInsight 2009.8.12.0 has been released.


• Added Reserved Icon for temples status.
• Added Icons for Reserve Ordinances and Ordinance Tracker on the toolbar.
• Added additional files to the Help.
• Fixed handling a very large number or reserved ordinances.
• Fixed problem saving "in progress", "submitted", and "on hold" status.
• Fix colors of or grayed out ordinance boxes for some in Ordinance Tracker.
• Fixed a problem where searches on a few individuals would stall and not let you synchronize.
• Fixed a crash which sometimes happened when starting from PAF for the first time each day.

Bee Docs' Timeline 2.8

Timeline - Mac - Purchase

Bee Docs' Timeline 2.8 has been released.


• Improved: Images dragged in from 3rd party applications will be automatically scaled appropriately to improve rendering times, document size, and application stability.
• Fixed: Events with the exact same date and time will no longer swap positions randomly.
• Fixed: Events without start dates will no longer freeze 3D mode.
• Fixed: Dragging an event onto itself no longer replaces the event image.
• Fixed: Events can now be dragged between documents.

17 August 2009

GeneaNet: Link A Document To Your Online Family Tree

Did you know that you can link a document to your online family tree? Not only yours, but also a document uploaded by any GeneaNet user!

Activate Document Linking

Go to "My GeneaNet > Online Records > Link to my family tree" and select the "Activate Document Linking" option.

relier1.jpg When deactivating document linking, the existing links will not be removed.

Link A Document To Your Family Tree

Go to your online family tree, log on as "wizard", select an individual, then click on "Add Record/Register" (former "Associate a Document").

GeneaNet - ajouter un acte à son arbre
This open a new pop-up window showing all the documents you have uploaded for the surname of the selected individual.

To link a document indexed to another surname or a document uploaded by another GeneaNet user, just fill in the "Search another document" form.

You can link any document to your family tree, even if the individual doesn't appear on it.

When submitted, reload the individual page. A new section named "Associated documents" show the documents you have linked to the individual.


15 August 2009

Vandals Strike At Historic Priory In Scotland

Historic Scotland suspects a gravestone at Beauly Priory in the Highlands was broken in a "mindless act" of vandalism.

Masonry experts from the organisation's technical conservation group will assess the damage to the stone in the grounds of the ruined church.

The priory was built for Valliscaulian monks - an order of the Catholic church - at Beauly, near Inverness, in 1230.

Part of the building was later rebuilt in the 1530s.

Source & Full Story

Mass Polish Reburial Of War Dead

The remains of more than 2,000 people discovered in Poland's largest mass grave from World War II have been reburied in a military cemetery.

Polish and German officials presided over the ceremony at a cemetery for German soldiers in north-west Poland, near the border between the countries.

The victims are believed to be German civilians who died in the last months of the conflict, in early 1945.

The mass grave was discovered in the Polish city of Malbork last October.

Source & Full Story

13 August 2009

Legacy Family Tree

Full Featured - Windows - Purchase

Legacy Family Tree has been released.


• Forms - Census of England and Wales, 1911 has been added.
• Forms - Census of Ireland, 1911 (Forms A and N) have been added.
• Search - Added new "This Couple Did Not Marry" to the Marriage Detailed search.
• Sources - In the Source Detail, there is now a "Today’s Date" button next to the Date Accessed field.
• Expand/Contract Locations - If USA is on the end and you select the option to Add ", United States" then we now change ", USA" to ", United States". In the past you had to remove the USA and then add the United States.
• Help - The help file was updated a little.
• Sources - In the Source Detail, we now separate the "required" fields of a citation from the optional surety level, etc. to make it easier to know what information belongs to the citation.
• US County Verification - A few updates and changed were made to the US Historical County database.
• Master Temple List - Selecting a Temple Name and then clicking on Show List was causing an SQL error. Fixed.
• Potential Problems Report - Fixed two text overwriting problems.
• Source Template Screen - Scrolling down from the bottom of the field list would sometimes blank out notes, and a couple other fields. Fixed.
• Sources - On some reports the source bibliography was being overwritten. Fixed.
• Web Pages - We now remove diacritics from the filenames of the names and surnames web pages.

Family Tree Builder 4.0

Full Featured - Windows - Freeware

Family Tree Builder 4.0 has been released.

Some of the innovations and improvements:

• Maps: Stunning geographic displays of where your family came from or lives today.
• Photo albums: The best way to organize media files of the whole family.
• Slideshow and screen saver: Showcase your photo collections.
• Family Toolbar: Features the world's first Family Chat and gives direct access to your family sites.

GENP 3.0 beta

Full Featured - Windows - Purchase

GENP 3.0 beta has been released.

Some of the new features:

• Now supports Vista and Windows 7.
• New GenBase Wizard. Allows for the straight forward setting up of a new database.
• New demo databases. Three more demo databases showcasing support of linking and our extensive date support.
• More reports.
• History. Stores and displays the people as you move around your database.
• More Timelines all fully integrated into the system.

Early Advertising of the West, 1867-1918

The Early Advertising of the West collection consists of over 450 print advertisements published in local magazines, city directories, and theater pamphlets from 1867 to 1918. These advertisements were selected and digitized in order to help researchers and students examine social, cultural and economic trends during this period. The collection is categorized into thematic groups and features advertisements about health care and hygiene products, liquor, tobacco, machinery, manufacturing, transportation, fashion, food and household goods and local tourism.

The information for the Early Advertising of the West collection was researched and prepared by the UW Libraries Special Collections Division in 2008. The advertisements in this database were selected from materials from various book and theater program collections held at the UW Libraries Special Collections Division.

10 August 2009

DNA Tests Begin To Identify Fromelles Dead From Mass Grave

DNA tests will begin this week on the remains of hundreds of British and Australian soldiers killed in the First World War's Battle of Fromelles.

Between 250 and 300 bodies have been discovered in mass graves in northern France, where they were buried by German forces after the disastrous 1916 battle.

The soldiers' remains are being exhumed and will be laid to rest with full military honours in individual graves at a new Commonwealth War Graves Commission cemetery.

A full programme of DNA testing will be carried out in an attempt to establish the identities of the bodies and notify relatives.

Source & Full Story

Pajek - Program for Large Network Analysis 1.25

GEDCOM Tools - Windows - Freeware

Pajek - Program for Large Network Analysis 1.25 has been released.


• Attraction rates added to report of relaxed balance procedures.
• Diamonds in GreyScale added to Export matrix to EPS.
• Vector/Make 2-Mode Network added.
• Vector/Transform/Invert added.
• Operations/Vector/Vector#Network generalized to 2-mode networks.
• Operations/Vector/Network*Vector generalized to 2-mode networks.
• Average Degree added to Info/Network/General.
• Saving network presented in Ore graph to GEDCOM file implemented. Ore graph must be stored in format defined by Klaus Hamberger: 1-Wi.Hu , 2-Mo.Da, 3-Mo.So, 4-Fa.Da, 5-Fa.So. Example. The other possible format is Pajek Ore graph: 1-Fa.Ch, 2-Mo.Ch, 3-Hu-Wi (edge), or 1-Pa.Ch, 3-Hu-Wi (edge).
• Binary partition containing vertices on Critical path added as result of CPM.
• Partitions/Merge implemented.

MacFamilyTree 5.6.1

Full Featured - Mac - Purchase

MacFamilyTree 5.6.1 has been released.


• Performance improvements for all Charts.
• Resizing problem for OpenGL based charts fixed.
• A bug preventing picture record using the integrated iSight has been fixed.
• Fixes in the Database Maintenance Pane.
• Person Merge enhanced.
• Many bugfixes for the upload and MobileMe upload.

LongFamilyHistory 2.5.1

Full Featured - Windows - Purchase

LongFamilyHistory 2.5.1 has been released.


• New function: Find duplicates.
• Some bugs fixed in the "Merge Persons" function.

Family History System 2.0

Full Featured - Windows - Shareware

Family History System 2.0 has been released.


• Modified FHSWIN to add GEDC and VERS lines to an exported GEDCOM file when using LDSv55 rules.

Cognatio 1.4.3

Full Featured - Windows - Freeware

Cognatio 1.4.3 has been released.


• Fixes certain import issues.

Cem-Editor 2.1.0005a

Transcriptions & Indexes - Windows - Purchase

Cem-Editor 2.1.0005a has been released.


• Unreported installation error: An error on Windows Vista Systems "c:\windows\system32\stdole2.tlb unable to register..." was occuring after the update to Inno 5.2.3 -- This error only occured during setup and the setup could be continued without problems by choosing to ignore the error. This is only a setup error and the actual program features have not changed. If version 2.1.0005 is already running on your system then it is not necessary to download this update.

New: The GeneaNet Search Engine Has Been Improved

The GeneaNet Search Engine has been improved and a demo version is available during the month of August. Please let us know if you find some bugs or problems...

You can also access the demo version by clicking the "Try our New Search Engine" link at the upper right corner of the Search Results Lists (see image below).

GeneaNet now offers several methods of searching in a unique search form to allow users to more easily and efficiently locate their ancestors in the GeneaNet database.

The results are now first listed by category:

- Online Family Tree (Collaborative Data)
- Archive (Certificates and Transcriptions)
- Library (Digitized Books, Magazines and Armorials)
- Other Source (Miscellaneous Documents)

Just click any of these categories to access the search results list.

Try the new GeneaNet Search Engine

8 August 2009

Scroll Britannia: The UK’s First Road Map

This extraordinary map, dating from 1675, details The Road From LONDON to the LANDS END Comencing at the Standard in Cornhill and Extending to Senan in Cornwall. It was made by IOHN OGILBY Esq[ui]r[e] his Ma[jes]ties Cosmographer and covers 308 miles and 3 furlongs (almost 500 km).

The life of John Ogilby (1600-1676) can be qualified without exaggeration as rather eventful. He freed his father from debtors’ prison by buying a winning lottery ticket, founded a dance school in London and later Dublin’s Theatre Royal, got shipwrecked on his return from Ireland, produced a very successful English verse transaltion of Virgil, lost all his property in the Great Fire of London (1666), and towards the end of his life managed to produce the Britannia Atlas (1675), considered to be the first road atlas of Britain.

Source & Full Story

7 August 2009

Korea, Russia to Exchange History Archives

South Korea and Russia agreed Thursday to exchange archives and expertise in future research regarding Korea in the 16th-20th centuries.

Kim Yong-deok, president of the Northeast Asian History Foundation, and Sergey Chernyavskiy, head of the Russian State Naval Archives, signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) in central Seoul to boost research cooperation.

The MOU is expected to facilitate studies particularly pertaining to the Russia's policies toward Korea in the last few centuries and the Russo-Japanese War.

Founded in 1724, the Russian State Naval Archives is one of the oldest in Russia, with a large possession of ancient documents and maps on Korea.

Source & Full Story

Thousands Mourn Britain’s Oldest Warrior

Harry Patch was past his 100th birthday before he began speaking out about the horrors he endured as a machine gunner in Flanders in World War I, when he survived the fighting at Ypres that was among the bloodiest in a war that took the lives of nearly 900,000 men from Britain and its colonies.

When Mr. Patch finally broke 80 years of silence, in the final decade of a life that was honored by thousands of mourners who gathered at his funeral on Thursday in this quiet cathedral town set in rolling green hills 140 miles west of London, his message was not the traditional story of valor and patriotism under fire. Rather, he took as his central themes the futility of war and the common humanity of soldiers who meet as enemies on the battlefield.

Source & Full Story

5 August 2009

Hiroshima, 64 Years Ago

Tomorrow, August 6th, marks 64 years since the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, Japan by the United States at the end of World War II. Targeted for military reasons and for its terrain (flat for easier assessment of the aftermath), Hiroshima was home to approximately 250,000 people at the time of the bombing. The U.S. B-29 Superfortress bomber "Enola Gay" took off from Tinian Island very early on the morning of August 6th, carrying a single 4,000 kg (8,900 lb) uranium bomb codenamed "Little Boy".

At 8:15 am, Little Boy was dropped from 9,400 m (31,000 ft) above the city, freefalling for 57 seconds while a complicated series of fuse triggers looked for a target height of 600 m (2,000 ft) above the ground. At the moment of detonation, a small explosive initiated a super-critical mass in 64 kg (141 lbs) of uranium. Of that 64 kg, only .7 kg (1.5 lbs) underwent fission, and of that mass, only 600 milligrams was converted into energy - an explosive energy that seared everything within a few miles, flattened the city below with a massive shockwave, set off a raging firestorm and bathed every living thing in deadly radiation. Nearly 70,000 people are believed to have been killed immediately, with possibly another 70,000 survivors dying of injuries and radiation exposure by 1950. Today, Hiroshima houses a Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum near ground zero, promoting a hope to end the existence of all nuclear weapons.

Source, Full Story & 34 Pictures

Cognatio 1.4.2

Full Featured - Windows - Freeware

Cognatio 1.4.2 has been released.


• Debug messages are no longer displayed during import.

4 August 2009

Parish Locator Program 3.0#013

Other Tools - Windows - Freeware

Parish Locator Program 3.0#013 has been released.


• Release notes are not yet available.

GedSpy 0.7c

GEDCOM Tools - Windows - Purchase

GedSpy 0.7c has been released.


• Started working on language support.

MyBlood 1.0 beta 3.01

Full Featured - Windows, Mac - Purchase

MyBlood 1.0 beta 3.01 has been released.


• Bug fix: Drag and drop of images and import of Media was broken because of the multidocument modifications.

The Complete Genealogy Builder 2009 build 90804

Full Featured - Windows - Shareware

The Complete Genealogy Builder 2009 build 90804 has been released.


• Maintenance release incorporating changes to reporter module; see revision history for The Complete Genealogy Reporter.

The Complete Genealogy Reporter 2009 build 90804

Family Books - Windows - Shareware

The Complete Genealogy Reporter 2009 build 90804 has been released.


• Fixed: Occasional spurious commas in reports containing ages.
• Fixed: Occasional erroneous inclusion of special notes containing undefined tag information (when used from within The Complete Genealogy Builder).

3 August 2009

Your GeneaNet Online Family Tree Forum

When using the Expert Online Family Tree (GeneWeb), visitors can post a message in your personal family tree forum.

You can now enable/disable this forum at any time from the page "My GeneaNet > Online Family Tree > Personalize > Home Page".

By clicking on the icon at the top left of any user's online family tree (see image below) you can post a message in their forum and an email will be automatically send.

Remember that when you create a new GeneaNet account, the default family tree edit mode is the Basic one.You must go to "My GeneaNet > Online Family Tree > Advanced Options" to switch to the Expert edit mode (GeneWeb).

1 August 2009

Family Tree Maker 2010 - Presell

Full Featured - Windows - Purchase

The Presell of Family Tree Maker 2010 has been announced.

New Features:

• Easy family tree download from – Import your family tree, along with attached photos.
• Improved organization – Enjoy new ways to organize photos and other media.
• Slideshows – Create slideshows from photos in your tree.
• Family books – Publish beautiful keepsakes and books to share with friends and family.
• Standard source templates – Cite the right information every time.
• A new person view – View relationships within the context of your entire family tree.
• Scanner support – Add photos directly from your scanner.
• Family migration paths – View timelines and interactive maps highlighting events and places in your ancestors’ lives.
• Better Performance – Experience faster load times and navigation.

The Day The Oldest Man Was Born

British World War I veteran Henry Allingham, until recently the world's oldest man, was buried on Thursday. The headlines about the day he was born, 113 years ago, give a fascinating insight into life in the late 19th Century.

On the day Henry Allingham's death was announced, swine flu, Moon landings and Michael Jackson were among the topics that ranked highly among readers of the BBC News website. They are subjects which could hardly have been imagined 113 years earlier, when Henry William Allingham emerged into the world.

Mr Allingham had lived through momentous events that many of us associate more with history books than breaking news stories - the death of Queen Victoria, the sinking of the Titantic, the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, which triggered World War I.

Source & Full Story