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31 July 2008

GeneaNet: Print Family Tree Charts and Lists

GeneaNet offers family tree printing on a number of genealogy charts and lists.

Print a Page of your Online Family Tree

A direct link to your browser print function is available at the top of your online family tree pages.

GeneaNet - imprimer sur son Arbre en Ligne
Print a Family Tree List in PDF Format

Select an individual and click on "Ancestors" at the bottom of the page to build your ancestors list (number of generations, siblings, notes, etc.)

Click on the "List" button at the top of the screen to export your list in a PDF file format.

GeneaNet - imprimer sur son Arbre en LignePrint a Family Tree Chart

Click on the "Chart" button at the top of the screen to print a family tree chart:

- color, 4 generations

- black & white, 8 generations

- PDF and PNG file format

- With or without a background image

GeneaNet - imprimer sur son Arbre en Ligne

30 July 2008

GeneaNet Email Alert

GeneaNet Alerts are emails automatically sent to you when there are new results for your family history research

To receive a weekly email aggregate of the latest entries that contain the surnames and places of your choice, fill in the search form and click on the "Search" button.

GeneaNet - les alertes simples
At the bottom of the search results page, click on the "Subscribe to the Newsletter" button.

GeneaNet - les alertes simples
You can edit or remove your alerts, and view the new entries for each of them.

GeneaNet - les alertes simples
Click on the "Email Alert" item of the menu to open your email alert page.

GeneaNet - les alertes simples

21 July 2008

GeneaNet: Tag cloud of most popular surnames

Create your own tag cloud of most popular surnames from your family tree to visualize surname frequency.

The tag cloud will be shown on your public contact page and is clickable.

To edit your tag cloud, go to "My GeneaNet > Account > Public Contact Page > Tag cloud of most popular surnames".

You can display up to 25 surnames, and you can remove some unwanted surnames or add some uncommon ones .

 [ View your Public Page Contact

3 July 2008

New: Annotate Pictures in your Family History Book!

GeneaNet Club Privilege members can now annotate pictures in their family history book.

This will help you to identify family members and ancestors, tell about places where photos were taken, and comment sweet moments in the life of your family.

To create/edit your family history book, log in as "wizard" on your online family tree, then click on the "Family history book" button.

GeneaNet - la chronique familiale
Your family history book can be a few pages or hundreds.

New: Annotate pictures

To insert an image into a your family history book, first move the cursor to the location in the document that you want the picture, and then click on the "Image" button.

GeneaNet - la chronique familialeSelect your image file, resize the picture if needed and select the "Allow Notes" option.

GeneaNet - la chronique familiale
The code is added to your family history book. Click "OK" to confirm and view the image.

GeneaNet - la chronique familiale
Click on the "Add a note" tab and drag the frame to the location that you want the note. Then enter the title and the text of your note.

GeneaNet - la chronique familiale
You can add as many notes as you need, and you can edit/remove/hide your notes.

The notes are automatically displayed when the mouse moves over the picture.

GeneaNet - la chronique familiale