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30 April 2008

Backup Your Data

For anyone who uses a computer on a regular basis, data backup is very important. Your GeneaNet data is backed up on solid state backup servers in our secure data center, but what if you accidentally remove individuals from your family tree?

To export your family tree, select My GeneaNet : Online Family Tree : Save.

GeneaNet - Sauvegarder ses données
Export your complete family tree:

Available file formats are:

GW: GeneWeb File Format. Only if GeneWeb has been installed on your computer or if you only need a data backup.

GED: GEDCOM File Format. If you want to share you data or import it in a genealogy software.

ZIP: Zipped GEDCOM File Format.

Export a family line:

GeneaNet - Sauvegarder ses données
You can export the ancestors or the descendants of any individual.

Type in the name and first name as they appear on your online family tree or the GeneWeb number of the individual.

To find out the GeneWeb number, log in to your online family tree as Wizard, then click on the "Update Individual" link. Full name and GeneWeb number will be shown at the top of the individual page.

GeneaNet - Sauvegarder ses données
GeneaNet - Sauvegarder ses données
GeneaNet - Sauvegarder ses données

29 April 2008

GEDmill 1.10.3

GEDmill 1.10.3 has been released.


• Added option to exclude byte-order-mark (BOM) from generated UTF-8 files.
• Pages are valid XHTML.
• Improved sorting of international characters in index page.

Transcript 2.2.0 build 69

Transcript 2.2.0 build 69 has been released.


• Some small interface changes and tweaks in Options so that there is more space for translations.

Version 2.3 is expected sometime in May 2008.

Brother’s Keeper 6.2.74

Brother’s Keeper 6.2.74 has been released.


• The report: Lists, Locations with Events has a new option to not show the BK code numbers.
• Other, Reasonable check, will ingore ending ) for a date. So if born date is (cir 1800) then ignore the ) at end so that it computes the correct age.
• GEDCOM export, if option is set to exclude data for living people, and if born and died are both blank for a person, then it looks at spouses, children, or parents birth date to make an estimate as to age of person.
• On some reports like the Tree and Box charts where you can press ALT+F5 to set the paper size, you can now also use ALT+SHIFT+F5 or CTRL+SHIFT+F5 since ALT+F5 was not working on some computers.


• File, Utility, Global search and replace, Pictures, a change was made to help it change pictures attached to sources (might not have been working for everyone).
• On the Indented Book report, if making an RTF file, the words (see children above) were being indexed, but should not have been.
• On the Indented Book report, if making an RTF file, and if picked the option for Henry numbers and No Indents it was still doing indents.

PhpGedView 4.1.5

PhpGedView 4.1.5 has been released.


• Standardised interface to CMS applications such as Joomla, Drupal, Postnuke, etc.
• Add “Painting” and “Other” to supported sortable media types on Lightbox-Album page.
• Add “Painting” and “Other” to supported media types.
• Highligh fathers who die before their child is born.
• Option to show estimated birth/death dates on indi lists.


• Unknown names print without the (unknown) text.
• Error in Hebrew Date Editing.
• Privacy Warning on View GEDCOM for Media Even for Admin.
• Edit link in Quick Update does not work.
• Quick Update Links to wrong GEDCOM.
• PGSQL: Syntax-error in functions_db.php.
• FACT/TYPE not being checked for privacy rules when editing raw GEDCOM.
• Remove dependencies on record prefixes.
• Extra checks against reusing record IDs.
• GEDCOM Stats block: incorrect block title.
• Use stats class to calculate stats.
• Stats block counting records from other GEDCOMs.
• Relationship Chart nth Cousin Calculation Issue.
• Temp Fix for Lightbox giving errors when GoogleMaps not installed.
• placelist.php Level Issue On Language Change For Some Themes.
• Yahrzeiten Block in IE7 gives an Error.
• uploadmedia.php : undefined index “folder1″.
• Account Approval Email not sent to Admin.
• Move “maternal-death” style to stylesheet.
• MyGedView Portal Menu Showing even for Non-Logged In Users.
• Wrong GEDCOM record updated when syncing email changes to GEDCOM.
• Wrong names in search list for several GEDCOMs.
• Weak randomly-generated passwords.
• Logout sometimes goes to PGV site in SourceForge.

MacFamilyTree 5.1.6

MacFamilyTree 5.1.6 has been released.


• Several localization fixes for all languages.
• Minor bug fixes.

28 April 2008

Scientists find 17 descendants of ‘iceman’ found in glacier

Scientists have found 17 living relatives of a centuries-old “iceman,” whose remains were discovered in a melting glacier in northern British Columbia nine years ago.

The remains of a young aboriginal man were found frozen inside a glacier in the Champagne-Aishihik territory in August 1999. Scientists gave the man the nickname Kwaday Dan Ts’inchi, which means “long-ago person found” in the southern Tutchone language.

DNA testing has now connected the iceman to a number of people living in the Champagne and Aishihik First Nations in the North. The results were unveiled Friday at a science conference in Victoria, where all aspects of the discovery are being discussed.

Scientists believe Kwaday Dan Ts’inchi was a hunter, who lived roughly 300 years ago — but possibly longer. He appeared to be in good health when he, for some reason, died an accidental death on the glacier.

Continue reading...

24 April 2008

JGen (Joomla Genealogy Database) 0.9.72

JGen (Joomla Genealogy Database) 0.9.72 has been released.


• Fixed bug where tabs are not shown in Joomla 1.5.x

23 April 2008

Second Site 2.1 build 10

Second Site 2.1 build 10 has been released.


• Added the Code: CENTER and Code: LIND sections to the Stylesheets.System section so users can easily control the formatting of text that is wrapped by TMG’s printer codes for centering text ([CENTER:][:CENTER]) and left-indenting ([LIND:][:LIND]) text.


• Fixed a bug where text in the Extra Content property in a Custom Page User Item would cause Second Site to crash when opening the Custom Page User Item.
• Fixed a bug that broke the [SIZE:] and [:SIZE] printer codes when used in a sentence (as opposed to in a memo, where they worked properly).

Sudan Begins Key Census Despite Difficulties

Sudan shut down for its first census in 15 years, a milestone in the peace deal that ended Africa's longest civil war but clouded in dispute threatening to undermine the accord further.

In the 2005 agreement signed by the former warring north and south, the two-week census is crucial to prepare constituencies for national elections and confirm or adjust the wealth and power-sharing ratios in central government.

But the undeveloped south has refused to be bound by the results and rebels in Darfur will boycott the count, both accusing the Arab north of manipulating the census to maximise its control and marginalise the African majority.

Khartoum, assisted greatly by the United Nations, says it has prepared the most comprehensive population count ever held in Sudan, almost constantly engulfed in civil war since independence from Britain in 1956.

"The planning and field work in the south has been the best possible... They have every enumerator in place and (we have) the international resources to get the best possible census," said Yasin Haj Abdin, director of the central bureau of statistics.

Around 60,000 enumerators, monitored by 200 observers, will count the estimated 40 million population, costing Sudan and the international community 103 million dollars.

The central bureau of statistics expects census results as early as September, but other officials have quoted Christmas as a more realistic date.

22 April 2008

Family Tree Maker 2008 SP 3 soon to be released

Family Tree Maker 2008 Service Pack 3 will soon be released.

Enhancements/New features:

• Major enhancements to performance, improvements including: Startup time, File load time, Report/Chart creation time, General navigation, Memory usage.
• Major enhancements to stability throughout the program.
• Book layout in charts for: Descendant Chart, Hourglass Chart, Vertical Pedigree Chart.
• Ability to create saved versions for all charts and reports.
• Ability to apply predefined templates for charts.
• Ability to save user created templates for charts.
• Enhancements to place interactions, including: New Change Place Name dialog allowing for easier changing of place name and description information, Double-clicking and right clicking additions to the Places workspace.
• New Find-and-Replace dialog with additional ability to search with wildcards and to specify where to search in and enhanced information showing where the item was found.
• Major enhancements to the Analyze/Compact file functionality.

• Outline Descendant report has Items to Include options.
• Inclusion of Married Name AKA and Titles.
• Automatic simple backup at shutdown.
• Ability to turn off place authority searching when entering place names.
• Enhancements to the RTF export.
• Ability to add nodes in charts to a “Marked Node” category and modify box settings for these nodes.
• Preparer Information in the footer for charts.
• Options to include spouses and children in filtering and exporting of people.

Major enhancements to Sources including:

• Copy and paste source-citations. After copying (from source-citation dialog or sources toolbar), you can paste a duplicate source-citation or a link to the existing one via the “New” source menu.
• Ability to copy source-citation at creation for pasting.
• Double-clicking on a source title in the “Sources” workspace displays the “Edit Source Title” dialog for easier editing of sources in this view.
• Double-clicking on a repository in the “Sources” workspace displays the “Edit Repository” dialog for easier editing of repositories in this view.
• Right-mouse menus have been added to the left panel.
• The “Repository” dialog is resizable.
• The “Source Title” dialog includes a usage button that displays usage for that source (This is redundant in the “Source” workspace, but useful elsewhere).
• The “Source Title” dialog is resizable.
• The “Source-Citation” dialog is resizable.
• The “Source-Citation” dialog includes a reference to the number of linked facts.
• Addition of a copy button (see copy and paste source-citations above).
• The option to “Link To Existing Source-Citation” is changed to “Use Existing Source-Citation.” Then there are two buttons in the resulting “Find Source-Citation” dialog. After finding and selecting a source-citation the user can choose “Link To Citation” or “Copy New Citation”. The link option does the same as “OK” did before and the new copy option adds another easy way to create a duplicate source-citation.
• Performance when listing by people is greatly improved.
• The “View by” setting is remembered so that if you view by source title for example, it comes up that way the next time.
• Left and right panels are sized proportionally when the dialog is resized.

List of some of the higher priority bugs that have been fixed:


• Made default settings more like FTM 16 default settings.
• Changes made in Box, Border, and Line Options don’t force a chart reload unless necessary.
• Export to image decreases the resolution (DPI) of the image if the image is very large.
• Charting uses less memory.
• Charting draws faster.
• Saved chart dates and times work for international dates.
• The User Interface recognizes metric regions and sizes are shown in centimeters or millimeters for Metric regions.
• Improved drawing and scaling of the “Advanced” layout for Standard Pedigree charts in Poster layout.
• Background colors stay in synchronization which background images changes and vice-versa.
• Facts that are description centric, such as AKA, now default to options that are meaningful.
• Miscellaneous UI changes such as hiding the “Advanced” button when in book layout or not in Standard Pedigree charts.
• Improved loading time for Box, Border, and Line Options dialog, Fonts Dialog, and Page Setup.
• Improved pedigree line drawing for special conditions such as parent node smaller than child node in a Standard Pedigree.
• Improved the restoring of node sizes on reload or opening a saved chart.
• File dialog restores to last directory used.
• Quick Print Dialog did not have the correct values in the header control.
• Selected nodes in charts have “more emphasis” to show that they are selected.
• Improved displaying of all Shared Facts.
• Improved drawing speed and memory usage for pedigree lines in the pedigree chart.
• Improved drawing of pedigree lines in the pedigree chart by calculating the overlap and thus finding a new “center” point.
• The “fact” or divider line can now be a different color and width than the pedigree line. This makes it possible to do some nice contrast inside of the person node.
• If a fact is changed it is picked up in the chart. The chart doesn’t reload and often the fact change is such that this doesn’t matter. If the chart does need to be regenerated there is now a generate button too.
• Saving of POSTER size images of all types of charts. (Export Image).
• Gradient node fill ability. Note that some printers can’t handle gradient and transparent at the same time.
• Throttle the chart size after 14 generations for Pedigree charts in poster layout. All other charts have a 99 generation limit now. Charts over 13 generations will set the spacing to collapsed.


• RTF output is not easily editable.
• Photo album excludes non-image media items.
• Title includes primary person automatically for some reports.
• Ahnentafel Report - blank lines between end notes.
• Ahnentafel Report - disappears when checking Use short biographies.
• Ahnentafel report - name and sex fact notes don’t display.
• Export to RTF, data fields are underlined.
• Individual Report - Name options don’t apply to all names.
• Outline Descendant Report - export to RTF includes weird characters.
• Outline Descendant Report - Items to include, include blank facts not working.
• Outline Descendant Report - name of focus person not in title.
• Place Usage Report - missing fact labels.
• Register Report - Also Known As not displaying correctly.
• Register Report - names in all caps.
• Register Report - not seeing Name fact note.
• Register Report and Ahnentafel Report - information repeating.
• eport Titles not updating.
• Spouse sorting in individual report is fixed.
• Civil and Canon values in Kinship report is fixed.
• Individual report sorting spouses incorrectly.
• Notes do not appear correctly in reports.
• Bold, Italic, & Underline in notes don’t appear in Individual Report.
• Photo album report – images per row setting not working.
• Documented Facts Report – non-preferred facts not appearing, their sources are.
• Photo Album Report - blanks out with non-image media items.
• Photo Album Report - sorting images (images are now sorted by caption and filename).
• Kinship Report - sorting individuals.
• Register Report - crash saving report.
• Research Note Report - not displaying bold, underline & italic in notes.
• Relationship Report not working in People module.
• Photo Album not working in People module.
• Individual report displays preferred name for all name facts.
• Fixed numbering problem in Outline Descendant report.

Find and Replace

• Clicking stop before results are found messes up what gets found and results in a crash.
• Can’t find words with punctuation at the end.
• Certain characters (<>) caused the found text to not be displayed.
• Crash navigating to people collection after “Go To” from find and replace.
• Change all place names dialog pops up even if there is only 1 fact associated with a place.
• Can click find and replace when there is no tree loaded.

Copy/Paste Sources

• Pasting Link/Copy to a source causes problems with the reference note.
• Pasting a duplicate source doesn’t copy the source note.
• Paste option not active on facts that have no data.
• Ability to copy source from Manage Source view added.

File Merge

• Marriage fact of preferred spouse was shown for all spouses in the host file.
• Improved people matching.
• File merge creates multiple relationships for the same person.
• FTM crashes when merging creates a recursive relationship (i.e. child is his own father).
• Improved matching accuracy and performance when files are derivatives of each other.

Web Merge

• Crash when changing a place name in web search and then merging.
• Clicking on “Create Page Archive” before Web Search is completely loaded crashes FTM.
• Source not added to sex fact if default merge settings were changed.
• Added drop-down to select a different source title when editing source.
• Web Merge Wizard dialog doesn’t display the correct instructions when merging images and notes (but no facts/people).
• Crash when editing a screen scraped place name and then trying to merge.
• Multiple copies of the same media being saved to the media folder when merging the same record multiple times.


• People filter updated to be more correct.
• Crash after compact then backing up fixed.
• GEDCOM export was doing certain fact types (description only, etc.).
• Export of living people no longer uses Living as their name. It keeps the name but hides all other facts.
• “Approximately” or “Approx.” should be recognized as “Abt.” for dates.
• Britain resolve place name selection of United Kingdom clears field.
• If the history is empty it shows the same names as index.
• Program crashes when you delete a person from the History panel.
• Edit source dialog/Reference note doesn’t display citation text when is should.
• Children sorting in family panel fixed.
• Change place name issues resolved (crashes when adding just description and other problems).
• Modified reference notes correctly imported.
• Scrolling problem in source list in person view.
• “Approximately” or “Approx.” now recognized as “Abt.” for dates.
• Relationship information now showing up in English installs in non-English speaking countries.
• Crash when merging two people together, sometimes.
• Crash when changing person’s name due to Operating System audio driver crash.
• Crash when adding sources – it may crash one more time, then on restart fix the problem.
• Crash when adding media types .gif and .ICO.
• Fixes to resolving place names without a city name.
• Non-preferred facts show up in reports.
• Problems importing sources from FTM 2005 files.
• Marriage data not showing in hourglass chart.
• Ahnentafel numbers are not correct.
• Export not working when “Include private Facts” deselected.
• Exporting a subset of people still includes all places, sources, etc.
• Resolve All Dialog doesn’t append to description it replaces the existing descry.
• Register Report shows same info for multiple spouses.
• Alternate names do not appear in the Family Group Sheet.
• Error importing v2005 file.
• Pressing the ESC key clears the data in a date or description field.
• AKA appears out of order in charts and reports.
• Media Item Report Export to .PDF not working correctly.
• Printing a Pedigree Chart from People isn’t working.
• Moving a place to a description then moves the description to the place.
• Pedigree, Descendant, Hourglass, & Vertical Pedigree Charts - settings not saved.
• Import of media caption and description is lost via PAF import.
• Source not always being added from Web Merge.
• Unknown dates not exporting to GEDCOM.
• Can’t delete project after running media report - media item held open.
• UNK should be recognized when entered as a date as Unknown.
• Importing GEDCOM file with normal tags.
• Duplicate people showing up in relationship view.

JGen (Joomla Genealogy Database) 0.9.71

JGen (Joomla Genealogy Database) 0.9.71 has been released.


• Frontend search-function added.

Simple Family Tree 1.31

Simple Family Tree 1.31 has been released.


• Changes photo data file format so individuals with same name can have their own photos.

21 April 2008

Google Wants to Index Your DNA, Too

Your DNA falls into the realm of “the world’s information,” and it seems that Google, as part of its corporate mission, is making a play to organize that, too. The Internet giant received heavy press in 2007 when it invested at least $4.4 million in a genetic screening company, 23andMe, that was started by Anne Wojcicki, the wife of Google co-founder Sergey Brin, and her business partner.

Google’s interest in DNA doesn’t end there. It is also putting money into a second Silicon Valley DNA-screening startup, Navigenics. The company is also backed by star venture capital firm Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers. For a spit of saliva and $2,500, your genetic test results are securely delivered to your computer screen with your genetic likelihood for 18 medical conditions, from Alzheimer’s to rheumatoid arthritis to several types of cancer. Navigenics aims to boost disease prevention by providing customers reports on their DNA that they can share with their doctors. The company addresses privacy concerns by encrypting customer identities, and screens only for conditions it deems to have scientifically sound genetic studies. The company also offers genetic counseling.

Much in the way it invested in 23andMe, Google wants to plant an early stake in a potentially large new market around genetic data. “We are interested in supporting companies and making investments in companies that [bolster] our mission statement, which is organizing the world’s information and making it universally accessible and useful,” Google spokesman Andrew Pederson says. Read the full story.

The Master Genealogist 7.01

The Master Genealogist 7.01 has been released.

New Features:

• An option to Initialize Repeat Files was added to the Files / Maintenance menu.
• Formatting codes were added for left indenting ([LIND:]) and centering ([CENTER:]) of text in word processor reports. See ‘Formatting codes’ in the help index.
• JournalIntro and JournalConclusion tag types were added to support text before and after the structured part of the Journal report. See the entries under the ‘Journal Report’ entry in the Help index.
• Filters were added to aid selection of people for DNA studies. (e.g., Is a Matrilineal Ancestor, Is not a Patrilineal Descendant, etc.). See ‘Filters for DNA Studies’ in the help index.

Changed Feature:

• The Repeat function for citations now always opens the Citation window with the last citation entered. Thereafter, you can press F3 on the Source Number field to repeat even earlier citations.

Fixed/Updated Features:

• An error could occur when a flag had been added to the Add Person template.
• Double-clicking in the citation field could give an error.
• In some cases, an ‘error building key for index’ error occurred when adding a person.
• The buttons at the right end of the Citation field could be hidden when using the v7 resizing method.
• The screen could be hidden when opened with the multiple monitor option selected in Preferences.
• Using F2 to select an unused ID# didn’t select the first available number.
• Other potential errors were fixed.

• An error occurred when trying to select a custom frame under certain conditions
• Corrected some labels on the Report Definition screen.
• Chart configuration - Some discrepencies between the default and reset configurations were resolved.

• Tag Box - Name tag labels were truncated to 14 characters of the possible 20-character length.o Details window didn’t size properly when stretched beyond a certain point.
• An error could occur when trying to navigate to a person using the Siblings window.o Associates, Children, Siblings windows - There were some issues with right-click menu options being available.
• An error occurred when a person had no primary parents and you right-clicked on the Mother or father label on the Person View and selected ‘Edit this Tag’.
• If you right-clicked in the Tag Box and selected ‘Add Tag’, there could be a problem scrolling the Master Tag Type list depending on where you had right-clicked.
• The date display was not refreshed in the Associates Windows when the Preferences date format was changed
• An Open dialog occurred when the program was started and the Project Explorer had been filtered the last session.
• Sort by ID# onthe Project Explorer was incorrect under some conditions such as after a data set merge until Validate File Integrity had been run.
• Use checkmarks option was not updated on the Window menu when the Associates window was added.

• The DNA Heritage template was updated with some label changes.
• The Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) template has HVR3 added.
• An Open dialog could occur when a new test was selected from the DNA log and the [Add] button clicked.
• Fixed various scrolling issues with DNA templates during data entry.

• An error was encountered after adding a WMV file.
• Drag and drop to the Exhibit Log didn’t work when the focus was something other than a person
• Insert new OLE didn’t work.
• The display of the ‘Exhibit output reordering’ checkmark in the right-click menu was backwards.
• Using the Windows application key opened an extra screen.
• When using the [Add] button, the file type selection should now be ‘remembered’.

• Buttons were hidden when the filter window was stretched.
• Filters - Some filters could be saved with an empty value field.

• Some icons were missing on the Research Suggestions from GenSmarts screen.
• The ‘&’ character in a user name blocked the functioning of the module.
• GenSmarts - Under WinVista, the CTRL+I feature should work with GenSmarts or later and TMG v7.00 or later.

• TMG4 import - Dates on Name-Marr tags were lost.
• TMG4 Import - With some TMG4 data sets, an error occurred that would prevent completion of the import.
• The default export path was not being used for the first use of some export file types.
• Export Sources and Source Types didn’t always point to the export folder specified in Preferences.
• Import Sources - Some of the exported data was not being imported.

• Welcome screen - Now has the focus when the program starts
• Center the current window - Error using this option when no windows were open.
• Center the current window - This option only worked with top-level windows rather than with all windows.
• Move up/down buttons - On several lists, the move up/down buttons were not always active or inactive when they should be.
• Relationship tag - F6 wouldn’t delete a citation.
• Master Repository List - Column headers didn’t stick when adjusted.
• Accent screen - Saving with F9 gave inconsistent results.
• Easy Search toolbar - Some issues with docking the toolbar were fixed.

• All legal characters (as specified by the operating system) can now be used in the layout names and in the layout comment field.
• Custom layouts were not available after a restore until you exited and restarted the program.

• The [Reset defaults…] button was doing more than it should.
• All settings on the New People tab weren’t being saved.
• Current Project Options. Places tab. Country names are now shown in the current language.
• The Associates window was added to the Item Tips tab.

• Individual Narrative report - Strange text appeared at the end of the report when output to HTML.
• Narrative reports - All text within the [SIZE:][:SIZE] format was printed in the “Courier New” font. The text will now be printed in the current text font.
• NarrativeChildren tag - Various issues were resolved
• Journal - The Options on the Tag tab for “born 1861″ and “b. 1861″ had no effect on the output on the ancestor report.
• Journal - The new [+] code didn’t work correctly in a child paragraph
• Journal - Checking “Suppress Details for Living persons” caused output problems in the “Children of ___ and ___ were as follows” statement when the children are flagged as living.
• List of Citations - An error occurred when the report was output in columnar mode and a place part was output.
• List of Names - Some incorrect labels were used on the Report Definition Screen.
• List of People - Errors occurred with the column width calculations when a report was output.
• List of People - The primary checkbox in the filter wasn’t working correctly.
• List of Sources - An error occurred if using the ‘Number of repositories = n’ filter.
• List of Sources - Outputting the report with a repository field included in the output columns gave an error.
• List of Sources - Problem specifying data set value in filters.
• Escape character - various issues with the escape character were fixed.
• An error and various issues with deleting/resetting report configurations were fixed in the Book Manager.

• The date format selected in Preferences wasn’t being used.
• When a tag has two or more witnesses assigned the same Role and the variable [R:rolename] was used in the sentence for that witness, the names of all the witnesses with that role were listed when only the current witness should be listed.
• Sentence preview could fail to refresh when the Principals are switched and auto recalc is off.

• Master Source List - Errors when cancelling a source were fixed.
• Source elements - There was an error when adding and double-clicking the list too rapidly.
• Source templates - Sensitivity braces in the “name” source elements caused the entire full footnote and short footnote to be empty.

• It was possible to create two primary tags of the same type.
• The display of dates with modifiers for witnesses was truncated
• When editing a source template, escaped text in square brackets was converted from lower to upper case when the field was saved.
• A manually created sort order of citations failed to ’stick’ under certain conditions.
• It was possible to close the Tag Entry screen with the Citation screen still open.
• The Sentence Structures screen had an issue when using v5/6 resizing.
• Sometimes a citation selected using the [Repeat last citation] button didn’t display until the tag was saved and re-opened.
• The Sentence screen right-click menu or Name tags contained some options that didn’t apply.
• With the v5/6 resizing option enabled, the Witness Add/Edit screen was ‘flashing’ when opened.
• Marriage tag - When edited to add a date, the tag could be changed to non-primary for one spouse.

• The last ‘List of folders for location’ path selected should now be ‘remembered’.
• On first use, When you add paths to VFI using the ‘List of folders for location’ option and click the [Add] button, the path was not opening using the Exhibits path specified in Preferences.

• Place information button - the GNIS and GNS links were updated.
• Web Place menu - the GNIS link was updated
• Web Other menu - All links were checked and updated as necessary

• Installer - Some fixes were made to the installer translations.
• Error - variable ‘LCS’ not found error was fixed.
• Move Person - Multiple source types of the same name would be created event when they were identical.
• Last Edited Date - The Last Edited Date is now updated immediately after a flag edit is saved.
• Relationship tag types - The rebuild all sentences button is now disabled
• Reminder window - When v5/6 resizing was used, the memo font setting was ignored and the Reminder text always displayed in 8 pt.
• Research Log - Comment text from an existing selected task would be copied to a new task.
• Research Task - ‘Paste Unformatted Text’ was added to right-click menu
• Shutdown - An error could occur under WinVista.
• Spell checker - Spaces were added to text being checked.
• State/Province Abbreviations - Couldn’t use ‘-’ character.
• Translated labels - Various issues of translated labels not displaying correctly were fixed.
• Tools menu - Checkmark appeared next to Text Editor when timelines were toggled on.
• Cue Cards - Some corrections were made and German translations were added
• German reminders for some source types were added (any existing reminders will not be overwritten)
• Some corrections were made to Tips and Hints
• Picklist - When adding a witness with the Picklist, if a non-primary name is selected, the ID of the person will be selected and the specific name variation will be automatically selected in the list of name variations (if in Advanced Data Entry mode).
• Edit menu - The ‘Filter the Project Explorer’ option will be disabled when the Project Explorer is not open.
• After encountering an error during backup, a successful backup message occurred when the backup was not successful.
• Custom Toolbar Manager - In some cases, buttons were not being selected from the correct Buttons folder.

Osk 4.31.0

Osk 4.31.0 has been released.


• Much faster in displaying data.
• Much faster picture handling.
• Descendant report can display much more generations.
• Now displays more parents information.
• Now shows all parents children.
• Each parent child is specially marked on relation.

LongFamilyHistory 1.4.1

LongFamilyHistory 1.4.1 has been released.

New features:

• Print Charts.
• Print Person Sheet.

Transcript 2.2.0 build 68

Transcript 2.2.0 build 68 has been released.


• Several tweaks to the special chars dialog: closing dialog after inserting a char is now default, the list of character encodings now resembles that of MS Word.
• Removed menu item “Reload autoreplacements list” because it’s not needed anymore now we’re using sqlite for storing autoreplacements.
• Trying to open a non RTF file in Text File Open (not Import) would do nothing and gave no error message. Now it uses Import file when it’s not an rtf file.
• Updated the Dutch language file (not included) and sent the French and German language files to the translators.
• Several tweaks to the code.

18 April 2008

Feds Charge California Woman With Stealing IDs From the Dead

Federal prosecutors this week charged a Southern California woman with aggravated identity theft and other crimes for allegedly using a popular genealogy research website to locate people who had recently died, and then taking over their credit cards.

Tracy June Kirkland, 42, allegedly used to find the names, Social Security numbers and birth dates of people who, shall we say, had no further need for their consumer credit lines. She then "would randomly call various credit card companies to determine if the deceased individual had an … account," according to the 15-count indictment filed in federal court in Los Angeles Tuesday.

She'd then persuade the issuer to change the mailing address for the dead victim to one of her many rented mail drops in Orange and Riverside counties, and in some cases she'd add her own name as an authorized user of the card, prosecutors say.

At least 100 of the dearly departed were allegedly used in the scheme, which prosecutors say began in October 2005 and continued until last month. The indictment charges that Kirkland obtained various unspecified goods and cash advances.

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FotoTagger 2.10

FotoTagger 2.10 has been released.


• FotoTagger can now display your tags in a form of balloons.

MacFamilyTree 5.1.5

MacFamilyTree 5.1.5 has been released.


• Web Site Export fixed.
• Quickstart Guide splited for different languages (Full Manual is forthcoming).
• Fan Chart can now display ancestors and descendants.
• Minor fixes.

16 April 2008

New: Search Results Page Icons, Tutorials & Personalized Online Family Tree Home Page

Search Results Page Icons

Nouveau sur GeneaNet
For each item in a search results page, GeneaNet displays specific icon:

Nouveau sur GeneaNet : Online Family Tree

Nouveau sur GeneaNet : Picture

Nouveau sur GeneaNet: Record

Nouveau sur GeneaNet : Register

Nouveau sur GeneaNet : Collection GeneaNet (Free for Club Privilege Members)

Nouveau sur GeneaNet : Limited Access

Clicking an icon takes Club Privilege Members to the data entry and other users to the contact page.


Our new interactive video tutorial helps you learn to build your online family tree.

Personalized Online Family Tree Home Page

With this new feature you can add image to your online family tree home page.

Club Privilege Members only.

Nouveau sur GeneaNet

15 April 2008

Second Site 2.1 build 9

Second Site 2.1 build 9 has been released.


• Added thumbnail options to the SubPage Picture User Item.
• Added support for TMG’s [SIZE:] and [:SIZE] printer codes.
• Added the Format.Show Principal Role Name and Format.Show Witness Role Name properties to control the display of role names with the tag label in Formats that show the tag label.
• Added properties in the Dates section to control the format of spouse lifespans in the family section of person page entries.
• Replaced the Show Legend property in all Chart User Items with a Legend Position property that supports suppressing the Chart legend, placing it at the top of the chart, at the bottom, or at the top and bottom.
• Added the “None” choice to the “Menu” property of the SubPage User Item to make it more convenient for users to make SubPages that are not linked directly from one of the site menus.
• Added the “Clear” pull-down menu to the Heading, Picture, and Text User Items to allow users to control the flow of items that follow floated content such as left-aligned or right-aligned pictures.
• Added the Transform() function to support user-specified XSLT transformations for custom pages.


• Changed the implementation of the SubPage image-related styles to make the alignment of the box that contains the image more precise; this change should be transparent to all users except in some cases where in previous versions text did not align precisely with the top of an adjacent left- or right-aligned image.
• Replaced the Timeline converter application (tlconvert.exe) with a new version that is compatible with TMG v7 timeline files.
• Changed the implementation of the Link User Item to avoid adding the “.htm” extension for PDF files.


• Fixed a problem where VCF charts could not be imported if TMG v7 was the only version of TMG installed.
• Fixed a problem where the primary image icon was not suppressed in custom indexes even if the person was living and Suppress Details for Living People was selected.
• Fixed errors in the System styles “Name: Prefix” and “Name: PreSurname” styles that prevented those styles from being applied properly.
• Fixed a problem with Timeline Charts where right arrows (”>”) were appearing in the output.

Transcript 2.2.0 build 67

Transcript 2.2.0 build 67 has been released.


• Added the possibility to insert special chars/symbols (registered users only).
• Copy image selection into a separate window (registered users only).
• XP/Vista Manifest now included in exe.
• Several small changes of the working of the toolbars.
• Added option to visually see the progress of the amount of images you have done in the toolbar. The imagefile selection box will have a green background for the part that has been done based on which imagefile you are currently transcribing (default off, see general tab of Options dialog).

14 April 2008

Letters From The Battlefield

As we get older, our memories fade, eventually dissolving into smoky recollections, if we don’t preserve them in writing.

What price would you pay for a diary written by your great-great-great-grandmother or -grandfather? Imagine how priceless it would be.

Ancestors on my mother’s side, Sgt. George Davidson Bailey and his brother, Cpl. Council Walker Bailey, fought in the Civil War – on Oct. 19, 1864, at the Battle of Cedar Creek in Virginia. They, along with 11 other of my Bailey relatives, were part of the Confederate Army, Company H, 60th Infantry Regiment.

I have a book containing two letters written by my great-great-great-grandfather George to his mother from the battlefield. I have read the letters many times and wish he’d written more.

From his letters, I find he was a very strong-willed and principled man. He often wrote about honor and duty to his country, the beloved South!

In one letter, he told his mother that his brother Council was safe and asked her to please not worry. In another, he longed to return home to the farm and kiss his momma on the cheek. He wanted so much to plant crops and just sit on the porch.

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11 April 2008

Potentially Fraudulent Sites Posing as Genealogy Websites

From the Ancestry Blog:

We have recently become aware of three websites purporting to allow family history research:, and The sites claim to have “the largest online genealogical search tool” and promote themselves as the foremost resources for genealogy, but from what we can tell, these sites are nothing more than a series of web pages with links to other services. These sites, in our opinion, are clearly fraudulent.

On each site, potential customers are lured to purchase under what we feel to be false, misleading and deceitful promotional material, and get little or no value out of money spent at the websites. Blog and message board posts from the community confirm this opinion.

The people/companies behind the websites are buying very high level paid search results on Google and other sites. In addition, they are using trademarks of well-known websites, including and, to get higher-than-normal natural search results. It appears the site colors, fonts, and pictures on at least one site are designed to mislead people into believing the site is related to


GenSmarts has been released.


• Improved place name extract from sources.
• Added support for TMG 7 “go to person” (CTRL-I) - works in Vista also.
• Fixed bug in drop down list involved in selecting user added marks.
• Improved screen positioning on launch.
• Improved handling of poor internet connections.

JGen (Joomla Genealogy Database) 0.9.70

JGen (Joomla Genealogy Database) 0.9.70 has been released.


• Contains solution for problem where (on certain systems) users were unable to add parent child relationships and mariages.

China remembers nation's ancestor Huangdi on Tomb-sweeping Day

More than 8,000 Chinese from home and abroad gathered Friday morning at the tomb of Huangdi, the legendary Yellow Emperor who is considered the common ancestor of all Chinese.

The memorial ceremony started in Huangling County, Shaanxi Province at 9:50 a.m. That's an auspicious time because of the digits' association with the imperial line in ancient Chinese culture. The number nine is the biggest single-digit number, while five lies in the middle.

A drum was struck 34 times, once for each of China's 34 provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions and special administrative regions

The Yellow Emperor, a sovereign and cultural hero in Chinese mythology, is believed to have reigned from 2,697 BC to 2,598 BC. Although he was an actual ruler, his deeds have been embellished with time: for example, he has been credited with introducing the systems of government and law to human kind, civilizing the Earth, teaching people many skills and inventing all manner of items.

China has commemorated the Yellow Emperor since the Spring and Autumn Period around 8 BC.

"Kindred or family lines are especially honored in Chinese culture," said Zhang Jingkui, a former professor at Xiamen University who now lives in Hong Kong. "Each spring when smoke from joss sticks rises in Chinese communities around the world, it is a unique event."

9 April 2008

University of Michigan Reveals Google-Based Digitization Project

The University of Michigan has revealed details of an ambitious, six-year, 400-Tbyte book digitization and storage project involving Google and Isilon.

The Michigan Digitization Project will make digital copies of the university’s 7.5 million books, which will be stored in a massive clustered storage system from Isilon. The school will link its work with Google Book Search.

“The Google’s Book Search project is hugely ambitious — by working with Google we can digitize millions of volumes and get past the problem of books crumbling on the shelves,” says John Wilkin, associate librarian at the University of Michigan.

Wilkin explains that Google will scan the university’s books, sending one copy back to Michigan and keeping a second copy for its Book Search.

Each digitized book is approximately 55 Mbytes in size, downloadable at a rate of 3 Mbytes per second, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. “Without Google’s support this never would have happened,” says Wilkin, explaining that, on its own, the university could only scan around 15,000 books a year.

In an attempt to store the current influx of digital data, Wilkin and his team deployed 200 Tbytes worth of clustered storage from Isilon last fall. The 32 IQ 9000 and EX 9000 systems are split between the University of Michigan’s main data center in Ann Arbor and a disaster recovery site in Bloomington, Ind., linked by Isilon’s SyncIQ replication software.

“We want to ensure that this body of cultural heritage will be around for a long time,” says Wilkin, explaining that the library’s collection includes a rare edition of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales and collections of early twentieth-century art monographs.

The Isilon hardware replaced a mixture of RAID systems from different vendors, according to the exec. “It’s a whole scaling thing — when you get into hundreds of Tbytes for a single repository, you need good storage management,” he says. “Even with our best RAID systems, in the past, we would have been putting out fires all the time.”

The Wolverines’ RAID systems have now been deployed elsewhere within the University’s IT infrastructure, and Wilkin is already looking to expand the Isilon cluster.

Michigan and its development partner, the University of Indiana, will open the digitization project up to other institutions within the Big Ten conference. “As more libraries come into this, we are likely to grow beyond 400 Tbytes. It’s going to be on a continual basis, we will be adding things annually, maybe semi-annually.”

Wilkin was less forthcoming on the specific value of the University of Michigan’s contract with Isilon, although he estimates that the Michigan Digitization Project will cost around $1.1 million a year. “That’s in terms of the hardware, site, and electricity costs, but that doesn’t involve any of the staff costs.”

It’s not just the University of Michigan that’s ramping up its storage efforts at the moment. Houston-based Rice University today announced details of a deal to deploy 66 Tybes of Isilon IQ-9000 and IQ-200 hardware as a digital repository for its Shepherd School of Music and the James Baker Institute for Public Policy.

in Byte and Switch

iFamily for Tiger 2.378

iFamily for Tiger 2.378 has been released.


• Context Diagram - A cosmetic change - when a new person’s name is added by using copy/paste from a web page or word processor, then the data entry field immediately converts the string to plain text.
• Sources Pane - Added keyboard shortcut (R) to add a Source Reference from the current Selected Person to the current Active Source. If no Source is currently Active then it prompts you to activate one.
• Context Diagram and Ancestors/Descendants Diagrams - Added an option to set the main window colours to “Classic Colours” which have a grey title/frame, white background with zero gradient, pale grey dialogs. When a window is inactive the title/frame colour is now a paler shade.
• Ancestors and Descendants Reports - Corrected an error when generating RTFD files where some wrong thumbnail images could occasionally be displayed in the reports.

• Dialog Sizes - Corrected the initial size of the Transcription, Project Views Add/Edit and Dynasty Report dialogs for 13 inch screens.
• Sorting of Accented Characters - The sorts on fields that contain accented characters now use a localised sort so that characters such as O, and Ø (O slash) appear together.
• Export to GEDCOM - Custom tags for latitude, longitude and geocoding are now correctly excluded from the GEDCOM export based on the user’s preference.
• HTML Web Pages - Added a new menu option Reports -> Publish HTML Web Pages which creates an HTML web page for each person plus an index file (index.html). Each web page displays a navigable context diagram plus the database details for the selected person.
• HTML Web Pages - Many options have been included based on user feedback such as font face and size, background colour, random colours, colour gradient, generations of ancestors, width of context diagram, event notes, centred or left justified, inclusion of LDS Temple and Status for events, Source Reference Notes, table borders, exclusion of living and recently dead people (+number of years since death).
• HTML Web Pages - For large databases the Main Index file is split if there are more than 1000 people and the folders for HTMLFiles, Diagrams and Pictures will be split into separate folders when they contain more than 500 files. The HTMLFiles, Diagrams and Pictures are structured into sub folders.
• HTML Web Pages - Each person’s page may contain a Context Diagrams as either a JPEG image or as a Table. The Table option generates much smaller files and is much faster but not as pretty as the JPEG option.

Ezitree 10.41

Ezitree 10.41 has been released.


• Improved name formatting of 7 generations ancestors charts.
• Duplicate processing - further improvements to help id duplicates - added names and life spans to auto find.
• Minor improvements to GEDCOM analysis duplicates.
• Added display of children where no marriage or relationship exists in Family View.
• Improved Family Group Chart which data formatting.
• Added option to suppress occupation from notes field in GEDCOM export.
• Further improvements to sentence structures in Biographies.
• Added option to charts to include both birth and display names.
• Added count to marriages & relationships in event view.


• Fixed spouse and parent names displayed wrongly.
• Fixed wrong count of siblings in marriage display.
• Fixed marriage age not being set when marriage date entered on spouse.
• Fixed File Locations buttons not accessible.
• Fixed error when clicking audio button.
• Fixed problem with record list filter caused by connector ‘AND/OR’ not removed.
• Fixed issues with some Windows XP users not being able to backup to CD due to Microsoft version issue.

The Complete Genealogy Reporter 2008.1 build 80408

The Complete Genealogy Reporter 2008.1 build 80408 has been released.


• Added support of the DATE tag of a SOURce citation.
• GedPad now processes a “Change all” operation correctly.

Feds Quietly Dig Up 67 Civil War Graves

Working in secret, federal archaeologists have dug up the remains of dozens of soldiers and children near a Civil War-era fort after an informant tipped them off about widespread grave-looting.

The exhumations, conducted from August to October, removed 67 skeletons from the parched desert soil around Fort Craig - 39 men, two women and 26 infants and children, according to two federal archaeologists who helped with the dig.

They also found scores of empty graves and determined 20 had been looted.

The government kept its exhumation of the unmarked cemetery near the historic New Mexico fort out of the public's eye for months to prevent more thefts.

The investigation began with a tip about an amateur historian who had displayed the mummified remains of a black soldier, draped in a Civil War-era uniform, in his house.

Read the full story

7 April 2008

Soldier's message in a bottle surfaces – 90 years later

When "Aunt Pete" wrote to her soldier nephew in France in 1918, she had no idea what she was starting.

The letter – almost perfectly preserved – gave a jaunty account of the mood in the midwest of the United States four months from the end of the First World War. But who was Aunt Pete? And who was her nephew soldier, Sgt Morres Vickers Liepman, of D Battery of the 130th Field Artillery?

It was known that Sgt Liepman survived the war but little else emerged from US government records.

Morres Liepman went on to serve as a Major in the US air force in the Second World War. He became a commercial artist and devised – among other things – the arrow that appears on all packets of Wrigley's chewing gum.

"Aunt Pete" was Sgt Liepman's mother's youngest sister, Luna Vickers, daughter of Congressman Andrew J Vickers of Kansas – part of family which traces its ancestry back to the American Revolution, the Mayflower and the Vickers engineering company in Sheffield. Aunt Luna's nickname was "Sweet Pete". By the time she wrote the letter, she was married to Robert M Scott, owner of a drugstore in Oklahoma City.

Cecil Liepman said the early part of the letter should not be seen as racist. The comments reflected attitudes at the time. Aunt Pete's family had, in fact, been anti-slavery and funded schools for black children.

Why did Sgt Liepman place his aunt's letter in a beer bottle and bury it? When found, the bottle was still equipped with its mechanical closing system. The tightly rolled up envelope and four pages were almost perfectly preserved.

Mr Liepman believes his grandfather buried the letter as a "time capsule". "He must have guessed it would be found one day and stand as a memorial of that terrible war," he said.

Letter transcription:

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6 April 2008


Genota has been released.


• Link to Help file fixed.
• Updated Help.
• Family View: Screen redesign and Filter fixed.
• Associated Documents: Document icon displayed instead of file name on grid. An unfilled icon indicated that no file has been linked.

ohmiGene 2.15

ohmiGene 2.15 has been released.


• Handling of PICT images has been restored.
• Ability to hide cause of death in GEDCOM export.
• Handling RTF file format notes in GEDCOM files when DESTination is ohmiGene.
• Ability to select surname display: John DOE or DOE John.
• Ability to personalize surnames: Doe, DOE, doe, etc.
• Ability to merge depositories.
• Added “Manage URL” option to manage personal websites urls.
• Minor bug fixes.

5 April 2008

iRemember 2.2.2

iRemember 2.2.2 has been released.


• Improved recognition and recovery from any template that contains a corrupt image file. (Some files would be read, but then not be printable.)


• Although Arrange > Content > Scale to Shape was paying attention to whether the content was a photo or not, it had transposed the scaling values and, therefore, both content types were being scaled incorrectly.
• On some Mac models, saving, printing or other operations could cause iRemember to quit unexpectedly.
• Under some rare circumstances, saving a scrapbook could lose the content of a page and therefore the next time the scrapbook was opened the page would be displayed as blank.
• Under some circumstances, changing the position of the thumbnail size slider in iRemember ClipArt was not being reflected in the view of all clip art.

Geophoto 2.0

Geophoto 2.0 has been released.


• Map for street-level positioning of photos.
• Ability to match photos to track logs from GPS devices.
• Ability to save coordinates into Camera RAW files.
• Better integration with Flickr through the My Flickr Photos shortcut.

Transcript 2.2.0 build 66

Transcript 2.2.0 build 66 has been released.


• Ctrl+Mouse scrollwheel can now be used to zoom image in/out.
• It’s now possible to select a part of the image and copy that part either to the clipboard or into the editor (registered users only). To select first press the selection toolbar button on the right side of the image toolbar (the mouse changes to a cross when above the image) and select the part you want. You can copy the selection to the clipboard with Ctrl+C (or used the rightclick menu) and you can copy the selection directly into the editor by using the rightclick menu of either the image or the editor.

LongFamilyHistory 1.3.0

LongFamilyHistory 1.3.0 has been released.


• Added GEDCOM export.
• Fixed import function errors.

MacFamilyTree 5.1.4

MacFamilyTree 5.1.4 has been released.


• Family Assistant displays persons pictures if available.
• Labels can be assigned directly from the family assistant.
• Media can now be opened directly in Apples Preview application.
• Minor bug fixes.

The Complete Genealogy Reporter 2008.1 build 80403

The Complete Genealogy Reporter 2008.1 build 80403 has been released.


• Language options for English reports to simplify the reported descriptions for cousin relationships (distance and/or removals). The use of these options is not recommended unless the recipient of the report prefers this format and understands that the technically inaccurate and incomplete relationship descriptions are not due to a deficiency of The Complete Genealogy Reporter.

4 April 2008

2010 U.S. Census To Be Conducted Like 1910 Census

It seems that the much planned 2010 census will fail to be made using high technology as it was expected.

Department of Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez is to announce the Congress that the 300-million people nation would be counted using pen and paper, once again.

Census officials had planned to finally make use of handhelds computers, which they bought for $600 million, after signing a 5-year contract with Harris Corporation.

The door-to-door counters were supposed to replace their pens and papers with the new gadgets, while tracking millions of Americans who do not return the filled in mailed forms mailed to them by the government. But the government’s plans were easily ruined, when they discovered the majority of the census workers could not figure out their fancy new gadgets.

This problem, officials say, might add another $2 billion to the already immense cost of the 2010 census. With more than $11 billion spent until now, this census is the most expensive ever.

As much as they want to lower the census’ cost, officials will now have to hire 600,000 temporary workers who will go from door to door and gather information about the population in the old-style manner, using pen and paper. Of the millions of forms that are sent to people, it is estimated that at least one third are not returned, requiring census workers to track people down and interview them.

Mr. Gutierrez explained that the technological problems that the census officials are experiencing are a result of “a lack of effective communication with one of our key contractors,” The New York Times reports.

Apparently, census officials have not clearly explained technical requirements to the contractor, the Harris Corporation.

PhpGedView 4.1.4

PhpGedView 4.1.4 has been released.


• Login block changes to Logout block once user is logged in.
• Unlinked Individual.
• Allow customizable Fact name abbreviations in charts.
• Configuration option to remove gender icon on charts.
• Statistics : use Google Chart API.
• Reorder children in modified families.
• Insert new child at the right place in the family.
• Father’s First Name in Lists.
• Highlight maternal death.
• Media Firewall use mod_rewrite when available.


• Welcome page in IE: blocks on right side are all fixed height.
• SVN 2755 V4.1.4 Incorrect display of Indi page with IE.
• Syntax Error in downloadbackup.php.
• RSS Error.
• Indi/Fam lists ignore event privacy settings.
• SVN 2610 - changes effecting Joomla Bridge.
• New user verification fails when hash ends with dot.
• SVN 2719 Caused a Source Citation Display issue on indi page.
• V4.1.4 Random picture block size.
• V4.1.4 User edit screen not displaying correctly.
• PHP Errors in useradmin.php.
• (4.1.4) Backup error, advanced-html block.
• GBR_England.txt and ENG.htm.
• Parent’s age at child’s birth wrong.
• SVN 2662 V4.1.4 errors on Review Changes block.
• ERROR 8: unserialize(): Argument is not a string.
• SVN 2657: Logout returns to MyGedview page as logged-in user.
• [SVN 2640] V4.2 tempuser variable not defined.
• [SVN 2639] PHP Errors in useradmin.php.
• User edits return to wrong GEDCOM.
• PHP 5.2.5 upgrade has caused errors.
• Visitors see the Logged-In User List.
• SVN 2612 Unable to see site in version 4.2.
• 4.1.4 svn 2611 Can’t authenticate new user.
• SVN 2576: Logout returns to MyGedview page as logged-in user.
• SVN 2559: undefined index errors in useradmin.php.
• Recognize Me - New Portal loading issues-site DOWN.
• Incorrect format for _UID fields.
• Class_stats.php - date error with @#DGREGORIAN@.
• Non Latin1 letters in user definition.
• (4.1.3) SQLite Erro.
• Todays Events - Linking SVN 2360.
• ‘Edit Name’ adds a slash to the end.
• 4.2 SVN (2277) useradmin.php PHP Error.
• User Comment - New Line - Wrong Print .
• Userfriendly Date editing on the Finnish page.
• Userfriendly Hebrew Date Editing - Error.
• Jewish Calendar days on Hebrew page.
• Yahrzeiten Block sorting of Anniversaries is wrong.
• Hebrew Death shown with (1 day after death).
• Upcoming Events Block - Sorting.
• Calendar with 2 month year birth dates.
• Monthly Calendar - Wrong Other Calendar Dates.
• _HEB facts treated as names.
• Age at death icon for negative ages.
• Merge not syncronized.
• Merging INDI records is NOT synchronised into GEDCOM file.
• Privacy Global Issue: Limit view of the Number of Children.
• PGSQL + google-placecheck.
• PGSQL + google-sitemap.
• PGSQL + googlemap.
• “Improper” _UID format.
• Large variables persisting too long.
• Import_request_variables creates security problems.
• OPERA Javascript bug.
• Some special characters in DB password cause errors.
• Sort log file lists.
• Media tab: “delete” deletes too much.
• Improved reports: Pedigree, BDM, Birth, Marriage, Death.
• R-A:Fatal error: Call to undefined method GedcomDate::Format.
• Media Firewalled Files not included on Backup.
• Events of close relatives : add great-grandchildren/parents.
• Edit interface bug when place editing.
• GedCheck problem.
• Error in Notes Tab V4.1.3 (and 4.1.4 svn).
• Associate Individual FACT/EVEN TYPE text.
• Sitemap module uses incorrect $SERVER_URL value.
• Media Firewall should not trigger rate limiter.
• Media Firewall incompatible with clippings cart.

Personal Ancestry Writer II v79

Personal Ancestry Writer II v79 has been released.


• OS 10.5.2 Leopard does not treat the arrow buttons in the main window as do earlier versions, so ugly white spaces appear. This has been fixed.
• A Print button has been added to the Pedigree window. Clicking on it will print a standard pedigree chart for the person in the first (left-most) button, with the same options as are available for Print Pedigree in the File menu.
• Internal code for the notes window has been improved.

3 April 2008

GeneaNet Enters List of 50 Most Popular Genealogy Websites

ProGenealogists, Inc. released the results of a study that identifies, for the first time, the 50 most popular genealogy websites.

36th place is GeneaNet, French website dedicated to family trees, community, and submitted records.

The list uses a “places rated” approach to average the website traffic rankings from four major web analytics companies.

ProGenealogists is already looking forward to publishing 2009’s list…

2 April 2008

The Complete Genealogy Reporter 2008.1 build 80402

The Complete Genealogy Reporter 2008.1 build 80402 has been released.


• Minor enhancements have been made to the Italian translation.
• If the text data of a TITLe tag and an ABBReviation tag of a SOURce structure are identical, the ABBR tag is now ignored.
• Fixed an error with image reporting which could result in a Photographs section not being reported under certain rare circumstances.

MacFamilyTree 5.1.2

MacFamilyTree 5.1.2 has been released.


• Fixed issues with the family assistant.
• Pictures in the ancestor chart and the descendant chart are now shown correctly.
• Database Maintenance fixes.
• Search fields are cleared now when quitting MacFamilyTree.
• Minor other fixes.

Family Tree Kids!

Family Tree Kids!, a kid-focused genealogy web site from Family Tree Magazine, has family history-related games and crafts; activities that’ll help kids build their family detective skills and learn about their families; and a fun family tree kids can download, fill in with ancestors’ names, and print.

A grownups’ section offers a resource toolkit for parents and teachers who are helping kids with genealogy projects.

A partnership with Tamagotchi, makers of the popular digital pets, inspired Family Tree Kids! Familitchi, the newest version of Tamagotchi’s pets, encourages kids to learn about family history.

1 April 2008

Bee Docs’ Timeline 2.0.9 beta

Bee Docs’ Timeline 2.0.9 beta has been released.


• Manual tick mark settings.
• Event links are now included in copy and paste operations.
• Improved automatic tick marks for timelines spanning 1AD.
• Improved automatic tick marks for timelines spanning less than 2 hours.
• Fixed freeze when importing certain malformed RSS feeds.
• New document format (not compatible with earlier releases).