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30 January 2008

Kirtas Technologies Opens European Subsidiary in The Netherlands

Kirtas Technologies, the leader in quality, high-speed, nondestructive book digitization, today announced the opening of a European subsidiary to capture and better service the considerable growth potential for book digitization in Europe.

Kirtas Europe is located in Southeast Amsterdam and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kirtas Technologies.

Beginning 1 February, the office will provide systems and service support to resellers, agents and end users providing mass digitization in the European market.

28 January 2008

Transcript 2.2.0 build 62

Transcript 2.2.0 build 62 has been released.


• Fixed a few bugs in the new SQLite AutoReplacement database handling.

JGen (Joomla Genealogy Database) 0.9.64

JGen (Joomla Genealogy Database) 0.9.64 has been released.


• Added import routine for systems with PHP.
• Fixed bug in import routine that was introduced in 0.9.63.

Man arrested in eBay sale of historic documents

A New York state employee who had access to government-owned archives has been arrested on suspicion of stealing hundreds of historic documents, many of which he sold on eBay, authorities said on Monday.

Among the missing documents were an 1823 letter by U.S. Vice President John C. Calhoun and copies of the Davy Crockett Almanacs, pamphlets written by the frontiersman who died at the Alamo in Texas.

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24 January 2008

QiScan RBSpro: digitize 5-7 books per hour

The QiScan RBSpro belongs to a new generation of automatic bookscanner and the operator can fully automatically digitize a book in less than 15 minutes.

The end product is a digital copy of the book that is fully searchable.

Technical specifications:

• Dimensions: Height 1.8 m / base area 0.88 m * 0.95 m
• Page capacity / hour: Theoretically 1.500 ; Practically 1.300 including double sheet control
• Image quality: 300 – 600 DPI (depending on the used type of camera)
• Optical system: Compatible with all Canon EOS DSLR models as well as high performance industrial cameras
• Lighting system: Energy saving LED cold light system
• Software: Supports all standards and formats (XML, PDF/a, OCR (also fracture), JPEG2000, GIF, TIFF, RAW)
• Book cradle: Variable aperture angles of 120° / 90° / 60°

Kinship Archivist 3.1.o

Kinship Archivist 3.1.o has been released.


• Version 3.1.m would not allow inserting pictures into the web pages.

EDL Conference: One more step towards the European Digital Library

The European Digital Library Conference will held in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, on January 31st 2008 - February 1st 2008.

This international conference aims to highlight and discuss The European Libraries role in building the European Digital Library Project and to discuss strategic, technical and semantic interoperability between the four cultural heritage domains: museums, archives, audio-visual archives and libraries.

22 January 2008

UK: Civil rights fears over DNA "census"

More than 100,000 people, including children as young as 10, will be asked to provide saliva tests and DNA samples in a new annual survey of the lives, behaviour and beliefs of people in the United Kingdom.

The UK Household Longitudinal Study will replace the long-running British Household Panel Survey. It will be the most expensive and ambitious survey of its kind in the world, costing an initial £15m and covering 40,000 households.

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21 January 2008

Osk 4.11

Osk 4.11 has been released.


• Fixed some Leopard (Mac OS X 10.5) issues with redraws.

UncleGED 9.01

UncleGED 9.01 has been released.


• Added a new option called “HomeEqualsHomePage”. This option setting is found on the Author tab just beneath the “Home Page”. if this option is selected then all “Home” and “Table of Contents” links will point the URI specified in the “Home Page” entry. If this option is not selected then default index.htm becomes the target of “Home” and “Table of Contents”.


• Fixed a problem that has always been in UncleGED where if an individual has more than one NAME entry in the GEDCOM listing UncleGED is using the last NAME entry that it collects from the file.
• Fixed a problem where if the fam prefix was changed to something other than “fam” some links on pages were incorrect.

20 January 2008

Cross-database alert has finally been enhanced!

Cross-database alert is now more intuitive and display much faster.

Limit the search to your family tree Sosa numbers!

You can now limit the search to your family tree Sosa numbers and compare your direct line against the GeneaNet database. Your result lists will be more clear and effective!

A new interface

The display crashed often because of too long pages. It has been renewed and you can alphabetically sort lists to increase the speed of display.

Of course, the old display process is still available and you can select it at any time.

Recurring options

Alerts have expanded options for recurring weekly, twice-weekly and monthly. If needed, you would never receive email alerts!

More intuitive to use

The archives are accessible by a calendar

To change your preferences, select the "My GeneaNet / Alerts / My crossed alerts" option.

Many thanks for your interest in GeneaNet!

[ Crossed Alerts ]

19 January 2008

The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding (TNG) 6.2.0

The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding (TNG) 6.2.0 has been released.

Changes :

• Mousing over most media thumbnails now reveals an intermediate-sized preview (GD image library required).
• Doctype declaration switched from HTML Transitional to XHTML Transitional.
• Dropdown menus restructured to use DIVs instead of TABLEs.
• All media list pages now display much faster (will be more noticeable for some).
• The “GIFF” file format was added to the image list in tngfiletypes.php.
• A few small formatting issues were corrected in the RSS page.


• New GEDCOM import was breaking media links to custom events.
• Reordering of media using up- and down-arrows did not work in some cases.
• Place names with apostrophes were sometimes show with extraneous slashes.
• Custom SQL reports using the “AS” keyword did not work as they previously did.
• Page titles containing quotes would break the surrounding HTML.
• The LDS Sealed to Parents event could not be displayed on custom reports, even if selected.
• True dates for split years with less than 4 digits were not being correctly calculated.
• Names of living individuals were sometimes revealed on the timeline.
• The cemetery page for “No Cemetery” was not being displayed properly.
• Some home pages were including an extra BODY tag.
• Long notes were sometimes not “wrapping” correctly when exported to a GEDCOM file.
• Double quotes in note entries were causing a Javascript error when edited in Admin.
• Clearing a branch label did not work.
• The media slide show did not work in some CMS environments. A few other CMS-related issues were also fixed.
• The Admin “Find” window did not allow users assigned to a particular branch to select an individual from another branch for linking purposes.

Legacy Family Tree

Legacy Family Tree has been released.


• Date Calculator - Change a label on the window to indicate that it worked from AD 1 to 2500 (instead of AD 100 to 9999).
• Family View - Fixed a small problem with the child columns display.
• Reports - Descendant Book Report - Fixed a numbering problem for the children.

Second Site 2.1 build 4

Second Site 2.1 build 4 has been released.


• Fixed a serious error related to creating charts.

Scotland Online buys

Scotland Online, the IT business owned by Dundee media dynasty DC Thomson, yesterday said it had acquired, a leading independent UK-based family history website.

The company said it had acquired the business Title Research Group as part of its plans to establish a world-class online network of family history resources, but it did not disclose the sale price.

The merger will see Scotland Online’s current online genealogy service, ScotlandsPeople, amalgamating with to create an enlarged resource to serve millions of family history enthusiasts worldwide.

The company said the merger “will enable a wider audience to access the most complete suite of family history records available online in the UK”.

Scotland Online recently won the tender for the 1911 England and Wales census records, which will be available during 2009.

Chris van der Kuyl, chief executive of Scotland Online, said: “We are delighted to welcome the findmypast team to Scotland Online and look forward to working very closely with them on building a wonderful family history resource.

“Family history enthusiasts the world over will benefit.” established itself as an innovative genealogical service that has become one of the leading destination websites for family history researchers.

It was the first company in the world to put the complete birth, marriage and death indexes for England and Wales online, later adding its census and unique passenger-list records.

in The Herald

18 January 2008

Genealogist, The Joomla! Genealogy Solution 0.1

Genealogist, the Joomla! Genealogy Solution 0.1 has been released.

Genealogist, the Joomla! Genealogy Solution is designed as a Joomla! component to create and manage genealogy websites.

Development is currently in beta, but new features are constantly being added and development is very active.

Second Site 2.1 build 3

Second Site 2.1 build 3 has been released.


• Added static content properties to all User Item types that create a single output page, such as SubPage, Custom Index, and others. The new properties allow users to provide page-specific content in various areas in addition to the main content.


• Changed the File > Preferences > Set User Data Folder command; the command now opens a dialog where you can see the current value and change it via the keyboard or by clicking a button to open a “Browse for Folder” window.
• Changed the method used to empty the Output (-o) folder when making the site; this process should be faster than previous versions of Second Site.


• Fixed a bug where using the [:NP:] printer code would add the value of the prior variable to the output and thus cause the same text to appear twice.
• Fixed a bug where Timeline chart content did not appear properly.
• Fixed a bug in Layout “2 Col P Side+Xtra Con” where the content was not aligned properly.
• Fixed a minor problem with the tab-key sequence in the Database and User Items sections.
• Fixed a bug where name styles that included parentheses around name parts would sometimes include the parentheses even if the name part they enclosed was blank.

Information for Theme and Format Authors:

• Changed the Mint Swirl Theme to improve the look of Timeline charts.

Transcript 2.2.0 build 61

Transcript 2.2.0 build 61 has been released.

Changes :

• Fixed a number of bugs.
• Improved the speed of the AutoReplacement dialog.
• Several other tweaks.

17 January 2008

GRAMPS 3.0 beta

GRAMPS 3.0 beta has been released.

This GRAMPS 3.0 beta release is an early, experimental peek at the future 3.0 release. This version is not meant for normal usage. Use at your own risk.

This version may: 1) Work differently than you expect. 2) Fail to run at all. 3) Crash often. 4) Corrupt your data. 5) Save data in a format that is incompatible with the official release. Backup your existing databases before opening them with this version, and make sure to export your data to XML every now and then.

Kinship Archivist 3.1.m

Kinship Archivist 3.1.m has been released.

Changes :

• Changes short URL links into full size URL links.
• Allows Internet Explorer 7 to function correctly when viewing generated web pages.

16 January 2008

Legacy Family Tree

Legacy Family Tree has been released.


• Backup to a USB Flash Memory Device the volume label was being changed.
• Fixed a problem with Detailed Search for Marriage, MRIN.
• Deleting a to-do item that has sources attached to it was not removing the source citations which could then cause a problem when performing a File, File Maintenance, Check/Repair.

MemoryMiner 1.8

MemoryMiner 1.8 has been released.

New features:

• A Flickr Upload Plugin lets you quickly and simply upload one or more photos to Flickr, with a complete set of annotations. Supported metadata include geocodes (i.e. lat/long values from a photo’s Place object), Flickr “notes” (based on MemoryMiner Selection Markers), title, captions, dates (including partial dates) and tags. Privacy settings may also be set.
• The contents of Adobe Lightroom libraries are now available for drag and drop from the Media Browser. Camera RAW files can be used, and are automatically converted to JPEG as needed when publishing to the web, or uploading to Flickr.
• Added new “Library Archive” document format (.mlz file) which is essentially a zip archive of a self-contained MemoryMiner .mmlib file format.


• Selection markers are automatically shown or hidden as the mouse cursor moved enters or exits the Photo Editor view.
• Several database schema changes which make for a more consistent file format, and lay the groundwork for future enhancements.
• GEDCOM files encoded using the ANSEL format are now supported. Additionally, inconsistent data such as multiple birth dates no longer cause failure when parsing the data.
• The HTML export is now compatible with Safari 3.0, uses the latest version of the prototype Javascript library, and has a new color scheme to match the new MemoryMiner application icon.

Bug Fixes:

• Photos with IPTC values for the “Contact” field are now trimmed of leading and trailing spaces (e.g. ” John Smith” converted to “John Smith”) in order to prevent accidental duplicate creation of People objects upon import.
• Fixed problem where photos which have a month and/or day but no year (e.g. “????-12-25″ would cause the date range slider to be hidden.
• Fixed numerous small problems in the various non-English localizations of the program.
• Fixed crasher for Aperture libraries which can sometimes have inconsistent data.

Colon cancer risk traced to common ancestor

A married couple who sailed to America from England around 1630 are the reason why thousands of people in the United States are at higher risk of a hereditary form of colon cancer, researchers said on Wednesday.

Using a genetic fingerprint, a U.S. team traced back a so-called founder genetic mutation to the couple found among two large families currently living in Utah and New York.

Cancer researchers at the Huntsman Cancer Institute in Utah did not name the families but said thousands of people across the country may have the mutation that spread widely as the couple’s descendants branched apart over many generations.

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15 January 2008

Map My Family Tree 1.4.11

Map My Family Tree 1.4.11 has been released.


• Compatible with The Master Genealogist 7.

14 January 2008

SmartDraw 2008.2

SmartDraw 2008.2 has been released.


• Better Charts & Graphs.
• Over a thousand new Symbols and over a hundred new SmartTemplates.
• Mouse Less and Do More with Keyboard Shortcuts.
• 300+ New SmartTemplates.
“These are just a few of the many improvements we’ve made to the new SmartDraw 2008.2.”

GRAMPS 2.2.10

GRAMPS 2.2.10 has been released.

Changes :

• Fixes for several database corruption issues and crashes.
• Fixes for GEDCOM, ANSEL and XML import/export issues.
• Translation updates (various: bg, de, fi, fr, lt, nb, nl, no).
• Various small fixes to several reports.

Ancestral Quest 12.00.13

Ancestral Quest 12.00.13 has been released.


• Sources - Added “Death Notice”, “Birth Record” and “Marriage Record” as source types.
• Individual Summary Report - Added display of DNA test results.
• Birth Rite - As new databases are created, Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah are now set as Birth Rite types.
• Individual Summary Screen - Clicking on an LDS temple code now brings up a website for that temple.

Bug Fixes:

• GEDCOM Import - If the option to NOT convert UPPERCASE names to Mixed Case was selected, such names were erroneously converted anyway.
• Web Pages - In some rare cases, the final word of a note was duplicated.
• Sources - Adjusted sorting of source types in Source Selection screen so they would sort correctly even after being translated.
• Book Reports (Modified Registered) - If you had set a spouse as Confidential, and the relationship to Confidential, and then started the report with an ancestor of the confidential spouse, the program could abort.

iScrapbook 1.5.3

iScrapbook 1.5.3 has been released.

Key Improvements:

• Fixed some problems where pages couldn’t be saved and loaded correctly on computers running Tiger (Mac OS X 10.4).
• When the page size or orientation is changed in the Page Setup dialog, the selected album is immediately updated so all of the pages in the album use the new page size or orientation.

Note: there continue to be display problems related to images that have image effects applied when running under Leopard on an Intel-based Macintosh. These problems are caused by a bug in the Leopard system software. Apple is aware of this bug and they’re working on a bug fix.

Brother’s Keeper 6.2.71

Brother’s Keeper 6.2.71 has been released.


• The first time a new user starts the program, if they have installed a language other than English, the program will ask what language they want to use.
• Change the event “home christening” to “verify home christening”.
• Fixed “subscript out of range” error which happened sometimes when doing a register book with direct lineage while excluding data for living people.

McCain and Obama share royal lineage

John McCain, the Republican presidential contender, and Barack Obama, his Democrat rival, are both descended from the same Scottish king, it has been claimed.

According to research by an American genealogist, they share a common bloodline that can be traced to William I of Scotland, or William the Lion.

It was disclosed last year that Mr Obama was a descendant of the monarch who ruled Scotland from 1165 to 1214, and his background and upbringing spans the globe. He was born in Hawaii to an American mother and a Kenyan father, later living in Indonesia.

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JGen (Joomla Genealogy Database) 0.9.63

JGen (Joomla Genealogy Database) 0.9.63 has been released.


• Fixed bug with increasing number of lines per page in lists.
• Added option to enter ranges for dates.
• Added warning if importing dates on system with php 5.0.
• Added search option to List of Individuals on backend.
• Fixed bug where empty mariageplace and divorceplace are filled with zero.
• Fixed many bugs with unset variables.

Genmod 1.6 beta 1

Genmod 1.6 beta 1 has been released.

New features:

• Added GEDCOM option to split indi/family lists if longer than specified number.
• Added Greybox interface.
• Added option to set site language for visitors.
• Added check/conversion of locally used month abbreviation for input (mei->MAY).
• Added fix for disabling DB structure changes.
• Added option to display nick in names.
• Added privacy to find.php.
• Added object structure for privacy settings.

• Added upgrade script for DB after 1.5F.
• Added source citation to user-gedcom sync data.
• Added Sanity check option to check for facts without source citation.
• Added select all users link in userlist page.
• Added link to/display of username on individual page.
• Added full use of user class.
• Added privacy cache for efficient privacy checking.
• Added new structure of Privacy options page.
• Added linktype to MM-mapping table to eliminate table scans.
• Added Source links table to eliminate table scans.
• Added Privacy option for dead people.
• Added Privacy option by linked records.
• Added Import emergency syslog.
• Added 1.5F Level 1 RESN tag support missing.
• Added Add/edit link in help popups.


• Fixed page style of Sanity check.
• Fixed reordered menu options in useradmin.
• Fixed cannot search short Polish names.
• Fixed miscalculation in mb stringlength for search.
• Fixed find doesn’t sort sources and objects.
• Fixed naming of step/adoptive siblings on individual page.
• Fixed QuickUpdate forgets marriage of new parents.
• Fixed media detail link always misses if Keep links set to no.
• Fixed person counters in aliveinyear.
• Fixed flaw in privatization for download and clippings.
• Fixed Layout issues in fact printing.
• Fixed Quick Update strips source/resn tags from phone/address fields.
• Fixed PHON tag not included in person add facts.
• Fixed useradmin userlist performs mass update on enter.
• Fixed POST parameters don’t appear in logfile.
• Fixed OBJE pointer subrecords don’t get imported.
• Fixed deleted individual facts show up as new value.
• Fixed family headers on individual page don’t translate chinese.
• Fixed JS errors in find.php.
• Fixed useradmin namefilter is gone after delete user.
• Fixed default privacy is not loaded on privacy reload.
• Fixed automated handling of Y value for tags MAR, DIV, BIRT, DEAT.
• Fixed fact value “Yes” not printed after source citation is added.
• Fixed raw update updates even if nothing changed.
• Fixed Useradmin links should show left.
• Fixed user id’s cleanup after gedcom is deleted permanently.
• Fixed privacy for favorites menu.
• Fixed 1.5F Relationship empty boxes.
• Fixed 1.5F New spouse marriage place doesn’t stick.
• Fixed 1.5F Cannot enter 0 children for marriage.
• Fixed 1.5F Deleted fact also shows new (empty) value.
• Fixed 1.5F Source citation shows empty line.
• Fixed 1.5F User privacy has odd options.
• Fixed 1.5F Error in familybook.
• Fixed 1.5F Admin msg incorrect.
• Fixed 1.5F wrong email FROM address.
• Fixed 1.5F Mass update doesn’t update all.
• Fixed 1.5F Sync user with his ID problems.
• Fixed 1.5F Sort order in todays events.
• Fixed 1.5F Upper/lowercase ID problems.
• Fixed 1.5F references to priv.php files in help.
• Fixed 1.5F Generating thumb on page error.
• Fixed Meta keywords field size.
• Fixed 1.5F edit GEDCOMs layout issue.
• Fixed consistency of source, media, notes tabs and options.
• Fixed error on import of married names.

11 January 2008

New Year Report: Enhancements

Last year, we also have enhanced many features.

An great enhancement promised as early as 2006 was released in April: the new Online Family Trees.

GeneaNet - bilan de l'année 2007New themes and interface that makes much easier to enter, view and edit your data. These changes were very discussed but are now a great success.

Two new features were added to the online family trees: Sosa-Stradonitz numbers can be viewed and you can write a full family history with pictures, tables, links, etc. Some kind of personal website. Printing your family trees is easier with the new intuitive interface.

No more birthdays forgotten! Subscribe for free to the birthdays alerts.

You can simply embed a Surname Tag Cloud to your personal website.

The Online Records interface has been fixed and it is now more intuitive.

GeneaBar, the GeneaNet Toolbar, is now compatible with any antivirus software.

The recommendations system has been completly changed. You can answer to the requests or ignore the system if you can't find any interest to it.

A powerful and fastest Cross-Database Search system will help you finding out news ancestors and relatives!

New Year Report: New Features

And so another year has passed us by. This has been a busy year and it's time to see what we did!

Many new features have been released during the year 2007.

GeneaNet - bilan de l'année 2007GeneaStar has joined the GeneaNet "galaxy". This free website is intending to check off the famous people genealogies. You can instantly compare your family tree against the GeneaStar database and send us any genealogy that you own or that could be read on the Internet.

Another new feature called "All Cousins" is intending to make your data share easier and is like a web community. You can manage and save your address book, send and receive messages, and view your contacts on a map.

This year, this feature should help you to find out the common ancestors between you and your contacts.

In the summer, the "Free Online Records" feature has launched. A large part of you GeneaNet users wanted to upload records. You can now upload some in Excel file format. They will be indexed in the GeneaNet database in a few minutes and available for free to anyone!

The Contact Page (or Public Page) has been enhanced and a Surname Tag Cloud has been added.

Geneasofts, the famous blog about genealogy softwares, has joined GeneaNet.

And last, you can now print some wonderful large charts from your online family tree!

10 January 2008

Family Tree Maker 2008: The Next Patch

The internal testing for the next Family Tree Maker 2008 update is currently taking place.

The Family Tree Maker team will allow some volunteer users to test the update before it is released publicly. If you are interested in being considered for an open spot in the volunteer testing, please fill out the following form here. But they believe they’re several weeks out before the volunteer testing will start.

9 January 2008

Your Family Tree : Issue 60 on sale now

Issue 60 of Your Family Tree is on sale now.

Computer :

• Build Your Family Tree – Chris Paton looks at the various ways you can record your research in a family history chart. We also show you how to use Osk 4.6 on your CD to help you complete this.
Ancestral Author 1.3 – YFT gets your New Year off to a great start with this free program that enables you to create an ancestral book out of your research.

Ancestral Author 2.7

Ancestral Author 2.7 has been released.


• Support for Windows Vista.
• Several bugs have been fixed.

8 January 2008

Second Site 2.1

Second Site 2.1 has been released.


• Made internal changes so that Second Site can process TMG v7 projects.
• Added support for the new printer codes in TMG v7: [:NP:] and [+].
• Added support for interpreting backslashes (”\”) as escape characters as in TMG v7.
• Added the ability to create the main page content using a Custom Page or SubPage; if you set the Filename to “index” for either a Custom Page or SubPage User Item, that User Item will determine the main page content; please be aware that the resulting page will have a PageSet equal to User Page, not Main Page, and that will affect the use of User Styles, script choices, etc.
• Added the “Does Not Contain”, “Equals” and “Does Not Equal” operators to the Exhibit Gallery text filter.
• Added properties in the Dates section to control the format of parent lifespans on person page entries.
• Renamed properties in the Dates section to indicate their use more accurately.

• Added the Dates.Subject Date Format property to control the format of dates in the subject lifespan separately from other dates in the person page entry.
• Added the Database.Omit Non-Primary Parents property to control whether non-primary parents are included in the site or not.
• Added the Set Page Title to Person’s Name checkbox to control the page title when the People Per Page property is set to 1.


• Changed processing of User Item text and Static Content text:
- Backslash characters must be doubled in those properties to be consistent with backslashes in content that comes from the TMG data.
- Printer codes are now ignored in those properties.
- Second Site checks for backslashes and printer codes in those properties when reading SDF files from previous versions and warns the user when it finds any.
• Changed sentence processing to disable capitalization of words after periods unless the period is present in the TMG sentence template. Periods in sentences are treated as sentence-ending punctuation unless they are escaped; if they are escaped, they are treated as data. See In-sentence Periods.
• Added the Stylesheets.Theme.Simple Blue.footer-text-color property to simplify changing the color of footer text.
• Changed the logic that detects URL in sources; when “&” appears in URLs, Second Site changes “&” to “&” in the visible version of the URL; it does not change ampersands in the HREF parameter.
• Changed sentence processing to allow variable references within the WEB, EMAIL, CIT and PAGELINK codes, for example, [WEB:][PS];surname site[:WEB]. Please note that TMG’s sentence editing window can interfere with adding codes nested in the manner shown above and so it takes care to define sentences with that characteristic.


• Fixed a bug where the “Full, then Short” choice for the Place Format property did not work properly when Detail Format was set to “Raw Data”.
• Adjusted the image scaling feature that is part of creating thumbnail images to correct a problem making thumbnails of GIF images; updated the image processing engine to expand support for certain problematic PNG images.
• Fixed a problem where the primary image icon appeared incorrectly in custom indexes when the person was alive and had a primary image that was suppressed due to Suppress Details for Living People.
• Fixed a problem where duplicating User Items caused duplicate filenames.
• Fixed a problem where changing the enabled state of a User Item did not work properly when pressing the spacebar with a User Item selected in the User Items list.
• Fixed a problem where the tab sequence was incorrect for the Edit Icon Description window and that broke the Alt key processing.
• Fixed a problem where the tab sequence was incorrect for the Edit SubPage window and that broke the Alt key processing.
• Fixed a problem where some SUP HTML elements were coded using uppercase tags and thus caused HTML validation errors when Format.HTML was set to XHTML.

Information for Theme and Format Authors:

• Most Formats were changed as part of adding support for the new Database.Omit Non-Primary Parents property: added an xsl:sort statement so that non-primary parents are sorted after primary parents.

5 January 2008

GEDmill 1.10.0

GEDmill 1.10.0 has been released.


• Tree Colour selection is now possible.
• Efficiency improvements to improve operation with large GEDCOM files (10000+ records).
• Can sort individuals and sources by Include checkbox.
• Number of individuals & sources shown in tab names.
• When user selects a PDF thumbnail, the document icon is moved to the main window, rather than opened immediately.
• Added option to increase height of tree boxes to accomodate long names.
• Made hotlink go to registered users’ page rather than front page.
• Removed limit of 32 multimedia files.

• Now able to select a “withheld” individual as a “key” individual.
• Where multiple events appear for things that can only happen once (e.g. birth, death) indicate that the first one in the GEDCOM is preferred.
• Added option to supress all pics & multimedia.
• Changed large video, doc, audio images to say “Click to download”.
• Added support for ADDR and CAUS tags in events.
• Source custom footers now work in HTML format.
• GEDmill footnotes link to
• Checking tree diagrams box en/disables other controls.
• WWW GEDCOM 5.5.1 tag creates hyperlinks when it occurs in events.


• Fixed crash where multimedia file names were of the form :/folder/filename.
• Fixed crash where individual adopted by non existent husband.
• Corrected image statistics on web front page.
• Fixed bug in index where names start with accented letters.

4 January 2008

Win A Free Genetic Genealogy Test From The Genetic Genealogist!

Win A Free Genetic Genealogy Test From The Genetic Genealogist!

I started The Genetic Genealogist nearly a year ago, in February of 2007. To celebrate the approaching one-year anniversary of the blog, I am announcing a contest to give away a FREE genetic genealogy test from one of my sponsors, DNA Heritage.

Why offer a free genetic genealogy test? I know that there are many genealogists out there who are interested in genetic genealogy, but are reticent to spend the money for a test or think they know too little about genetic genealogy to buy a test.

3 January 2008

Brother’s Keeper 6.2.70

Brother’s Keeper 6.2.70 has been released.

New features:

• Added three new events on the Edit screen for Norway and Danish versions: Stadfesting (Home christening), Introduksjon (Churching of women), Jordfestet (Memorial service). For translators, those are Workfile lines 2987, 2988, 2989.


• Fixed a problem where after a GEDCOM import, you might get an error multiple times saying “Problem, custom event list is full.”
• New option for 1 column index, which might be helpful if your database has really long names, plus you are printing dates in the index.
• 6.2.70 fixes problems with 6.2.69 regarding Edit screen events.

1 January 2008

GedStar Pro Compatibility with The Master Genealogist v7

As Douglas Gordon from GHCS Software saw it:

As far as I can tell from running GedStar Pro against my own personal genealogy data from The Master Genealogist v7, there are no compatibility issues. My database includes several thousand people and a number of photo exhibits, and it all looks good from what I can tell at a glance. So you can go ahead and make the upgrade if you would like to.

UK: Civil rights fears over DNA “census”

More than 100,000 people, including children as young as 10, will be asked to provide saliva tests and DNA samples in a new annual survey of the lives, behaviour and beliefs of people in the United Kingdom.

The UK Household Longitudinal Study will replace the long-running British Household Panel Survey. It will be the most expensive and ambitious survey of its kind in the world, costing an initial £15m and covering 40,000 households.

“The UK is undergoing considerable socio-economic change,” said Professor Nick Buck from the Institute for Social and Economic Research at Essex University, which is developing the study. “We have an ageing population, increasing diversity of ethnic background and rising levels of instability in both working careers and family life. This survey will enable researchers to obtain unprecedented understanding of diverse experiences of the population over time, linking evidence about parents and children, following individuals through time and observing their experiences.”

But the plan has been denounced by civil rights campaigners. “I would not let my DNA details be taken in this way,” said Richard Clayton, the barrister representing the rights group Liberty in its fight to prevent police from keeping DNA samples of suspects later cleared of wrongdoing.

“My principal concern would be how clearly people are informed that their involvement in this study is voluntary and that, even if people do agree to take part, they are absolutely clear about the extraordinary amount of personal information that can be gleaned from such samples.”

The study will incorporate the existing survey, which has been running since 1991, but will ask those taking part to allow interviewers working for the National Centre for Social Research to take a saliva sample and allow a range of physical examinations. “The sample could be sent to a medical laboratory to look at indicators of health, such as sugar and cholesterol levels, and for genetic tests that use the DNA contained in saliva,” said Buck.

The sample will not be tested for diseases such as HIV but interviewers may ask those taking part for permission to store a small amount that can be used as medical tests become more advanced.” If a certain gene is found in the future to be associated with a certain illness, then being able to go back to previously gathered samples and testing to see how common that gene is will help to plan healthcare,” said Buck.

in The Observer