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30 August 2007

facTree 1.0

The first version of facTree has been released.

facTree is a usefull tool that lets you enter data the way you see it on the source document and export to GEDCOM the facts you want.

The free application includes the 1880 US Federal Census form. In addition, these other US Federal Census forms will soon be available are available for purchase :

• 1850 US Federal Census
• 1860 US Federal Census
• 1870 US Federal Census

The complete US Census set will be completed by September 30th.

Genea 1.0

The first version of Genea has been released.

Genea is a very simple program and the GEDCOM import is planned for the next release.

MemoryMiner 1.6

MemoryMiner 1.6 has been released.

New feature :

• Tight integration with PulpMotion, the video animation software.

A Windows version of MemoryMiner is under development…

Online Forums

The GeneaNet online forums are for user-to-user discussions and many of the GeneaNet users contribute to share and help each others.

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29 August 2007

Family Tree Builder 2.0

Family Tree Builder 2.0 has been released.

This is a major update of this free genealogy program.

New features :

• Adds Smart Matching technology - which intelligently connects individuals from different family trees. This technology can extend your family tree and show you how it connects to other users’ family trees.
• New friendly photo import feature that can scan your disk for photos, or even look in your Outlook or Outlook Express for photo attachments.
• Wider selection of charts and reports, including a new Close Family Chart that includes all descendents of your ancestors.
• Extensive User’s Guide in case you want to learn about the product features in detail (and have the patience to dive into a 250-page manual).

28 August 2007

Brother’s Keeper 6.2.55

Brother’s Keeper 6.2.55 has been released.

New features :

• On the Gedcom Export there is a new option to select which notes to export. (Based on the Print Where column for the note.)
• On the Indented Book Report, in addition to the Henry numbers, there is a new option for the South Africa number system. In that system the first person is A1 and his children are B1 and B2 and so on. And when the surname changes the numbers get [ ] around them.

Fixes :

• Hopefully have fixed a problem where some Vista users got error when trying to open a .wav file from the Media tab on Edit.
• On custom lists, when you pick field 71 for first note line, it was sometimes printing more than one line if the first line was short.

iFamily for Tiger 2.252

iFamily for Tiger 2.252 has been released.

New feature :

• People Index : Added a button called “Generate Csv File” that creates a comma separated values (csv) file which can then be loaded into a spreadsheet application. The people included are those currently displayed in the Filtered/Sorted list of people in the table in the People Index panel.

Fix :

• Corrected a bug that occurred when choosing CYMK or Grayscale colors in the Color Panels. This bug has only been reported by one user. If you are using V2.250 or V2.251 and you get an error message that says something like “An exception occurred in iFamily V2.251 in CdDiagram.m : drawRect_1 at line 761″ and the error message also mentions a problem with colors then you need to: (a) delete the file called com.kswa.iFamilyForTiger.plist that is in folder xxxxx /Library /Preferences, where xxxxx is your Home directory, and (b) restart iFamily for Tiger and then (c) download V2.252.

Behold 0.98.9d alpha

Behold 0.98.9d alpha has been released.

New features :

• Add a report title at the top of the Everything Report. Allow this to be customized and stored with the Behold file.
• Add a trailer line at the bottom of the Everything Report.
• Add a Report options page to the Organize window, and remove Behold’s custom tags from the Tags page by changing them into options on the Report page. This will include Contents to select the parts of the Everything Report to display with their titles, Extra information that can be included, and Text phrases that can be customized.
• Implement “Merge from” and “Merge into” for the options on the Report page.
• Add a “checkmark” toolbar item for a one button click to toggle between showing just selected tags or showing all tags. Unique Feature - Only in Behold!
• Display information for unselected tags with a light color (gray for text, olive for hyperlinks, teal for active hyperlinks) when showing All tags.
• Display people in the Name Index using a bold font when their father and mother are not in the file. This makes it easy to locate the earliest ancestors for a surname. Unique Feature - Only in Behold!
• Add new versions of Family Tree Maker to the internal list of programs that generate correct CONC tags. This will ensure that extra spaces are not be added into concatenated notes for GEDCOMs produced by FTM.

Improvements :

• Move the ID Number to the right of the line separating families, which makes it easier to locate and prevents it from visually interfering with the data.
• Simplify numbering to only include the Family ID/Number and Descendant number, and no longer include GEDCOM ID/Number or Surname ID/Number.
• Replace the Generation number, which was pretty useless, with a much simpler more obvious and less distracting generation offset number at the beginning of the separating line, but only when the generations fold at level 15 or more. This also allows the removal of the annoying “thick” separator line that was previously used to indicate a new generational offset.
• Display information about a primary person’s name (e.g. sources and notes) on its own line following the person’s name.
• Change the Tags page so that all GEDCOM tags are listed as their own name, and there are no longer prefixes before their names to indicate those that are Records, Links, or standard tags.
• Show Records, Links, Standard and Total counts for each tag instead of showing Input and Displayed counts.
• Reverse the order of displaying multi-level tags and separate with a period, e.g., “NOTE/HEAD” will now be displayed in the Tag file as “HEAD.NOTE”.
• Set the default CHIL tag to be unchecked so the list of children of each family is not displayed by default.
• Use the FAMC tag for displaying direct line parents and set the default to unchecked. Add a “Parents of spouse” option on the Report options page, so that only those parents can be displayed.
• Use the FAMS tag for displaying spouses and set the default to unchecked. Add an “Other Spouses” Report option to show spouses other than the one the person is currently paired with.
• Activate Instant Organize and Add Family Of using the person in the link being clicked instead of the person containing the link.
• Get the main structure text from the first structure rather than the last when a level 0 structure ID is found more than once.
• Do not display the main structure text of an external NOTE record when including it inline.
• Simplify how the initial directory is set for Open dialogs. What was done in 0.98.8 to match Microsoft Word but it didn’t quite do it.
• Put the “View GEDCOMs” icon back on the toolbar. What the h–k. I’d like it there and some people will want it. (Removed in 0.98.8)
• Ensure the View All GEDCOMs button and the View GEDCOMs icon are inactive if no GEDCOMs are loaded.
• Prevent folding of first row of Toolbar items when width of Behold window is reduced.
• Reformat the Readme.txt and License.txt so that long lines now are split with line breaks. This looks better when viewed without Wordwrap on.
• Upgrade to latest version of Inno Setup, my Install program, to meet Vista requirements.
• Display Schema definitions more clearly in the File Information.
• Recognize GEDCOM pointers only where valid in the GEDCOM so that the “@” sign can be at the start of data values.

Fixes :

• Prevent pasting text to the Everything Report when the Everything Report is not the active control.
• Remove the “Open as Read Only” checkbox that was inadvertently added to the Open window in 0.98.8.
• Read in the rest of the file after a blank line in the GEDCOM (introduced in 0.98.9).
• Ensure tag counts reset to zero after applying Organize changes so they don’t double count (introduced in 0.98.9a).
• Ensure the proper Instant Organize and Add Family people are displayed on right-clicking (introduced in 0.98).
• Correct problems with the display of entries in the history list of Forward/Back navigation.
• Get the hyperlinks to work in exported Rich Text Format (RTF) for internal links, external file references, websites and e-mail addresses.
• Accept leading or trailing spaces on the Registration Key.

Deleted :

• Remove the Surname Organize function. The within-family surname sorting effectively does the same thing.
• Remove the “123″ toolbar icon to turn the numbering off. Now that the numbering is out of the way, there’s no reason to turn it off.

Help :

• Convert help file from Windows Help Format to Compiled HTML Help for Vista compatibility.
• Change the help file to be more visual with callout numbers linking to descriptions.
• Update the Tutorial.

Summer News

This summer, GeneaNet offers you some new features that you will enjoy. Find out below:

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26 August 2007

FotoTagger 2.5

FotoTagger 2.5 has been released.

Changes :

• Font size and text attributes like bold, italic, etc.
• Save annotated image in animated GIF.

iFamily for Tiger 2.251

iFamily for Tiger 2.251 has been released.

New features :

• Story Pane : Added a button to automatically generate a Story for the currently selected person. There are many 30 user defined options (so far).
• Ancestors and Descendants Diagrams : Added more colour options for the Ancestors and Descendants diagrams.

PAF Insight 2007.8.25 beta

PAF Insight 2007.8.25 beta has been released.

Fix :

• Fixes a problem with adding a spouses and the add source preference.

25 August 2007

Transcript 2.2.0 build 55

Transcript 2.2.0 build 55 has been released.

Changes :

• Support for German.
• Some more bugs fixed.

24 August 2007


GenoPro has been released.

Changes :

• Birthday calendar in HTML reports.
• Included a new report skin to list birthdays of all living individuals.
• Improvement of the translation interface, along with more translated dialogs.
• Setup can now install GenoPro without a shortcut and/or can be totally driven by an external script.
• Added the Swedish and Turkish translations.

Fixes :

• Fixed bug in report generator where the birthdays would not sort properly.
• Fixed bug where custom number of display lines was not saved in .xml file.

23 August 2007

DearMYRTLE’s Family History Hour: Legacy 7 and GeneLines

In this week’s DearMYRTLE’s Family History Hour,

• Geoff Rasmussen of LegacyFamilyTree discusses what’s coming down the pike for Legacy version 7 including compatibility with the much-anticipated new FamilySearch, also yet to be fully released.
• Pierre Cloutier of ProgenySoftware discusses GeneLines, software to place your ancestor’s life in a timeline format, in relation to other family members and to points of local and national history.
• Genealogy bloggers “Jasia” of CreativeGene and Schelly Talalay Dardashti of Tracing The Tribe compare & contrast the use of the terms “genealogist” and “family historian”.

21 August 2007

FamiliaBuilder 5 coming up

FamiliaBuilder 5 is planned to be released next October 13, Alexander Karnovsky told me.

PAF Insight 2007.8.20 beta

PAF Insight 2007.8.20 beta has been released.

Enhancements :

• Adds the Spanish translation.
• Adds a warning on installation or updating if PAF or a previous copy of PAF Insight is open and needs to be closed.

Fixes :

• Fixes a problem with the renewal entry window.
• Fixes an issue with the way Vista stores the license key.
• Fixes a problem with automatic updates on some computers.

Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation selected for 2007’s ‘Best Family History Web Sites’ by Family Tree Magazine

Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation (SMGF), a non-profit scientific organization with the world’s largest correlated genetic and genealogy catalog of more than five million records from 172 countries, has been named by Family Tree magazine to its annual list of the 101 best family history Web sites in the Sept. 2007 issue. The free, online SMGF database is unique because it can link an individual’s genetic profile to specific ancestors by name going back a half-dozen generations and further.

Family Tree magazine is the largest-circulation genealogy magazine in the U.S., and is written for a flourishing consumer audience. Ancestry research is booming today, and much of it is taking place on thousands of genealogy Web sites.

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20 August 2007

iFamily for Tiger 2.250

iFamily for Tiger 2.250 has been released.

Changes :

• Sources Pane: When you click on a Source-Reference (a Citation) and then invoke the Source dialog it will automatically preselect the Source that is relevant to the currently selected Source-Reference.
• Sources Pane: Corrected a bug that caused incorrect display of Source-References in the Sources pane after a Source-Reference had been deleted elsewhere within iFamily.
• Sources Pane: Added a button to enable direct referencing to the Active Source.
• Import Pictures - Prebuild All Thumbnails: The Import Pictures function now allows the user to Prebuild All Thumbnails. Although this takes a few minutes it results in faster response later because thumbnails do not have to be created on-the-fly. If you are importing a large number of pictures (1000’s) then you may like to take a coffee break while the thumbnails are being created.
• Thumbnails - instant display regardless of database size: A minor database change has been made to improve response when a database contains thousands of thumbnail images. Display of thumbnail images will now be instantaneous regardless of the size of your database or the type of processor in your machine (Intel vs PPC).
• Context diagram: The user can now set the colour gradient in the Context Diagram.

Medical Heritage of Great Britain

Over the centuries, disease and mankind's efforts to be rid of it have left a tangible mark on the landscape - what one might call the archaeology of medicine.

These historical artefacts have been largely neglected and with the rapid changes in medical care which characterise contemporary society, old established institutions are being closed and their buildings abandoned. Derelict hospital buildings are now a familiar part of the British urban landscape. Some are rapidly reduced to rubble whilst others suffer a less ignominious fate by undergoing an architectural metamorphosis into supermarkets, hotels and residential developments.

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ohmiGene 1.60.02

ohmiGene 1.60.02 has been released.

Changes :

• Some GEDCOM improvements.
• Fixed a longitude miscalculation : 23.056 is now rounded to 23.06 instead of 23.50.

Ezitree 9.92

Ezitree 9.92 has been released.

Fixes :

• Fixed “Gedcom” button not working on “Files Location” tab of Defaults window.
• Several cosmetic fixes to Family Tree Book sections.

17 August 2007

PAF Insight 2007.8.15 beta

PAF Insight 2007.8.15 beta has been released.

Enhancements :

• Adds the Spanish translation.
• Adds a warning on installation or updating if PAF or a previous copy of PAF Insight is open and needs to be closed.

Fixes :

• Fixes a problem with the renewal entry window.
• Fixes an issue with the way Vista stores the license key.
• Fixes a problem with automatic updates on some computers.

Britney Spears’ Jamestown Ancestor and Katharine Hepburn

Following up on Britney Spears’ Jamestown ancestor Richard Pace, I just discovered that we would have been deprived of one of the most loved Hollywood icons if Richard had not done what he did.

According to the ancestral history already digitally mapped out in the Family Forest®, Richard Pace is one of the 11th great-grandfathers of Britney Spears.

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16 August 2007

Heritage Collector 4.4

Heritage Collector 4.4 has been released.

New features :

• Automatically install a copy of Heritage Collector and copy all your photo collections on to an external hard drive of your choice.
• Duplicate photo search.
• Enhanced basic scrapbook features.
• Enhanced advanced Slide Show Creator.
• Search and locate photos anywhere on your hard drive.
• Map spots with audio narration and personalized icons.
• Batch / Convert / Resize.
• Edit GPS coordinate locations.

15 August 2007


FamilyTreeFactory has been released.

Fixes :

• While creating a person index by drawing a rectangle with the left mouse button the existence of column and row numbers has not been checked. This check has been added.
• At activation of the Partial Tree Wizard not all functions for the processing of personal data has been disabled. The fault has been corrected.
• At the creation of descendant numbers using the Henry system under certain conditions the count if children did not start with 1 but with a higher number. The fault has been corrected.
• When creating connected partial trees with descendant or ancestor numbers false or no numbers were assigned partly if the primary complete tree was not completely visible in the main window. The fault has been corrected.

• If a Grandparents’ Descendant Tree (Parents 2x chronological) was shown and data which also concerned the current treeview were changed in the Edit Personal Data dialog, a Grandparents’ Descendant Tree (Parents 1x central) was created at the following update. The same happened with Great-grandparents’ Descendant Tree. The fault has been corrected.
• At the assignment of ancillary color schemes according to the method Conditional (dependent on structure data) under certain conditions there were faults at the options Sons/Daughters in name lineage and Husbands/Wifes positioned on the left. The faults have been corrected.
• When moving an entire branch despite breaking off a change condition was recognized. The fault has been corrected.
• If a new output language has been created and some text elements for this language have not been translated, a list index error arose at the selection of this language. The fault has been corrected.
• When printing on several pages of which some remain empty due to the tree structure, an error TProgressBar property out of range could appear with breaking off of the printing. The fault has been corrected.
• Some small corrections.

MacFamilyTree 5 to be released in 2007 - Sneak Preview

Today, Synium Software GmbH is announcing the most important update so far for MacFamilyTree, on the occasion of the 9th anniversary of our popular genealogy software.

Due to be released before the end of 2007, version 5.0 of MacFamilyTree will offer huge improvements. For everyone interested in some more detailed information before it becomes available, we’re proud to present you with a Sneak Preview of the update.

All customers who purchase MacFamilyTree 4 on or after August 14th, 2007, will automatically receive registration keys for unlocking the MacFamilyTree 5 download when it is available. The keys will be fully valid for version 5 without any restrictions. Existing customers of version 4 or even version 3 who purchased MacFamilyTree prior to August 14th, 2007, will be entitled for a discounted update upon release of MacFamilyTree 5.

This fifth major release will be the most significant update to MacFamilyTree. The application has been rewritten from scratch, using the most adavanced software technology. We’d now like to give you a short overview of the new features right here:

• Completely configurable user interface: windows and panes for data entry and manipulation can be fitted according to your personal liking.
• The entirely new, fully animated Family Assistant dynamically and graphically guides you through the process of creating and maintaining your family trees.
• By leveraging the power of Apple’s CoreData database technology we enable MacFamilyTree to easily handle multiple tens of thousands of individuals and families.
• Much improved Views, including a virtual globe to interactively visualize your family tree through time and space.
• Integrated web-hosting service, allowing all registered customers free of charge to upload their family trees as HTML to the Internet.
• Views can now be edited just like you’d expect from a DTP program and be easily prepared for printed output.

What’s more:

• New and improved HTML export now includes user-selectable themes.
• MacFamilyTree 5 is now integrated with .Mac to facilitate sharing of your family trees via Apple’s own dedicated web-hosting service.
• Reports can now be edited to allow for a truely professional presentation of data from your family trees.
• Fully compatible with GEDCOM to share your genealogy data.

Starting with the upcoming fifth release, Synium Software GmbH acquires all rights to MacFamilyTree. We have been actively developing MacFamilyTree since version 3.0 and will now also be responsible for distribution and support.

As a service to all you interested in or using MacFamilyTree, we’ve created an illustrated timeline featuring your favorite genealogy software and giving you a good insight into how this complex application has evolved through altogether more than a decade: We very much love to allow you a glimpse onto software development on the Mac platform, and the different Apple technologies that have come to be employed on the way.

Family Tree Maker 2008 released announced today the release of Family Tree Maker 2008.

You can give it a try now by downloading and installing a beta of the program.

14 August 2007

Medieval Helpdesk

Helpdesk support back in the day of the middle age.

Sketch taken from the show “Øystein og jeg” on Norwegian Broadcasting in 2001. With Øystein Backe (helper) and Rune Gokstad (desperate monk), two very well-known Norwegian actors.

See this funny sketch on YouTube

Simple Family Tree 1.29

Simple Family Tree 1.29 has been released.

Changes :

• Changes the Print Screen routine slightly.

Milwaukee Irish Fest, August 16-19, 2007

Genealogy Pavilion 2007 comes to Irish Fest!

This company offers Family Tree Maker, Ancestry Magazine, online subscriptions to a vast database of historical records, and publishes 62 products relating to Irish Research and more! Ancestry will again allow access to their database for the Fest through the Irish Emigration library!

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13 August 2007

Brother’s Keeper 6.2.54

Brother’s Keeper 6.2.54 has been released.

Changes :

• In the past, if you were changing an existing location on the Edit screen, so that the spelling was the same, but the Upper or lower case was different, it would tell you how to make the change from the main screen with File, Locations, Change Globally. Now, in this version it will let you make that type of change directly from the Edit screen (avoiding the extra step).

Fix :

• The new report: List, People with secondary parents, could have a VBRig error if your database had over 32,400 names.

Southern Genealogy Yields Surprises

Log on to any number of American genealogy websites, especially those looking for Native American heritage and it won't take long to come across the name Morning Dove White.

Her name appears for two reasons: first, many Native Americans trace their ancestry through maternal lines, making her a great matriarch, and second, she is the great-great-great grandmother of Elvis Presley, the King of rock and roll.

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11 August 2007

MakeMyReport : Online Report Creator Tool

MakeMyReport creates intelligent reports on your questions compiled from relevant websites. Information from various websites summarized on one webpage.

A very impressive family history search tool!

10 August 2007

ohmiGene 1.60

ohmiGene 1.60 has been released.

Changes :

• This is a transition version.
• Added Unicode UTF-16 GEDCOM file handling.
• GmC file handling has been removed.
• Fixed some minor bugs.

9 August 2007


I missed it : FamilyTreeFactory has been released.

The initial version of the FamilyTreeFactory was the Stammbaumdrucker version localized to the English language.

Changes :

• Now all button icons are scaled in accordance with the dpi value of the monitor resolution. Through this the icon size grows with the dialog font size which also depends on the dpi values.
• The maximum count of godparents and witnesses was increased from two to five. This concerns the personal data management, the output on file cards as well as the Gedcom import and export.
• Using the function Don’t Split Boxes (Treeview Options, Printer Page tab) the page breaks lie no longer close to the left/top boxes, but more in the middle between the boxes. This change is obviously visible only at larger box distances.
• At the Gedcom import of civil and religious marriage data user-defined tags which start with “1 MARR” (for example “1 MARR church”) are no longer interpreted as a standard MARR tag. Now valid standard MARR tags are only “1 MARR”, “1 MARR Y” and “1 MARR Yes”.
• Some presettings for tags of the godparent and witness codings were changed to avoid misinterpretations at the Gedcom import.

Fixes :

• When dragging image files into the photo list of the Personal Data dialog, Photos tab, no photo was marked as primary photo if the photo list was empty until then. The fault has been corrected.
• The link to the FamilyTreeFactory homepage in the Help/Info menu did not work due to a mistake in writing. The fault has been corrected.
• Some small corrections.

LifeLines 3.0.61

LifeLines 3.0.61 has been released.

Changes :

• Improvements to configure finding curses.
• More strings made ready for internationalization.

8 August 2007

That’s My Old House

Have you asked yourself, who was the original owner of my house, when was my house built, what is the history of my house - then That’s My Old House is the site for you.

You hold the key to what other’s are seeking and in turn you might find the history you are looking for!

Your Family Tree : Issue 54 on sale now

Issue 54 of Your Family Tree is on sale now.

Internet & Softwares :

• Free records at Familyrelatives: Find your ancestors overseas using the revamped website.

DNA Testing for Adoptees

Adoptees often seek DNA testing because they want to learn more about their birth parents, ethnic background, or gene-related medical history. DNA tests also have other surprising roles in adoption.

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7 August 2007

Brother’s Keeper 6.2.53

Brother’s Keeper 6.2.53 has been released.

New feature :

• List, People with secondary parents. This will show everyone with two sets of parents.

Changes :

• On the Individual report, it now is set to not show the marriage or family events on Fields to Include (since those events do not print on that report). Use the Group sheet report for those events.
• For first time users, it will set “C:\Brother’s Keeper 6\Data” as the default data folder (since some Vista users have problems when data is under C:\Program files ).

Fix :

• On the Register Book report, if you have it set to not print birth dates, it will not print them for the Children also.

'Ghost writer' leaves letters on N.S. graves

An anonymous man who has been leaving biographical information on graves in Nova Scotia says his unusual hobby is driven by a curiosity about the people buried in cemeteries.

About six months ago, typed letters in zipper bags began to mysteriously appear on grave sites at least half a dozen cemeteries in the Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia. The letters contain information about the deceased person's past and family history.

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Legacy Family Tree

Legacy Family Tree has been released.

New features :

• IGI Search - Added a new “BEPSC” column which will show up for LDS users.
• Timelines - Added a French Government timeline.

Changes :

• Screen Size - For first time users the default screen size was quite small for people with larger monitors. Legacy now open to fill most of the screen.
• Standard Edition - Added a comment to the Descendant view about it being a Deluxe Edition only feature. It was totally blank and people thought it wasn’t working.
• Timelines - Updated the “Canada Prime Ministers” timeline.

Fixes :

• Ancestry - Fixed several broken links to Ancestry’s web site.
• Internet Searches - Updated several of the Internet Searches.
• Legacy Import/Export - When importing a Legacy file into a new file the Not Married setting was not being set.
• Master Location List - Fixed a problem where Importing locations from another family file’s Master Location List. This was rare and hard to reproduce as it only happened on a few people’s files.
• Master Location List - Fixed a problem where the Geo Database could accidentally cause the blank location record to contain a value. This blank record is reserved for Legacy to use for everyone who doesn’t have a location.
• Relationships - In Descendant view if a person is unknown an incorrect relationship was being displayed.
• Renumber Rins - Fixed an error 75 that some users on Windows Vista would get when renumbering RINs.
• Timelines - Checking for BC dates was getting an error for a year of 25 BC.
• Timelines - Checking for BC dates was incorrectly swapping the from date and two date.
• Vista - Fixed a problem writing to the temp folder.

3 August 2007

PhpGedView 4.1.1

PhpGedView 4.1.1 has been released.

Many new features including :

• New JavaScript sortable lists and tables.
• New LifeSpan chart.
• New GoogleMap module.
• New ResearchAssistant module.
• Many administrative changes.
• Search and replace option.

Second Site 2.0 build 7

Second Site 2.0 build 7 has been released.

Enhancements :

• Added the following new User Items, all of which are intended to add content or control the structure of SubPages: Heading, Icon Description, List Type, Picture, Table Row and Text.
• Expanded Menu choices for User Items to Top, Bottom, MenuBar and SideBar.
• Added the Format.Repeat Marriage Tags property to control the repetition of marriage tags in the family section for the Formats that support that option.
• Added Theme-specific parameters to the Simple Blue and Simple Blue with Leave Themes to reduce the need for User Styles to set header font colors, etc.

• Added Theme-specific parameters to the nonzero - red and nonzero - brown Themes to reduce the need for User Styles.
• Added Filename and Topic to the list of Exhibit Gallery Text Filter fields.
• Added the Show Image Filename option to the Exhibit Gallery User Item.
• Added additional Page Scripts including: Menu Script(s) - Suppress All Menu Items.
• Added the Use Place Style on Place Information Page option to the Place Index User Item to control the use of the Place Style on Place Information pages.
• Added the Include() function for advanced users who want a way to include the content of other files via script statements.

Changes :

• Modified chart legends to eliminate items that do not appear in the current chart.
• Changed the Place Information pages in the Place Index so that if the Page Title is the same as the one and only Heading on a page, the Heading is omitted.
• Changed the default for Places.Use Place Style from unchecked to checked to agree with SS1 and the documentation.
• Changed all Themes; they now set link text-decoration parameters to a known state when you assign the Theme.
• Changed the Header Script “Welcome” to support GIF and PNG in addition to JPG for the welcome image.
• Rearranged the Edit Exhibit Gallery window to fit more comfortably on 800×600 monitors.
• Optimized some operations on the User Item list; still, if you have hundreds of User Items, close SubPages that contain many sub-items for best performance when manipulating items in the list.
• Changed sentence parsing rules such that excluding the living variation of a sentence rule (if any) will exclude the tag from a living subject’s person page entry; specifically, if a sentence has both non-living and living variations, and the living variation is excluded, Second Site will suppress the tag for living subjects.

Fixes :

• Fixed a problem in the descendant chart where lines from a spouseless descendant to his/her children overlaid the box of a childless spouse of a subsequent sibling.
• Fixed a problem where the Dates.Person Lifespan Option was ignored.
• Fixed a problem where using “JavaScript:” in the HRef for a Link User Item created an incorrect link.
• Fixed a problem where the Language.Write Byte Order Mark property was not enabled when Language.HTML Character Set was set to utf-8.
• Fixed a problem where the Menu Script “SideBar Items in MenuBar” caused misalignment issues.
• Fixed a problem where Custom Indexes did not honor the Name Index Surname Repeat property and did not place the associated continuation text in the proper place.

Personal Ancestry Writer II v72

Personal Ancestry Writer II v72 has been released.

New feature :

• An option has been added to Ahnentafels to suppress data for people who may be living.

Fixes :

• The source for the crash occurring in the OS X version when double-clicking on a person in the Find Person window has been isolated and corrected. With this correction, the window will open normally every time.
• Note that this problem occurred in other actions using the Find Person window, e.g., in Merge by Name and Find Relationship by Name. The crash in these other cases is eliminated as well.
• Children adopted by older people will no longer appear in the list of possible problems (previously listed under women 48 years old or older and under men 72 years old or older).

Should we call it ‘genealogy’ or ‘family history’?

Especially in the last few decades as ancestor hunting has become a mass sport, so to say, there has been a debate inside and outside the so-called genealogical community (that is, professionals, societies, libraries and other organizations) on what we should call ourselves.

Should we stick with the traditional term “genealogist”  — which, strictly defined, is the study of bloodline ancestors — or use the broader term “family historian”?

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2 August 2007

Ancestral Quest 12.00.11

Ancestral Quest 12.00.11 has been released.

Changes :

• Publish Family Book - Added ability to block headers and/or footers from first page of any chapter.
• Publish Family Book - Duplicate entries in Index were removed.
• Database Compare - The compare sometimes suggested that siblings within the same database should be considered duplicates. Improved for most cases.

Fixes :

• Quick Entry - In some cases, the quick entry feature did not suggest names as designed.
• Publish Family Book - If the book had enough chapters to cause the TOC to exceed a single page, only the first page was printed. Now the TOC will span to multiple pages as needed.
• Publish Family Book - Sometimes the spouse of the root person on the Pedigree chart was not the right spouse.
• Publish Family Book - If the Line of Descent chart was selected, the title of that chart was often wrong.
• Publish Family Book - If the Line of Descent chart was selected, the index entries for that chart often showed the wrong pages.
• Name List View - When selecting a person using the feature to type part of a name or other data, the selection didn’t stay when changing to another view.
• Research (To Do) Items - If you clicked the “Completed” checkbox, the date did not fill in properly.

Ages! 1.40 coming up

The release of Ages! 1.40 is approaching rapidly.

If you like to preview the new version, you can download it, and install it to your machine. This is the final version of Ages! 1.40, which will replace the current 1.31 once the English manual is available.

1 August 2007

Woman hunts for secrets of the lost colony

It has all the makings of a classic mystery.

A group of 115 English men, woman and children settled on Roanoke Island, N.C., in 1587, in one of the first attempts to colonize the New World. The group's leader went back to England for supplies, and when he returned three years later, he found no one.

"This is the greatest unsolved mystery in American history," said Roberta Estes, a Brighton Township woman and owner of DNA Explain, a private DNA-analysis company.

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