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31 July 2007

Brother’s Keeper 6.2.52

Brother’s Keeper 6.2.52 has been released.

New feature :

• New option on File, Options, Other to set the program to start with screen size 1024 by 768 or set it to start at a custom screen size.

Changes :

• Some changes made a few weeks ago in version 6.2.50 regarding the Edit screen size have been modified in this version so that people with Windows screen size set to 800 by 600 will not have a small font size on Edit. The changes made in version 6.2.50 were not working correctly for users with that screen size setting.

30 July 2007

Genealogy Gadgets

Meg Baker has developped several free genealogy gadgets/widgets to be placed in genealogy blogs, personalized Google homepage, etc.

They offer search functionality for a variety of genealogy, family history, and history-related sites, including FamilySearch,, the Bureau of Land Management Patent Database, and the American Memory collection of the Library of Congress.

The genes that build America

From the discovery that presidential hopeful Barack Obama is descended from white slave owners to the realisation that the majority of black Americans have European ancestors, a boom in 'recreational genetics' is forcing America to redefine its roots. Paul Harris pieces together the DNA jigsaw of what it really means to be born in the USA.

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29 July 2007

Ezitree 9.89

Ezitree 9.89 has been released.

Changes :

• Added the record number of the current person to their name as displayed in the data view.
• With web output, suppressed marriage details in the event list if the spouse is still living.
• Added the life span to names displayed in the Ancestor view of Gedcom Analysis.
• Fixed Gedcom export where descendants are selected, and a second or subsequent marriage was not included in the file.

27 July 2007

PAF Insight 2007.7.28

PAF Insight 2007.7.28 has been released.

Enhancements :

• Adds a direct link to the Ohana Software website for easier access when needing assistance or other information.

Fixes :

• Fixes a problem with a very few license keys and their renew date.
• Fixes an issue with the French date translation of June and July being cut off.
• Fixes a date era problem.
• Fixes Help menu display issue.

MacFamilyTree 4.5.0

MacFamilyTree 4.5.0 has been released.

Changes :

• Added new report “Birthdays”, showing all persons with birthdays within the next 12 months and optional display limited to only living persons.
• HTML export improved by adding a time stamp, allowing a better identification of exported data.
• Fixed an issue regarding the search functionality, which could lead to a potential crash of the application.
• Fixed some errors in the “Events” report.

26 July 2007

Legacy Family Tree 7

Legacy Family Tree version 7 is getting closer to its release. They’re still putting on the finishing touches, and they’d like your feedback.

On Tuesday, July 31 from 5:15-6:15, developpers are teaching a class entitled “Sneak Peek of Legacy 7″ at the 31st Annual Brigham Young University Family History and Genealogy Conference in Provo, Utah. The class is held in room 2254. Seating is limited and the class is open to the public.

On Thursday, August 2 from 5:15-6:15 they are teaching “An Overview of Legacy Family Tree” in room 2254.

For more information, please visit the conference web site at


GenoPro has been released.

Changes :

• GenoPro is available in 20 languages: Spanish (Español), French (Français), Russian (Pусский), German (Deutsch), Portuguese Brazil & Portugal (Português), Italian (Italiano), Finnish (Suomi), Dutch (Nederlands), Czech (Čeština), Vietnamese (Tiếng Việt), Scots gaelic (Gàidhlig), Hebrew (עברית), Icelandic (Íslenska), Estonian (Eesti), Polish (Polski), Catalan (Català), Croatian (Hrvatski), Hungarian (Magyar) and Tagalog.
• Fixed VBScript runtime in report generator when generating HTML report for a very unsual family tree.

Brother’s Keeper 6.2.51

Brother’s Keeper 6.2.51 has been released.

New feature :

• On Word Search screen new tab to search for blank or missing events.

Changed :

• On Select Person screen, the Alternate names can be searched with ? and * like the regular names.

iFamily for Tiger 2.235

iFamily for Tiger 2.235 has been released.

Changes :

• Ancestors and Descendants Diagrams : Added right click pop-up menu items to contract/expand branches of the hierarchy. The keystoke equivalents are Shift+LeftArrow and Shift+RightArrow. The keystrokes for nudging have been changed from Shift+ArrowKey to Option+ArrowKey.
• Ancestors and Descendants Diagrams : Added a Find function that locates and highlights a selected person in the current Ancestors/Descendants diagram.
• Ancestors and Descendants Diagrams : The minimum value for the column width stepper is now 0.2 (previously it was 0.5).

• Downloading the Latest Release : Every 30 days iFamily for Tiger will remind you to check if a new release is available.
• Context Diagram : Prefixed a gender symbol to the Selected Person’s name.
• Context Diagram : Added an option to display the default picture for each person in the Context Diagram. They are very small and are only intended to indicate that a default picture exists or does not exist.
• Context Diagram : Corrected a bug when entering accented characters into the ghost boxes.
• Reports : Corrected remaining reports for Polish and Czech characters.
• Events Pane : Enhanced the display of events to include children and spouses’ events when there is no death date for the Selected Person. In this case a note will be added to indicate that the Selected Person has no death date - to warn you that these events may not all have occurred during the Selected Person’s lifetime.
• Fonts and Character Sets : For technical reasons the Arial font is used by iFamily for Tiger in a number of places. You will be now warned if the required fonts have been disabled and you will be advised how to enable them.

Ezitree 9.88

Ezitree 9.88 has been released.

Changes :

• Improvements to finding lost images (i.e. broken links).
• Improved the Relationships Finder to show “g-g-g-grand father” instead of “third great great great…”.

24 July 2007

GeneoTree 3.11

GeneoTree 3.11 has been released.

New features :

• Medias on events are available.
• GEDCOM : some witness tags are available.
• Administation : added a new configuration screen.
• Ascendancy tree : added a button “death/occupation”.

Fixes :

• Cartography : some French places were in a wrong departement.
• Cartography : some places were not displayed in the Google Earth bookmark.
• Compare cousins : some results were not displayed.
• Letters intervals : some intervals did not return any line.
• GEDCOM : PNG thumbnail was created in JPG format.
• Geography : SQL error message when geographic database was not loaded.

Transcript 2.2.0 build 54

Transcript 2.2.0 build 54 has been released.

Changes :

• Fixed some bugs and added readonly mode.

Ezitree 9.85

Ezitree 9.85 has been released.

The author doesn’t give any information on this release.

Fix :

• Bug fix to Relationship Finder when looking for relationships in a family group.

18 July 2007

Journey of Mankind - The Peopling of the World

The Bradshaw Foundation, in association with Stephen Oppenheimer, presents a virtual global journey of modern man over the last 160,000 years.

The map will show for the first time the interaction of migration and climate over this period. We are the descendants of a few small groups of tropical Africans who united in the face of adversity, not only to the point of survival but to the development of a sophisticated social interaction and culture expressed through many forms. Based on a synthesis of the mtDNA and Y chromosome evidence with archaeology, climatology and fossil study, Stephen Oppenheimer has tracked the routes and timing of migration, placing it in context with ancient rock art around the world.

Gedcom Census 5.4

Gedcom Census 5.4 has been released.

Changes :

• In Windows Vista, Gedcom Census didn’t always spot when the GEDCOM file has been saved in Family Historian and so didn’t reload the file. This has now been fixed.
• The help file has been updated to work with HTML Help so that it can be used in Windows Vista.
• On the census flag form, if the flag name was chosen before the flag date an error occurred with the saved flags.

• When a flag name is created an associated flag code is generated. Previous versions of Gedcom Census did not appreciate that this code had a maximum length and other rules which have to be followed. Flag codes should now be generated correctly.
• Finally tracked down a problem which had been reported a couple of times regarding flag creation. If flagcheck ran when the program started it could add or remove flags. Then if flagcheck was run again manually it would spot the same problems again as the file hadn’t been reloaded. Gedcom Census will now reload the file if changes are made using flagcheck during startup.
• The source text popup window (accessed by clicking the tall/narrow buttons to the right of the source text and source note) now word-wraps.
• Added an additional cancel button on the Census Images screen to enabled the saving of the census to be cancelled and return to the main census editing screen.
• Fixed an error which occurred if Flag Check finds a census entry with no place recorded and it isn’t clear by the census date which flag should be applied (e.g. UK 1901 or Canada 1901 as they are on same date).

17 July 2007

Brother’s Keeper 6.2.50

Brother’s Keeper 6.2.50 has been released.

Changes :

• Made some changes to help with wide format screens.
• If a Vista user does not set Administrator rights, it should give directions if the sort fails.

Searching your ancestors in the GeneaNet collaborative database: 3-Cross-Database Search

Cross-Database Search is an exclusive and powerful GeneaNet feature that compares your family tree against the complete GeneaNet database index

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13 July 2007

Transcript 2.2.0 build 53

Transcript 2.2.0 build 53 has been released.

New features :

• Added paste special dialog.
• By using F12 you can now select the stretch filter to be used when zoomed in or out. There are 7 filters, from faster/worst quality to slower/better quality.

Fixes :

• Closing Transcript with the image window maximized (editor window not visible) caused Transcript to not show the editor window at next startup.
• When using the English language Transcript could often not find the location of the help file.
• You could only paste text from the clipboard, not images.

Second Site 2.0 build 3

Second Site 2.0 build 3 has been released.

Changes :

• Added the Format.Family Section property to control the creation of family sections for childless spouses; note that this new property does not apply to the Narrative Format. Including childless spouses is not compatible with the Narrative Format’s existing output.
• Added the ability to put subfolders in the Input (-i) folder; see the Folders page.
• Fixed a problem where choosing some languages when creating a new SDF file caused errors.
• Fixed a character-formatting issue for the subject’s lifespan on person pages; some accented characters were not displayed properly; this affected all Formats and so they have all been updated.

• Removed Mark of the Web comment from sites built with the Standard page scripts; users who want to use it can set the Default Layout.Head Script to “Mark of the Web” (see discussion on the Mark of the Web page).
• Changed the alignment of icons added via the Icons facility; the bottom of the image now aligns with the baseline of the text as it did in SS1.
• Fixed a problem where names with apostrophes did not display properly in the Pop-up Pedigree.
• Fixed a problem where some Second Site windows showed only the first 35 entries in the “Button Images” pull-down menu.
• Changed the method used to format User Item descriptions; if SS sees HTML elements in the description, it will assume you have supplied HTML and it will not convert line-breaks to

Reunion in French

Léo Linteau, Quebec genealogist, has translated Reunion in French and you can dowload it for free from his website.

• Reunion 8.0.3, 8.0.4 to 8.0.6 : Just download the French resource file and copy it to your Reunion 8 folder.
• Reunion 9.05 : Read the help file before installing the French pack.

12 July 2007


Modern society is awash in information, and we need better ways to organize it.  Timelines are a great way to visualize how a series of events are related.  Thanks to computers, timelines are no longer static and paper-bound -- xtimelines are interactive and can contain pictures, videos, music, and links to more information.

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Ezitree 9.84

Ezitree 9.84 has been released.

Changes :

• The Web Family History function now has alternate name spellings in the index to allow a search for example of a female by her married name.
• The backup and restore function was re-written to improved its functionality and make it more logical and user friendly. Backup to CD/DVD directly from inside Ezitree running on Vista is still not supported however this is being actively pursued and a resolution is expected shortly.
• The child numbers and “plus” sign (to indicate additional data) have been returned to the Descendants Narrative Chart.

Osk 4.7

Osk 4.7 has been released.

New features :

• Version 4.7 is a major release, big refactoring, new bindings and functions, even easier to use now.

iFamily for Tiger 2.221

iFamily for Tiger 2.221 has been released.

Changes :

• Context Diagram : Added indication of spouses in bottom LH corner of each box.
• Ancestors and Descendants Diagrams : Added option to display root person’s siblings on the Ancestors diagram.
• Ancestors and Descendants Diagrams : Added option to have people’s names bold.
• Ancestors and Descendants Diagrams : Added black and white option - for use with a black and white printer.
• People Index : Corrected positioning of a text field.

11 July 2007

Your Family Tree : Issue 53 on sale now

Issue 53 of Your Family Tree is on sale now.

Internet & Softwares :

• Find a WWI hero online – An essential guide to the website for those researching their World War I ancestors.
• Free CD packed with family history software.

10 July 2007

Second Site 2.0

Second Site 2.0 has been released.

New features :

User Items

• SS2 includes a new User Items facility to (1) manage the site’s menus and (2) add optional site content. The User Items facility simplifies the addition of those items but provides more consistency and flexibility than the comparable SS1 facilities.
• The menu on the SS2 example site demonstrates some of the capabilities provided by User Items.
• In Second Site 2, you add charts, custom pages, user links, etc., via either the Add Menu or via the User Items section.

Exhibit Gallery

• The Exhibit Gallery User Item creates a page with a list of image exhibits that includes a thumbnail version of the image and the image caption. The exhibits can be filtered to create logical sets of images. Exhibit Galleries are managed via the User Items feature, and users may add one or more exhibit galleries to their site. Second Site is the best way to show off your TMG exhibits.
• The example site includes multiple Exhibit Galleries, all of which are listed on the Images page.
• Exhibit Galleries only include the exhibits shown elsewhere on your site.


• SS2 has a new Layouts facility to control the structure of the generated pages. The Layout determines whether page content is fixed-width and centered or left-justified on the page, and also determines the location of the main navigation menu and other content. SS2 includes over 50 Layouts, and the Layout can vary based on the page type.
• The example site uses multiple page layouts. The main page uses a fixed-width layout with centered content and a top menu, whereas for chart pages the menu is on the left and the content is left-justified.

More Site Menu Options

• SS2 supports four different on-page menus, including a menubar and sidebar. Users can mix graphic images with text-only menu items whose appearance is determined by CSS parameters. The CSS menus support borders, backgrounds, roll-overs, and other graphic treatments.
• The SS2 example site features a top menu, menubar, and bottom menu. The chart pages use a sidebar.

More Page Content Options

• SS2 includes ten different ways to add static content to the site. You can use the static content settings to add text, banner ads, copyright notices, favorite pictures, hit counters, or any other content you desire to the page content that is created from your genealogy data. Like layouts, static content can vary by page type. For example, you could add a copyright notice to all pages, while adding a quote of the day only to the main page.
• On the example site, the copyright notice at the bottom of each person page entry is one example of static content that can be added by the user. The example site includes other static content examples; look in the page headers and footers for examples.
Easy Image Substitution
• Any image that is part of the look of the site, including button images, background images, and icons, can be replaced by creating a custom version in the site’s Input folder. Files in the Input folder are never modified by SS2. Easier image replacement means there is no need to create a custom Theme simply to supply custom graphic files.


• There are more Themes in SS2 than there were in SS1, and the definition of Themes has been simplified. Despite being simpler, users have more customization options than ever before.
• Many of the changes in SS2 reduce or eliminate the need to create custom Themes, but if a custom Theme is necessary, it will be a lot easier to create and maintain than in SS1.
• The Theme Gallery has thumbnail images of pages created with all the Themes supplied with Second Site.

Person Links

• The Person Link User Item provides a simple method to add a link to a person on the site, and provides a simple, easy way to create short lists of notable ancestors… the heroes, rogues, and brickwalls that you want to emphasize to visitors.
• The Notable People page on the example site demonstrates a combination of a SubPage User Item and Person Link User Items. The “Notable People” SubPage User Item contains four Person Link User Items, one for each notable person.

Page Scripts

• SS2 pages are divided into sections, and the content and format of each section is determined by a Page Script. SS2 includes a library of Page Scripts, and users can choose a script for each page segment based on their preferences.
• Page Scripts are one of the primary ways to customize SS2. Writing or modifying Page Scripts is beyond the skill level of most users, but Page Scripts are shorter and simpler than the equivalent scripts in SS1, so anyone who has modified a script in SS1 should find it easier to do in SS2. Also, I will add to the library of Page Scripts based on requests from users.

More CSS Options

• The HTML and CSS in Second Site has been rewritten to be simpler and more compliant with current web “best practices.” Combined with new options for specifying User Styles, users can change just about every visual aspect of a site, and all from within the Second Site user interface.

9 July 2007

Brother’s Keeper 6.2.49

Brother’s Keeper 6.2.49 has been released.

Changes :

• On Group Sheet when making HTML files, new options to make it so when you click the picture it can show the picture full size.
• On Gedcom Export, if a person has a divorce event with no date, it will now create an DIV tag for Divorced.
• On Quality Check, it catches more errors related to missing locations.

Genealogy Pro 2.2

Genealogy Pro 2.2 has been released.

New feature :

• Options of displaying fields and images for individuals in the Ahnentafel report.

Fix :

• Fixed a minor bug where extras spaces appeared in the inidividuals listing, when imported from GEDCOM files.

Searching your ancestors in the GeneaNet collaborative database: 2-The Contact Page

By selecting a GeneaNet user in the search results list, you will be redirected to its Contact Page.
The first screen of the Contact Page gives information about the user family tree:

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8 July 2007

WinTree 4.6

WinTree 4.6 has been released.

New features :

• Automatic matching and merging of data between files, and HTML charts - click on a person in an HTML report to see where they are on the chart.
• Charts can now be saved in nine different formats.

Ireland : 1901 and 1911 Census digitisation project

The National Archives of Ireland has arranged for the digitisation, indexing and contextualisation of its most popular records, the census records for 1901 and 1911.

The first phase of the project, Dublin City and County 1911, is to be launched in Autumn 2007. They had hoped to launch earlier, but rapidly changing technology has meant that they are revising the architecture of the site, and this will lead to a small delay.

7 July 2007

LifeLines 3.0.60

LifeLines 3.0.60 has been released.

New features :

• Minor docs tweaks and tweaks for Debian.

Family Tree Maker 2008 beta

Family Tree Maker 2008 is coming this August, but you can give it a try now by downloading and installing a beta of the program.

6 July 2007

Syncing iPhone with iFamily for Tiger

You can sync your iPhone with iFamily for Tiger to get daily alarms and reminders of when your ancestors and relatives were born, married and died :

• Start iFamily for Tiger.
• Use menu option File - Export BDM to iCal.
• Connect your iPhone and synch iCal.

Follow the thread for more.

The National Archives and Microsoft join forces to preserve the UK´s digital heritage

Microsoft and The National Archives today announced a Memorandum of Understanding (M.O.U) ensuring preservation of the nation´s digital records from the past, present and into the future. Microsoft will make available to The National Archives a system, which combines previous versions of Windows and Office, to help solve problems of managing historical records based on legacy Microsoft Office formats.

The ongoing collaboration will also see The National Archives further its innovative approach to sustaining the nation´s digital heritage, by contributing their expertise and insight in digital preservation towards the development of future releases of Microsoft products. Having addressed some of the key format sustainability issues through the implementation of the Ecma Open XML format in its latest products, the announcement represents a further step in Microsoft´s commitment to digital preservation.

The National Archives is at the heart of information policy, setting standards and supporting innovation in information and records management across the UK. As the UK Government´s official archive, it also contains 900 years of the nation´s history. Traditionally, these records were produced and stored on paper and physical preservation was relatively straightforward. However, the exponential growth of digital information has created new preservation challenges. Moreover, in some instances, applications that support older file formats are no longer commercially available. For The National Archives, today, this information represents 580 terabytes of data, the equivalent of 580 thousand encyclopaedias.

Natalie Ceeney, Chief Executive of The National Archives, said: “The ephemeral nature of digital information, resulting from the rapid evolution of technology, is a major challenge facing government and our society today. Unless we take action, we face the certainty of losing years of critical knowledge. That´s why it is essential that The National Archives, together with the IT industry, address the challenge now. Our relationship with Microsoft supports our work in digital preservation and gives us many key tools to access the legacy of government for years to come.”

Today´s announcement sees Microsoft provide The National Archives with access to previous versions of Microsoft´s Windows operating systems and Office applications powered by Microsoft Virtual PC 2007. Virtual PC 2007 enables people to run multiple operating systems at the same time on the same computer. This allows The National Archives to configure any combination of Windows and Office from one PC, thereby allowing access to practically any document based on legacy Microsoft file formats. It is estimated that The National Archives will have to manage many terabytes of data in these formats.

The project will enable staff and visitors at the National Archives to view historical information based on legacy formats in the way the author intended. In addition, The National Archives will be able to improve the accessibility of these documents by converting this information to new, open file formats.

Gordon Frazer, Managing Director UK and Vice President Microsoft International said: “Microsoft took the step to implement XML-based file formats that unlock data in documents, allowing them to be archived, restructured, aggregated and re-used in new and dynamic ways. As a result, the latest releases of Office use open-standard file formats - Open XML. Our M.O.U. with The National Archives will go beyond this and ensure that decisions we make in future products will meet the rigorous requirements of digital preservation. More importantly, ensure that future generations do not suffer the fate of a digital dark age.”

Adam Farquhar, Head of eArchitecture at the British Library and co-chair of the Office OpenXML standards committee said: “Microsoft has shown considerable initiative working with The National Archives, The British Library and others to increase our ability to ensure access to today´s digital information tomorrow. This announcement represents an important step and shows the sort of value that effective collaboration between public and private organisations can bring to the challenge of preserving our nation’s heritage.”

in The National Archives

Personal Ancestry Writer II v71

Personal Ancestry Writer II v71 has been released.

Changes :

• PAWriter (like Mac PAF) requires a date to be no earlier the 1 January 100 (AD). GEDCOM import of a date earlier than year 100 is now recorded as between years 100 and 4099, rather than in year 100 as previously done. Thus if 5 April 98 is entered, the entry will be changed to 5 April between 100 and 4099.
• More importantly, this applies as well if the year is missing. Thus import of 5 April is now recorded as 5 April between 100 and 4099. The user should change this to a more pertinent range of years based on the evidence available.
• LDS ordinances are now included in printed family group records where and only where such ordinances have been entered. Some interface problems in the ordinance windows have been corrected.
• A crash occurring in the OS X version when double-clicking on a person in the Find Person window has been fixed. With this fix, the window will close immediately and reopen right away, ready for normal operation from that point on.

MacFamilyTree 4.4.9

MacFamilyTree 4.4.9 has been released.

Changes :

• New Places Database containing more geographic locations, adding also the number of inhabitants.
• Improved reliability when reading Gedcom files with malformed Note entries.
• Events shown on the Family Card, can be accessed again by jumping from one text box to another, using the “Tab”-Key.

iFamily for Tiger 2.219

iFamily for Tiger 2.219 has been released.

Changes :

• A new menu option has been added called Events - On This Day.
• Toolbar Search Field : Added search filter for Marriage Year.
• Parent-Child Relationships Dialog : Corrected error in inital display for adopted children.
• Pictures Pane : Movies may now be added to the Pictures pane.
• Import from GEDCOM : Added special handling for a variety of custom tags from FTW Gedcom files.
• Import from GEDCOM : Corrected an error in processing a source related to marriage event.
• Import from GEDCOM : Improved handling of Source Repository records.

• Export to GEDCOM : Added an option to exclude custom tags from the exported Gedcom File, except for _MILT which is a defacto standard. Custom Tags are those that start with an underscore and are not officially defined in the Gedcom 5.5 Specification.
• Export to GEDCOM : Corrected Export Pictures to handle filenames in databases where the folder iFamilyForTigerData has previously been moved.
• Export to GEDCOM : All custom tags generated by iFamily for Tiger are now formatted as _ABCD, eg _Location is now _LOCN, _Date is now _DATE.
• Export BirthDays to iCal : Added options to export Wedding Anniversaries and Deaths as well as BirthDays to iCal.
• Ancestors and Descendants Reports : Corrected the handling of Polish and Czech accented characters when writing RTF and RTFD format reports.

07/07/07 is a Hot Date for Weddings!

Couples around the world are hoping that the lucky number 7, which tomorrow comes in threes, will give their relationship that little bit of extra luck. 07/07/07 has so far proven to be one of the most popular wedding dates of all-time.

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5 July 2007

PAF Insight 2007.7.5

PAF Insight 2007.7.5 has been released.

Fixes :

• Fixes a crash with names that had more than two slashes.
• Fixes a crash with citations that were not attached to sources in a few files.
• Enables license checking for update period.

History of International Migration

For most European countries emigration and immigration have been important factors in their history. Historians have  always studied these population movements, but it is not so clear what place the history of migration has occupied in  Europe. The impact of migration is probably underestimated in history teaching, and little or no attention is paid to the role of immigrants and emigrants in the history of the community.

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4 July 2007

The Mormons, a new documentary series about the LDS Church

American Experience and Frontline, two of PBS' most acclaimed series, join forces to present The Mormons, a new documentary series about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In two, two-hour episodes, filmmaker Helen Whitney explores both the history and the current reality of the Mormon faith.

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3 July 2007

Pocket Genealogist 3.10

Pocket Genealogist 3.10 has been released.

Changes :

• Added Smartphone (non-touchscreen) support. Windows Mobile 5 or 6 only with devices that have 240×320 or 320×240 screens.
• Much better support for the use of PocketPC’s without a stylus : menu’s at the bottom of each screen to perform actions that previously required a stylus ; support for Windows Mobile 5 and 6 “soft key” hardware buttons for use with the new menus ; much better support of the 5-way Directional Pad (D-Pad) button.
• Better Windows Mobile 6 support - 320×320 and 480×800 screens support.
• Major redesign of the Event, “Edit Date”, Research List, Notes, and Relationships (TMG only) screens on the device to simplify and clarify use. Minor changes to many other screens and changes for “Square Screen” and PocketPC Landscape devices for better display of the data.
• The Date Calculator now allows you to determine number of years, months and days between two dates. You also can still calculate a 2nd date from a 1st date with the addition/subtraction of years, months and days.
• Reworked “Language Pack” support, Languages are no longer a separate install. Use the “Advanced”, “Options” screen to select which languages get installed to the device. Danish, Dutch, Norwegian, Portuguese and Swedish updated. Reworked how translations work with the imports and you may find that you don’t have as complete of a translation as with the older versions. (for data related items such as event types).

Fixes :

• Desktop: Change Family Historian V3 imports to allow secondary names and added support for the _PEDI tag. (Requires re-import of your database).
• Desktop: Ancestral Quest 12 “Direct” import changes to better support variations in the AQ database.
• Desktop: On desktop if you enter a V2 registration code, it will give them a message about upgrading from V2 to V3.
• Desktop: Database creation now properly prompts for “Search for files/databases” if the default location has no matches.
• Desktop: Disable “Orphans” button if ActiveSync (or Windows Mobile Device Center on Windows Vista) is not installed.
• Device: Change to how the cursor is set on edit fields if “End of Text” is selected. (old method did not work consistently).
• Desktop/Device: Fix to GEDCOM imports to properly set the birth/death date used for display on the 3-gen screen when more than one birth or death event for an individual. (Requires re-import).
• Device: New “prompt” when adding Field Note Category.
• Device: “Continue Searching?” prompt when doing a “Find by” now occurs less often. It still can be turned off from the “prompts” configuration screen.
• Device: Fixed GPS tab (config) to allow use of the “Test GPS” button when database is locked or no database opened.

iScrapbook 1.1.1

iScrapbook 1.1.1 has been released.

Fixes :

• When an image is dropped on a Placeholder, it’s now automatically cropped to be the same size as the Placeholder.
• Fixed problem where an image dropped on a Placeholder would temporarily disappear.
• Fixed problem that would cause some images to become distorted when they were dropped on Placeholders.
• Fixed problem that would cause images dragged from the Favorites bin to the canvas to not work properly.

GenDisasters, events that touched our ancestor's lives

GenDisasters gives us a look back at the events that touched our ancestor's lives - tornadoes, fires, floods, hurricanes, train wrecks, mine explosions, and tragic accidents that became a part of history and our genealogy.

2 July 2007

Searching your ancestors in the GeneaNet collaborative database : 1-The index

GeneaNet offers many free tools to assist you in the research of your ancestors.

Here is a how-to on the GeneaNet database index:

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