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22 December 2014

GeneaNet Wish You a Merry Christmas!

We wish you a very Merry Christmas!

Have a great time with your family and friends.


21 December 2014

Are You Related to Samuel L. Jackson?

Jackson was born on December 21, 1948, in Washington, D.C. and grew up as an only child in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

His father lived away from the family in Kansas City, Missouri, and later died from alcoholism. Jackson only met his father twice during his life. Jackson was raised by his mother, Elizabeth Jackson (née Montgomery), who was a factory worker and later a supplies buyer for a mental institution, and by his maternal grandparents and extended family. According to DNA tests, Jackson partially descends from the Benga people of Gabon.

Samuel L. Jackson's Family Tree

19 December 2014

Historic Map To Go on Display at the Idaho State Historical Archives

When Nels and Emma Just built their home in Idaho's Blackfoot River Valley in 1887, they bought a big U.S. map to hang in the hallway. It hung there for 127 years until April, 2014, when the Presto Preservation Association, a group founded by the Just family, took it down for restoration.

The restored map, along with interpretive panels about the Just family, are on display through Jan. 13 at the Idaho State Historical Archives, 2205 Old Penitentiary Road in Boise.

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National Archive Restores Old Georgian Maps

Unique maps preserved in storage of Georgia’s National Archive in Tbilisi will be renovated and converted into digital format.

Renovation works have already started at the Laboratory of Restoration of National Archive. The restoration work is a part of the Electronic Cartography project. This year almost 50 old and unique maps showing Georgia’s boundaries and territories in the 18-20th Centuries were renovated and published on the Internet.

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18 December 2014

Genealogy Software Updates of the Week

Brother's Keeper 7.0.38 (Full Featured - Windows - Purchase)

• Fixed: Sometimes the new option for printing names of Media files on the Group sheet was printing those of the parents and not the correct person.
• Fixed a problem where the cursor was not blinking when you tabbed to a location even if the option was set correctly.
• Fixed a problem where if you had an empty database and went to Edit and picked the choice to convert from 6 to 7 the convert routine was not starting.
• This version changes the French Canadian month abbreviations back to having the first letter not in uppercase.
• This version has a new option on Group sheets to print the names of Media files that are attached to people.
• This version will let you show two Occupations on a Custom List. If you put field number 178 two times on your fields to include, it will print the second occupation also.

GEDCOM Validator (GEDCOM Tools - Windows - Freeware)

• Auto set theme based on system theme setting.
• UI and performance improvements.

GedFamilies for Android 2.1.0 (Mobile - Purchase)

• Fix problem assigning incorrect gender when adding new wife.
• Fix problem adding existing person as new spouse.
• Display cursor in EditText fields.
• Fix problems adding and deleting additional spouses.
• Enable selection of "Unknown" spouse.
• Fix web server upload problem.
• Use larger font in Family View on high res screens.
• Improve Pedigree View layout.
• Improve handling of external SD cards.
• Fix problem in Bonjour initialisation.

My Family Tree (Full Featured - Windows - Freeware)

• Added relationship status to relatives report.
• Fixed minor issue with GEDCOM import.

StoryPress for iPhone and iPad 3.3 (Mobile - Freeware)

• Better integration of Twitter and Facebook.
• Ability to save photos and videos taken with StoryPress in your iOS library.
• Bug fixes and memory optimizations.
• Network performance optimizations.

Are You Related to Katie Holmes?

Kate Noelle "Katie" Holmes was born on December 18, 1978 in Toledo, Ohio. She is the youngest of five children born to Kathleen (née Stothers), a homemaker and philanthropist, and Martin Joseph Holmes, Sr., an attorney.

She has three sisters and one brother: Tamera, Holly Ann, Martin Joseph, Jr., and Nancy Kay. Holmes was baptized a Roman Catholic and attended Christ the King Church in Toledo. She graduated from the all-female Notre Dame Academy in Toledo (also her mother's alma mater), where she was a 4.0 student.

Katie Holmes' Family Tree

16 December 2014

Newspapers of Turkish WWI Prisoners Tell Their Own Story

It has been recently discovered that there have been dozens of newspaper printed to distribute to Ottoman soldiers that were captured prisoners in the First World War to keep up their morale.

The soldiers, named Mehmetcik in Turkish were held captive in the camps of Egypt published magazines like Nilufer, Ocak, Hilal, Turk Varligi and Light, which were among 23 different newspapers, and those held in camps in Russia, India, Tatarstan and Siberia published newspapers such as “Puskullu Bela, Kopuk, Niyet, Altay, Ne Munasebet” with a few others bringing the newspaper count to 10.

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15 December 2014

Czech Home Owners Find Hidden Jewish Artifacts from WWII

House owners rebuilding their attic in the Czech town of Terezin have found photos, shoes and other possessions of Jews forced into a ghetto there under Nazi rule, a heritage project said.

Terezin (Theresienstadt), a fortress and garrison town built at the end of the 18th century, was used by the Nazis as a transit camp for Jews rounded up in Czechoslovakia and deported from elsewhere in Europe. They were held in the ghetto until they could be transported to camps farther east.

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A Genealogist Who Spent His Life Building a Cherokee Archive Retires

When Tom Mooney started working as a genealogist and archivist for Cherokee Heritage Center on December 6, 1976, he had one filing cabinet to store items.

After 38 years, Mooney has retired from the Cherokee Heritage Center, leaving behind a vast collection of more than 400,000 historical documents and items that fill hundreds of square feet of space at the museum.

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12 December 2014

Railwaymen Gravestone Project Wins National Recognition in Bromsgrove, England

The work restoring two world-famous gravestones in memory of two railwaymen has been commended at a national awards ceremony.

All those involved with the works on the memorials, which have stood for more than 170 years in St John’s Church Graveyard, in Bromsgrove, were thrilled to walk away with The Supporters Award.

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Revolutionary War-Era Time Capsule Found in Massachusetts State House

Crews worked carefully on Thursday to remove a time capsule dating back to 1795 from the granite cornerstone of the Massachusetts statehouse, where historians believe it was originally placed by Revolutionary war luminaries Samuel Adams and Paul Revere among others.

The time capsule is believed to contain items such as old coins and newspapers, but the condition of the contents was not known and the Massachusetts secretary of state, William Galvin, speculated that some could have deteriorated over time.

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11 December 2014

Genealogy Software Updates of the Week

HuMo-gen (Web Publishing - Windows - Freeware)

• New editing (dragging) features.

Irish Roots Magazine for iPhone and iPad (Mobile - Freeware)

• iOS 8.
• New home interface screen feature larger latest edition cover.

LiveHistory for iPhone and iPad 1.2.3 (Mobile - Purchase)

• Bugfixes and internal updates.
• Improved GEDCOM import.

MacFamilyTree 7.3.2 (Full Featured - Mac - Purchase)

• Stability improvements using FamilySearch integration.
• Issue displaying the correct name format resolved.
• Stability issue when adding photos from iPhoto resolved.
• Further smaller bugs fixed.

RootsMagic (Full Featured - Windows - Purchase)

• New: Info button in File Compare source copy now brings up citation edit screen.
• New: File Compare now takes Unique ID into account (and displays %match in blue for UniqueID matches).
• Fixed: Long delays could occur after editing a person in very large databases.
• Fixed: Updating large groups in large databases could take a very long time.
• Fixed: Cancelling during File Compare works properly now.
• Fixed: Memory leak when searching or selecting by criteria for a person's name.
• Fixed: Numerous minor bug fixes.

Lute Manuscripts Uploaded to Cambridge Digital Library

A "remarkable" collection of lute manuscripts dating back to the 16th Century has been put online by the University of Cambridge.

The 650 pieces include handwritten scores by John Dowland, Francis Cutting and other early modern composers. John Robinson of the Lute Society said the collection was "invaluable", with many works being lost over centuries.

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Parchment's Hidden Stories Revealed

Millions of documents stored in archives could provide scientists with the key to tracing the development of agriculture in the British Isles over the last 700 years, according to new research at the University of York and Trinity College Dublin.

But the crucial information the documents hold is not contained in their texts but the parchment on which it is written. Researchers in Dublin and York used the latest scientific techniques to extract ancient DNA and protein from tiny samples of parchment from documents from the late 17th and late 18th centuries.

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10 December 2014

Meter Television Are Searching For Americans With Swedish Ancestry For a Reality TV-Show

After the major success of the 4 seasons of the nominated TV-series Allt för Sverige - Great Swedish Adventure (The American title of the show), Meter Television are now casting for season 5. The deadline to apply is February 15, 2015, and the show will be shooting in the summer 2015.

In the years 1846-1930, 1.3 million Swedish people immigrated to America to build a better life for their families. Today, more than 4.8 million Americans have Swedish heritage.

To apply for the show, go to:

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