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Author Topic: Hahn  (Read 1271 times)

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« on: 13 April 2005, 19:55:05 »

I have a history of my Hahn family of Volksberg, Alsace, France dating to the mid 18th Century, and will be happy to share it with anyone who is interested
« Reply #1 on: 23 October 2005, 22:08:04 »

i have a family HAHN and GROSS and KOPP
 around OTTROTT in Alsace, my grand mother was birth in 1874.she had 9 brothers and. it's really difficult to write in english. were are you living. i live on the south FRANCE

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« Reply #2 on: 23 October 2005, 23:01:31 »

Merci de votre réponse!   Je suis Américaine -  Mes arrière grandparents sont George Hahn et Christine Meder.  Elle était une veuve, qui est née Christine Éby.  Tout de ma famille ont né à Volksberg, BasRhin.

Christine Éby; née 25 juillet, 1818; d. New York City ca. 1897
                 epoux I - Georg Meder ( marriage ca. 1844) Volksberg
                        fils- Johann Georg Meder , né 6 decembre 1844,  d.  feb 1927, New York City
                epoux II - George Hahn, n. 27 Feb, 1829. Volksberg, d. ?( devant 1890)
                        enfants:  Christian et Christina Hahn ( jumeaux) né 29 aout, 1859, Volsberg
La famille Hahn sont arrivés aux États Unis, 19 Mar 1860.  Le petit fils, Christian est mort en voyage.
Christina Hahn. a grandmère, d. novembre 1937 à New Jersey, USA.



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« Reply #3 on: 12 March 2006, 19:35:54 »

Je suis née HAHN de la branche venant de SCHIRRHEIN dans le département du Bas Rhin en Alsace. Mon ancêtre Nicolas y est né le 6 décembre 1777 il à épousé BAUMGARTNER Anne Marie  le 20 février 1813 à La Wantzenau où il est décédé le 11 février 1859. Il me serait très agréable de retrouver des "cousins" issue de la même origine. A vous tous qui lirez les quelques lignes ci-dessus très cordiales salutations.

   Marie Madeleine LAULE née HAHN

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« Reply #4 on: 04 October 2006, 05:29:48 »

I am Pierre M. HAHN.
My father Jean Pierre HAHN (1896-1991) was born in Paris 16 (siblings were David and Marion),
his father Moritz (Maurice) HAHN (1846-1914) was born in Kdyne, Czech Rebublic (siblings were Catherine, Jonathan, Michael, Ignatz and Eleonora),
his father was Ruben HAHN (1800-1862) also born in Kdyne (siblings Leopold, Josef, Michael and Josepha)
his father was Jonathan HAHN (1770-1831) was also born in Kdyne ( siblings Simon, Dawid, Juda, Joseph Löb; and Lazar)
hs father was Michael HAHN (1751-1802) - that is as far back as I have gotten...
Pierre M. Hahn, San Francisco

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« Reply #5 on: 25 March 2008, 19:34:37 »

Hello Clotrav:

Sorry I didn´t see your message before, but I´m trying to understand how this works.  Anyway, is a pleasure to know you. I´m trying to find some info about by grandfather family, i´ve been told they were from

Basic Data:  William Phillip Hahn Patmore was born on february 2, 1876 - Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A.
Dead on June 2,  1938 - Puerto Plata, Dom. Rep. , he was 62 yrs old
Married on December 20, 1924 in Puerto Plata, Dom. Rep., with Ana Gertrudis D'Orville Torres 1892-1973 (my grandmother!) (witnesses : Rodolfo Bentz , Luis F. Sosa ). They had 5 kids:
Hilda Celeste Hahn D'Orville de Herrera (my mom)
Earl Rafael Hahn D'Orville
Manuel Guillermo Hahn D'Orville (QEPD)
Theonil Altagracia Leocadia Hahn D'Orville
Susana Gertrudis Hahn D'Orville de Hernandez  (QEPD)

I´ll try to find his parents information and will send it to you then.


Maria Luisa

clotrav Escrito:
> I have a history of my Hahn family of Volksberg,
> Alsace, France dating to the mid 18th Century, and
> will be happy to share it with anyone who is
> interested

Maria Luisa Herrera Hahn

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« Reply #6 on: 25 March 2008, 23:07:01 »

Sorry,  Maria Luisa.  I don't believe there is a connection between our Hahn families.  My grandmother, Christina Hahn ( 29 Aug. 1859 - Nov. 1938) had no surviving brothers or sisters.  You may be aware that the name, HAHN is a rather common one in Germany and Alsace, France - a bit like Smith, Jones or Anderson.   I'm afraid I cannot help you with your research.


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